Tamara Tattles 2012 Year in Review (June)

blue_bay_village_beach3_willemstad_netherlandsantillesMostly what I remember about June is going to Blue Bay Beach for my Birthday. Curacao was lots of fun. I am so ready to go back!

While I was relaxing on the beach. Kim Zolciak was forced to move back to her condo with her brood and at the same time RHOA was filming scenes for this season. The stress apparently got to her to the point that she walked off the show mid-filming.  Bethenny Frankel was denying marital problems on her new talk show that she was filming for the test market. Nene wanted us all to know that some chick named Pam was not banging Gregg. Or Bryson.  Click through to see what you missed.

Bethenny Frankel showed telltale signs of lying while denying divorce rumors on her new talk show. (Video)

The RHONJ refused to be in the same room together on The View and the ladies of The View seemed to go in especially hard on Teresa Giudice.

The RHOA filmed Nene’s Woman of Power Party.

We got more sad news from Tokyo on the murder of Nicola Furlong.

Kim Zolciak was sent packing back to the Condo with her brood while Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding was airing on TV. Details on how it all went down are here.  Here is another page full of tea. There were many stories on this topic in June as it was all going down.

Nene took to twitter to swear that this chick named Pam was not hooking up with Gregg. Or Brice.  Which was odd because Nene was usually still trying to convince us that she and Gregg were not together.


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5 responses to “Tamara Tattles 2012 Year in Review (June)

  1. Dear Tamara,

    I am loving these trips down memory lane, I didn’t discover you until July, and after a year that saw me in hospital, with Real Housewives as a highlight it was this blog that kept me cheered & on the road to recovery!

    I am loving having the chance to catch up on stories I missed prior to my arrival & thank you from Down Under for keeping me in the loop of so many of my favorite ladies & gents! You are a superstar! Thank you. :-)

  2. Aw, thanks sugar. Here’s hoping that 2013 treats you better. :)

  3. icecoco

    So Nene isn’t going to bring up on the show, that she’s a Grandma? Hmmmm

    • Lisa gouging

      Yes Nene is going to show her grandbaby on an episode. I will let Tamar give you the skinny on that. I will say my roommate used to intern at a PR firm that Is close with Brice and she said Bravo taped Nene, and Brice with the baby out in LA.. So I’m looking forward to seeing baby and granny!!

  4. Shay

    That was a great recap. Thanks for your dedication to this site, I’ve been coming here only recently & it’s become one of my daily stops.

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