Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap is UP!

RHOANNENEPARTYI heard you had to have a Real Housewives of Atlant Recap even though I am drunk and don’t care so, 0kay, I am drunk blogging RHOA on Word because the Gaybor  does something to the Internet access every Sunday at this time so despite being drunk, Word will  make my grammar flawless.  I am already over the Nene scene with Gregg. Oh look a baby!  I heard that Nene made Bryson work at a fast food restaurant for a while if he wanted any support.  No lie.  Apparently, a cast mate is telling people Bryson served them up some chicken. Not kidding.  Cast mate is NOT a friend of Nene’s anymore so I was reluctant to believe it but the source I do believe.

I can’t with this shitty editing. Kandi is talking with her kid. I’m bored. Kandi is happy and  that is nice. I already told you these two probably got married in September or so but play along with the fake ass storyline. I’ll await the twitter sleuths to bring that info to you all so they can feel special. Have y’all noticed how cray cray these random twitter folks are? Um hey, if you  want to break news, have some sort of media outlet. Blogs are free on Blogger!  LOL.

Ignoring Kenya. Chile, please. You are irrelevant. Is that a stunt aunt too? Don’t even live here.

RHOAKandiPorsha takes Kandi shopping. Bravo loves Kandi because she will be nice and film with anyone. Porsha doesn’t care about a budget. Kandi actually makes her money so she is going to watch her money.  Porsha has no prenup. Which is good because… well it is good. Kandi, who has LOTS OF MONEY, has prenup. Um, I mean will have a prenup when you find out about it in the future.  They pretend to talk about Kenya. Kandi says well you have to tape with these people… learn Porsha.

Nene takes the baby to Cynthia and Cynthia wants to sign her for baby modeling. She is a beautiful baby. Apparently, Bryson completed his food service job at Chik-Fil-A. Cynthia wants a Sip and See. Cynthia has never heard of a Sip and See before showing up in Atlanta. Reminds me of the time I got a pounding when I moved to rural  South Carolina. Nene points out she had a DNA test done. Which is good, because this is like the fifth time we have done this with Bryson.  Just because you steal from Walmart  doesn’t mean you aint a hot source of baby seed in the ATL . ALLEGEDLY.

It’s a Kenya scene. Not paying attn.

Nene is packing for the west coast. Now let me mention she does not own a home in either place. Gregg has never left her side. And she yanked her kid out of school up to the point where they told her she has to have a tutor or he is a truant. Are you with me  so far because I am too drunk to flesh this shit out for all you ignorant ones. No matter what you think about Nene, this is the first scene that I have wanted to stop and watch while blogging. Nene is sporting a different toupee in this episode. Its worse. Cynthia is spontaneously throwing a party for Nene. /eyefuckingroll I AM TELLING YOU BRAVO IF YOU DON’T GET CARLOS KING BACK TO PRODUCE THIS CRAPFEST… well you wait and see.  Nene is trying to hold it for you. Meanwhile, Nene gets a phone call telling her that she will be living near Tyler Perry, ya’ll! Ain’t that some shit!  Except for the fact that Tyler Perry  has removed her from his phone and LIVES IN ATLANTA  which is where she calls home but has never been able to buy a house because of their shitty credit and shady past! um YAY! She is such a baller!I’m soooo bored. It’s Nene’s going away party. Looks like the set up is Kenya and Porsha drama. I am not blogging this  fake shit. Peter  seems to be in some sort of Elaine Lancaster role of telling people what to do and when. I thought it was just the whole “vow renewal” scene.  So much obvious over staging.  ROFLMAO at Gregg saying “I got a deal working with a couple of real estate deals.” You got one deal and that is following Nene around and holding her Birkin bag. You two have been double dealing schisters for real for a LONG TIME and this scam is PAYING. Congrats to you. Peter is trying to sell booze for his bar.

Everyday someone tells Kenya she is Beyonce. According to Kenya. Did anyone tell her Beyonce is married? Something is going to happen with my recording and I am not going to touch it lest it mess with my recording of REVENGE. So there you have my drunken recap.


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85 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap is UP!

  1. Stephey

    This show is terrible lately! I ignore all Kenya scenes and if Cynthia throws NeNe another party I will ignore her too! Big yawn !

    • Hmm

      In agreement. It’s awful! Another Nene success party? Another Walter and Kenya relationship conversation? I’ll pass. Kandi and Phaedra are also just coasting at this point and probably past their prime.

      The whole season has been dreadful for the most part.

      The most interesting happening was Kim’s eviction and Bravo didn’t really get all the mileage out of that. Why not do some talking heads with Kendra about the eviction? She was already on the show multiples times. That would have been very interesting.

  2. puravidacostarica

    After several glasses of wine watching the Seahawks beat the Redskins (and knowing they are up against the ATL Falcons next week), your recap made perfect sense to me.

  3. Che

    thanks for the recap, I watched mob wives instead.

    doesn’t seem like anything exciting happened in this eps.

  4. FGF

    NeNe is becoming more disgusting with each episode!! Why in the world would she brag about having that baby DNA tested on air? Does she not realize the child will grow up and see this footage or does she not care about how it made the mother feel! It’s sad considering how embarrassed and hurt she was when her own paternity drama was exposed by family members!! It was also ridiculous to hear her talk about buying Christian Louboutins for a newborn!! How about investing in a college fund so she doesn’t grow up and drop waffle fries like her father!! Ugh….she annoyed the hell out of me tonight!!

    • Gigi

      Wow! I thought I was the only one that found Nene’s behavior so out of line tonight. Up to this episode I was kinda liking the “old” Nene, but she seemed so fake to me tonight. The whole episode was wacked, if ever I believed reality tv was scripted, it was tonight. The only thing that was real to me was when Riley was talking to Kandi and Todd – a child will speak the truth. We all know the cat’s out the bag where Kenya and Walter are concerned so it’s just a waste of time to air any of their ish. Looks like next weeks episode will be better. I hope so cuz I can’t take much more of this ish.

    • vivaladiva831

      Forgot about her being “hurt” over her own paternity issues-good point!

    • victori0us

      Yeah that wasn’t cool. Right in front if the baby, and on camera. Outta line. She could’ve kept that to herself.

    • Katrina

      If the child watches the footage, she will know who her daddy is! I don’t why people are complaining, when all this stuff is all over the internet and it never goes away!

    • Barbara

      I saw the DNA stuff to be NeNe being extra cautious for her son. Maybe she didn’t want to see her son get attached to a baby only to find out later it wasn’t his?

      She’s a good mom and I bet she’s going to be an awesome grandma.

  5. Ncfinedime

    Never has a season of Rhoa been so boring. Idk there was last season

  6. Barbara

    I’ve got this far fetched theory on Kenya is that she is a Bravo plant. She is not a real person, she’s a D-list actress they hired to stir shit up on this show. Come on – she’s not married, she’s not rich by any means, she doesn’t have any talent in anything, was she even very well known in Atlanta before this show? I know this theory may be a little far-fetched, but is it any more far-fetched than her bizarro actions on this show?

    • Barbara

      Oops! Wanted to say one more thing. I’m liking Phaedra more and more. I believe she’s the one to go toe to toe with Kenya and Kenya maybe a bit intimidated by her.

      • Barbara. I so agree. Been wondering the same. She is just too wack not to be committed. I am wondering if the staff know and are playing along or not. None of them are that good of an actor to pull it off really. IMO. Phaedra has always been my favorite on this show. I admit rather sheepishly I may add, I kinda like Porscha beeter too. Looks like she has a bit of a bully for a husband. I thought he direspected her in front of Cynthia and it bothers me.

    • It’s not that far fetched at all. I keep TELLING Y’ALL that Kenya Was NENE’s choice. fuck. remind me to tell you the whole scoop later.

      • FGF

        Tamara you said from day one that Kenya was a calculated addition by Nene and I’m starting to believe it more with each episode!! I really think Nene knew Kenya was crazy and needed someone to become the show’s new villain!! Kenya, so desperate for fame and fortune, drank the Kool Aid!! SMH!!

      • Katrina

        Kenya’s biological clock is probably over and she is having trouble reconciling to the fact that she chose the career path over family and now she doesn’t have anything to show for it!!

    • Kenya is a plant? What kind? I’m guessing fern. Don’t tell me bonsai cause I’m afraid of that shit.

      • Barbara

        Hey teecee66,

        Is it just me or does Kenya look like she made out with a FryDaddy?

        I saw Karate Kid #1 and I’m totally going with the bonsai because I think it’ll make me seem smarter than I actually am. . . .

    • Elaine Walker

      Kenya is delusional, Beyonce? The public is not that unaware. Besides Beyonce has a lighter complexion and better skin.

  7. vivaladiva831

    Nene really pissed me off tonight with her grandbaby. Could she be any more obvious about how not proud she is of her? What grandma, especially a first time grandma does not brag on the kid and want to show her off to everyone??? I had a baby before marriage and yes, my mother was very unhappy and disappointed at first, but once my daughter was born she took her over! I mean that in a good way! Guess what one of the things was that she did? Yes, she took her MANY TIMES to show her off to her friends. I feel so sorry for little Bri, I usually love Nene but tonight the way she acted about the baby on tv, for the world to see, was shameful.

    • Vp

      It was strange! I wonder if its the “grandma” title she’s ashamed of?

      • vivaladiva831

        Idk, not to keep talking about myself but my mom did not want to be called “grandma” either (she picked “mimi”) but again, once my daughter, her granddaughter was born, she referred to herself as granny, and that is what both our children call her. Nene referred to her as her “glambaby” andthen on and on with the glam stuff…once was cute but enough already. Oh, lastly-I am southern born and raised-Nashville-and have never in my life heard of a damn sip and see.

    • Maybe because her son fucked up his life even more by letting this girl get pregnant? Just a thought. But I disagree that she was anything but doting towards the baby.

      • vivaladiva831

        I seriously doubt he sees having a baby as fucking up his life. Maybe this will help him grow up, like Nene said. And of course she is doting on the baby, she was on camera. What else would she do, ignore her? I hope she realizes being a grandma is a good thing, and a blessing, not an embarrassment.

      • It is an embarrassment because it means she didn’t raise her kid right.

  8. Vp

    I muted the entire scene of Kenya and Walter. Ugh.

    Great recap & drink plenty of fluids!

  9. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Kenya-I-don’t-wanna-be-ya & Walter’s scene was so painfully awkward.
    Walter has this shit grin on his face that says, “bitch ya sho is crazy”.
    Girl he ( & everybody else) is JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU, EVER…
    Her face is oily & shiny & it changes tones from scene to scene.
    Her face is like a mood ring, it changes colors depending on her mood.
    Maybe it’s my tv but sometimes she looks greenish yellowish in some areas.

    NeNe& Greg appear more shady as each episode goes by.
    TT your perspective about them being scamming shisters is right on.
    They have perfected their hustle & are flaunting this scam on national TV.
    Talk about chutzpah…..

  10. P

    I am becoming more and more less of a Nene fan not b/c I am hating on her, but b/c I think she takes un-necessary digs at times and her story line about the divorce is boring. However, if it is true she made him get a job, good for her! Chicken shack, burger barn, car wash, doesn’t matter. Any person with a kid should be employed. And with these gold digging bitches now a days, if they can’t get it from the man himself, they will target the family, so I don’t blame Nene for the job thing nor for the DNA test. I just wouldn’t have discussed it on tv. Then again, who hasn’t already heard that she made them take a DNA test? I read that last summer on another blog. on WWHL Nene did seem more accepting and warm towards the child, moreso than on the show….

    Kandi, while not my favorite, her daugther is cute and I love her down to earth attitude regarding money.

    I guess tonight was the end of Kenya and Walter? If it was, good!

  11. P

    BTW – I know this is not the place Tamara, but where is the Dance Mom’s recap? I’d blog it myself but I tired blogging and with my schedule it’s not possible to be a serious blogger. If you’d like though, I could perhaps blog an episode or two – they will be late – and send it to you…just let me know.

  12. Not A Kim Z Fan

    Done think there is anything wrong with getting a DNA test especially if the parents weren’t in a committed relationship. But I think saying she did that on TV was a little tacky. I also understood her point about playing her position as the granny and not having a sip and see. I’ve never heard of a sip and see to begin with but I have definitely never heard of a granny having a granny”coming out” party for a baby.

    The show was a little boring but I must say, I’m enjoying the scenes with the women and men together more than the ones with just the ladies. I know it’s all scripted but the couple scenes just seem more “natural”.

    Finally, I just love how sensible Kandi is with her money. She’s definitely setting her family up to have generational wealth. Kudos to her for that even if her clenched teeth way of talking iggs me. :)

  13. Collin

    After 4 Seasons I’m done with RHOA. The addition of new cast mates & departure of Sheree (I know no one likes her), Kim & Marlo has changed the dynamic of the show which now feels overly scripted and low budget.

    I’ve followed this and other Housewives shows for many years particularly to see how the social interaction happens and evolves in a high stakes environment that’s televised. Now, it’s so obviously fake that I’m not interested, which is good because these shows aren’t making me any smarter.

  14. Tiffany C

    Can you please do a recap of Revenge? I would love to read your impressions of the show.

    • victori0us

      U think TT has time for all that? Lol. She barely wants to blog these bravo shows sometimes. Don’t overwhelm our girl…she’ll surely say fuck this blogging shit. :-)

  15. sheisdenver

    I love this site and have visited it often. This is my first time commenting. Tamara….thank you always for your honesty. It’s more than we can say about these “reality” shows. Not sure why I am still watching them….

  16. phakedraparks

    Kenya needs to go ASAP!! I almost miss Sheree.

  17. iamrealitytvlover

    Hope you don’t wake up with a headache Tamara. Nene’s little grand baby is adorable and I do hope they are making sure money is put aside for her education. As for the DNA testing, hell I would have done it too. It is a double standard and I bet most of us follow it. Sort of like if my daughter was pregnant I would be pissed at the guy if he dared ask for a DNA test, but….if it was a girl who claimed my son was the father, you bet your ass I would ask for a DNA test. Sorry that is just the reality of how parents always want to protect their children. I knew a couple once, their son married his pregnant girlfriend. They both struggled to stay in college and his parents helped a lot. What drove them nuts though was while they were struggling to put food and diapers in the house, his folks would drop unlimited funds on cute designer baby clothes that lasted all of a minute before the kid outgrew them.

    I enjoyed the hell out of that scene with Walter and Kenya while “fishing”. Walter just didn’t give a shit and looked like he was sorta still playing his role for the camera, wonder how much money Kenya offered him to pretend he was her boyfriend? Obviously not enough cuz he sure didn’t put his heart into acting like he liked her. My favorite all time moment was her shower story, I mean I laughed my ass off. Hope there is a you tube clip of that one going around, sure to get a lot of hits.

    • I enjoyed the fishing too. She keeps saying he won’t tell her how he feels about her, he won’t do this or that…when in fact his actions and carefully chosen works speaks freakin volumes! She’s trying and trying to twist it to something and can’t. Why would you put it out there over and over that he wouldnt have sex in the shower? I suspect to feed the gay rumor she planned to start. Instead, his next girlfriend will feel better knowing he didn’t!

  18. pffft

    Kim and Sheree need to return. This shit is so boring! What use to be the best Housewife city, has turned out to be very boring. Miami is better than Atlanta. Jersey is better. Beverly Hills is a lot more entertaining than Atlanta. Hell even Orange County and New York is better.

    Atlanta has become stale. Seems all the other cities are becoming more and more dramatic, and the ladies in Atlanta are getting more “tame.”

    And the problem isn’t with Kenya or Porsha… they seem to be the only two “bringing it” this season. It seems the “veterans” feel like they don’t have to bring the drama. How boring is Kandi, Cynthia, and Nene this season?

    And how many fucking parties has Cynthia thrown for Nene? She is such an ass kisser.

    Ugh. I’m over this season. Looking at the trailer it seems like we’ve already seen all the good parts. Porsha/Kenya fight… Kim storming out…

    ALTHOUGH, Nene tweeted that Marlo does make an appearance on the show… Even though I think Marlo is a thug and a POS. She at least is entertaining. Hopefully she comes for Kenya. That would be funny as shit.

    • stephey

      Loved Kim and Sheree, granted Sheree seemed to run out of story line, but the current ladies don’t have much going on either…and if Kenya is planted, she needs to be uprooted bc her scenes are so awkward and terrible I cannot watch! I miss the old seasons!

    • Katrina

      We always love people when they are gone!

  19. pffft

    Oh and if this shit is scripted, they need to get better writers because the last few episodes have been a fucking snooze fest! If you’re going to script it, at least write an entertaining script.

  20. victori0us

    RHOA has been rather lackluster lately. Glad my girls in BH will be back tonight!

  21. Watching it this morning. Laughing. For all the begging Gregg did previously to get a key, for all the implying they did that he lived in his own place…all his stuff was sure at NeNe’s needing to be packed for the trip to LA.

    • Oh and her phone accessory that looks like a an old rotary handset is funny to me.

    • One last thing. At the party, who was that in the blue shirt? In a couple of shots I thought it was Marlo. Also, anyone notice Peter named dropped Nia Long when talking to Gregg in the other room about LA/Hollywood?

      • FGF

        I saw the chick in the blue shirt come in with either Phaedra or Porsha and wondered the same thing!! Also, I’ve been waiting for Peter to name drop Nia for 2 seasons!! I read an article with Regina King where she talked about Nia & Peter’s relationship and how successful Peter once was. After Cynthia visited ex-fiancé Russell Simmons, I knew it was only a matter of time!!! Lol

      • DJ

        The girl in the blue top came with Porsha. Porsha didn’t introduce her, so the others must have known her, but nobody ever mentioned her name.

  22. karen

    I am so over Rhoa this show has become so boring. I will read the blogs tho see what is going on. The blogs are more interesting than the show,

  23. Katrina

    People are so eager to see fighting, verbal smack downs, and gossiping that now they think the show is boring. When everyone was at odds with one another, then everyone wants them to get along. People are never satisfied! The show is good, I wish the women had more interaction with one another. I am sure next season will be a total revamp of the show. Who knows, Kim may return.

    • Hmm

      You are wrong. There has been plenty of verbal smackdowns this season and non-violent fighting. So this season has some of the elements of other seasons and all other reality shows. We just have not enjoyed it this season because everything is so FAKE.

      I am glad you like the show, but plenty of us do not. It is bordering obvious fraud and seeming too contrived and scripted. We know that all reality shows have some creative license however this season has gone too far.

      Why bring on Kenya who does not live in ATL with a fake relationship and then drag it out all season? It makes no sense. Her antics would be more tolerable if there was an ounce of truth to her storyline.

      I like Cynthia, but please do not throw another Nene event.

      Every episode is a repeat of the last. Fortunately, the previews of the next episode seem promising.

      With Sheree and Kim gone the dynamic has shifted and the show does not seem grounded. Sheree, Kim and Nene were actual frenemies and it was interesting to watch. I also never thought I would say this, but this season almost makes me miss Marlo.

      I do like Porsha she is breath of fresh air. Everything else is seeming a little stale. I think that if they come back for another season they need to axe three or four of these current cast members and try again.

    • Collin

      For me this begs the question of why people get off on watching these shows? Is it because we, as viewers and as humans, have pain, and enjoy watching women hurt each other? Not to make a grand sweeping statement, but for me that’s part of why I’ve kept watching.

      • Katrina

        We like to gossip about people and point out their character flaws. It’s wrong to talk about your close friends and family, but it is okay to bash people over the internet. Reality TV has been around for a while, but after the writers went on strike it became more prominent. The housewives are a modern day, cheaper version of soap opera. You either invest in some character(s) or you don’t!

  24. Valerie

    LMFAO at the stunt aunt comment in your blog!

  25. Katrina

    I liked the fact that Kandi addressed Riley’s concerns about Kandi only knowing Todd for a month, then letting him move in. You can tell that Riley has no problem telling her mom what is on her mind.

    • I loved that too! Also appreciate the fact that Kandi has enough brain in her head to not introduce her dates to Riley until she knows it’s going somewhere. Especially since we saw how many freaked out at the possibility that she didn’t when they saw the preview last week.

  26. Barbara

    Can’t wait for next weeks scene’s with Kenya and Phaedra discussing the DonkeyBooty video. Kenya always looks like a mean-spirited piranha when placed next to regular humans.

  27. TT, you up for sharing the Nene/Kenya tea this afternoon that you referenced? I’m jonesing for gossip!

    • Katrina

      Doesn’t Nene have a sister by the name of Kenya?

      • bitchesbecrazy

        Oh yea……………………I remember she said she had a famous sister.But no way it’s Kenya.Oh that would be too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Tamara I need some tea!!!!!!!!

  28. Nene Leakes is boring and, frankly, full of herself. Shrieking like a B-grade drag queen while saying tired crap like “fabulous, uh huh, fabulous, “I have arrived,” doesn’t make you fabulous, girl. Oh, and you are one lousy mother. Your first son is a bum who can barely string more than 2 words together into a coherent sentence, and your second son is a truant who’s on the express train to obesity. Instead of wasting money on shoes and spanx to squeeze your ugly behind into a way-too-tight dress, spend some time and money on ensuring that your second born doesn’t turn out like your first.

    • T mentioned the truancy too. What did I miss? Has he been in trouble?

      • cns

        I heard Nene say that her youngest son was home schooled and that he why he gets to travel with her. I believe he will be a spoiled bum like his older brother, unless his mother gets him so acting gigs or something. LOL.

      • Katrina

        It is very possible because Brice did not grow up on TV. Brice was actually graduating high school. However, you can’t always look at one child and compare them to the next.

      • Casey

        Both of Nene’s boys are worthless! Nene should be in Atlanta raising Brentt, instead of trying to work in California.

  29. Cali

    NeNe is fucking smoking hot. She’s no dummy.. She used the RHOA show to step out on bigger and better things. Welcome to Hollywood Ms Leakes.What woman has play three diffferent character. I think Lucille Ball was the first. What a damn grow folks show last night. I love to see my brown sistas get along. Brown Bros is swagging like a mutha.The show is better off without WIG. Then, the Leakes was on WWHL last night totally hilarious. Nene was so crazy, I Laughed so hard. Again Nene welcome to Cali.

  30. Jennifer

    Who are these people who just LOVE NENE! She is a con artist! She lies! Her story line is also fake. She is playing and manipulating. I don’t know or care to know this woman but stop admiring a charlatan.

    • Katrina

      Do you know Nene? Spill the tea!

      • Jennifer

        Nope…just watching the events unfold. Come on…a fake divorce…she tries to undermine every person on the show. Kandi is right…Nene is a manipulative (my words). She is a con artist and people fall for it. We are better than this…we have better people who deserve admiration. Identify RHOA and Nene for what it and she is…entertainment. She is not someone to admire…

      • Katrina

        Nene and Gregg are divorced. There are a lot of people held up a role models that should not be.

      • Casey

        Yes, Nene is using Gregg to get another season on the show and getting him to agree to move Brentt to California. Nene will not remarry Gregg, because he is broke.

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