Sheree Whitfield Discusses Life After Real Housewives of Atlanta On HLN

Sheree tweeted this photo from the HLN interview.

Sheree tweeted this photo from the HLN interview.

Sheree Whitfield may not be a housewife anymore, but she still managed to get an interview this morning on HLN Weekend Express with Natasha Curry. Sheree was asked to talk about how real (or unreal) the Real Housewives of Atlanta and other reality shows are in the wake of the Storage Wars controversy over storage units being seeded with interesting finds. There was some RHOA footage of the “used” house getting bulldozed in preparation for the erection of Chateau Sheree but nary a word was spoken about the new house with the roller rink and a “lieberry.” That’s because there as been no more work done since my last update here. She did talk about Bob Whitfield, the pros and cons of being on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, whether she would do it all again, and of course, She By Sheree. Click on through for the tea!

What Lies Ahead for Sheree Whitfield?The piece begins with the allegations made by a guy on Storage Wars about the show being fake. Sadly, it seems the producers seed the storage units which just ruins the whole show if you ask me. So Natasha asks how fake or how real are these shows? Sheree says she can’t speak for Storage Wars but that the Real Housewives of Atlanta are real!  She says there are a lot of things that aren’t shown like going to the gym in sweats, taking her son to football practice or taking her daughter to horseback riding lessons because that is not great TV. The amusing thing about this is that while Sheree is talking about how very real everything is, the footage of Andrew the fake contractor tearing down the house where Chateau Sheree is supposed to be runs constantly in the background with the sound on low. So, at one point you can actually hear Sheree say, “lieberry” to Andrew during the interview. Priceless.

Natasha asked if the problems with Bob Whitfield were real. Sheree says  it was “sooo real, and very painful and hard to watch.” Sheree says that since she has been off the show (she stammered over how to phrase the fact she got fired), she and Bob have been able to move past their issues and get along better. She claims that the show put extra weight on that relationship.  Which is not true, Bob agreed to film for the show so that Sheree would have a storyline, and the resulting paycheck.

Natasha asked about the positives of being on the show? Sheree replied, “Oh my gosh there are so many, well one is being able to connect with so many women, millions of women across the country that was either going through the same things I was going through or was able to relate to me in some kinda way.  Also being able to build a very strong and loyal fan base, I’ve done.  And build, build upon my brand, She by Sheree.”  (sic) It is very hard to transcribe Sheree’s comments. They tend to wander all over the place.

Sheree Whitfield's Fake Storyline on Tonight's RHOANatasha interjects,” Oh, yeah, your clothing line we got to see! That was remarkable that you were able to put all that together. You also have a jewelry line! Tell us about that what all are you working on?”

Sheree says, ” I am working on lots of things, 2013 is going to be great! I just recently launched my She By Sheree jewelry collection which you can see by …She…www  dot.. She… Natasha interrupts whooping over a pair of earrings with strings of tiny blue beads hanging off gold tone balls that has popped up on the screen. By the way, I think this should be called the blue balls collection if they are looking for a name.  She has the same earrings on for the interview and points this out to Natasha. It seems she took them out after the interview for the picture above, probably so her ears would not turn green.

Natasha asks if these are all her inspirations. Sheree says, “Yes, these are all my inspirations. I was actually inspired by strong women…. women  who…I created the line…uh..I got my inspiration for the line from women who …I draw inspiration for the line from women who inspire me.”(sic) Sheree is the world’s worst liar. She pulls out the black Kitsy Lane box with the name Kitsy Lane on it and gives the host a pair of earrings. Sheree doesn’t create, or become inspired by anything. In order to “have a boutique on Kitsy Lane” one does two things. First, you pick from the Kitsy Lane line of jewelry what products you want to hawk. Then, you use social media to draw people to your store AND  most importantly to try to sign them up for their own store. It’s a pyramid scam multi-level marketing company. It’s exactly like Tupperware. Everyone is selling the same Tupperware and the more people you bring into Tupperware the more money you make.  She already tried one multi-level marketing “business” whatever happened to that plan?

Natasha asks if  she would do it all over again and Sheree says, “Yes, I would do it over, it’s a good platform and I really had a good impact and um, hopefully positive impact on a lot of women.”  The host thanks her for being there and someone offset tells her to say the link to the store. She tries a few times and sort of gets it out. It seems to be all the Ws that confuse her. Poor thing needed her Speak N Spell.

If you are a Sheree fan and new to Tamaratattles, I’ve included a few really good links in this post to older posts about the real tea on Sheree Whitfield. You don’t want to miss them.









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20 responses to “Sheree Whitfield Discusses Life After Real Housewives of Atlanta On HLN

  1. jane osbeck

    there are no words

  2. Well I guess Sheree’ has shown them all. I am glad to see she is so successful with her clothing line, She By Sheree/, and her jewelry line, WWW. The RHOA must be jealous as hell every time they drive by her chateau.

  3. I’m with Jane…no words.

  4. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I think Sheree just “checked herself boo”.

  5. Ncfinedime

    So… anything nice to say at all. ….

    • Yes! I thought she looked great! I probably should have put that in there, but trying to transcribe her answers was super time consuming and I was sort of grumpy by the time I finished.

  6. Ncfinedime

    Sad to see so many people so delighted over someone s nisfortune. Especially when those same ones are one missed paycheck away from an eviction. Think about it

  7. I get the desire to defend, Sheree. I really do. But, she’s not doing herself any favors pretending to be running a business. There are a lot of teenagers running Kitsy Lane Boutiques. It’s not exactly going to be an income for her. She’s in the land of make believe, I’m sorry it makes her look bad when I post the facts, but facts are facts.

  8. I love Sheree supporters. They remind me of the Westboro Baptist Church children. Right, we got it… God hates gays, and that picture of the stop sign on the lawn of Sheree’s palatial estate is just a case of forced perspective. For any confused Sheree supporters (let’s just call them the S.S. for short) “forced perspective” is a lieburry-type word for the effect created in those pictures of people holding the Eiffel Tower in their hands. Sorry, not actually magic.

    Anyway… I could possibly have regained a little respect for her if she had just spilled it about the scripting and editing. It would really be refreshing to hear someone come clean about, as we’re all aware of it. But, she had to stick with the make-believe. Gotta hustle them rhinestone rangs, girl!

  9. Cali

    Sheree spoke very clear, maybe she is talking speech classes. Well back to watching Home Alone, for the fourth time this month.

  10. victori0us

    Sheree….what is her profession? It’s not what one would call being happy for ones downfall. It’s just that she went to the extreme to keep up with the Joneses. She’s a pretender and why would anyone not jump at the chance to expose a fraud? I guess if she kept a modest life and never tried to appear more affluent than she was people wouldn’t feel vindicated when exposing her as a lie.

    Also why can’t this bitch go get a job? Is this our fault that the woman is a kept woman by trade? I stopped liking Sheree when she fronted her child out. That was low.

  11. I actually like Sheree, and miss her on RHOA.

  12. I like her way better than Kenya, that’s for sure. She’s so tightlipped about Bravo being fake, it makes me think we will see her on Kim’s spin-off. Maybe. Just a little.Or not.

    • That’s right I didn’t think of that she might be on Kim’s *Tardy for the Party* ……. I can’t help it but I don’t have no words but lmao I’m sorry but I just love some of the comments on here cuz they are so True . Thank You very much [[=

  13. Collin

    I cannot defend her business or finances, but Sheree was one of my favorites.

  14. bsbfankaren

    Wonderful wrap up, Tamara. I’m looking forward to reading the next.

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