TamaraTattles Takes a Look Back at Top 2012 Stories (January)

Glee Goes on Unexpected HiatusI thought since this is the end of my first full calendar year of blogging, I’d look back at 2012 and remember some of my favorite pieces. This was initially just for my personal end of the year performance evaluation of myself, but I decided to share some links with you, because I’ve gained so many more readers who might be interested. In my second month of blogging last December, I was so fortunate to have a source come forward and give me the worldwide exclusive on Nene Leakes getting a gig on Glee. I was so excited to be the first to break the news! And then I got my first lesson on having my work stolen. No bueno! That gave me a new resolve for 2012 so if you are interested, come take a look back with me.

A Love Letter to Andy CohenSo it won’t be so overwhelming, I’ll link back over the next few days by month. Because January’s posts were made on Blogger, they are as wonky as Andy Cohen’s eyes in some places. When I made the move to WordPress, images, links, page breaks, and all sorts of things fell out of the post. I hope you will still take some time to go back and read a couple.

Happy Holidays!

January 2012

I questioned why we as women are so loyal to Bravo, when it is clearly a misogynistic network.

The first press release was made public about The Shahs of Sunset and it read almost identically to my first post on the show two months earlier. I found that very interesting.

I spoiled the resort the RHOA would stay at in South Africa.

I wrote a love letter to Andy Cohen and threatened to break up with him.

The RHOA was airing the South Africa episodes and I felt compelled to write about orphan tourism.


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20 responses to “TamaraTattles Takes a Look Back at Top 2012 Stories (January)

  1. Cheri Renee

    Congratulations on a great 1st year. And best wishes on the years to come.. Happy Holidays and have A Great New Year. -Cheri Renee-

  2. Ncfinedime

    So sad im new to this website and i missed an entire year!!!!

  3. That’s what the review is for. If you don’t have time to read almost a thousand posts, this will give you the highlights. I’ll do the other 11 months soon!

  4. Shirley Baker

    Hi Tamera I am also sad I missed the earlier part of the year, but I have made up for it by checking everyday now. I believe you have the best tea and I love the way you write. Merry Christmas and may you and yours ha e a wonderful and prosperous new year!

  5. Danielle

    Congratulations, Tamara! I’ve loved your site since the early days and wish you many more years of fabulous writing, snark and Canadian Patriotism!!


  6. dina

    new to your site. love it! just wondering, would you ever cover the bachelor/ette? would love to hear your recaps/input.

  7. puravidacostarica

    I’ve come by frequently to read your posts, and have almost always found something that either made me laugh out loud or wish to myself (gee, I wish I were so witty and insightful). I only recently posted, not because I didn’t want to sooner but I found some of your regulars’ posts (teecee, as just one example) to say so much of what I was already thinking. Your blog is awesome, as are the folks who love them. Some of my personal favorites have been your posts about Big Brother and the poor psychogirl whose name should not be repeated, lest it give you an acne breakout and a bad case of the Southern drawls. Great job, Tamara. There should be an awards show for bloggers!

  8. victori0us


    Thanks for a great snarky blog. I know you’ve wanted to say fuck it a few time but I’m glad you stayed. Love that when can use curse words and say how the hell we feel. Your such a b sometimes and I really think that’s why I check u out on the daily…well several times daily lol. Congrats on a great 1st year. Hope you stick around for another great year.

  9. I’ve only recently found you but I check my e-mail alerts every day and ignore life and death issues so that I can see what everyone is saying How long have you been here? Did I miss New York and New Jersey, and Orange County!!! Never got into Miami and Atlanta but I am very glad to have found Beverly Hills. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone

  10. irishmama

    I’ve been following your blog now for the past 6-7 months, and just wanted to say keep up the fabulous work! You’re hands down my favorite, and I’m glad you didn’t throw in the towel too :)

  11. I have only been here not even a week and ‘Tamara your humour and wit has me hooked! I just was farting around one day looking for some blogs about Fay Resnick and your site popped up with a ton of others. Yours was the best written by far. So I signed up my email and I check every day even if I don;t get a notice. You are so fun and I love your posts if you haven’t figured that out already. Have a Merry Christmas with your loved ones. Thanks again for a fun place to come to and laugh.

  12. Pinky

    Dear Tamra — Thank you for all your hard work and excellent blogs. Hope you enjoy happy and healthy holidays! You are the BEST.

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