TamaraTattles 2012 in Review (May)

andyBecause there is absolutely nothing interesting going on in the celebrity world at the moment, here is the next update in the TamaraTattles year in review. May was the month that two young Irish women had a run in with two young American men in Tokyo. It was a confusing story that had me working closely with several Irish journalist in an attempt to sort out information. One suspect was misidentified, both subjects had friends and family emailing me saying they were not guilty, the victims friends and family were angry and hurt in the comments section. It was a big issue. In housewives news, I posted some tea on Melissa Gorga’s finances, Andy Cohen’s book party at SUR, and Nene Leakes success on Glee and her alleged friendship with Kenya Moore.

I spent way more time than I should have investigating RHONJ Melissa Gorga’s financial situation.

I had A LOT of tea about Andy Cohen’s book party at SUR. I was amazed the Jermaine Jackson Jr, Tea didn’t spill that night!

My Nene source contacted me to let me know Kenya Moore was on RHOA because Nene suggested her and pushed for her. Glee was on TV. I made a complimentary post about Nene despite people always telling me on here I don’t like her.

In May, two Irish students studying abroad in Japan met up with two American males in the music industry following a Nicki Minaj show. This fateful encounter resulted in both women being sexually assaulted and one of the young women dead. I became interested in all the confusing stories in the international media and began trying to sort truth from fiction. Because there was very little US coverage, families and friends of both the American men, and the Irish women  came together in comments. Things got very tense. Both men remain in Japanese jail. The  murder trial will be held in March. Just this month the surviving young Irish woman gave a distressing video statement to the Japanese court stating both women were apparently drugged by the two men and rolled into the hotel in wheelchairs. She has no recollection of leaving the club they were partying in or going to the hotel.  Very sad story. If you are interested in the case, this post has the correct information. The one I linked above is sort of a jumbled mess of information because rumors were flying about who the 19 year was. In Japan, one is a minor at 19 so it took awhile for the murder suspect to be identified.


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  1. diggitydawn

    I’m enjoying these TT 2012 In Review articles, they’re so interesting to me. I found your blog just a few months ago & now read it every day. Thanks for all your hard work, Tamara.

  2. Thanks for another Best Of post. Read the Book party one. Sucks about Brad. Loved his show even with the water works. Also notice no new Rachel Z project either. Guess they didn’t fit into the HW/Shah group format and formula that Bravo is loving. Oh and saw that Jeff wasn’t at the party but Jenn was. Heard recently she’s writing a tell all (didn’t that rumor surface previously?) and they had a major falling out. I never got into that show, only watched a couple of episodes in the last year or so. I know the history though of how Jeff got the show, because I read it in Andy’s book.

    • Oh and I read the Gorga finance one. The comments ALWAYS get me. Those living in denial and those who want to insult whatever site they are commenting on at the moment. Will never understand.

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