Kim Zolciak is NOT Building a New Home.

happy-new-year-13Well Happy Fucking New Year.  Can I just tell y’all how much 2013 is sucking so far? I woke up with a Champagne hangover. It’s raining. I’m typing this in Word because the Internet is acting a fool today. My one note troll is in comments trying once again steer every post to be about racism, and then I get a comment calling me a thief. Some dude name Ed is claiming that I stole his story about Kim Zolciak’s new house. I say we just skip to 2014 and see if that is any better.

First, I’m going to explain to you (and  Ed) the background my story about Kim Zolciak’s  new (or is it) house.  As you all know, because I whine about it every week,  day nights can be a bit grueling. I try my best to do two back to back recaps on Real Housewives of Atlanta and Shahs and it’s usually 3-4 hours of rapid blogging trying to get both up before midnight. Not last Sunday but the Sunday before, with about ten minutes to go until RHOA I get an email from a source that say’s “Kim Z is building on (name of street redacted).”   That’s  it. No house number. Source I’ve never gotten anything from before. Just that.  So I tucked that info away and went to recapping.



Kim Zolciak New HouseI’ve been extra bitchy lately mostly because I’m not feeling that great. When I’m sick my anxiety tries to out do the sick and overall I just don’t feel like doing much. So I wasn’t in super sleuth mode much.  First I googled the street name with Kim Zoliak to see who else had the information. Nothing came up. This means either the source is crap, or I have an exclusive. I went to public records and went through some property tax information on the house. I didn’t find anything there except for DeShawn and Eric Snow’s tax records on the same street. At first, I thought Kim had bought DeShawn’s house and was doing a renovation.  But no, Kim said she was building, and more importantly the source says she was building. So I hopped on Google Earth and found that there were a few empty lots still in the neighborhood. I’m back to being convinced that I’m on the right street and that Kim is indeed building a house.  When Kim tweeted the picture of the house I was able to match it up to a house on the street my source provided.

I researched the neighborhood for a bit. I looked into property prices (which were plummeting) and researched the company that owns the land that was for sale.  I decided I had enough information to run the story.  So I did that yesterday.

After I run the story,  TRho, who I know from other places and generally like a lot comes barreling into my exclusive  screeching about how it’s not a build, it’s a renovation.  She’s correcting all my many errors in comments and attributing her information to someone on twitter that I have block both from my twitter and here because she is Donna levels of crazy, and quite frankly we have enough crazy here. I finally after eight days of researching off and on, have the story.  What we all wanted to know was if Kim was really building a house and where it is located.  Yes she is! I say. Here it is. I write. You may all bow down and tell me what a great job I did now.  Except… I was wrong . I was wrong about something really important.

researchI asked Trho where she was getting all of her information and she said she was just “reading tweets.” Whatever.  Then this morning Ed is trying to comment on my blog. I’ll approve his comment after I post this. It says “You’re exclusive is about 20 days too late. Thanks for the theft!”  oh, and there is another from Roy that says, “umm, how can this be an ‘exclusive’ on Dec 31, when we broke this story on Dec 11? Therefore, you dont have an ‘exclusive’ honey.”   Both Ed and Roy have a TVfishbowl  email address so I assume there is an article there.   I know two things. I sourced this story myself and I searched the Internet for anything regarding Kim and the street.  Nothing came up. I’m reminded of the time that I interviewed someone about Danielle Murphree from Big Brother and that person also provided the information to another blogger. Neither of us knew and be both were adamant that the other stole the story. The source finally told us both that she had given us both this “exclusive” information.  I’m wondering if something similar happened here.  So I head on over to the fishbowl. I have to say it’s a nice place. I also totally get being pissed off when people steal your stuff. I would never do that and always give credit to other site’s work.  There I see on December 11 their article. They have the picture of the house well before Kim tweeted a picture. They have all the real estate information, the price paid they have the whole enchilada right there.  How is it possible that this did not show up in a google search? How did none of the other housewives blogs have this information?  Better yet, why didn’t some of my readers who read everything everywhere and tweet me the tea know about  this?

Kim Zolciak New HouseThe answer appears to be that much like me the people at TVFishbowl  didn’t include the street name in their story. So it never came up for me. If it had, I would have sourced them in a story on December 11th. I wasn’t aware of their story until today. Had I read it, my post would have been much more accurate and I would not have had to deal with the wrath of TRho.  Trust me. I would much rather have had all the info from them before I posted yesterday. BECAUSE THAT POST IS FULL OF AWESOME!

Here is why. The real estate information they posted shows that the house was A FORECLOSURE!  Yes, Kim Zolciak, who trotted her wig all through Kandi Burrusses house with her nose in  the air because Kandi bought a foreclosure….Kim who demanded a brand new house that no one has ever lived in… that Kim bought a foreclosure at a steal of a price.  Hypocrite much, Kimberleigh?  I’m not sure if it was ever lived in by random people or not. But that is the real tea. And it has been sitting right there on the Internet since December 11th.

So, Miss TRho, I’m sorry I was such a ginormous bitch yesterday. I plead guilty with the above long ass explanation.  And to the gentlemen at TVFishbowl, I plead not guilty. But I hope this post makes up for any slight and agree that you indeed had the exclusive more than two weeks ago. I only wish I had known about it then, honey.


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116 responses to “Kim Zolciak is NOT Building a New Home.

  1. smooches

    so basically Kim is, was and will continue to be a liar

  2. Sorry for a rough start today Tamara, but it was actually new to me, so I still appreciate it. Sorry you had to do all the legwork though LOL!

    Kim being a hypocrite and liar? Say it aint so!

  3. I want you to know it was never my intention to hurt you or this blog in any way. I just had remembered seeing this info a while back. I didn’t know you were working on a story and just filed it away as another interesting lie from Miss Kim.

    I’m glad it’s straightened out, thank you for the apology, and oh, I NEVER screetch.

    Almost never, anyway.

  4. no name maddox

    please don’t be so hard on yourself, TT <3

  5. I know, TRho. I had to dig around a lot for the post and was in bitch mode by the time I posted it so when you showed up with different info my head exploded and reacted like a three year old. Thanks for accepting the apology.

    • shirley

      sorry tamara for falling into kims lies, o had a feeling her story was to good yo be true.

      she a damn liar, remeber kims cancer story!!!!

  6. Technically if this foreclosure was say during the initial build then nobody lived in it and Kim can stay true to her word. We all know she really doesn’t like used anything except men (aka BP). Thank you for YOUR investigation and the time it took to do so. The fact that you do that is the main reason this is my main RH hangout. I visit other sites every so often when bored but generally only believe the tea given here. Thank you.

  7. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    How about the two guys over there at fishbowl, and you tamara, do a 3 on 1 handicap match on fakberly and promote both your stories to the highest degree and exposed this trick? How tf can she try to talk about Kandi buying a house foreclosed, when she got a house foreclosed? Dusty trick. Ugh, can’t stand her. Kroy don’t know what he done got himself into.

    • The difference to her, I believe, is someone lived in Kandi’s previously but not in Kim’s.

      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        I don’t think it matters. Foreclosure is foreclosure. That’s just like if Kandi said, I’m going to the store and by me a can coke, and Kim says ugh you like coke, and a day or two later, Kim is drinking the same coke, but it’s in a bottle. it’s still a damn coke lol

      • DJ

        If no one ever lived in it, it’s still a “new” house as opposed to a “used” house.

      • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

        @DJ that was never Kim’s issue. Kim only took issue with Kandi’s house because it was foreclosed on. When did she ever gripe about someone else living in her house? And need I remind you her condo is connected to somebody else’s? It’s not even a freestanding house, so she has no room to talk. I wonder did someone else live in her condo before Big Poppa moved her in it?

  8. michelle

    Thank you for doing your best and providing this forum for our reality TV obsessions.Don’t be hard on your self. You is good ,you is kind and you is important. XXOO Happy New year TT! I look forward to another year with my cyber friend.

  9. I’m not a KZB fan at all, don’t like the shallow dingy broad, but I do like the house. As mentioned in previous comments, when the landscaping is done it will be nice. Now whether she lied or not about building, who cares. KZB lies all the time. No surprises there. Why is that even relevant. The fact remains, she is now a homeowner and not RENTING her dream home. Good for her! I hope she doesn’t put that awful gawdy furniture in the new home.

  10. Critter

    Don’t be so hard on yourself, your digging & research are
    the reason you have faithful readers – we know it’s true…
    Wipe this morning off the board & start over in the morning…

  11. Flo

    Oh well. I love this blog because you do the investigation – shit happens.

  12. In other news, Me and the guys at fishbowl are straight. Well, um that may be a poor choice of words. We are all good. I’ll try to entice them into a three way to test the straight part out. :)

    And thanks for all the understanding y’all. I’m having some hair of the dog and feeling much better.

  13. Vp

    I think I’m still a little drunk.

    Happy new year!

  14. jane osbeck

    well there you go!! keep up the good work . you are appreciated .
    one more thing, while i am relatively new to your page i consider myself lucky to have found you . i have looked around for a site/ blog to follow. so altho i might have read it sooner somewhere else i probably wouldnt have believed it until i read it here first.

    hope you feel better soon.
    jane osbeck-price

  15. chell

    I love it Tamara cause you straighten everything up and still poured the Tea at the same dam time Kim need to stop talking down on other but goes and do the same as Kandi, some people are just sad

    • Somebody should have videoed my expression when I read that at TVFishBowl. I was like THERE IS THE REAL TEA! I was hyped up trying to get through the long ass explanation and GET TO THE TEA that was just sitting there unnoticed for three weeks as I mindless sift through public records finding nothing.

  16. Thanks Jane. Now y’all stop being nice to me. It makes me feel awkward. Where is smooches? She’s always good for taking me down a peg. :)

  17. This is shocking and unforgivable, to think I could have had this news scoop two weeks prior. I will, never, never for give you for this. I’m used to false info from The New York Times, but from TamaraTattles! I’ll give you one more chance, but that is it.

  18. Belinda

    Who is Kim Zolniak ?

  19. But Tamara, that photo with the fly on the eyelid is disturbing. LOL *cringing*

  20. Katrina

    Kim got that house for a steal. It says it was built in 2008, I wonder how complete it was on the inside? Hopefully Kim can get the inside renovated for less than a million!
    This is the best time to buy a newer home if you are looking for a change.

  21. DJ

    If that house had been sitting empty for four years here in Florida, it would be full of mold. Humidity and no AC

  22. Yours is my daily tea. I appreciate all your effort.

  23. I think I like Kim. But she is sooo bending the truth with her word choice. It’s a question of semantics. So she can say she never lied. Well, she’s full of shit. It’s making me question everything now, though. What’s the truth and what isn’t? Personally, she looks like a major hypocrite. Can’t wait to hear her excuse.

    • SavannahPat

      Her excuse for what? The house was never lived in…she always says she smart with her money and this proves her right…she can finish the inside to her taste…and if she never lives in it and holds on to it for a couple of years she’ll make big bucks!

    • Shell belle

      It may be just semantics, however. It looks like the exterior was mostly complete but the inside could have only been studded up or some drywall. I that’s the case then they are free to build out the house to their wishes. Who gives a rats ass if it was partially built or completed. They got a hell of a deal… I can think of a few HW that are nothing but renters ( and shitty ones at that). Sure Kim made the comment about Kandis house being a foreclosure, maybe she since realized what a smart move it was and followed suit. Shit, all of y’all hating on Kim when I bet not a single other person commenting anything close to what she’s going to be living in. Think of all the money he saved living in her townhouse… I believe it’s called being fiscally responsible.

      • James

        If you watched even a single minute of her spin-off, how can you screw up your mouth to say Kim is “fiscally responsible”? Everything Kim says or does is to save face. I’m sure after all the money they CLAIM to have spent after the wedding and Kendra’s house, they’re running on empty and had to resort to buying a foreclosure to get the kind of house Kim feels she deserves to be seen in.

      • Running on empty?! Ha! Best joke I’ve read so far today.

  24. Called A Princess...

    But if her excuse is just another lie, I am not interested in hearing much that Kim B Z has to say. I find her to be a disrespectful bottom feeder that has floated to the top. JMHO

  25. Tamara Lynn

    Should have known Kim would still be lying about something. Girl can’t tell the truth to save her soul.

    Glad you got everything straightened out, Ms. Tattles. I hadn’t heard/ read this anywhere else so regardless of the fact someone else had the exclusive, it was still a nice cup of tea for me!!! I love that you do your own research and verify your stories. It makes it a lot more fun to stop by your blog knowing its all true

  26. susie

    Awe, TT, dang it
    …no-one can touch you and your sassy self. However, if they do, I hope to read all the erotic details here! May all your 2013 dreams come true in technicolor!

  27. loverbynature

    Tamara, you still have the real stories and I love them! Others can report and I’m not hating but I have only been coming here for yours for the last 3-4 weeks or so. It is a much easier site with straightforward talk. I like it….with that said…I move to Kim….I am playing devil’s advocate here but perhaps Kroy really has a great head on his shoulders and she really respects his opinions and he has been the voice of reason…while she is telling lies and don’t know how to get out of it he is meeting with the financial planner and others looking for a reasonably priced house in their price range at a steal of a deal. I am throwing it in there because Kim seems to speak a lot of foolishness in their air and then forget what lies she told but perhaps Kroy is a somewhat level-headed man who just loves his wife and is taking care of the responsibilities as such. Basically perhaps Kim has finally found someone who will not allow her to win when it comes to really major decisions! I don’t know and cannot prove it but just playing devil’s advocate!

  28. Ericzku

    I checked out that Fishbowl site; it looks like there may be some interesting posts, but the spelling and grammar are so atrociously bad that one can only conclude that they are written by morons. I’ll stick with TamaraTattles, thanks very much!

    As for Kim’s new house, that is one FUGLY
    McMansion; a hodgepodge of various architectural styles thrown together to the effect of total tastelessness. No wonder it appealed to tacky, trashy Kim! I wonder if it has at least the 17,000 square feet (sorry, “square foot”…ugh) that she absolutely can not live without?

  29. Jess

    I’ve been a long time reader but this is my first comment. Tamara, after reading this blog, I am convinced more than ever that you are a class act :) Happy New Year, honey

    • diggitydawn

      I haven’t been here long but have commented a couple of times. I agree with you so much, Jess (my daughter’s name, btw, although we spell it Jes). Tamara IS one class act. Not many bloggers would ever make a post like this. It makes me like & appreciate her even more.

  30. Miele

    This explains that random radio interview you’d mentioned (from wherein the interview said Kim was talking from inside her new house. Now it makes sense that there was enough house completed for Kim to be in there and gushing about it…

    Thanks for clearing everything up! Happy New Year!!

  31. puravidacostarica

    “Defensiveness is usually someone silently screaming that they need you to value and respect them in disguise.”

    The lack of defensiveness in this blog speaks volumes about Tamara’s character. I agree with @diggitydawn: Class act.

  32. Jesus. I’m not mother Teresa. I’m just an old fat bitch on a sofa wasting her life away blogging and playing Plants and Zombies when my stolen internet connection ain’t availble. :) And I’m cranky VERY CRANKY.

    But tonight I love you all because I have been drinking all day on an empty tummy waiting for peas and greens that came a little late in the day drinking process. CHEERS!

    • Bombshell

      Im not fat but I love my wine and I am a very cranky bitch. So here’s to you from one cranky bitch to another. Stop apologizing and explaining. I don’t like the melancholy Tamara. I like the snappy short fuse Tamara.

  33. puravidacostarica

    No, you’re definitely not mother Teresa. :-) From another old fat bitch who tips her wine glass to you and all the other cranky bitches out there. Happy New Year!!!

  34. Kate

    I love this site and respect your integrity very much. Thank you for giving me a place to go to relax. :)

  35. Bombshell, I’ve reached the easy lay portion of the drunken evening. So I am drunkenly schoozing the chicks and gays that read here since there is no option on the current horizon. :) I really must do something about that!

  36. Jarlath

    So the house was already built (just needs finishing touches) yet Kim claims she’s building … building her lies!

    • Well according to Kim they are adding about 10,000 square feet. Because the initial house was like …I forget.. 7 maybe? I dunno. I don’t get these RHWs and their desire to share square footage. If I won the lottery tomorrow I would not buy a house with 10K in square footage. Who needs that kind of space? What a waste of assets I could be using to travel or buy jewelry is that power bill? HOWEVER. In Kim’s case she has four kids already and they don’t seem to be done, so for that reason, I can see her needing the extra bedrooms.

      • Jar lath

        We will have to wait and see then. Yes, I don’t get this square foot thing either. Maybe they equate size with being rich? I dunno. I know plenty of wealthy people who live in small houses who prefer to invest their money in other things. Then again, in California you’d be lucky if you got a three bedroom for over a million bucks.

      • Ericzku

        Absolutely. Nobody needs 17,000 square feet, unless you are running a school or orphanage or something. A family of 6? No. I knew someone whose house was about 7,000 square feet, and the place was huge. Seven big bedrooms, as many baths, plus a couple of powder rooms, and the expense for utilities and upkeep was astounding…but I digress.

        The disingenuousness of Kim’s comments about needing every last inch of that space were startling…as if she grew up in Buckingham Palace and just can’t imagine a world in which little KJ doesn’t have a basketball court to run around on. Bish, please. I guarantee that whichever single-wide trailer she grew up in was less than 1,000 square feet! Just more evidence to add to the long, long list of why she is a trashy poseur, I guess.

      • Abby

        Adding 10,000 square feet probably means finishing off the basement/terrace level. We all know how Kim likes to twist words. And, in Ga. they don’t count the basement as sq.footage on the Tax Records.

    • Judging by just the pic above I would say it’s taking more than just finishing touches. Finishing touches don’t require a bin like the one shown in front of the house full of debris.

  37. RealityTea

    Tamara don’t beat yourself up. People get a little carried away with staking claim on certain info and stamping exclusive on it. You did your research, you went above and beyond to find the tea. I’m glad you and the guys got it straightened out. But I have to say I hate the way some blogs immediately jump to the nasty mode and don’t just email and say “hey, can we chat about this post?”, instead of jumping on Twitter, etc and blasting each other. It sucks. There’s enough room, stories, readers, etc for everyone. Le Sigh. You are good people, Tamara. :)

    • Mia

      I fully agree with Tamara, RT is a very pleasant and peaceful (and funny) site that I dearly enjoy. But tamaratattles on the same level. The two sites I always go to 😉

      IMO the two best reality tv blogs out there!

  38. Aw thanks RT… I don’t know how long the fish bowl has been there, but I totally understand getting all worked up. We ain’t all peaceful and good like you guys. Reality Tea is a rare breed in the blogosphere. I hope to grow up to be just like Y’all. xoxo and happy new year.

  39. ArtieBagada

    For those defending Kim and praising her for getting a good deal, that is NOT the point. The point is Kim intentionally mislead people into thinking she was building a house from the ground up. I’m sure it was all to keep up her fake image of being a baller and better and/or richer than the other housewives.

  40. gemkandi

    Thanks for the scoop. Mistakes happen but you corrected it and that is real reporting. Still my favourite place to get tea. You are doing a fab job T! You would think Kim would be bragging about the deal she got, that would make her appear clever. But sadly no she would rather look like a fake snobby twat!
    Keep up the good work! This site really is great!

  41. Hmm

    So Kim is playing a word choice game, but if that is her purchase price she indeed got a very good deal.

    She will have to finish the interior and decorate and if the house was just sitting there for four years then she will probably need to redo some things. Homes deteriorate when they aren’t lived in or climate controlled. Plus, if she is already adding more square footage then I can easily see her spending another $1 million easy.

    She claims she is good with her money, but she is not. She is only good with her money to the point that she cheats others out of their money so that she has more in her coffers. Anyone who avoids bills and cons friends is never good with their own money.

  42. God, I can’t believe how long people like Kim Zolciak and the Kardashians have been getting away with being such liars. Seriously, they’re all an insult to America’s intelligence.

  43. cns

    So Kim first steal Kandi’s baby name now this. LOL. I love how some people will criticize you for doing something then turn around and do a similar thing then try and spin it later. LOL. I’m sure after Kim told Kroy about Kandi’s home they sat down and said what a brilliant idea. Let’s get a luxury home for a fraction of the cost like Kandi but still pretend that we are still better than. Classic Kim behoavoir 101. Still LOL.

  44. I think you are all being mean to K because she is white and you are racist!!

    • Stop it! I’ve banned the race trolls! Don’t attract new ones. :)<—smiley face to indicate no being bitchy.

      • cns

        In the land of faux reality TV it is easy to become deceived. They all lie to some extent. I wouldn’t beat yourself up over this. This is pure entertainment and no one died. I highly value and appreciate you or anyone that can admit to an error and then give credit to others. Those speak volumes to your character. Please keep up the good work.

      • I am only replying now because this is the 2nd or 3rd comment here that has said she was deceived or fell for lies by the show/Kim. It wasn’t something or someone on a show that was the problem. It was that the info to support the tea she was given was hiding from her but someone else had it already.

      • Tamika

        I wish you would ban the other racist troll a.k.a. teecee.

  45. Bella

    You are being way too hsrd on yourself girl! You made an honest mistake & fixed it. You’re the first & only blog I visit religiously because you don’t just post anything. You do your research. I wish I wasn’t so sick all the time, as I would comment more. But thsnk you for all your hard work, because your site provides entertainment and lsughs that help get me through my days! Hope you’re feeling better!!

    as for kim….pot meet kettle much? I wouldn’t have such a problem with her if she didn’t lie, and embellidh things all the time. I think she has deep rooted issues that make her like this.

  46. Whoa der. Thanks for the posts! I wish people wouldn’t take things so seriously all the time.

  47. Reality_Buzz

    I’d say in the end, this makes a much meatier read with all the twists and turns. Otherwise, Kim’s a yawner. Good stuff.

  48. eg

    Hi TamaraT and Happy New 2013! I was wondering if you think KZ will be back on the RHOA anytime soon? I don’t like her, she brings a negative energy, I don’t think she really likes any of the other ladies, she just “tolerates” them and goes thru the motions for the camera (or paycheck). Also, do you think they (Bravo) will ever ask Sheree to come back? I think I’d rather watch Marlo orKeay Moore (not). Keep up the good work that you do here!

  49. eg

    Meant Kenya Moore…..

  50. Naa

    Could I get pics of the fishbowl guys? I’m asking for a friend.

  51. cns

    Now that I took the time out look up the info regarding the price, I would say that Kim and Kroy got a lot of house for a quarter of the original price, which is really smart. I would say that if you are looking to buy luxury or just a modest home foreclosure is the way to go. Now if Kim had only said that she had found her dream house instead of saying that she was building her dream house that would make more sense. But of course Kim has to try and up everyone. This now makes sense because I could not understand how she and Kory could qualify for a newly built from the ground up home. Kory’s money is not that long and Kim’s has tax problems.

    See ladies Kim is showing you how to live a luxury life without even trying. LOL. Pillow talk (tricks and trades of the real estate business) with Big Poppa has certainly paid off. This is making me thinks that I need to….. get my real estate license and buy a foreclosure home or two.

  52. Cali

    Congrads to K&K. We really don’t know if this was a steal or not. I don’t remember if I saw what is the sq ft. Kim has expensive taste and like the very best. It could take 1-2 million to complete, inside and out. Was 800 thousand just the purchase price of the house as is. If so, then what will be the construction cost. Then the price of the interior decorator. All I can say is money, money, mo money. Great job Tamara.

    • It was a steal the empty lot next door is 500K. The house was mostly completed at 7? 8? thousand square feet. I think they are adding on but who knows. It looks like it takes up a lot of lot already. Still it’s a steal and I have a feeling Kroy has fellow players in the neighborhood to golf with.

    • Naa

      Renovating 3500 square feet just cost me $1.5 million so, yeah. But that is in the pricey northeast. It depends on what they are trying to achieve. Plus I get the feeling labor in Georgia is very inexpensive relatively speaking.

      • Um, since I know you, I am going to have to point out that (a) we are in Georgia NTTAWWT and (b) we are talking about people who are shall we say, not in your league. A tall. It did amuse me that a commenter here earlier said that no one who posts here lives in a fancypants home. Lord knows I don’t but I’ve got friends in high places… lol. I’m assuming that 1.5 was for the apartment and not for the place with the hideous wallpaper. Money can’t buy you class~Countess LuAnn. Oh, I’ve never asked. I am sure she travels in your cirle. LOLOL. as if.

      • Naa

        No, that’s not for the Manhattan apartment. That was for the other place. I wasn’t going to do it, but I may just let AD photograph it so it WILL SHUT YOU THE HELL UP ABOUT THE WALLPAPER. 😛

  53. AD will LEAVE at the sight of that wallpaper! And you took the other place down to 3500 square feet? How on earth will you survive? Kim Zolciak NEEDS 17,000 square feet to function. lol.

  54. A true friend will tell you the truth…Perhaps you should invite me up to see for myself. lol.

  55. gemkandi

    Reality tea gives you and fishbowl credit for the true tea!

  56. They are both very professional and lovely.

  57. Cali

    HOA at a country club cost about 20,000.00 a year. Wow. The NFL must have given Kory a big raise.

  58. Dee

    I fail to see why it matters. Are people so jealous of her home that they feel the need to bring up worthless “news?” Geez, this is just crazy.

  59. For those who do not know why many viewers do not like Kim Z, here it is in a nut shell:
    The REAL issue is that Kim dumped her friends who helped got her on the HWATL show(Nene) from the beginning!!!!otherwise , she would be still on her back. She never pursued her nursing degree where she could have been a great role model for her daughters.Once she met Troy,( through Sheree), she found fault in all of her colleagues and dumped them all.It all about integrity and being real.No one is hating. This is the root of the resentment.

  60. Stephanie

    Even if I was in the Kim Zolciak fan club I would not be impressed. First, its just BARELY an Alpharetta address-I would say she’s more Cumming (hah) than Alpharetta (I mean, I google mapped it, and its like in the middle of nowhere). But then again, you couldn’t pay me to live OTP-I’d rather have my cozy 2K square feet and be a mile from lenox than to live in the boonies.

  61. ngail

    Once again Kim is still lying, I am not surprised. Kim just thinks that she is important. I agree with the other comment that she is a bottom feeder just trying to float to the top. How dare she buy a foreclosed house when she turned her nose up at Kandi’s house and said that Kandi lives in the ghetto (hood). At least Kandi paid “Kash” for her house and does not owe anybody “Kendra” money for her home or for decorating it. Kim you need to crawl back in the hole you came from. Now that you have a husband, I wonder how you would feel when another woman starts to call him Big Papa, because you reap what you sow. Let’s see how you handle that situation.

  62. marilyn moore

    Yes if her house was built from the ground up it wouldn’t have mold in the ceiling lol

  63. Miss Truth

    People look at Season 1 of Atlanta Housewives, the house is Deshawn Snow old house.

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