TAMARA TATTLES (Not Exactly) EXCLUSIVE: All The Tea on Kim Zolciak’s New Dream House

Kim Zolciak New House

This is a Tamara Tattles Exclusive. Please do not steal my entire work. Excerpts with proper links are welcome.

Please note: I was unaware that TVFishBowl had uncovered the location of Kim’s home three weeks ago. Had I known, I could have saved myself a lot of time on this post. Please check out their story here.

Remember that tea I told you I received last Sunday night just before the Sunday night blogging push? Well I can tell you today that the tea is about Kim Zolciak’s new house. The Biermanns are moving to The Manor Golf and Country Club in Alpharetta. It’s a really nice gated country club community with an 18 hole Champion golf course, a driving range, a Jr Olympic competition pool, and indoor heated pool, tennis courts, full gym and a lake. It’s really nice. Click through for more details!

Photos from The Manor Golf and Country Club clubhouse Kim Zolciak's New Dream House!

Photos from The Manor Golf and Country Club clubhouse

The club house is spectacular with an executive chef where the Biermann’s can dine every night, since lord know Kim ain’t gonna cook. Every Wednesday day there is a family buffet. The community is full of wealthy young families. The girls can ride golf carts through the neighborhood to the pool and tennis courts. There are competitive swim teams for all ages. Swimming lessons begin as early as 6 months old. The new Biermann estate that is as large as Kim claims apparently, because it is HUGE  is right on the little lake! The house has five chimneys though Kim claims there are eight fire places. This would be possible if both the ground floor and the upper floors share the three chimneys in the main part of the house. There is one guest house,that’s the structure on the left with the fireplace and possibly second toward the back. It’s sort of hard to tell from the aerial view. The layout is a bit odd with the garage behind the guest house sort of in the middle of the overall structure. It looks like the driveway will go in between the guest house and the main house. In the center of the structure is a  circular tower type things that seems to connect the main part of the house to another structure to the back and left of the lot. At any rate, it’s real! And it is truly spectacular. I’m impressed Kim. As for pricing, they got a good deal because the land owners seem to have gone into a bankruptcy situation and prices have fallen tremendously in the past two years. There was some construction on the property when the Biermann’s bought the house so things are moving at a rapid rate. There is another empty lot next to the one they bought. I hope they picked that up too for privacy as it remains wooded. Perhaps the neighbors on the other side bought it. Each lot is five acres so I suppose it doesn’t matter much.

Speaking of neighbors, former real housewife of Atlanta,DeShawn Snow sold her house back in April, for 2.2 million about the same time Kim bought the lot they reduced the property by a million dollars twice before getting a buyer. Sadly, DeShawn and Eric filed for divorce in May of this year after 12 years of marriage and three children. If you recall the scenes where Deshawn was planning for a visit from her in-laws, you will have some idea of what Kim’s house will be like. Her home was on the same road as Kim’s and just a few houses down.

And that’s the tea on the new dream house. It exists.  And it’s fabulous. For all the tea on Kim’s journey to her dream house, click here.

UPDATE: New information on the house is now up here.

This is a Tamara Tattles Exclusive. Please do not steal my entire work. Excerpts with proper links are welcome.


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54 responses to “TAMARA TATTLES (Not Exactly) EXCLUSIVE: All The Tea on Kim Zolciak’s New Dream House

  1. vivaladiva831

    Nice house! Couldn’t get in Sugarloaf Kim? :)

  2. Sugarloaf is The Manor’s poor relation. Alpharetta beats Lawrenceville in every possible way. No way Kim even looked in Lawrenceville.

    • John Doe

      Sugarloaf is in Duluth not Lawrenceville and the houses there are only affordable to very rich families. Half a million gets you a shack in Sugarloaf, and the celebrity and star power in that neighborhood is unparalleled.

  3. Huge but the exterior isn’t my style. Happy for her. I’m sure we’ll get to see it on season 3 of her show.

    • I didn’t like the style at first. And even less when I saw the aerial layout, it’s sort of winding… But I think once they get the landscape in it will be pretty. All the homes in The Manor are in the same style and the grounds are beautiful.

  4. stephey

    it will be fun to watch this on the show, thanks for the Tea Tamara! Kim tweeted it was going to take a few months to build when clearly a house like this take 1 1/2 years + so maybe it was a partially completed spec

    • Thanks Critter. I knew it was a real place for a few months could not figure out WHERE it was for some time. Was gathering info for a few weeks. Glad I could finally share.

      Sucks that someone I’ve known for year decided to Try and shit all over my exclusive within minutes of me posting it. It happens. But it’s not usually friendly fire.

      On that same note The negativity here is just … beyond what I can tolerate. I can’t believe that a house being built for a familly would draw such Ire. I get not liking the style but lord almighty at the other comments.

      This comment is now going to go under Stephey’s comment because WP is a bitch. So yes Stephey, there was some work there before they bought. Trho seemed to think this was exceptionally important for me to share as well.

  5. Tamara Lynn

    Kim may be annoying but at least she was smart enough to hold to true to the ” building my dream house” story! I’ve always though she had tacky over the top style but I suppose it’s what she does best.

    Thanks for the tea!

  6. From the pic the home looks hideous, very dark and gloomy. But if that’s what Kim & Kroy want, then more power to them. Though in this economy, maybe they should stay in Kim’s townhouse and save their money. Bravo and football will not last forever.

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  8. vp

    It looks very pretty, but I liked her rented “dream house” better.

    Maybe I’ll make Kendra an offer :\

  9. Coco

    Happy New Year’s Eve, Tamara! Thanks for all your great blogs in 2012. Blessings for a healthy and prosperous 2013!

  10. Don't Steal... The Government Hates Competition

    Looks like the prefect lily white community. LMAO!

  11. bitchesbecrazy

    Ok good for Kim…………….now you, your wig,your house and your ken doll need to go somewhere.

  12. Pinky

    I can’t picture kim with her abnormal clevage sitting in a country club dining room without the other members whispering and haten. Should be interesting.

    • vivaladiva831

      Yes and they will most likely have to at some point. Usually in those communities they require members to spend a certain amount of money at the clubhouse. It’s a nice way of having them pay their dues :)

  13. KB

    Great year (2012) Tamara you are the best. Thank you for keeping your dedicated reader’s and bloggers in the know. Happy New Years and much success to all in 2013!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Don’t steal… You are about to get kicked out on your ass. I’ve grown bored with your one note posts about racism in every fucking thread. You’ve been warned.

    • As a doting gramma of ten grand, five of which are white and black, four of which are Latino and white and one that is white, reading that shit pisses me off and hurts my heart for those kids that I adore. Each and every one. When I come across a comment like this, I don’t even want to go back to persons blogs anymore. Thanks and have a Happy New Year!
      So glad I found your site. Do you have a lot of bloggers on here and not just regular readers like me? Your commentators (many of them) are so articulate, well written and sound intelligent with better grammer and the works. This is unlike the comments from most blogs. I feel a bit intimidated leaving a comment as I am not one of those witty great bloggers you have on here!

    • Terri

      Just because whites don’t see or act like they don’t see the under the radar bigotry doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or that it is unseen by others. Tamara are these people not entitled to their opinion too? Why does their opinion about what they witness bother you so much? If it exist or if it doesn’t what’s wrong with letting both sides be heard? Geez

      • Because it has nothing to do with the house in the pic above. That’s what this post was about. Nothing more. Nothing less.

      • Don't Steal... The Government Hates Competition

        Exactly! Why does my “personal” opinion about race bother Tamara so much??? She seems to be dealing with some deep rooted issues that resurface through my comments. #TherapyHelps

    • Don't Steal... The Government Hates Competition

      @ Tamara – Oh Please! I’m shaking in my boots. Haven’t you heard of spoof IP’s and IP masking. You my dear, have serious deep rooted issues when it comes to race. I am shocked you’re a teacher with such narrow minded views of the world and black people’s role in it.

      • You see racism in every single thing you read. I pity you. Good bye.

      • puravidacostarica

        I am sure I am not alone in thanking you, Tamara. “Don’t Steal’ was one of those on-and-on-and-on-and-on-ers that just makes one want to lose their shit. :-)

      • Was being the operative word. I am sure she is still ranting in the spam filter about how the spam filter is racism. :)

      • FGF

        I went shopping and missed all of the tomfoolery!! Thanks for shutting this chick down, Tamara!! I wanted to respond and tell her how insecure she sounded but I chose to not feed the animals!! LMFO!!

  15. Jarlath

    Looks tacky.

  16. KB

    Its a New Year stop the HATE. We bloggers this is shows for entertainment purposes. They are still humans beings.

  17. mem

    I give them two years before they are foreclosed on. This is way above their means.

  18. Critter

    I’ve been waiting forever to see proof of this house…
    Thank you…
    Happy & Healthy New Year Tamara…

  19. Valley Girl

    Tamara, you’ve done it again – GREAT WORK!

    Not my style, but it’s not my house, so if they like it I love it.

    It seems to be a good investment – especially since they’ve gotten a good deal on the price – wonder if Kim will use the money saved on the house to add to her decorating budget

    Don’t like Kim at all and I don’t miss her on RHOA, but I am glad that she’s getting the house that she wants – good for her.

  20. Katrina

    It is nice to see what Kim is working on. It makes more sense why she thought it could be completed in 4 months, since it was partially started. We all know that construction people rarely meet their timeline. The outside of the house looks moore of Kroy’s taste. The inside will be all Kim’s taste. I’m sure it will be nice! Is this house in the same school district as her townhome? I like the rented home better! This home would be a typical home in a country club setting. We probably will not see the final version on the New show. Good luck Kim and Kroy!
    Thanks for the tea. I really enjoy your Blog!

  21. I don’t understand. I wish women could support and be happy when others do well. It seems that Kim has had a hard life with maybe not the best of paths followed, but are there any one of us who don’t just want to be healthy, safe and happy. I hope Kim continues to do well and good things for her and her family. People, this has nothing to do with race, just humanity. Tamara, thank you for the first blog I have ever followed and keep it up! Happy New Year everybody.

  22. smooches

    wait…so they purchased a house instead of building one right???

  23. Terri

    When I want you to answer, I’ll ask you KG.

    • Well if you wanted only Tamara to answer then maybe you should have emailed her. I don’t understand why the logic is so hard to follow. Then again, someone who’s so set on an agenda usually only has a limited view of things.

      • Hey Miss Karma. Just adding my 2 cents worth to the little debate here. If comments like this are going to be posted on here of course they should expect responses. First, this isn’t the appropriate forum and second they are meant to entice emotions so I don’t understand Miss Terri’s logic or why she felt so compelled to post her comment on here. There are plenty of debate blogs about this subject why not go to one of those. As far as asking Tamara about being fair and posting this type of comment, Tamara can decide what she wants on here, it’s her own site not a public forum that has to follow the rules so she can do whatever she wants and allow whatever and whom ever she wants here. That’s all I am saying on the subject. Sandy out and so outa here. Can’t stand this shit. Happy New Year!

  24. Lisa

    You’re right about Sugarloaf. It was a nice community before the economy tanked—-there are foreclosures now on every block. A LOT of people who lived there were all about the show and couldn’t back it up.

    Remember those two ex-porn stars who were running a neighborhood brothel in Sugarloaf? The news later reported that most of the customers were the Latino construction and landscape workers, but I don’t know if I believe that…

  25. Sounds like a fabulous place to live. Kim isn’t my fav, but this is awesome. I would love to see more photos of this home once it’s done.

    • Abby

      Terri, it looks like is was almost finished and then went into foreclosure or something. The Biermann’s got an awesome deal that is for sure. I am guessing it needed the landscaping and interior finished. I wish them all the best!

      • DJ

        Kim can use the $40,000 worth of landscaping that she took with her when she moved out of the rented house! I wonder what she did with all of it. What a waste of money that was.

      • I could have sworn I read a tweet or maybe she said on the show she passed it out to her fellow condo neighbors. “Kim said” being the opporative word.

      • If she didn’t give it to the neighbors it most certainly has died by now so I really hope she did.

    • Oh Terri, you make me laugh. When you become the owner of this blog then I’ll do as you say. Until then, not so much.

  26. Heartland

    It’s a gorgeous home so congrats to their family, I’m happy for her kids. Kroy, on the other hand, is a sucka !

  27. Cali Girl

    Kim is a liar, what else is new?

  28. Ms1dimple

    Tamara, I appreciate the post I was over at the sight RT they gave you props for this story. By the way, Kim didnthave this house built it was already there, I read she got it on a foreclosure(builders didn’t have enough funds) just like Khandi, after she talked smack about a “used house to Khandi” SMDH

  29. It’s nice to see people’s dream come true after they work hard at it..Kim worked hard as well.. she looks like she slept her way to where she is now but it’s always good to live within your means…If they can afford it that’s wonderful but hope they are not competing with other housewives…

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