Kim Zolciak Defends Buying A Foreclosure. Sort of.

Kim Zolciak New HouseAfter a night filled with nasty nightmares, I’m running on empty today. So rather than write blogs I thought I would zone out and read blogs for a change. Obviously, I chose Reality Tea for guilty pleasure and ran across a Kim Zolciak story. First of all, some tabloid is running photo-shopped pics of Kim and her dramatic weight loss. I read that story the other day and just shook my head and laughed because Kim has admitted on camera that she will have cosmetic surgery after every baby and she claims in the story that it is her active life that dropped the weight. We’ve all seen how active Kim is. I think I burn more daily calories than Kim.  Then Reality Tea mentions that she is defending her house... interesting.

This I have to see for myself so I head on over to Kim’s twitter time line expecting to see the tweet that Reality Tea quoted  and screencapped:


A Tweet by @Kimzolciak 2013-01-02
partially built home structure 70% NOT completed foreclosed, we purchased it and will be finishing it out BRAND NEW! Doesn’t even have a driveway yet!
And what to you know, it seems to have disappeared. What remains is a few tweets about how the bloggers have it all wrong and the truth will be revealed on Don’t Be Tardy…  It doesn’t get much more credible that property records on the sale. I get that the house was not previously lived in, what I do get is why she is so defensive about the house. It’s a great house she got at a steal. She should be bragging rather than being defensive. Kim is also tweeting that Kroy is designing the wrought iron railing for inside (because that’s great for small kids!) and outside the house, and the gate just like he designed her engagement ring. Because, Kroy is not just a football player y’all he’s a designer!


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37 responses to “Kim Zolciak Defends Buying A Foreclosure. Sort of.

  1. I saw that tweet from her too. I’m not defending Kim but have we confirmed she knows what foreclosure means? She’s not the sharpest Crayon…

  2. Critter

    From the pics on RT she should have had her thighs
    Photo Shopped too… no way are they a size 4…

  3. bitchesbecrazy

    Kim is being defensive because she knows that she lied.Idk why she wanted to act like she was building a house from the ground up.A house is a house as far as I’m concerned and Kim got a great deal but Kim can’t help her self.This woman just lies………….Like my username states bitches be crazy.Kim is just trying to act like her bank account has unlimited funds and she wants to live like lifestyles of the rich and famous….by all means go ahead Kim,but stop lying so damn much,you bought a house in foreclosure,you’re going to tacky it up like only you can…………good job.Just don’t forget to pay the people who worked on your “brand new,built from the ground up,foreclosed but only 70% partially built never lived in”home

  4. Liar Liar her photoshopped pants are on fire

    Poor Kim, she thinks everyone is as gullible as that boy from Montana! If her injected lips are moving, she is lying. NeNe has to be LHAO at all of this!

  5. Bizzymammabee

    To me when someone says they are having their dream home built it means you totally started from scratch with an empty parcel of land, and build from the ground up, just like chateau Sheree. She is dumb as a box of rocks and is all about semantics and thinks she can pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. She is not building her dream home, she purchased a home that had the structure finished. The inside might have not been finalized other than walls, electrical and plumbing. So her bsing about building her dream home is just that a whole lotta horse shit. It’s a wonderful thing if she was able to take advantage of the whole housing market slump. She just needs to stop the shit and call a spade a spade. She purchased a home, that wasn’t ever occupied and is in the process of decorating to her tacky ass taste to make it her dream home. No need to continually spin her lies. Problem is she showed the world what an idiot she was talking smack about Kandi’s super purchase and she backed herself into a corner.

    Yeah sure she lost that weight naturally, this the same lazy heffa we saw on the past seasons of Real Ho of Atlanta that looked for every weight loss short cut because she couldn’t be bothered to have to sweat.

  6. Wonder if LiarLiarPantsonFire will be insulted when we send her a “Congratulations on your remodel!” card (a la T over MeHo’s).

  7. Ms Urethra Franklin

    This is why KZ deserves all the haterade.
    She exaggerates everything to just raise her own esteem.
    Doesn’t everyone know someone who is a one upper? ..ahem Countess LooLoo.
    One uppers, fast talkers, exaggerators, hustlers of fake cancer stories are made of the same crap.

    I truly can’t stand this skank.
    My ratings for my most despised RHW is:
    Kim Z & Teresa G…tied for first place.
    Jill Z
    Karen with a T
    Ramona gets an honorable mention.
    Alexis B gets an honorable mention

  8. Naa

    Maybe she’s going to do the sensible thing and tear down that affront to my eyes. I can’t exactly identify the style of the building – “Aspirational Chateau”? “Nouveau Provincial?”


    Oh, and girlfriend, putting a new driveway in isn’t “building a house.” lol

    • bitchesbecrazy

      As long as Kim can say she built something on that house……she built the house from scratch.She really knows how to stretch the truth lol. The wrought iron railing her husband is designing, Kim is going to say he melted the iron,cooled it down,designed it from memory,slaved over it for hours,then put it in himself……(we’re gonna find out she bought that from home depot)………………but hey it’s Kim.The girl doesn’t just embellish things,she embellishes stories too

    • vivaladiva831

      Anytime I see turrets now I automatically picture Tre and Joe’s monstrosity (albeit an actual built from the ground up, custom “dream home”). Blech!

  9. art

    Recheck her tl. The tweet is still there. For those defending Kim, gone with all this hater gonna hate bullsh#t. Kim accuses everyone who busts her in a lie of being a hater or jealous. All the housewives get reported on. Kim isn’t special despite what she thinks. She knew what she was doing claiming she was building her dream home. I bet she would’ve never volunteered this information. She may beg Bravo to either edit or film additional scenes for her spin off now to play this whole thing off.

  10. Her weight loss pics was that her real hair? If not, bad wig choice. It wasn’t the most flattering on her. I did start to like Kim when she started her own show, but after hearing the lies and backpeddling its starting to make her unlikeable again. I do agree with another comment/post on this site that Kroy does seem to “calm” her down or have some type of affect on her that does make her not seem so bad. I am happy for her that she found love and is in a better place. You can tell she is in a different part of her life than the other ladies of RHOA; however, it seems her ego needs to take a step back down. Personally, with all the defending on twitter, I wouldn’t be so quick with it, it doesn’t help her. I would sit back and let the show do the talking. She seems to have got a good deal on the property, she should enjoy that along with all the money she is banking back in her pocket. Is there any “tea” 😉 on how the ATL players/wives feel about her? I always wondered that for some odd reason LoL

  11. lori

    Kim, Kim, Kim… SMH… I always loved Kim. For a long time she was one of my favorites, but not anymore. Now I think she’s just a gross hypocrite. Since she snagged Kroy, she has really started treating people worse than ever, and it seems as though she thinks she’s above everything and everyone. Too bad.

  12. FGF

    This chick has never met a lie or spin she didn’t like!! It’s almost as if she had to try and hype this building thing to prove something after being evicted from Kendra’s house. It just shows how insatiable she is because the normal woman would be happy with the life Kim’s vagina has created for her! I’d be proud to get such a steal but admitting it would mean that she’s similar to, not better than, Kandi. IJS…….

  13. becky white

    I no someone who makes wigs for the industry – he said there is no way the hair that Kim showed and claimed to be her own was – it was a wig too. Just sayin.

  14. ITU Tamara!
    Once again, Kim’s lies is what started this!

    This is what bugs me about Kim:
    *Kim is a LIAR! A bad LIAR! No one rents a house for a year if they’re going to buy it. She can say all she wants that she had planned on it but she signed the lease for a year. Who the hell rents a house for a year before buying? she says she isn’t “irresponsible” with her money (stop laughing), WTH do you call that then?
    * Kim herself created all this drama! She needed some drama for Tardy for the Party and didn’t cue Kendra in. She invites her landlord / “friend” to the wedding; when Kendra and Ant. hears FROM other ppl that there is a bulldozer there and shit, of course THE homeowners want to find out what is going On their property that KIM wasnt going to ever buy. The lease was signed on June 1 2011, Kim got married November 11, 2011 do I or anyone for this matter need to say more ? No! What Kim didn’t count on was Kendra defending her self via press and social media as Kendra did and had the right too! Kims only defense was that Kendra was looking for fame and attentoon; No Kim, YOU CREATED THIS! ACTIONS CAUSE REACTIONS! YOU’RE ACTIONS CAUSED KENDRA’S REACTIONS!
    * Kim ANNOYING said on DBTFTP and RHOA that Kendra was putting them on the street and said about 1000 times they were gonna be homeless; when ppl laughed at Kim for it, Kim then turns around and tweets something like, “yeah right like O would ever be homeless” Bitch, YOU are the one who kept saying it.
    This is why you shouldn’t lie! One lie leads to another and you eventually you forget what you were lying about in the first place but everyone else didnt.
    As far as her active life style; #chileplease we all seen your pathetic attempts.
    As for Kim’s and Bethenny Frankel’s mother, both tooth picks, called genes, just like Phaedras booty!
    Phuck lost my train of thought!

  15. becky white

    How does her hubby put up with her – he must be the laughing stock of his team – I actually feel sorry for him as he seems like a nice man. A nice man who will be very very broke if he sticks with Kim. And why was Kim’s town home that Big Poppy paid for just sitting there vacant? Now THAT is being stupid with your money – to leave a paid for town home sitting there vacant when you could be renting it – or did she know she was going to be needing to be moving back into it? Hmmmm. And as for her only wanting a “new” house – what is up with that – like her azz cant sit on a toilet someone else butt has touched before – has this woman never stayed at a hotel – you sleep in a bed other people have sleep in the night before ( I know I try not to think about that too when I go on vaction) – I wish Bravo would give her the boot.

    • Naa

      Did you ever see that story they did after the DSK incident in NYC? They went around a swanky hotel room with one of those lights that fluoresce when they hit semen. You don’t want to know. Trust me.

    • DJ

      Actually, a house down the street from me was a foreclosure, and the guy who bought it ripped out all of the toilets because he didn’t want to sit on “used” toilets. When he told me that, I wondered what he does if he has to poop when he’s away from home.

    • Katrina

      Kroy loves her, that is why he puts up with her. For better or worse!

    • lori

      Kroys parents must be besides themselves that he married and has two/children with him. Besides her runiing him straight imto the poor house, his parents witnessed her throwing her OWN mother out of their wedding. If she would treat her own mother like that, one can only imagine how she would treat her in laws. And when they watch how foul she is on tv, they musthave be praying “please let me wake up and this is all just a terrible nightmare!”

      • Katrina

        Kroy is trying to adopt the Kim’s other children too! The good thing about Kroy’s parents is that they don’t live in Atlanta, so they don’t have to interact with Kim that much. Kroy’s family probably see them about a couple times a year.

  16. Becstar

    I always inquire here first. Not because you have an exclusive, but because you’re funny and almost always hit the nail on the idiotic housewives head. Much love.

  17. DobabyR

    I love Reality Tea…..that’s how I found you :)

  18. She is so full of bs I loose brain cells just hearing that lazy cows name

  19. Kim will look just like her orange leather 80lb mother trade her in kroy

  20. P

    Kim is being defensive b/c she said they were building a house and she made a wise crack about Kandi’s house. Now, she looks like a dumb ass b/c they’ve probably started filming her hillbilly show and she probably told a bunch of
    lies about them building it BUT the blogs are reporting it was a foreclosure! BUSTED. At the end of the day, I knew she was a jealous hater but I didn’t think she was stupid! In other words, I knew if she had the chance to get a good deal on a house she would. Bitch needs to help with honesty.

    I don’t know why anyone could or would like Kim. She lies CONSTANTLY. The one thing in life that is free is the truth! And this lying, faking, pontificating trash doesn’t know the meaning of the word. Her lies are insulting. She is insulting. Fake asshole liar.

  21. Katrina

    Kim says her house will be completed in late spring.

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