Tamara Tattles 2012 in Review April

Sheree Whitfield Goes Down Swinging on Tonight's RHOA ReunionMost of the best posts of April were about the departure of Sheree Whitfield from RHOA.  I explain why she got fired. I posted a lovely eulogy for her, I found an interview by her eldest daughter…basically there were a lot of Sheree posts in April. I also tried in vain to explain Nene’s salary. Perhaps the most unusual thing I posted about in April was Camille Grammar going in on the former girlfriend of her new flame, Dimitri Charalambopoulos.  A voice recording surfaced in a legal investigation and it wasn’t the cute. sweet Camille we see on TV on the phone. Shocker!  Anyway, click a link or two and see what you might have missed.

April 2012

I explain why Sheree Whitfield got fired from RHOA.

A tape recording surfaced of Camille Grammer threatening her new boyfriend’s Baby Mama. UPDATE! Looks like Camile was able to get the You Tube removed. Thank goodness I transcribed it. She was quite ugly on the phone.

I wrote a eulogy for Sheree’s RHOA career.

Sheree Whitfield’s oldest daughter gave an interview to Glamor magazine.

I tried to clear up some misconceptions about Nene Leakes and pay rates for RHOA and Glee. But nobody wants to believe the truth.

For some morbid reason I complied a list of suicides related to being on a Reality TV show. It was much longer than you might think.


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3 responses to “Tamara Tattles 2012 in Review April

  1. I love the show now with all the new girls! Kendra is CRAZY!!! LOL and it’s just fun seeing them all KIND of get along!!! NO more KIM bluck!

  2. Thanks for the tea. Since I’m still fresh to the A show I didn’t know that Sheree’s daughter was previously denied/only known as her assistant or family friend. That’s a crappy thing for her to have done.

    • I just remember thinking Sheree was being extremely materialistic in her converstations with her daughter’s bf about the ring not being good enough, he should wait and save more etc.

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