TamaraTattles Year in Review (February)

Aretha Franklin Makes a Statement Regarding Whitney Houston's FuneralThere were several interesting posts in February which seemed to revolve around death (Russell Armstrong, Whitney Houston) and arrest records (Marlo Hampton, Chris Brown). Russell’s ex-girlfriend gave up the true tea on Taylor as she was being bombarded on twitter and in the press. We were watching Real Housewives of Atlanta and Real Housewives of Orange County. I was preparing for the Shahs of Sunset by interviewing Asa Soltan Rahmati. We had our first glimpse at her fabulous house on Venice beach. Also two Real Housewives of Miami were sued. Again, there are some formatting issues because these posts were made on Blogger, but if you were not reading Tamaratattles in February, there is good tea here that is still interesting today. Click through for all the drama.

February 2012

Russell Armstrong’s ex girlfriend Kelly speaks out about Taylor Armstrong. This is some good Taylor tea! Meanwhile Taylor was getting death threats on twitter!

Lots of drama around the Whitney Houston funeral. Behind the scenes tea is all here.

There was a moment where we thought Chris Brown might finally see some jail time.

I interviewed some of the Shahs of Sunset. My piece on Asa Soltan Rahmati is my favorite.

Marlo Hampton tried to defend her felonious behavior.

The Real Housewies of Miami were filming season two. Marysol and Alexia were sued.


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5 responses to “TamaraTattles Year in Review (February)

  1. I was just reading the Taylor Armstrong articles and I am stunned. Did they ever come to a conclusion about Russell killing himself? I thought her whole story smelled to high heaven – and Brandi was right on at the reunion, wasn’t she? This is amazing. And she looked so distraught when Paul screamed at Brandi – no wonder people were laughing at that drama class.

  2. victori0us

    Wow. Seems like I remember ur Whitney post..have I been reading that long?!?! Wow. Time just breezes by!

  3. betteroffdumb

    I appreciate the year in review since I just became a regular reader a few weeks ago. These are some good reads girl.

  4. Oh I wasn’t around back then so thanks for the tea! Loved the bit from Kelly. Still on the fence on that whole thing but she made some great points.

  5. bsbfankaren

    Great review and links. Now I’m really looking forward to your March review.

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