Ana Quinococes Talks About the Real Housewives of Miami Reunion, Once More With Feeling

RHOManaandandyAna Quincoceses Bravo blog about the reunion is very enlightening. It’s well-known that Bravo likes to have a target at certain filming events and the reunion is never an exception. It seems this season, the target turned the tables. Sadly, the Purveyors of Pop are fans of people like Thomas Kramer and Joe Francis so they had the task of trying to save Lea’s behind with editing. I’d like a ten week special called Real Housewives of Miami reunion uncensored were they just run the thing as raw footage.

“Weeks before the reunion I started hearing that Lea was boasting about town that she was “coming after me at the reunion.” I was taken aback because we had never had much conflict. I knew she was upset about my defending Marysol but there was certainly no need for retaliation of that magnitude. There is a saying in Spanish, “Guerra avisada no mata soldados.” It means that when you announce a war ahead of time you don’t get to kill any soldiers. And so I prepared. This soldier would not go down without a fight. It didn’t take very long and I didn’t resort to unethical means or ultra-sleuthing to discover anything. It was all there for the taking to anyone who spent a few minutes researching. I tucked all my findings neatly into the now infamous file folder and hoped I wouldn’t have to use it.”

I’m curious what was in the folder. I assume it is how she met her husband. Her husbands rather heinous clients. The way she …shall we say wear the pants…in the family. Lord knows what else.

RHOMreunionana“The reunion was sure to be a long and draining experience and I arrived at 7 AM as requested. I spoke to no one the night before except Joanna who came to my room to discuss jewelry and wardrobe. About 20 minutes before I went on set I was again reminded that Lea was “gunning” for me. I took my file sat in my designated spot (on the most uncomfortable couch in the western hemisphere) and hid my file behind a throw pillow.”

“Within the first 3 minutes Lea attacked me without being provoked. Twice. The first thing she said (quite aggressively) was that my husband (now ex) has been sleeping around for years. I was not sure how that was a character flaw on my part. After all, even if that were true it certainly can’t be imputed on me. She then corrected herself when I reminded her that we had been separated for two years. She backpedaled and retracted saying that she never said “cheating.” Sleeping around = cheating no? Thesaurus? So that was the big plan of attack she had spent weeks boasting about? She then took out what she believed was her piece de resistance; the dig about the little “mortgages at US Century Bank.” To which I retorted by pulling out my file. What occurred after that was a cross-examination never before seen on a reunion show; so unexpected and full of interesting information that the other cast members were rendered speechless.”

I want to see this footage!

RHOMreunionanamaryadriana“What you did see were bits and pieces of a very angry Ana and a very stunned Lea, a Lea who never expected certain information to be divulged. Sadly, the whole situation could have been avoided had she not bragged repeatedly about her reunion take-down. It became a domino effect. The thought of Lea’s audacity brought to the surface a lot of the things she had done and said all season long both in and outside the purview of the camera: Her never ending desire to damage Marysol’s business, her questionable friends, her constant digs followed by “JUST KIDDING!”, her incessant name dropping, the disparaging manner with which she “handled” her husband (unless a camera was present), and finally, her ever shifting alliances on the show. One minute Lisa is a dumb wannabe philanthropist, the next she is her spiritual adviser and fertility cheerleader. One moment Karent is an annoying chatterbox and tool, the next she is the victim of unrequited love and the “mean girls”. Is anyone buying this? Anyone besides her hired guns and diligent blog posters? I think not.”

I have commented several times on Lea pimping the holy hell out of her Bravo blog urging people to leave her comments. Perhaps it’s a battle call for when she is calling in reinforcements? It seems very odd.

“I will not spend too much time on the “socially awkward” comment as it was the subject of many interviews I’ve done and practically trended on Twitter. I know most of you who post here know what really happened and perhaps even feel a little embarrassed that it was the viewers and not I who dubbed RJ that. Had Lea really thought I was referring to her son she would have lunged across the cocktail table at me. She sprung to her feet for far less at least 10 times during the taping. So many times in fact, that Andy had to ask her repeatedly to take a seat.”

As far as the socially awkward comment goes. The editing did make it seem like she was talking about Lea’s son. And  I suppose it was an easy conclusion for viewers to jump to. That said, I agree with Andy that Lea needs to take several seats.


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92 responses to “Ana Quinococes Talks About the Real Housewives of Miami Reunion, Once More With Feeling

  1. I love Ana, I think she will be a force to be reckoned with next season. I think her behavior on the reunion show, show us that she will not hold her tongue any longer. I expect to see her really tear into Lea (whom I also love) next year. I also think she is getting a little tired to Marysol’s namby pamby behavior.

    • Barbara

      I just want the dirt in the “file” to come out!

      YAY for Ana!!!

      • Rosie

        Yes please, I want to know the entire story

      • Samra1116

        So glad someone finally shut Lea’s mouth. She was the shit stirrer this season, then sat back laughing at it. She and Elaine both needs to go… Go going Ana, she can’t yell about facts.

    • Delaney

      Ana is so desperate. She’s overflowing with ugly remarks towards nearly all of the others. That’s what she’s all about. A bitter, unhappy woman.

      • Delaney…you have said it all. She is perhaps the bitterest of any housewife on any series. Usually this bitterness and cynicism emanates from a profound sadness and/or anger within one’s self. I almost feel sorry for Ana, but hen she opens her big mouth, I can only feel like I want to place my fist in it.

  2. bsbfankaren

    O.K. so from what I have been able to gather through a little research, is that what Ana had in the file to some extent had to do with Lea’s “charity”. What’s interesting is that I clearly remember Lea saying something to the effect of that her charity was to help underprivileged criminals get better representation but I think that the editing was so bad during the scene in which she said it, it might have been missed by many. The FB page to the charity says that the charity provides funding for other charities, which provide the type of stuff most people would associate with a charity. I could be wrong, but I suspect Lea is taking a sizable salary, and perhaps the money is not being spent properly? I’ve also read other places that her “donors” might be using the charity for tax deduction purposes without really caring how the money is used. Regardless, Bravo chose to edit the reunion show in the way they did for a reason, and perhaps it’s that Lea’s husband made some interesting threats to keep the info from that folder out of the footage? It seems to me it wouldn’t take a whole lot of leg work for a lawyer to simply look at the public financial statements for this charity. I don’t know, but I like Ana and I’m glad she stood up to Lea since no one else was willing to do so. O.K. That’s it, Tamara. I’ll post no more.

  3. Lori

    I know I’m late to the party to bitch about this, but obviously Ana was referring to Lea’s son with the socially awkward comment and to for her to say otherwise is an insult to our intelligence. I mean she said something like “At least my kids aren’t socially awkward”. There is no excuse for that and it was sooooo mean. I am so sick of these damn housewives not taking any responsibility for their cruelty. That poor boy. It is just so wrong. I pray that he didn’t see that episode, because this is the sort of thing that young people commit suicide over. But at the very least, to have an adult say such a thing about you when you’re a child can take years to repair, and often something that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Throughout his life, if he is feeling unsure about himself, especially in a social situation (which we all have at one time or another), he will probably hear that in his head. Very damaging indeed.

    • Imajustsaying

      It was edited that way about the socially awkward remark. Ana has said on numerous occasions that Lea has remarked on her daughters “potty mouths” and “socially awkward”. It has been said that Lea has said this in her blogs but I am not willing to research it. Ana never referred to her son as “socially awkward”. It was the viewers who came to that conclusion not knowing the behind the scenes. I myself first came to that conclusion until I rewatched with more info. She never referred to her son.

  4. Love her. She randomly and surprisingly became one of my favorites.

  5. Lori, unravel your panties, I’m pretty sure it was editing. Apparently Lea had been dogging Ana about her wild, unruly girls and blamed the parenting. She was defending her own kids, not blasting Leas boy. I would think since one of Anas just went to law school and the other is graduating college, she did a fine job. I even respect that she stayed married until the kids were almost out of college.

    Lea strikes me as marginally insane. She’s hyper, insults people with a loud laugh…I think marrying Roy Black gave her so much confidence and security that she’s dangerous. I wouldn’t want to be her friend. I wonder if she has any.

    • Rosie

      True True! It is very easy to see she is not a nice lady. Ana is right to have defended herself and Lea is a narcissistic bitch.

  6. tleigh

    It was very obvious that Lea couldn’t hold her own against a strong, articulate female. She surrounds herself with her props- misfits, ex felons and anyone who will kiss her ass for airtime.

    Remember the scene in Bimini with Lisa? Sister girl was sharing about her fertility issues and Lea  appeared so uncomfortable – blinking overtime. I doubt she has many (if any) close friends.

  7. NicoleM

    I didn’t make it through the whole reunion because I couldn’t take anymore of Lea’s yelling. This does explain a lot of what I saw that made no sense to me before.

  8. sars

    what ana said about raising two daughters that “are not socially awkward” was OUTRAGEOUS. that was ethical, ana?? awful, just AWFUL. rj is only a child.

    • Emelle

      …and he’s a “child!” Ana let her true character show with that insult. She hurled them like grenades at Lea the whole reunion; so imagine how easily they roll off her tongue in everyday life. She’s a mean jester and will attack another woman’s child in order to one-up her own snarkiness. What kind of mother does that? Shameful behavior like that shouldn’t be defended by anyone.

      • It’s funny. You just called her names in a post complaining that she calls names. Do you see how hypocritical that is?

      • Emelle

        She’s not a child and neither am I. Read more intently next time.

      • I’m guessing here Emelle, but apparently the kind of woman who raised two beautiful girls who are not socially awkard and prepared to be very sucessul in life. The kind of woman who ends her marriage in the kindest possible way to her children. The kind of woman who stands up to bullies like Thomas Kramer and Lea Black. I’m thinking she is that kind of woman.

      • puravidacostarica


      • Damn, Tamara that was just said so well. Absolutely fell in love with Ana at the reunion, she is actually sane which I think is a housewife exception to the rule rather than the rule. Usually at least one or two on each franchise, thank the Lord.

      • Emelle

        Bullies? Ana’s not a bully? She didn’t bully anyone at the reunion? Clearly, we have two very different ideas of what constitutes a bully. And, raising children who aren’t “socially awkward” isn’t some major achievement. Children are who they are. And all the love and nurturing in the world sometimes doesn’t shape a child’s personality. Who’s Ana to determine what’s socially awkward anyway? I could say it is socially awkward for her ex-husband to celebrating (while wearing a Cheshire Cat smile and toasting with champagne) his divorce from her while she sobbed over the divorce papers. I could say it was socially awkward for her to discuss and gossip about her friends with her girlfriends. It could be construed as socially awkward to watch Ana constantly defend and speak up for Marysol, who was never able or willing to do it for herself. But, then–I’d be wrong for doing that. Huh? The “raising two daughters who aren’t socially awkward” argument is a dead dog. Personality is shaped as much by nature and is it by nurture.

  9. victori0us

    I can’t stand this bitch. AT. ALL. Lol I see there’s a lot of Ana love here, I’ll leave y’all to continue.

    • Emelle

      I really can’t stand her and I agree–if Tamara says it, it’s golden to most of the “followers” on this site. I think she is a disgrace. **Not expecting or looking for support; just providing some much needed balance in here; and perhaps some perspective.

    • I’m surprised at your take on things Vic! If you recall I started out liking Lea… there was just no defending her at some point. She does have some pretty rocks but sadly she turned out, for me to be a cretin with a bunch of douchebag friends.

      Emelle, I’d like to invite you to go fuck yourself. Repeatedly with a spikey object.

      Do you now see the difference in how I treat a regular poster with a differing opinion than a cuntbag like you who comes in and rather than simply give a differing opinon decides to insult me and my readers on a site that I pay for? I hope that provides you the perspective you are seeking. Go find a hate site for your bullshit. There are many out there. This one is not for you.

      • Emelle

        Spikey sex– done. Thanks for showing us all that pur words are powerful, Tamara. In the year that I’ve been reading and posting on this site, I have never seen you respond so vehemently to a poster. (I’m weirdly flattered; really.) Thank you for proving the point that people who see Ana’s behavior as acceptable are usually the ones who can’t take a differing opinion and likely will attack when a free-thinking person voices that opinion–much in the same way that Ana did. I never insulted you or your readers (I called them followers); and you didn’t insult or offend me either. There’s a difference between discord and disgrace and, regretfully, you chose the latter. Word to the blogger–I thought you were smarter and classier than that. I still think you may have had a few too many while typing this. So, I won’t take it personally. No hate here. On to the next… I hope 2013 ends happier for you than it started. You’ve shown me and I believe you.

      • victori0us

        Emelle. Yikes..ur a bit to invested. TT talks shit. That’s the beauty of this site. U can talk shit back too lol. Don’t take it so personal love. :-)

      • victori0us

        Lol. TT u slay me. Yeah I remember u loved Lea. I didnt get it. Lol I’m glad u got over that. I’m sure you will with Ana if she’s back for S3. That bitch makes my asshole itch. None of these women are genuinely likable. Not one. Just one is tolerable (Lisa)

      • Lukie

        I will now forever drink your tea.

      • OMG I am loving this site the more I read. You are friggin awesome.Keep up the good work.I have one of those potty mouths

    • Nicole

      LOVE LOVE LOVE Anna! Glad she is speaking up. Can not stand Lea and her fingernails-on-the-chalkboard screeching!

  10. Being outraged about Ana’s comment that she managed to raise two kids who are not socially awkward, would be slightly more understandable had she actually been talking about Lea’s kid and not her own girls. Lea had repeatedly attacked Ana’s children and Ana was defending her girls from the attack.

    I don’t know what is more amusing, the fact that everyone’s mind immediately went to Lea’s kid because Ana’s are not socially awkward, or people’s righteous indignation over something that was never said. It does say a lot about the opinions the viewers formed about Lea’s son I suppose.

  11. P

    I didn’t watch much of the season but the reunion was great. I love when people stand up for sanity. The fake ass wanna be’s are getting on my nerves. Good for Ana for taking down a villain. It was clear mean girl Lea was off her game.

  12. Emelle

    Hurry… the Ana bandwagon is rounding the bend–everyone jump on! Please–Ana behaved like a 12 year old petulant child. Her digs at Lea’s age and the usage of terms like “break a hip, Geritol” etc. were insulting and demeaning because Mama Elsa, who is an elderly woman; was on the show as well. It’s the equivalent of calling a 150 pound woman “fat” while sitting next to a 250 pound woman. “Oh, I don’t mean YOU!” Ana was borderline invisible this whole season. She knew it and so did most ofthe viewers. She knew that if she didn’t cause a stink at the reunion–the last hoorah–she likely wouldn’t have spot on next season’s show. So, she upped the messiness factor, times 10. It was easy for her to pick on Lea, because she didn’t have a true alliance with anyone who would come back at her. Plus–since Ana was Marysol’s mouthpiece the whole season and at the reunion; it made sense for her to keep attacking in the name of friendship and loyalty. Lea is an original RHOM and played an integral role in the show’s first season…so much so, that a second season was added and she was still included with all of these younger and hotter women. Ana isn’t fooling me or any other free-thinking viewers who don’t subscribe to the “pile on” mentality which is ever so pervasive on this site. (Groupthink, anyone?) It’s painfully obvious that Ana wanted to battle and she came ready to secure her spot on Season 3. She talked s#@% about Lea’s boy and Lea let her walk away unscathed. (or, should I call her “St. Lea”) If Ana would have uttered even the vaguest insult about my son, I would have sheared her like a sheep. But, Lea–the elder stateswoman and “Mayor of Miami” maintained herself and stood up for herself and her son (literally). Kudos! If Tamara and the rest of her minions disagree–it’s expected. But, clearly Ana is defending her indefensible behavior and pleading with viewers to agree with her so she will have a check come next season. I wouldn’t want to hang with her or even be affiliated with her. She embarrassed herself and her friends at Thomas Kramer’s and told the man that he couldn’t tell her to be quiet in his own house… She turned on Marysol–the lamb; when she didn’t come to her rescue. She is arrogant and snarky and that’s just what’s needed to keep a job if Andy Cohen is your boss. Ginny women love bitches!

    • smooches

      you fonted everything I wanted to…I wholeheartedly agree with you…Ana was vile at the reunion, period…the spring chicken that she is :/

    • i think ana is a bitter jealous divorcee who has to create trouble to be relevant. i liked that she and her ex have some friendship yet i think she is really his doormat and she welcomes any attention he gives her. i feel like some of their conversations eth their girls were a bit crude, but if that is the type of relationship they choose then so be it. i really like lea, she can disha barb and giggle about it, i am very much like her, i do think though that she has come so far due to her marriage and ana is jealous of that. lea makes no bones about her association with felons, hell, that puts food on her table and pays the bills.

    • P

      See, I rarely comment on others thoughts but this was a no brainer. So, Ana is terrible but that old geriatric bitch Lea is not? Give me a fucking break. If Lea is classy then I am Mother Teresa! “Pile on mentality?” Then what in the hell do you call what that the dude in drag and Lea were doing at the SAME time to Marysol? I didn’t watch the show faithfully but I do know LEA IS A BITCH. An old, geriatric, grumpy, ABRASIVE, bully of a bitch. I don’t see her snide comments as funny. It’s classless always putting people down and acting as if you’re better. Again, good for Ana for putting her in her damn place. Old or young she can be taken down as well…older states-woman my ass. Grumpy old bitch is more like it.

    • pffft

      Emelle, are you a tard? Ana said that her daughters were NOT socially awkward. How does that translate into calling RJ socially awkward? Am I missing something? Stop putting words in Ana’s mouth.

    • Emelle, did you really think that spewing more words would make your garbage true? Did you not get it all out in the other comments you made? You know the ones where you called every other poster here someone with no mind of their own? Get off my blog.

      smooches, I read and acknowledge your oppositional comments to whatever the majority feels but I swear to you, your attempts to make the word font a verb annoy me. 2013 brings a year of no more tiresome and annoying comments on this blog. Stop trying to make “fonted” work. Have an opinion other than “I agree with whoever disagrees” for 2013. Please and thank you.

      Hi! to new poster therealdebeb… I’ll not comment on your name because I do not like using derogatory names for the people we discuss here so I won’t pick on what you chose. BUT NOTE TO BINGO32 while I am at it.STOP USING SLANG ASS STOOPIDITY for comments on my blog, use an actual name or don’t post. We are adults here. Deb, if Lea Black is your role model you are on the wrong fucking website. On one hand we have an immigrant woman who is an attorney and on the other we have a haggard woman who married an elderly atty after being on his jury. Have a fucking seat.

    • Nicole

      Love the Geritol comments to Lea. It’s about time someone stand up to her snarky digs!

    • puravidacostarica

      TT, I beg of you…please find “Emelle “tiresome and annoying.” :-) God knows I do.

    • socalsun

      Emelle, are you defending the pervert Thomas Kramer? I would have done the same thing Ana did. I would have slapped the guy in the face if he talked to me like that. Lea married money, end of story. I can’t stand the sound of her shrill voice. I like Ana a lot and in my opinion, she is the most normal and down to earth.

  13. Barbara

    The reunion show was…Whoa! I am kind of embarrassed to admit that I loved every second of it. Why is it so amusing/entertaining to watch these women hate each other?

    Ana was wonderful. I’m glad she stood up to Lea. Don’t care why…Just fun to watch. Please, please Bravo do NOT get rid of Ana! I would love to see an Ana, Marysol and Alexia alliance. These three women could make Lea miserable next season.

    Almost forgot – Lea was the craziest I’ve seen her. I thought she was going to pick up Karent and toss her at Ana at one point. Scary, scary lady.

  14. Imajustsaying

    I LOVE Ana and thank god someone can provide info on the behind the scenes and not let us wonder what happened. Lea is not refuting ANYTHING in Ana’s blog or even is outraged over the socially awkward comment since she knows it was not directed to her son.

    But one thing is nagging me, the contents of the folder. It appears that there is some sort of gag order on what she was to reveal and simply stated that it was public information and ANYONE could access it. So Tamara.. you have a new quest! GET THAT INFO!

  15. sars

    as for anyone defending her saying it was out of context, in what other context might there have been? Did lea say that her daughters were socially awkward? that is the only context in which ana’s remark would have meant anything other than that lea’s son is weird. and i do not believe that is what happened with that. it was fucking atrocious. i cant even articulate my disgust. i dont even remember the last time a RH got me so rustled.

    • pffft

      sars… #1 you’re a tard for getting so upset about a reality show… #2 Lea wrote blogs saying that Ana’s kids were socially awkward and that they used bad language.

      I guess Lea’s friend Joe Francis is not socially awkward, going around announcing the women he has fucked?

    • sars, she really was just defending her own girls against Lea’s constant assaults. Do some googling if you don’t believe me.

      • sars

        oh i believe you! …damn, i know bravo does a lot of manipulating, but i wonder if that was on purpose.

  16. sars

    *”what other context”, not “in what other context”… Ok i think im really done this time.

  17. Not really caring for Ana after that reunion display, and it likely won’t change no matter how she tries to justify herself. Anyway, it was a decent season this time around and the ladies didn’t disappoint—they’re like the “Comeback Kid” of the entire franchise. I’ll def. tune in for season 3…

  18. Barbara

    Let me start by saying….I LOVE ANDY COHEN. But, I wish on the reunion shows he’d call the HW’s out on more stuff.

    Very frustrating.

  19. I generally agree with that Barbara, but I felt they went way to hard on Alexia for way to long this time. I guess it had to be mentioned, even though it was stuff not part of the show or season… but it was nearly 25% of the 2 hours!

  20. I should try to find Lea’s actual blog. But I thought she said that the girls were potty mouths and that conversations in the home were inappropriate. Did she actually use the words “socially awkward”?

    I kind of thought they were both at fault. But that lea started it, unprovoked. Lea’s kid is a little weird. Sue me.

  21. I’m really disappointed in the age comments at Lea. I thought they were really petty & below the belt for Ana. However, I’m glad Ana didn’t back down to her. Lea is a snake.

  22. Heartland

    I love Ana, hope to see her return next season. I don’t believe she was insulting Lea’s son, however little RJ truly IS a strange little child ..there I said it.

  23. Louisville

    Tamara: get thee to and go through Lea’s 990s! They’re a plethora of tea, honey. Big ole taaaalllll drank of tea.

  24. Tangerine

    Ana was bad ass. I love the way she handled Lea. She hit her where it hurts – her vanity. Lea should be reminded that she’s just married to an attorney and that she isn’t one herself. It was so lame the way she was throwing around legal jargon like she has a clue what it means. Her defense of Thomas Kramer spoke volumes for me. Lisa also defended Kramer and that’s a black check in my books against her…but since she’s generally nice all around I give her a pass for now. I suggest she find someone new to be like when she grows up.

  25. sars

    “NO U R A TARD!!!” …dude, referring to rustled jimmies is no indication of taking a reality show too seriously. “2”, neither does disgust. clearly we watch the show for FUN, and i HARDLY think the franchise would be around if the viewers didnt feel some repulsion. believe it or not, i ENJOYED the show and this is how i enjoy discussing it. likewise, youre reading a blog about RH. and youre bickering in the comments. and youre saying irrelevant shit and being sarcastic about it. i probably need to explain to you where im going with this…

  26. Shellbelle

    I have already deleted the reunion from my DVR, so my memory may be off, BUT does anyone else remember seeing Lea tuck a folder behind her on the sofa? I remember seeing Ana with hers but maybe on the first episode?
    I haven’t like Lea since… Never. Just something about her I don’t like. Could be the fact that she’s a bitch that tries to hide behind ” I’m just kidding” a little too much. Clearly no one laughs along with her. I did find it interesting at some of Adrianna’s facial expressions when Lea was speaking… Would have loved to hear her thoughts.

  27. Lina

    Since I grew up in Los Angeles and have known some “industry” people I’m well aware of spin and editing. Lea came off better than Ana in the reunion show because Ana kept attacking Lea’s age (which is a low blow since if she’s lucky she’ll someday be as old as Lea) instead of addressing issues.
    Reading this post though made me realize how Lea probably lied and manipulated the situation. Thinking back Ana has been fairly quiet and family and work oriented while Lea has been in the middle of everything stirring ****.
    I was never a fan of either woman (none of them on this series really is appealing to me except Marysol and her mother) but Lea is pathetic.

    • Louene

      Ana is almost as old as Lea, and Lea looks ten times better. Ana is just jealous. I do not believe Lea was after Ana at the reunion. Just an excuse to try and belittle Lea.

  28. Louisville

    As you can see from the 2009 and 2010 IRS 990 form data:

    –the Blacks don’t spend their own money to put on their “gala” or run their charities
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    –the “millions” she has allegedly raised for “charity” actually breaks down to a small percentage of funds actually going to charity

    You can only imagine what the 2011 and 2012 990s look like.

    The hot blast:

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    –I Have A Dream Foundation – “tuition for low income children” – $11,250
    –The Consequences Foundation – “education support and mentoring” – $10,000
    –Bay Point Schools – “school for juvenile offenders” – $6,278

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    $288,125 Net receipts
    $113,970 Salaries, $75,867 to Jason Clarke, secretary
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    –Lil Clare Foundation – “support special needs children” – $15,000
    –Rick Ross Charities – “support youth in poverty” – $25,000
    –Various (under $5K) – “schooling needy children” – $2,750

    Major Contributors
    Michael Krieger -$30,000
    Lin Arison – $10,000
    Cecile D. Baker – $10,000
    Annette Lorber – $10,000
    Iris Smith – $10,000
    Abigal & FJ Pollak – $7,500
    Anthony R Abraham Foundation – $5,000
    Frank Amadeo/Gloria Estefan Foundation – $5,000
    James L. Ansin – $5,000
    Jorge Arevalo – $5,000
    Bryan Colins – $5,000
    Melanie Damian – $5,000
    Mel & Fran Harris – $5,000
    Alan Lieberman and Dianne Lieberman – $5,000
    Alvin I Malnik – $5,000
    Cynthia Rodriguez – $5,000

    The Consequences Foundation

    $38,215 in revenue
    $7,637 in assets

    $11,895 in salaries
    $30,578 total expenses

    Baypoint School – “boarding school for” – $8,600

    $240,000 in revenue
    $134,640 in assets

    $1,440 in legal fees
    $52,125 in salary to Kimberly McNatt, executive director (same position for the Gala)
    $17,055 spent “assist[ing] with the planning of an annual fundraising gala securing corporate sponsorships and auction items”
    $24,508 paid to Capebay Consulting for “marketing and business development consulting until executive director could be hired”

    Other expenses:
    $24,508 in management fees
    $2,835 in accounting
    $2,118 for “other”
    $113,074 total functional expenses

    –Juvenile Services Dept – “support at-risk youth including counseling and other services” – $41,000
    –Educated Tomorrow – “foster care for youth in transition” – $10,200
    –Nat King Cole Gen Hope – “inner city schools music program” – $5,100

    • Barbara

      God I’m bad at math and comprehending 1090’s but I started with the first paragraph. Is that saying they brought in $375,108 in gross but only gave out $27,528 to the charities listed?!?!?

      Please tell me I’m wrong. I can accept that……

      • Louisville

        Gross is every dollar raised. Net is every dollar raised after expenses. Recipients of funds are listed. Expenses are also listed. No need to do math. You can see how little goes to charity without even adding.

      • Barbara

        I’m officially starting a charity. You guys send me $100 bucks…And every hundred I receive I’ll give a dollar to a homeless person.

        I’m a giver.

    • Louene

      I am sure it does cost to put on the gala. What does Ana do to help. Any orgnizations cost to run. Any profit is better than none. I would like to see what Ana does to contribute. All I ever saw of her was that broad backside.

  29. Damn tamara girl please find those docuents and put her black ass on blast lol

  30. I think Ana is the bomb! I have never done Twitter before until last Friday. The very first person I tweeted was Ana, Just givng her my support and talking just a little trash about Lea but pretty funny. Imagine my surprise when about fifteen minutes later she responded!!! How nice was that? Well it made this little ol’ Daytona Beach gal who always has sand in her crack thrilled! I also tweeted Marysol and got a response from her too the next day. So thats mybig news. Asked Ana about the file and what was in it, Answer,”It will all be revealed in the new season.”Man I hope so. I also did more internet searching and found RealityTea which seems like a pretty good site. Is it Tamara? I weeded thru a bunch of crap obviously written by Leas hired guns. I also read the Miami Heralds Daisy Olivera who had an interview with Ana Q. I wish I knew how to dig up stuff on the internet but I just suck at computers. Email and facebook is all I know but I am still going to try. I have one more question, I tried to watch the first season of Miami and I hated it. But I liked Alexia the little bit I did see of her. I probably watched about three or four episodes. Why does it seems like she is so hated? Every time she is mentioned it seems to be with such venom and hate. What happened?

  31. Caroline

    Ana’s storyline was pointless last season, so I was so glad to see she was excluded from this one. What a bitter ‘old’ (to me) women, lol.
    Season 3 reunion next week!
    Lea is fab, Lisa is articulate but need to tone down the plastic, Alexia has good genes, Adriana is…I feel a bit sorry for her, anyways..Joanna is stunning but should learn how to dress better (way too miami), Marysol was so whiny.
    Karent’s storyline was entertaining.

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    website with uss so I came to look itt over. I’m definitely enjoying the
    information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers!
    Terrific blog and amszing style and design.

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