Is Phaedra Parks Pregnant Again? YES! It’s Confirmed!

phaedra-parks-baby-bumpPeople magazine is claiming that Phaedra has a bun in the oven and is rocking a big baby bump in the Bahamas. They have no quote, and the story is very short and is quickly being replicated all over the Internet. I see no photo from her on twitter. No confirmation tweet. Nothing to support this. I see the picture, but who is to say it’s not from her first pregnancy. Anyway. I hope it is true. Ayden needs someone to help take all the focus off of him. That child is beyond spoiled and doted over. Let’s hope for a girl. I can just see Phaedra dressing up a little girl. More updates and questions after the page break.

I wonder if Kandi is pregnant too? I know she is trying… I could see those children playing together like play cousins!

December 29th Update: Kandi just tweeted:”Check out this article on ! I took that pic @PhaedraParks Is Pregnant with Baby No. 2 !”  Mysteries solved. YAY!  Still not sure how People got the picture. Kandi came home Thursday and Phaedra came home yesterday… who sent leaked the picture?

Updated to ask about Phaedra’s hair in the Bahamas photos…If you scroll down the main page of TamaraTattles you will see the couples photo in the Bahamas. Phaedra has very straight just from the Salon hair. I for one would never try that at the beach. It would not last five minutes. Her wavy look  on the beach also took a lot of styling. It seems lots of the ladies in the couples pictures had professional styling. Is this normal behavior on a beach vacation? Tons of styling and makeup? Could they be filming for something?


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45 responses to “Is Phaedra Parks Pregnant Again? YES! It’s Confirmed!

  1. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Well everybody knows that it is a 9 month due date from conception except Ms. Phaedra Parks.

  2. Abby

    If I write “no comment”.. is that still a comment?

  3. DivaDawn73

    Looks like if she’s showing like that, this news would have hit a long time ago. However it’s just making the news today. Seems mighty suspect…

  4. Something just strikes me wrong about this. Phaedra may well be pregnant and that picture could be from the current trip but I don’t think Phaedra picked the last day of her vacation to randomly send People magazine a pregnancy picture with no explanation. Phaedra’s never had a relationship with People before that I am aware of. I agree, something is odd.

    I don’t like to post things like this but so many people were asking me I thought I post it as an unconfirmed rumor.

    • RealitySux

      I think it’s true. A couple of days ago the blogger from SFTA hinted at one of the ladies vacationing in the Bahamas was pregnant … and when you looked at all the pics, Phaedra was the only one not showing herself. I think it’s true.

    • Joan

      Well, I just read the news on Wonder Wall, so it must be true, eh? LOL….

      • Joan

        Um, I might be off here, but Tam Tam, didn’t you just post a pic of she & Kandi from this trip w/the men, and Miss P. have a very flat tummy?

  5. Aretha

    Wonder if she conceived on the Anguilla trip.

  6. FGF

    That looks like the same hideous hair she wore in Anguilla so it may be current. Also, I did see one pic on SFTA with all 4 couples and Phaedra was posing behind Apollo in it. All you could see was her head in the shot. Strange pose for someone always trying to show off her “donkey booty.”

  7. I don’t believe it. A pregnancy isn’t something I’d expect her to hide and not announce earlier than right before popping which is what she appears as in the pic above.

  8. I want to believe that Phaedra is pregnant. I do not believe that she flew home from the Bahamas pregnant and then got right on the phone with People magazine to let them know the exclusive news, didn’t give them any quotes and did not say a word on twitter. It looks from the lack of Phaedra in other pictures (this is Phaedra we are talking about she loves the camera and Kandi loves tweeting Phaedra pictures) that Phaedra was hoping to sell the exclusive somewhere so she was staying out of pictures. I’m guess she is pregnant and someone leaked a photo to People.

    Which means Phaedra lost some change on the exclusive. She could have done Life & Style like Kim Z.

  9. Katrina

    In the picture, she looks about 5 to 6 months pregnant. Didn’t we just see Phaedra and Apollo on WWHL? She didn’t look pregnant. Maybe, Phaedra just found out she is pregnant and sent an old picture.

    • Phaedra gets really big (or maybe she just looks really big because she is so short to start with) so she may not be that far along in the picture.

      I can’t see Phaedra getting home from the Bahamas and doing a half-assed exclusive about her pregnancy. “Oh hai People magazine who I have never given an interview before. I’m knocked up. Here is a picture of what I look like pregnant. Don’t quote me.”

  10. DJ

    i just saw this on Bravo’s website.

    “2012 is ending with some very happy news for Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida: The happy couple is expecting their second child together. Phaedra confirmed the news to and also sent them a bump-baring pic from her current trip to the Bahamas. There’s no other details as far as when the baby is expected or any quotes from the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, but you can bet that we’ll be on the prowl for more info as it comes along.”

    Why would Bravo put this on their website without confirming it with Phaedra?

  11. meena

    She’s pregnant. I don’t know why this Tamara chick tries to act like she is the only person who is “in the know”. It’s “People” magazine. If they posted the story, then you can be 99.9% certain it is true.

  12. That sounds like Bravo’s The Dish, Am I right? They are sort of rebloggers themselves. They are simply repeating the story. The Dish often only has bravolebrity info after they read it somewhere else. It’s basically a blogger that does a HW blog on the website. They don’t seem to have information before anyone else very often. They do have extra show clips and random video stuff at times.

    • DJ

      Yes, it was The Dish. I was looking for something else and just happened to see this. I just think it’s weird that a “Bravo TV official site” would post something like that without verifying it. Since Phaedra is under contract with Bravo, it seems like they would know whether or not she is pregnant. Why wouldn’t they just ask her if the rumor is true?

  13. Mocha2009

    Perhaps a publicist? Maybe the timing has something to do with showing “everything is ok here” ahead of the upcoming episode that shows a little drama in the Parks-Nida household? Who knows? But, People Magazine is pretty reliable. They sometimes put out the blurb stating they’ve been told…. and have a longer piece in the printed magazine.

  14. Barbara

    Ha Ha People Magazine said it… It must be 99.9% True. What NeNe said That’s Funny What planet that on?

  15. shellbelle

    Did I miss something, but when did kandi and Phaedra become bff? They don’t appear particularly close on RHOA. Friendly, yes. BFF, not so much. I think we should start a pool guessing her due date before it’s released.

    • Brewhaha

      They are VERY close and were friends before the show. In fact, Phaedra was the Exec Producer on ‘Tiny and Toya,’ which originally was supposed to feature four women, including Kandi (this was before RHOA). They have gotten closer since being cast on RHOA and have referred to each other as beasties in interviews.

  16. It’s funny — this is supposed to be a candid shit that Kandi happened to take? Who the hell wears that much makeup and jewelry on the beach? It’s different if you are filming I guess. But this was just supposed to be a getaway?

  17. From the looks of the pic, Phaedra is having a girl. She appears to be carrying all the excess weight up front.

  18. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Congrats Phaedra. Love that Kandi and Phaedra are so close. They are my two favs on RHOA.

  19. kelli

    Hello Tamara, I love the blog and this is my first time commenting. As a black woman, we do wear our hair straight but when we wash our hair it does go back go its natural state which is usually curly. It is way easier to maintain on vacation than the straight hairdo, like Nene in Anguilla. Sorry that you and some of your readers find it hideous that Phaedra wears her hair in a natural hairstyle. Never mind it is all the rage in the black hair care world right now. I hope this doesn’t sound too preachy. Keep writing a great blog!

    • When did I say I found natural hair hideous? In fact said that I would not go through the ordeal of straightening my hair to go to the beach. There is no point. It will not stay straight at the beach. Natural is the logica style at the beach. Your reading comprehension is extremely poot.

      • Kelli

        As is your spelling, logica. I think you meant logical. Yes, this your blog but there’s no reason for you to be rude to people who actually come to your site.

      • If your point in commenting is to explain black women’s hairstyles to me, and make allegations that I find natural hairstyles hideous you officially open the door to rude.

      • DJ

        “Your reading comprehension is extremely poot.” I know that “poot” is a typo, but it made me laugh!

  20. smooches

    Congrats to Phaedra…imo every woman should get a girl and every man a boy so since they have Aiden, I’m hoping it’s a mini Phae for them :)

  21. icecoco

    I think Phaedra is currently pregnant & I also believe she’s having a girl this time. She was huge during her previous pregnancy now it looks as though Apollo gained the weight not her. This typically happens when you are pregnant with a girl the father puts on the weight not you… lol

    Source: Mother of 3 girls :)

  22. B boy in Harlem

    I hope this pregnancy doesn’t secure her another season. It seems she would deliver just before the next season starts taping.

    I’ve really grown tired of Phaedra and her obvious fake theatre for the camera. We don’t need another baby shower from her. She needs her walking papers.

  23. Tamara you are super funny! You could definitely make it on the comedy circuit! Lol
    I find your sardonic sarcasm truly laugh out loud funny! PHaedra being preggers…I am surprised she had the time w her”50 jobs” lol. After the last episode I am surprised the Nida’s are still in marital bliss?!
    I don’t care how fine Apollo is the drunken porn type make session wasn’t cute lol. It reeked of desperation … We are so happy together. But whatever lol Mazel to them on the little one. They do make cute offspring. Hopefully Apollo will stay out the club and take care of his wife.

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