Here’s the Lastest Tea on….Coffee?

MamaElsaComfort LeagifIf the housewives selling shapewear and being brand ambassadors for sugary wines and flavored vodkas isn’t bad enough, now we have their mommas and husbands selling coffee. Mama Elsa has had some sort of online spin-off on Bravo for a while now. I haven’t watched it. I hate the Bravo video viewer. She also has her own website where she hawks “Cuban coffee” for six bucks a bag. The website describes Havana Elsa coffee as “Comprised from the highest quality of rich coffee beans derived from Africa, Central America and South America, Havana Elsa combines the perfect balance of ingredients to generate a full, flavorful and smooth premium blend.The coffee beans are finely ground and blended to ensure optimal flavor extraction and freshness. The signature trademark of this savory espresso is the delicious sweet crema (cream) that makes every cup the ultimate experience.”  There is no mention of the type of beans used. The bag just says it’s 100% coffee. I’m assuming it’s robusta since it’s an expresso blend. Oh, you can also get Mama Elsa ringtones at her site. I dunno what that’s about.

But Mama Elsa has a competitor in the java market….

What's the Beef Between Apollo Nida and Peter Thomas?Peter Thomas has his own website hawking his special Jamacian coffee blend. Unlike Mama Elsa’s website which basically just says buy this bag of expresso, Peter has a more coffee focused site. You can buy a bag of Jamacian Blue Mountain coffee for fifteen dollars. Or you can buy Peter’s special blend that is described as “An exquisite blend of the finest Jamaican Rum with our gourmet bean delivers a wonderful aroma with a smooth taste. A perfect combination of Arabica beans roasted to optimum perfection. Selected by Peter himself as his personal brew of choice. This blend brings your taste buds to Peter’s home on the island of Jamaica with its signature Jamaican rum flavor. Our beans are carefully roasted with the combination of real white Jamaican Rum for the perfect barONE after drink.” That blend will set you back seventeen bucks a pound. It sounds good to me. I’m a slow eater though so if I were to go to barONE to try it, I’m sure the timer on my table would expire before I could enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee after dinner. Which reminds me, Peter tweeted just the other day a reminded that children are not welcome at barONE because it’s only for the sexy people.

So who is going to volunteer to taste test the coffees for us? My guess is Peter’s is probably pretty good.


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20 responses to “Here’s the Lastest Tea on….Coffee?

  1. Dawn Raine

    There must be a Bravo/PR mini-mind that comes up with these ideas that are so copy cat. Choices are limited by the small talent of Bravo celebs.

  2. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Mama Elsa’s mini webisodes are funny. They are worth a view.

  3. Shay

    Peter should hawk milk duds. I would buy some.

  4. smooches

    I guess since they’ve done the shapewears and wines to death, it’s on to coffee…wonder what the next venture will be, flip flops perhaps?

  5. redredrobin

    This is the number one reason why I get mad at these HW series. I am not going to invest my money with any one of them. Isn’t it enough that I am giving them my time? Stop trying to sell me stuff! I just want a tiny bit of drama, watch the clothes, and see the locales.

    • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

      The Housewives are a mere shell of their former selves. I think in the beginning, especially with OC, we got to see how the women lived behind gates. Now, the drama is manufactured, and it’s basically a 45 minute informercial. I get that’s how they make their money, but it’s a thing where they literally are pushing their stuff down our throats, and now it’s just like, come on!

  6. Good for Mam Elsa, but I think this must be false advertising since it is illegal to hawk Cuban products in the USA. So it’s either false advertising or Mama is going to the slammer.

    • I think it’s a Florida thing. An acquaintance recently moved back after being gone for 17 years and the first thing she posted to the world was how “great it was to have Cuban Coffee first thing in the morning, again!”

  7. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    “I’m a slow eater though so if I were to go to barONE to try it, I’m sure the timer on my table would expire before I could enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee after dinner. ”

    Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade lmao

  8. Espresso dear. One of my peeves. No x ever.

    • I’m going to get beat up for that, ain’t I?

      • no. I actually never noticed that before. I guess my brain just reads it as expresso. I’m not a coffee person. Though I am either about to make some or crash out. Starchy lunch has me sleepy.

      • I’m one of those crazy coffee people. Shocker right? I don’t drink a lot but it has to be great. My BFF stayed with us last night and made coffee this morning. It was cream with the aroma of coffee. I make it twice as strong. But I did not have the heart to tell her. She would not have given a shit anyhow. Lol. I just hope I can stay awake for the shows tonight!

  9. My whole weekend was ruined because there was no new episode of Dangerous Grounds this week because of Jesus’s fake birthday. I love that show. I tweeted with Todd on twitter the other day!

  10. Amy in LV

    i agree with “love in a hopeless place.” i do not want to be sold everything imaginable by each housewife and now the husbands. good for them for being industrious but i don’t want your pasta sauce, lipstick, handbags, water, coffee, wine, vodka, shoes, clothing and to hear about it incessently. i stopped dvr’ing rhoa recently because kenya is that annoying/mean-spirited and i liked watching it when i thought it was more “real.”

  11. lori

    Skincare has got to be right around the corner for one of the older ones.

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