Kroy Biermann Speaks Out About Kim’s Final Scene on RHOA

Kroy-and-Kim-199x300Kim Zolciak-Biermann tweeted a really cute link to a Falcons video this morning where the D-Block (defensive line) sit down with Kroy Biermann and do a talk show type interview with Kroy about his TV show. For all of you who keep wondering how the team feels about his “going Hollywood” now you know. The guys had a lot of interesting comments. First the called him out for losing a bit of his “Montana.”  The guys said that when he first came in he was all hunting boots and country boy and now he struts in with a Louis Vuitton duffel bag. They ask him about being on the show and if the producers keep a muzzle on him(the boys point out that Kroy can get angry at times, interesting)  and let him know when he can chime in and Kroy says, no that the producers actually try to keep the muzzle off so that he will let go on the show. Kroy says he tries to be on his best behavior because he is representing his family and the team so he has to stay on his toes.

Then the guys get about excited because well, Kroy is wearing sandals and his toes are….

Kory BiermannPainted! Well at least his big toes are. Each of his big toes are covered in red polish with a snowman scene painted on top. Kroy says it’s something he has been doing with Ariana for the past couple of years. For his wedding, Ariana painted them with checked flags to simulate the finishline, they did baby feet for the babies births…Kroy says it’s kind of like an erasable tattoo. All the guys shout out Ariana and seem to love her to death.

Kroy’s big toes are not the only red accessories he wears during the game. Kroy wears red contacts to help with glare, focus his vision and well to make him look scary to his opponents! It’s pretty cool.

Kroy BiermannThe guys ask when the last time Kroy went hunting was and Kroy tells them that unfortunately the hunting season in Montana is short and falls during football season so he can’t go anymore. He says he hasn’t tried hunting in Georgia yet, but that he has been back to Montana to go fly fishing and done some bass fishing on Lake Lanier. You can tell the guys really love Kroy.

Oh Lord, now they are asking about Kroy charging the cameras on the episode where Kim leaves the show. They guys say that when Kroy came around the back of the truck he had his Sunday game face on and was not playing. Kroy says, “My wife was pregnant at the time and a pregnant wife, or any pregnant person, they have this halo around them. Its sacred. You’re not supposed to mess with a pregnant person. Some of the cast members did not acknowledge that, and there were some things going on behind the scenes that I can’t let you in on, but the bottom line was enough was enough and she had enough. Kim told everyone she was done. Editing sort of shows things differently but I saw her coming out and she was leaving a bit early and I could tell she was worked up. I got out of the car to sort of keep everybody back because when something real happens they want to crowed in and get close and I wanted to keep everyone back off of her. I’d already had some conversations with some higher-ups and things weren’t happening right so…you have to take care of your wife so it was sort of shoot first and ask questions later.”

The guys love this answer and tell Kroy they love the way he stood up for his woman and that the love Kroy. You can and should see the whole 16 minute video here.















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72 responses to “Kroy Biermann Speaks Out About Kim’s Final Scene on RHOA

  1. At first I liked him and thought we was charmed by the pu***. But now I believe is a real idiot. She is a low budget bitch with a dirty mouth and I have no respect for hm.

    • Well who knows Kroy better thank you! I’m sure he devastated by the loss of your friendship.

      • bsbfankaren

        I know I’m not suppose to post (without risking moderation) but that response is funny!

      • I don’t know him for real.I thought HE was charmed by her you-know-what. You are so funny TT

      • Oh, I was sure you must know him personally because is public repuatation is pretty stellar. I cant imagine where the hostility is coming from based on what is known about him. I’m ever so interested in your criteria one must meet to earn your coveted respect.

      • Joan

        Good one Tamara! While I’m not a Kim fan, I do admire this side of Kroy. How many men would show those toenails painted in front of a bunch of he-men? He is obviously is confident in who he is. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how the guys call him Beer-Man!!! It’s obvious that this teammates like him, and respect him. Says a lot about the man. Of course, I don’t ‘know’ him, but in this one instance, he comes off as a pretty mature, confident man.

    • Is there something ironic about calling someone a “low budget bitch with a dirty mouth”? Maybe not ironic. Maybe hypocritical?

  2. Bombshell

    Like Kroy…can’t stand Kim!

  3. Pinky

    I really liked Kroy and thought he would change Kim for the better…..instead he is adopting her most negative features and I do not care for him at all. It is admirable when a man protects his woman. But, Kim’s halo is rather rusty. She and Kroy need to realize she can’t expect to spew her ugly lies and use people, pregnant or not, and be the angel just because she was pregnant with her”insurance policy!” She was lying to those women and didn’t act one bit sorry that they changed their schedules to accomodate her. Then being the COWARZd that she is, she walks away when busted on her crap. All Kroy does is feed that big fake ugly ego of hers and now — they are both a joke. Hope her show makes it, cause don’t think anyone worth a darn wants to film with her on RHOA, except for Kenya! And those two are just alike – it would be too much competition for who is the most fabulous. Kim and Kroy better realize Karma comes even when you don’t “ask, believe, and receive!”

    • Buck Henry

      Your 100% dead on, dead on. Her “halo” is a joke, she has those kids as an insurance policy on Kroy and Kroy is to whipped to figure it out. And that anger thing is something that is concerning to me. He said that there was stuff that went on that were edited out and that the other casts where involved and he talked to the higher ups. I think what happened is that Kim told Kroy one thing and he ran with it, none of those women got up and chased after her, none of those women attacked her. What did happen is that she tried to lie on the spot and was caught and when she couldn’t come up with an answer she said forget it and left (including the mic at the table). What was Kroy going to do, come rushing in and attack the women? You see this is the proverbial women getting her man in trouble. I know so many men where some tight ass made a story and got him either killed or put in prison and a destroyed life. If Kroy has a temper then I truly see bad things ahead, bad things. Because if he’s so easy to be riled up and manipulated I see him being used when the money runs out as the abusive you know what.

      I think he talked to the higher ups about having to have his pregnant wife with the rest of the crowd and having to go on these things. And then Bravo told him that she contracted for this if she doesn’t want it she can get out and not be a wife. And that is when she tried to run this game on Bravo and the girls. Bravo was getting tired of her sitting around and not wanting to film and so gave her an ultimatum about the trip. She agreed and at the last minute said no. She attacked the Bravo cameras, this has more to do about Bravo than the cast and Kroy was wanting to attack Bravo. I bet anything they talked to Kroy about coming forward to those cameras and he won’t do it again, trust me.

  4. Just a long thought

    I really appreciate that video. I do think Kroy is a man’s man and that’s why regardless of a tv show his team respects him. I also think behind closed doors he’s running the show. If Kim was really pulling the strings they would have been worse off. When she stopped filming as much I think it’s because he wanted her ass in the house and yes Kim is lazy but Kim also loved the cameras and drama just as much as sitting on her ass. Those cameras he had installed wasnt just for protection. I’m not saying all of this in a bad way because I like a rugged man myself I just think while Kim introduced him to the “finer” things he introduced Kim to a more stable lifestyle.

    I love that the guys like Ariana. She’s in my top three housewives children (with Milania and Ramona’s Daughter). The relationship he has with her is adorable. That’s what made me like him. I can forgive him for falling for Kim if it meant those children could have stability of some sort.

    • loverbynature

      I like your comment….I too think that perhaps behind the scene he runs things and I also think that he did fall in love with her and not just putting on for the camera. He probably was trained to take care of a woman a pregnant one at that. I believe Kim is not such a good example of a lady however, he chose her and it works for them…hopefully she learns some values from him soon because she definitely needs to learn from him in that area. She should just reset her life and realize…I can tell the truth and be a better person than the foolishness I do….but I won’t hold my breath because I do understand that some will do anything for attention and fame as well as some people have already decided that they will never change. One can only hope though!!!!

    • Shellbelle

      I think he is probably more of the head of household when the cameras are off… The show is real housewives, not househusbands so it make sense not to see too much of Kroys influence. Then there is the fact that some of the filming is during camp when he is gone to flowery branch. Anyway, cute video. It’s obvious he is respected and well liked by his teammates… Much to the dismay of all the Kim haters.

  5. Cynthia

    Well, I really enjoyed seeing Kroy’s video. It is a whole different perspective, and a welcome one. I believe he is truly committed to his family, as well as to his team. He may be the one admirable thing to come out of the disaster of Kim and the RHOA. I wish him the best, and hope Kim can see what she has in him and doesn’t screw this up.

  6. Devil's Advocate

    Whatever negative traits Kroy has he came into that relationship with and it’s obvious considering the guys statements. I think we all seen him as some blond quiet montana boy being preyed upon by a hawk-eyed evil Kim and I just think that’s not the case. He wasn’t innocent to begin with. Yes Kim is a liar and no I don’t think he just sits there and condone it but u stand by your spouse in a relationship and try to fix things. It’s like people really expect him to disrespect his wife and children and say “yeah Kim lies and I don’t like it”. I don’t like Kim just as much as everyone else but I think people can be a little obsessive in their hate.

  7. Kroy seems like a really nice guy. I will never understand what he sees in Kim. He has to realize that if he didn’t have a multi-million dollar contract that Kim would have nothing to do with him. I give this marriage about 5 years before he wises up.

  8. Shay

    Ariana seems like a sweet little girl. I’m glad she has a good relationship with Kroy.

  9. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    I will say this, Kroy seems to be a man’s man. He might be stupid for knocking up Wig, but he takes care of Kim’s girls like they’re his, and I can respect any man for that. Also, I respect him for getting those producers off Kim. Kim, though I can’t stand her, could have easily fell and he was getting them the f*** off her. Nothing against Kroy. I like him very much.

    • Art

      Interesting. I recall Kim and Kroy charging towards the camera man.

      • smooches

        That’s my recollection as well…all the camera men were doing was…filming, which is their job…Kroy and Kim took it to another level

      • Called A Princess...

        I really do not understand that people see fit to defend Kim. The truth is she is a liar and a schemer. She also is not the first person on the planet to have a baby. But are we to be surprised that she would use the unborn baby to get out of doing more work. Yes filming a TV show is work, and Kim seems to be allergic to the process of work. She just wants to get paid. Kroy is not going to be able to help Kim to grow up by letting her be irresponsible. Not very good for the daughters either. They reminded me more of the fake drama on WWF Pro Wrestling when they made the exit from the show. The name of the episode should have been “The Last Lie?” JMHO.

  10. Art

    He’s a red head….eeewww

  11. pughugs

    I wonder if he is really down with the wigs.

  12. RealitySux

    LOL .. well I hope he and Kim have great success with the latest spin off…ANYTHING to keep them from coming back to RHOA. And I don’t recall the cameramen “charging” at her … they were doing their jobs, as they always did before. But whatever – here’s hoping their show takes off.

    • Girl Plz...

      Interesting that you wish them luck with the show. soo many are counting against that. Not sure how i feel about kim.

  13. Girl Plz...

    The interview makes him more like-able.

  14. I dont care who y’all like or dislike in the world of celebrities…but there is going to be a lot less vitriolic rage in comments here in 2013. I dont want to read all that trash. Humor is good, poking fun at the hypocrisy of the housewives is …fun. But this was a light little post that was actually quite cute and the constant nazi this and racist that ship has sailed. If you can’t take this as fun entertainment and not something that is going to give you an aneurism, there are MANY, MANY other places for you to vent the nastiness in your spleen. This is not that place. Thanks.

    • tleigh

      I was just thinking the same thing reading all the hateful comments! Breathe people . Thought the video was cute. So much hate out there

    • I missed them this time but want to say, thank you!! I like the fun, the sarcasm, the awesome cool place this is. I come here and enjoy reading what everyone says, for the most part. I’ve seen the sites filled with nothing but hate. I’ve seen sites set up specifically to do nothing but hate on one tv show character/cast member. I don’t visit those sites and try to avoid them like the plague. It’s just not my thing. Your site isn’t that and is my thing. So again, thank you!

    • Oh TT I am so glad you said that! I don’t post on Bravo anymore (first and last time with this Miami reunion debacle) as it was so mean and hateful. Because I like ‘Ana I was called heartless and stupid, a dumb shit and few more. This over a tv show that is edited and spun thru the wringer, I don’t need that. My comments weren’t mean. Just my opinion which I thought the comment section was for. Your site I have mostly laughed and never been put down like that in such a mean way.

  15. Lisa

    I would LOVE a big strong man’s man like Kroy.

    Especially with a good job and access to some good game day tickets.

    I’m happy for Kim, but I’m ecstatic for Brianna and Ariana.

  16. Not A Kim Z Fan

    One of the things I’ve noticed about two crazy reality wives – Jackie from BBWLA and Kim – even though they seem ape shit crazy amongst and incredibly bitchy toward other women they are very loving and affectionate towards their men -at least on screen. And I know men eat that shit up. Your average man could really care less how crazy his woman is towards other women as long as she’s good to him and doesn’t embarrass him. Never watched her show but I’m assuming Kim wouldn’t dare treat Kroy’s family/parents the way she treats her own. I don’t fault him for standing up for her. I’d expect my hubby to do the same thing for me AND if I’m dead ass wrong he can tell me about myself and “coach” me in private. Dems the couple rules

    #Kim still makes my ass itch but I get it…

  17. Love sipping tea with you, thanks so much for this much needed tea. Hopefully the mean spirited Kim bashers can see how Kroy’s teammates interact, and respect him.

  18. Haven’t watched the vid yet. Just wanted to say I love Kim and Kroy together. I love how Kroy is with the girls. He reminds me of my stepdad. My stepdad was the one person who put up with my crazy ass mother when nobody else (including myself) would. He made sure to include me in their small wedding ceremony. He was from Wyoming and was a hunter and all manly, like Kroy is. A bit more so, he’d never have let me paint his toenails! LOL

  19. victori0us

    Kim is lucky she’s got a good guy. Good guys like tramps I see. Hopefully she doesn’t blow it. I really love the way he loves those girls of hers. That right there gets my respect. I fear Kim is going to drain this young man of everything he’s got ($$ and emotionally). But yup she kinda lucked up with this guy.

  20. NicoleM

    Thank you for posting that video. I have always liked Kroy. I am not entirely sure what he sees in Kim, but he seems to really love her and all the kids. When he first started appearing on the show, I thought he was a typical Montana hayseed, a type I am familiar with as a former Montanan. But as I’ve watched him on RHOA and DBTFTW, he is a lot more savvy than I thought he was.

  21. FGF

    I’m not sure why my comments about anything RHOA get moderated as I don’t personally attack or respond to attacks by other posters but here goes:

    I like Kroy, a lot!! He’s a Man’s man!! I love the relationship he has with Ariana and that he defends his woman. I remember him saying during the last reunion that he didn’t watch the show nor google Kim after meeting her so he could form his own opinion a part from what was in the media. That truly was her saving grace!!

    Manly men love to protect their women and because Kim has mastered the art of playing victim, he’s been able to excel at it.

  22. I adore Kroy and I like their relationship. I like Kim (almost afraid to admit it!) The biggest reason I have is this, Her two girls are so sweet and kind to one another and their baby brother, which shows me Kim is a great mother. I take these reality shows with a grain of salt. So much of it is edited that we see the spin Bravo puts on it to get a storyline. It’s partialy true and partialy false. Kim seemed negative this season on every episode. I figured hormones and her pretty much over the other women. She has turned into a home body and prefers to stay home is what it may be. I mostlylike how great Kroy is with Kims daughters. This is a tight knit little group is how it appears anyway.

  23. Che

    it’s nice that kim has found a man that can protect her financial and physically. I think he’s okay and I’ve defintely seen just peek of where he has gotten really pissed and he checked himself. I think that’s great that he can control his emotions and actions, very mature. Hopefully he’ll able to instill strong values in his daughters and sons with a bit of kims frivolousness.

  24. Happy New Year Tamara, hope your holidays were great. Thanks for posting the video, I actually loved it. Always liked Kroy mainly because he was just so darn good with Kim’s daughters. I applaud any man that can love another women’s kids as their own. It was nice to see how his teammates seem to love and respect him and I liked that he takes responsibility for his behavior by saying his job is to represent his family and his team. His toes were just too cute for words, it takes a real man to let his daughter do that and then to proudly flaunt those toes in the locker room. I was frankly amazed and can see why Kim is head over heels in love with this guy.

    Something about Kim I just like….don’t always like her behavior on the show but hell I take every scene bravo shoots with a grain of salt and it is hard to figure out what is real versus scripted so I don’t sweat it. I would like nothing better than for Kroy and Kim to have a long and happy marriage for the sake of them and the four kids. How can anyone not want that for another human?

  25. P

    I didn’t see the interview however, pregnant or not, doesn’t give one the
    right to act an ass. This is a person with a damaged characther. None of us
    are prefect but at the same time, we also are not likely to suffer from the same
    charchater flaws as his wife.

    Kim is someone that had cancer one minute, then no cancer two minutes later; someone that would carry on a relationship with a married family man (saying at first he wasn’t married); someone that cheated on her girlfried with Kroy…she’s a user. She used Kandi, the wedding planner, her decorator, etc. She is only out for herself. She is NOT the sweet little pregnangt woman that just needs protecting from producers and co-stars of the show. She is the bitch that she constantly called the others.

    “These bitches are not my friends” WOW! What a total low budget whore she is. As soon as a man came along, she dropped everything and everyone….

    You can take the woman out of the trailor park but not the trailor park out of the woman. It must be a total joke seeing a bimbo, wig wearing, hugely fake boobs, constant liar, man stealing, etc. etc. etc. woman walking around the country club neighborhood.

  26. KrissyB

    I’m not afraid to admit that I like watching Kim. She’s entertaining to me. I love her with Kroy, and so happy that her girls seem to have such a loving family now. I used to feel sad for Kim and her girls. I don’t think it’s necessary for a woman to have a man to raise children, but in this case, it looks like they are all happier now.
    I’m kinda bothered with Kim’s relationship with her parents, but could that possibly be the plot conflict for DBTseason 2???

  27. Is it time in 2013 to acknowledge my secret crush on another house husband…this article just makes me crush just a little harder on Mr. Biermann…there you go I feel much better now. 😉

  28. Wow! Forget about the red contacts, take a look at his face!! Boy is it beet Red, I wonder if it extends to his neck too..

  29. soncee

    Hey Tam!
    Just noticed your new year–new rule disclaimer. Now, without a doubt,I love you and your witty banter, and yes, there are some real nut-jobs posting comments here. And yes, it is your blog. And yes, you can say and do whatever, because, as well all know, You’re a grown ass lady.BUT! And yes, there’s a But. Isn’t this the same thing you and I get pissed off about with F-list celebrities aka reality stars? When you or I post an unfavorable comment on twitter or other social media outlets and those ass–hats go and block us because we’ve gone and pissed them off? Now, before, you respond to my comment, keep in mind how much I love and respect you–LOL! Just a thought… No biggie.

  30. Kemper

    LMAO I think I missed 3/4 of the video, I was too busy watching number 50 in the back.. The guy didnt change his position or his facial expression during the entire thing, I kept thinking he was going to jump up and start a flash mob dance or something, he looked very suspicious!

  31. I thought he seems really out of place like he was forced to be there. It was VERY odd.

  32. Zannio

    I appreciate the fine young man Kroy is, however, his parents deeply love him and Kim is a bit much to expect them to take laying down. She curses way too much and in front of her children Kim has apparently no friends unless on Kroy’s payroll. Kroy should understand Kim is a gold digger and always has been. His parents care enough to bring her up to him and Kim does stir things up to get his allegiance activated. Glad my son did not find a “Kim.” No values whatsoever.

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