Camille Grammer Receives Financial Settlement While Kelsey Grammer Tries to Rent His New Home

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Gif by RealityTVgifs

It was just a bit over a week ago that Camille Grammer was on Anderson Cooper Live talking about the hold up on the financial settlement portion of her divorce. Camille told Anderson that all the community assets had been frozen for over a year. This of course put Camille in the situation where she only had access to her personal income. She also said that Kelsey had not paid any child support since they separated. Camille’s temporary lack of liquid assets was likely a factor in her changing her mind and agreeing at the last minute to do another season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She implied to Anderson that Christmas would be a challenge with all of the bank accounts frozen. But things are finally shaking out for Camille…

Camille's Face in this picture Shows all the work she has had done.

Camille’s Face in this picture Shows all the work she has had done.

A status report conference was scheduled for today to try once again to finalize the settlement. However, on Monday, Radar Online ran an exclusive saying that a settlement had been reached. It seems obvious that Kelsey was now feeling the pain of their joint assets being  frozen. You see, Kelsey’s Starz show Boss was cancelled just before thanks giving.  Now that he is without a job he could really use access to the community assets that were frozen until he signed the paperwork. So it appears he finally showed up to the courthouse when he was supposed to.Meanwhile, Kelsey and his newest blonde wife, Kayte and their infant are planning to move out of their home. Kelsey agreed to pay $6.5 million dollars for the new home earlier this year but now it seems he can’t afford the payments. The house is now listed as a rental property at 30K a month. Kelsey and Camille own numerous properties together that they have been trying to sell since their separation. Perhaps Kelsey should have just bought out Camille’s interest in a property he already jointly owned before deciding to buy something new for the new wife.

At least it seems that Camille will now be able to afford that trip to Toys R Us she was worried about. More Barbies for everyone!


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23 responses to “Camille Grammer Receives Financial Settlement While Kelsey Grammer Tries to Rent His New Home

  1. redredrobin

    My heart just bleeds for them.

  2. How did they have such cute daughters?

  3. I like Camille but lets face it, she got lucky when she met Kelsey. She had no real career of her own and never would have attained such a lifestyle if it were not for Kelsey. What did she really contribute to the marriage, she had two kids by surrogate, she was a spokesperson for IBS Syndrome and spent a lot of money. She is lucky to come out of this with millions. Don’t cry for Camille, she is set for life.

  4. I hate it for both of them, people who are financially able seems to not respect and be true to each other, some people and celebrities. God bless all of them including his new wife, she will encourage him to do the right thing. She seems very sincere and not deceitful.

  5. Buck Henry

    I don’t think they have sold any of the properties yet, someone correct me if they know different.

  6. I don’t think so. But Camille had to take out a court order because they both pay the mortgages on all the houses. Yet Kelsey wanted to move into Malibu with the new wife and just live there with the new family until it sold. (It’s their most expensive property upwards of 16million. SMH. Camille wants it sold with all the other ones ASAP! But none of them are moving.

  7. Ash511

    Those. Are. His. Kids. I mean my GAWD!!!

  8. Well gotta give Camille credit for huge brains. Walk in with nothing, don’t do too much, walk out with millions. Who knows with her Bravo gig she may have more cash assets than Kelsie. If so serves him right for holding things up. And this fool has one day gotta make his wives sign prenups, I mean he likes to upgrade his model so protect yourself dumb ass.

  9. Thats sort of what I thought too, babs, but Camille actually picked Kelsey up off the ground, got him in rehab, and turned his entire career around. She deserves EVERYTHING. She really remade him. I get she’s the blonde bimbo type but she did all the work in this marriage. The properties were her idea too. She’s the financial mastermind and the one who rehabbed him. No one can fault Camille. She may or may not have had motives but she basically saved his life.

  10. Jarlath

    Any idea how much Kelsey was worth pre-divorce?

    • Her personality changed so much last season from the previous one. I really liked the nice Camille. I hope she doesn’t return to the one when she was married to Kelsey. I think that was just acting on her part and all the other girls hated her so then. How did she get on the show?

  11. Which divorce? lol. When Camille picked him up he was at rock bottom and a drunk. She rehabbed him, took over his finances and built their little empire pretty much all by herself. If not for her, he would not have any finances to divide.

    • Kendra

      Completely agree, they would have been done his throat, up his nose and wrapped around a tree if not for her. Anyone who says she did nothing has no idea of what he was like. Disaster is a complement to him for that time in his life.
      I never get why people call her a gold digger, if not for her there would be no gold to dig!

  12. Kendra

    This is per Camille Kelsey:,,20142440,00.html
    Car Crashes, Drunk Driving, show on hiatus so the star can get his life together.

  13. Cali

    So so true Tamara. He would have been on skid row, if it wasn’t for Camille. Now he doesn’t even want the children saying her name in his house. The new wifey is starting to look like Camille.

  14. I don’t envy these women who marry actors. Their shelf life seems very precarious

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