Kenya Guess Which Housewife Was at Nene’s Christmas Party?

Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore at Nene's Christmas Party 2012

Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore at Nene’s Christmas Party 2012

Nene threw a Christmas party in Atlanta last night and Kenya Moore stuck around town to attend before flying off to wherever she came from today. I have been questioning whether or not these two knew each other before filming since before Kenya showed her badly complected face on our TVs.  I’ve always been told that Nene brought Kenya to Bravo despite Nene swearing she didn’t know her. I think that was also on the same Wendy Williams interview when she said she had not filmed with Kenya (though we all knew she had).  First Kenya spent Thanksgiving with the Leakes and now she appears to be the only housewife in town without other plans for Christmas. Other known reality types in attendance were Miss Lawrence, Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives and Carlos King, former producer for RHOA who jumped ship this season to work on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond was also in attendance.  Click through for more photos.


Miss Lawrence looking fabulous at Nene Leakes Christmas 2012 party

Gregg Leakes rocking red bottoms at Nene Leakes Christmas party (2012)

Gregg Leakes rocking red bottoms at Nene Leakes Christmas party (2012)


Former RHOA producer, Carlos King joins Nene Leakes at her 2012 Christmas Party

Former RHOA producer, Carlos King joins Nene Leakes at her 2012 Christmas Party


Is it just me or are there some interesting characters in the background of these shots? What do you make of the Nene and Kenya situation?


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62 responses to “Kenya Guess Which Housewife Was at Nene’s Christmas Party?

  1. Love the shot of Miss Lawrence. Looking fabulous! I don’t know whether to believe NeNe and Kenya are really friends or if NeNe is one of those people who invites anyone and everyone to her gatherings. Some do it to look good. Some do it to make themselves feel good. Whatever the reason, I just hope everyone had a good time and that it also served as Kenya’s farewell party from the Leakes.

  2. RVA

    What is with the sheer tops and no camisoles?

  3. Che

    nene’s breasts are huge.

  4. Nene has been going through a black bra with sheer top phase lately. NTTAWWT but if you a bigger girl, it’s not the best look. If you are flat chested it’s kind a cute.

  5. KAM

    I’ve seen better looks on her, that’s for sure. Merry Christmas!! :)

  6. delush

    I know these shows are scripted but they normally show how people are brought on the show when they are actually friends. If anything they would want it in there to make more of a connection and make it seem more real as to why someone from detroit by way of la is al of a sudden a rented atlanta housewife. Especially since after last season until she became the new nene her only friend on the show was Cynthia. The same way they brought Cynthia on when she had no friends and that was part of the storyline that hey knew each other prior to the show and if she and kenya were friends or even casual friends in passing prior it would have been written in and prob exaggerated as if they were long time friends. I think just rumor that people repeated so much pepe began to believe it was true. Everyone likes ot make believe nene has so much power with who stays and goes but bravo decides by ratings. They want to keep nene on so they need to keep her with at least one or two friends so she has someone to film with but If nene had that much control phaedra would not have made it to a second and third season and and marlo and her friend diana would have been in. The cast always invites each other to parties even when they do not care for each other that is an element of the scripted part. why wouldn’t kenya show up if nothing else it is another chance to be seen and network in her new circle of reality stars

    • a) This is not coming from a rumor, it’s coming from a source. (b) It’s not that Nene has”that much power” it’s that Bravo always asks current HW if they have anyone to reccommend. (c) Nene and Kenya are supposedly connected through Omarosa and have met before in New Orleans at the Essence festival (d) paragraphs are your friend (e) MERRY CHRISTMAS!

      • delush

        clearly your “source” started a rumor which was incorrect. Once again you were dead wrong with your info. Like I said say something enough and people begin to believe their own lies. I do not need paragraphs my friends are my friends this a blog not English class but try again and get better “sources” or tell better lies.

      • bsbfankaren

        So….if you know Tamara’s info to be false, why not provide the source of your evidence? Heck, why not actually post your evidence and prove Tamara wrong? Otherwise what you are saying is no more truthful then you believe Tamara to be. IJS

  7. Tasha

    I swear in some pics you can see her areolas. I could have lived with the dress if the whole thing up including her chest was that material from the bottom and sheer arm or the solid material was done from neck to above knee and sheer bottom. Her body isn’t built for all that visibility. Retire that bra and stop combing your hair ALL the way to the front. I wish she would grow her hair either the original Halle berry length (mushroom) or a bob.

    The background looks like she invites anyone to her parties, yet she threw shade at kandi sex toy twitter party, at least kandi was selling something.

    At least she got Greg keeping up with the times. But that’s clearly not his style. What the heck is Kenya wearing?? Did she borrow clothes for the show like some ladies?

    And Kenya is sticking to Nene because she knows Nene has some pull in LA. The same place she’s been trying to revive her career for years. Ryan Murphy isn’t checking for Kenya

    • bsbfankaren

      I think Nene looks awesome in the dress, exactly the way she wore it. She has come a long way since season one, and she is getting better with age. I’m not a Nene fan at all, but I have to admit the woman looks very, very good. Next to her, Kenya looks like she went shopping at Target.

      • Tasha

        Yeah nene has come a long way but I don’t think she realized with large breast the material will expand and double that with camera flashes and the dress becomes even more see thru. I applaud her for pulling off the look with confidence and I’m sure it wasn’t as sheer in person. I tried a thin material for my birthday and once the cameras started flashing you could see a whole lot.

        Kenya dress looks like its made of windbreaker material. Like when she walks all you hear is *swoosh*. For a pageant queen she sure as hell got upstaged. She must have borrowed clothes for the show and now has to go back to her own 90’s wardrobe.

      • bsbfankaren

        The top of the dress is lace and is made to look just the way that it does, and the bra was chosen specifically to compliment the effect of the lace. Looking at the way the dress fits, I would presume the dress is a custom fit, and so was Gregg’s suit, which fits him beautifully and makes him look very dapper. I would have loved to have seen a photo of them together as I think his suit coat was especially designed to complement her dress.

        At to Kenya, after all the form fitting dresses she wore throughout the season, this dress looks like she borrowed it from one of her friends.

  8. Mocha

    LOL Tamara! I just wanted to comment that both Nene & Kenya could have benefited from some fashion advice. Neither look is attractive!

    That sheer thing over Kenya’s belly is weird & I do love Nene’s skirt, but she needs to put the “girls” away.. Love ya, Merry Christmas!

    • Cornelia

      Your words are so true. Neither of the women are sporting a look that is flattering. A Miss USA then or now should never be caught in something like that and NeNe, should never let the girls come out to play unless they are clothed correctly – everything is NOT for everybody and dressing age appropriately is more sexy than the ish they have on. Yes they could both benefit from a stylist or the advice of one. Gregg looks very uncomfortable in his get up as well.

  9. Tasha

    It’s clear Nene and Kenya knew eachother in passing. U know Kenya tries to be everywhere she can get an invite in the black celebrity scene and Nene doesn’t turn down an appearance if it means the potential to network. Kenya knew what getting on Nene good side can mean and Nene knows Kenya is not a threat and therefore is friendly.

    Also I don’t think dianna or however her name is spelt could even be a full time housewife even if Nene wanted her anyway. I don’t think she would want her business out there considering her got rich quick scheme.

  10. Chile please, Nene is not huge, she’s very tall and for real big boned. She does not have rolls of blubber. Why so hateful on Christmas Eve? Have a seat and order some eggnogg.

  11. victori0us

    Where is Cynthia??

  12. Every last one of them could take a lesson from Miss Lawrence on how to give good face. OTOH who let Miss Lawrence out of the house in those meggings? So wrong.

    • RHODallas

      Agreed, Miss Lawrence is spot on, every damn time. Always fab on WWHL and in the press. Kenya is suffering from some rudeness karma, in the fashion form this time. Nene is beautiful & I’m digging the wavy blonde, I’d like to see a pic of Nene and Greg together, love their combo. EVERYBODY KNOWS Tamara is cracking me up with these great blogs. Thanks, girl!

      • I feel compelled to remind you that Lawrence glues crystals to his face to cover up some herpes or something on WWHL. So he’s not spot on every damn time. :) He does give great face in the picture. The meggings are a no for me.

  13. Miele

    I think what disturbs me most about Nene’s ensemble is that the bra looks like it, too, is lacy… If it were solid satin or whatnot, I’d *almost* be able to give her a pass. I’ll still take the “Nensemble” over whatever it is that Kenya has on though… Oh and I LOVE Miss Lawrence’s eyes!!!!!!

  14. it looks like that bra may be built into the dress. It’s a perfect match. I don’t mind Nene’s look as long as she feels confident in it, good for her! I dunno what that thing is Kenya is wearing but she needs a clear roll-on deodorant a better dress and a pedicure. Who wears black toenail polish? Ew.

  15. Is the banner for TamaraTattles occaisionaly Nene and Carlos King for everyone else?

  16. My G*d, Nene should know by now what an outfit looks like under the spotlight. She is too old to be sporting such attire. As for Miss Lawrence, he/she/it should be ashamed of himself acting such a fool. He sets back gay rights by 50 years. He/she?it is an embarrassment.

  17. It wont let me reply directly to you tonight but yes, the banner is showing as NeNe and Carlos for me but only while this page is loaded. All other pages/articles have the correct banner showing.

  18. I figured out how to turn off nested comments. Are we going to hate that?

    And Stephen, I know you are Jewish but could you be nicer to us gentiles on Christmas? We are celebrating the birth of baby Jesus and stuff. TIA.

  19. I prefer being able to reply under someone else’s post mostly so they know I’m replying to them. Also, if someone replies directly to me it shows in the wordpress bar at the top of my screen. That said, I can always just type an @theirname.

    • FIne. I’ll change it back tomorrow if I can remember how. :) I get the comments in my email. So if there are tons of comments and I get. THAT IS THE WORST THING ANYONE HAS EVER SAID! I have to scroll throw everything trying to find it. lol. Merry Christmas Karma. Thanks for all your comments this year I have really enjoyed them.

  20. jane osbeck

    might explain why nene gets away with drilling her about her relationship, or lack thereof .

    • Good point. However, I doubt Nene is the least bit intimadated by Nene. Good Lord, I have been very pro Nene tonight. I hope someone is writing this down so that the next time I mention something negative I don’t get the usual vitriol from Nene’s army.

  21. Miele

    Yes please please turn on the nesting comments! And when you figure out what Kenya has on, let me know. I love that Nene sells whatever it is she has on, too Tam! Have a very merry Xmas!

  22. Looks like a ~Twitter party.

  23. Thanks for the warm welcome and the nesting comments. I love this site. You tell it like it is and with the best tea possible. There’s very little hostility unless our name is well I’d rather not say, just that it started with a D 😛

    *side note – when I first came here a few months ago, I almost made my name TC. It’s what I’ve gone by for almost 5 years in a virtual world. Then I saw *THE* TC in action and went with Karma instead.

  24. I turned nesting comments back on. I HOPE YOU ARE ALL HAPPY NOW! :( lol at Karma being TC. You will grow to love, okay like, okay tolerate TC at some point. Sadly when that happens she will leave us. She thrives on controversy. Meanwhile, I’ve missed her these past couple of days. She’s ALLEGEDLY a fantastic cook (chef?)and has no doubt been cooking for her stupid little perfect family of retards. :(

    I’m hongry.

  25. Vp

    I’ve had too much nog. But before I pass out I wanna say:

    Remember what kandi said about there’s always a motive with Nene? I agree.


    Merry Christmas!!!

  26. bsbfankaren

    My take? Since she pretended she didn’t know Marlow last season when she clearly did, I wouldn’t put it past her to also bring in Kenya to continue the drama, and to keep the show revolving around her as much as possible. She’s the highest paid, and can do pretty much what she wants.

    • FGF

      How did NeNe pretend to not know Marlo? The only ones that knew her prior to last season were Sheree because they shared the same hairdresser and Phaedra because they went to the same gym. They brought Marlo in to embarrass NeNe and expose her affair with Charles Grant. It was very clear that they didn’t know each other and that she was brought in to take NeNe down.

  27. reallylove

    I don’t know why people are saying kenya is sticking to nene side because of her connections..Google kenya she is a very successful lady

    • bsbfankaren

      I did Google her, when she was claiming to be so successful. Apart from a ton of bit parts and a few forgettable and/or straight to movies, Kenya is a legend in her own mind.

  28. Barbara

    Yeah I def think they have met before somewhere. Now onto the dresses. Nene is a big girl dont hate on that please. With the Fat word cmon it would be so boring to look at sticks all day. I do think she could have chosen something much more flattering.though.,I dont like the mesh. Kenya looks ok but ditto on her too. Dont like the strapless, maybe cause its a Chrisymas party? I dnt know but they both could have dressed better. Miss Lawrence nailed it.. loved his/her look. Carlos King uh now I see he was just on a behind the scenes LAHHA on VH1. I was thinkin to myself this guy is good and didnt know who he was.

  29. smooches

    Black ‘hollywood’ is not big so I’m certain they know each other…and I’m also betting due to contracts they can’t talk about it…for the most part the show is acting and on occasions genuine friendships may form…I’m not feeling the top half of NeNe’s dress and I loathe Kenya’s fit…anywho keep doing your thing NeNe

  30. Jarlath

    That women in the background on the banner looks like Lapband Lauren (:

  31. For the record, I have no idea why Nene and Carlos are in the banner for this post. It’s a WordPress glitch. Yet ANOTHER one. /sigh

  32. FGF

    I don’t think NeNe and Kenya knew each other prior to the show but have probably met in passing. I find it odd that after the fight between Kenya & Porsha, NeNe said , “Now, that’s the Kenya I heard about.” I truly think that NeNe had the skinny on Kenya’s crazy antics and suggested her to get the heat off of herself. It’s no coincidence that she’s much friendlier and speaking freely about things of sexual nature this season. NeNe has genius p.r. people because they have successfully made Kenya the villain on the show and painted NeNe as the veteran with new found happiness now that Sheree and Kim are gone!!

    Also, Lawrence’s face is beat to the heavens!!!! And, it’s funny to see Carlos at the party. Didn’t Tamara say he was totally pro-Kim but he’s now hanging out with the Moose? Hmmmmmm……

  33. Not a Kim Z Fan

    Lawrence’s face is always beat. His make up is everything. I just love flawless and dramatic make up. Plus, he gives good face…

    As for NeNe – women with anything above a small C do themselves a disservice with overly sheet tops. However, had the pattern been a bit less see through she would get an A- from me for this ensemble. As it is, I give her C+/B- because I love the skirt. However, I will say it confuses me that many peopl (not referring to anyone in particular on this blog just in general) refer to her as being big. Yes, she is tall. But a woman her height can carry a size 12 very easily. I think NeNe has a very nice figure. When she’s styled appropriately, I think she looks great…

  34. lilmissdiva

    In that first picture, does anyone know the identity of the white guy in the background?

  35. Lisa gouging

    Nene middle name is “Liar”I don’t know why you people believe anything Nene says. She lied about her son knowing the publicist Greg was dating or should I say jumpoff. But not too many people caught on to that lie. Nene tweeted that Greg didn’t know the Jumpoff but then he’s cozy in a picture with her. Then lied and said her son dont know the girl but then a blogger posted pictures of Brice and the girl out voting together in November.. So how do they NOT know each other? Why lie about it then someone blog pictures of the jumpoff with Nene grand baby at a restaurant C’mon Nene you straight up lie to your fans and its a big lie. Last lie was when Nene denied she tried to beat the jumpoff up and Nene act like she was above the rumor. I love Nene but stop lying so what if Greg bumped ugly with a gold digger while you guys were on the off. You got him back so say cheese!!

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