Sheree Whitfield Loses Another Court Case. How Will This Affect Chateau Sheree?

shereecourtOctober was a bad month for Sheree Whitfield. On October 5th TVGuide online accidentally used a picture of Sheree on their site with an obituary for a drag queen. Just one week later on October 12th, Bob Whitfield was successful in getting a major reduction in his child support payments from Sheree saving himself more than $20,000. This was difficult for some of you to follow because there was lots of math involved, but if you care for the details you can read it all here.  That case was handled by an attorney named Nicol Hanyard. Bob was not required by the court to pay Sheree’s legal fees so Sheree is still in debt to Atty Hanyard for at least $25,000. So that will be added to Sheree’s long line of debts.

That brings us to the court case that TMZ reported on yesterday…,

Sheree's Daughter Tierra Talks About Her MotherThe case that TMZ reported on has to do with the divorce attorney that initially represented Sheree back in 2005. Sheree took her divorce settlement case all the way to the Georgia Supreme court. This is a process that takes years. Bob Whitfield represented himself and Sheree used a law firm by the name of Weinstock & Scavo.  In November of 2010, that law firm had her Aston Martin seized by the court to apply the proceeds to their bill.  ALLEGEDLY, Sheree bought the Aston Martin with funds she acquired during the divorce settlement that she was supposed to use to buy a home for her children and to pay her attorneys. While that money was applied to the bill, the remainder was never paid. The divorce case took several years to resolve resulting in bills in the neighborhood of $200,000.

On October 22, 2012 that case was finally closed. The final order showed the law firm was still owed $119, 674 by the defendants. HOWEVER, Sheree was not the only defendant. She was the defendant that incurred the debt but the divorce attorney also somehow managed to include Bob Whitfield, his former music studio (a lien), and a couple of other random attorneys. I have not read the final order and it is likely that the judge found the other defendants to not be liable for the debt. But it looks like Weinstock & Scavo were trying to find someone to sue who might actually have the money to pay them. Sheree is in debt up to her eyeballs and here sole source of income other than Bob’s child support is sells cheap jewelry for an online multi-level marketing site.

November 4, 2012 Some insulation was delivered on a rainy Sunday.

November 4, 2012 Some insulation was delivered on a rainy Sunday.

Frankly I really didn’t find any of that interesting. What I found interesting is that the last activity at Chateau Sheree occurred on November 4th. That was a Sunday by the way. I have no idea why but a truck with some insulation arrived at the Chateau on Sunday, November 4th, dumped it and no one has been seen on the property since then. It appears that all of these court orders for Sheree to pay up have caused the complete shutdown of construction.  And last I checked the house was in Sheree’s oldest daughter’s name.  It’s seems that Nene is right and Sheree really is building Neverland.




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22 responses to “Sheree Whitfield Loses Another Court Case. How Will This Affect Chateau Sheree?

  1. Don’t care for her. Thinks she is delusional but don’t want to knock someone while they are down. Sad for her children.

  2. victori0us

    Damn. This is sad. Hopefully Bob can get the kids and they have a somewhat normal life. It’s obvious Sheree isn’t living with her kids best interest in mind. She’s living for Sheree and Sheree only. She’s that mother that would have the finest of fine Indian hair cascading down her back and have her kids looking like buckwheat by the head. The worst types are the selfish ones.

    • Buck Henry

      I know, her son’s head needs a haircut. Also didn’t the house used to be in her mothers name? If so even Sheree’s mother is having issues with money.

  3. bitchesbecrazy

    My thing is I cannot feel sorry for a woman who has spent money recklessly and is desperately trying to keep up a charade (sheree’d) and racking up debt left and right to act like something is not.I feel sorry for her children because they deserve better than this, but to have a mother who is nothing but a gold digger and a father who is nothing more than an immature ex-football player who could care less.Those children should have a guardian who looks after their interest because obviously Sheree is not doing a good job.Who the hell builds a house they can’t afford!!!!!!

    • I don’t know that Bob fits into the mold you described. I think he cares for his kids and wants the best for them. His problem is with their gold digging mother.

      • bitchesbecrazy

        You’re probably right Karma,he probably does want best for his kids.It’s just that one time he stuck his tongue out in court made him seem immature but in any case I have already read Sheree

      • I saw that and chuckled. I think he was just having some fun. He did after all agree to film those scenes with her.

      • Now, now, Karma, don’t let common sense get in the way of calling someone a crappy father based on a fake court scene on a reality show. It appears to be all the rage!

      • Fake?! Wait, what? You mean Ms Entertainment Lawyer wasn’t really representing Sheree in a custody/divorce issue?! Holy crap! 😛

  4. Hey Paula! Welcome to TT. Didn’t mean you needed to change your name. I just thought maybe the other Paula suddenly had an opinion other than, “Oh (insert HW name here) you are so… (select one: kind, pretty, smart).” :)

  5. Girl Plz...

    Shes needs to talk to Kim. Clearly she’s doing something right.

  6. Ncfinedime

    Daaaaaaammmm Sheree tsk tsk

  7. Ncfinedime

    Just stop the Sherede

  8. Valley Girl

    Sheree, Sheree, Sheree *smh*

    Hoping that the light pops on in your head and SOON!

    For those of you that think Bob Whitfield is some deadbeat, please refer to the TT archives on this whole situation – she has broken it down in a logical, concise manner – from the original divorce decree and the money paid her in good faith to the fake courtroom representation by Phaedra.

    Even if you hadn’t sipped on that refreshing tea just watching the scene should raise red flags – Sheree’s mother embraced Bob like he was her son – doubt she would do that if he were such a horrible deadbeat – Mama Thelma knew what was going on.

    • Katrina

      Sheree does not have good money sense and she will not listen to anyone. Sheree has had so much opportunity and has squandered it all. At least Bob will be paying child support, so she will have money to put a roof over the children head.

  9. Katrina

    I don’t understand Sheree. She should have never torn down the old place. It going to take her 5 years to build this place and I am being generous. Sheree is paying rent some place and paying for this property too.

  10. Heartland

    I have disliked Sheree since season 1 when she pulled that stunt at her party by removing NeNe from the guest list in order to humiliate her in front of the cameras. That is who she is, a mean girl. She is immature as hell ( throwing water on Bobs head while the kids played a few yards away) and she is a certified hoodrat (remember the whole “who gon check me boo” fight she had with the party planner?) She paraded around with a Birkin while her kid was sleeping in a dog bed and she prided herself in throwing every castmate under the bus while wearing a shiny halo. GIRL BYE!! If you weren’t so ugly inside you might have a chance pulling a sucka like Kroy to sponsor the lifestyle you think you deserve.. but then again your delusional ego would never allow that!

  11. Give Sheree a break, she is merely doing what our gov’t does everyday, living beyond it means. All she has to do is declare bankruptcy and the taxpayers will pick up the bill.

    • Katrina

      Just because you declare bankruptcy, does not guarantee that 100% of the debt will be eliminate. Any debt remaining must be planned and made to the court. Sheree is better off not paying.

  12. Bill

    I like Sheree….always did. So Sheree’s ego got ahead of herself. She’s no worse than alot of other reality show people. Bob is a skunk. Not paying child support and sticking his tongue out show him to be the ghetto ahole he is. Sheree tried to get Nene money on Bravo and Andy called her bluff. Sheree’s oldest daughter is a sweetheart which is a testament to how Sheree is as a mother. I hope things turn out well for her. I also hope she gets a spot on Kim’s show. She and Kim could turn out to be what Bravo had expected for Kim and Nene.

  13. Wow, Bill. You could not be more factually incorrect if you tried. Sheree used her child support and the money Bob gave her for a house to buy cars and handbags while her kids slept on the floor and her TV got reposessed. HER TV. That is why BOB took Sheree to court over child support not the other way around. sheree did not raise her oldest daughter and for the first few seasons she did not even refer to her as her daughter but as a “family friend” now she is using Tierra to try to keep her house from getting liens put on it for her failure to pay bills.

  14. TT, this article (and the previous) have attracted MORE morons per sq. inch than the ions that make up that inch! You need a simple reading & rithmetic test to vet these posters… She by She Broke took serious financial advantage of Bad Bob. Dumbo had a great settlement to begin with and her unrelenting greed bit her dumbazz.

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