TAMARATATTLES EXCLUSIVE: Steaming Hot Persian Tea on Who Shahs of Sunset’s Asa Soltan Rahmati is Dating

This is a TAMARATATTLES EXCLUSIVE. Please do not use my entire work. Excerpts with links and citations only please.

Asa Soltan dating Jermaine Jackson Jr. Shahs of Sunset. As drops off lunch to Jermaine at work.Way back during season one of Shahs of Sunset I received some tea about Asa Soltan Rahmati regarding her love life. So I contacted Asa and asked if it was true (it was) and if she wanted to talk about it (she didn’t). You may or may not have noticed but the topic of Asa’s love life is never mentioned on Shahs. You don’t see her dating anyone, flirting with anyone, it’s as if she lives the life of a nun. Does that sound like Asa? Of course not. The true tea is that Asa is in a very serious relationship and she did not want to expose it to the drama that comes alongside being on a reality show. But TamaraTattles is now able to exclusively report who Asa is dating. And Asa’s celebrity boyfriend is…

Jermaine Jackson Jr and shahs of sunset Asa Soltan Rahmati  dating at Andy Cohen's Book Signing at Sur. Who is Asa's Celeberity boyfriend?

Jermaine Jackson Jr and Asa Soltan Rahmati at Andy Cohen’s Book Signing at Sur.

Jermaine Jackson Jr! The couple actually met when they were both attending Beverly Hills High School. Asa transferred to Beverly Hills High shortly after her family moved to California from Germany. It was important to Asa’s parents to get her in the Beverly school district so they sacrificed financially to take a small apartment in the district. The two hit it off immediately but after High School they went their separate ways and lost touch. About two years ago, fate brought them back together when they both attended the same event. Asa says they have been inseparable ever since. And, because Asa is Asa, she maintains they have been together for many lifetimes. Asa and Jermaine dating across centuries. I think Jermaine is the perfect boyfriend for Asa.

Shahs of Sunset's Asa dating Jermaine Jackson Jr. Asa and Jermaine have both introduced each other to their families and things seem very serious.  Asa is very happy in the relationship the have now. I don’t know if there are wedding bells in their future, but it certainly looks as though things are moving in that direction to me!  Recently, the pair has been a bit more open about their dating relationship. When Andy Cohen had his book signing at SUR, Jermaine was Asa’s date.  He also attended the Bravo upfronts with Asa. Asa admitted to Tamaratattles exclusively that he might just show up in an upcoming episode or two of Shahs of Sunset. I can’t wait to see Asa and Jermaine dating on the show! Update: It looks like we don’t have to wait any longer. On tonight’s show Asa takes Jermaine some lunch at his work! The Bravo description will have everyone asking, “Who is Asa’s Celebrity boyfriend?”  But readers of TamaraTattles already know!

So there you have it Shahs fans, I’m finally spilling that Shahs tea I keep telling y’all about. Asa and Jermaine are in love. What do you think of Asa Jermaine seeing each other?  Will they continue to make beautiful music together? Should I start the wedding diet just in case?

This is a TAMARATATTLES EXCLUSIVE. Please do not use my entire work. Excerpts with links and citations only please.


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45 responses to “TAMARATATTLES EXCLUSIVE: Steaming Hot Persian Tea on Who Shahs of Sunset’s Asa Soltan Rahmati is Dating

  1. michelle

    Wow! Good job Tamara! That tea was steamy and delicious! They make a beautiful couple and look very happy!

  2. Cindyb

    She needed a black man for that booty! Love Asa!

  3. Buck Henry

    Thanks Tamara, I never even thought about that. Asa never ever discussed her love life or even flirted and this is the reason. I think they will stay with each other, it seems like they where high school sweethearts and they have always been in love.

  4. Mania

    She used to live in Germany? Didn’t know that. I’ve never heard of Hamsburg though, pretty sure it was actually Hamburg.

    • Thanks. I can’t believe that type has been in there so long. I spent FOREVER on that Asa post. Fixed it.

    • We have a solid Persian population here so i can see her here, I can even picture her even doing her music here on the whole multi-culti scene amongst the young people had the family stayed.

      Can’t say I blame them for skipping this place and moving to sunny California, though; our weather is rainier and grayer than London up here in the part of the country- and quite frankly we all end up with Seasonal Affective Disorder at one point or another…which can only be cured with an endless consumption of smoked salmon, fatty duck, sparkling wine and beer…and cakes. Lots and lots of cakes.

    • bsbfankaren

      Haha! That sounds like those of us who live in the Seattle, Washington area, where Seasonal Affective Disorder is simply a part of life.

  5. phakedraparks

    That’s so not Persian!! Her family must be so disappointed. I like Asa even more…

  6. lynda carter aka "just_lynda"

    I love it! I don’t think she looks like a, tranny either miss GG. That is a mean thing to say. Good blog!

  7. She should have held out for Jermajesty!!

  8. Ps: I really figured she was a lesbian.

  9. You are so wrong. Funny, but wrong. :) And you should have added NTTAWWT

  10. mrswindycity

    interesting! I could see her with a brother. I like Asa this season……so far.

  11. JoyfulinSavannah

    Wow, great scoop! I also love how you knew this information, but respected Asa’s privacy until she was ready to reveal her dating life. You have wonderful integrity Tamara.
    I’m almost afraid to ask (for fear of being exposed as uncool), but what does NTTAWWT mean?

  12. Thanks Joy, BTW, everytime you post you make me miss living in Savannah (but not teaching middle school! ) I really liked the Shahs that I spoke with before the show even aired a single episode. I feel like I am taking this odd journey with them sometimes. They are more people to me than other reality personalities. It’s starting to make blogging about them harder. I know lots of things I don’t blog.

    Anyway, here’s a spoiler about me. I’ve know TC for years from other internet sites. We sort of speak a language from another place… :) But NTTAWWT means “not that there is anything wrong with that” it often follows a comment like I thought so and so was gay? To show we are just curious, not judging. :)

    • And…it was heavily featured in a Seinfeld episode where Jerry and George were outed as a gay couple.

    • Joy

      Thank you for explaining NTTAWWT. I remember that Seinfeld episode too. If it makes you feel any better, I moved back to the suburbs of Cleveland just before Thanksgiving after living in Savannah for 2 plus years. Winter in Cleveland is brutal, so I like to pretend I still reside in Savannah. I miss it dearly. On a positive note, my husband, daughter and I are hoping to move to Paris by June!

      • If you need me to come home school! I will. I so regret not agreeing to the Parisian who begged me to come homeschool her kid. BIG mistake HUGE. That was before I told my school system to fuck themselves and thought I had to keep working for a place that was very broken.

    • DJ

      I didn’t know what NTTAWWT meant either, but I just Googled it rather than showing my ignorance by asking.

  13. Oh Lord, she should run for the hills. Why on earth is she getting messed up with the Jacksons? No good can come of this. Tamara the next time you speak to Asa, please tell her to pluck those brows!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I would KILL for those brows. And Jermaine is GORGEOUS. What kind of gay guy doesn’t see this? Jermaine is from the normal strain of the family.

    • FGF

      OMG I’ve had the biggest crush on Jermaine ever since I saw him portray his father in the Jackson’s:An American Dream!! As Tamara stated, he is not of the crazy variety. His mother is Hazel Gordy, daughter of Motown founder Berry Gordy, and he had a very great upbringing. I do find it interesting that both he and his dad, as well as his aunt Janet, are in relationships with people of Middle Eastern decent and of considerable means.

      I think they make a handsome couple and I especially like that she has kept the details of her relationship off the air. Good job at letting the tea brew until Asa was ready to reveal it, Tamara!!

  15. Joy

    Very kind offer, however my daughter will be 21 in January. I’m 49 and I also am a former teacher. She’s coming with us because who wouldn’t want to live in Paris.

  16. gherti4life@gmail.com

    How Beautiful are these two together! I love Asa she is such an incredible woman. We have never seen somebody like her on TV. And Jermaine seems like her perfect male Love. I wish them the best.

  17. lilmissdiva

    Thanks for the tea, Tamara. I have a question though. Back when the first season aired, I read a rumor about Asa being in a relationship with the guy she shared that Venice house with. Do you know if there was any truth to that?

  18. Asa bought that house with a longterm boyfriend. There was an article in the LA Times that misidentified him as her husband. They were not married. The article was about the funky decor. Since then, those two broke up and Asa kept the house.

  19. Bb

    Oh, thanks for the scoop on Asa’s house. I remember you had mentioned something about explaining who actually had “real” money, and how Asa could afford her place. To me, the only people who seem to have come from “family money” are Lilly and GG. MJ seems to work for her money – you defended her Real Estate position and work hours, and it made sense to me. Reza may be living off of credit (?), although he probably does well in Real Estate, too. I always wondered how Asa could afford her house, since it was mentioned her family is living off of the $30,000/year salary her mother makes as a Home Healthcare Nurse. Mike doesn’t seem to have “family money,” either, but he seems to do alright with his career. When the show first started, I thought they all were super wealthy from “family money.” I’m not sure if that was just an assumption by me or if they were trying to give that impression. Regardless, I love the show!

  20. Bb

    p.s. Love your blog, Tamara!

  21. Bb

    Forgot to ask…Did Sammy decide not to be on Season 2? Sorry if you’ve already discussed this. TIA

  22. Aww, they look nice together. He reminds me just a tiny bit of Blake underwood at some angles. Asa’s all super curvy, she’d fit right in with the Jackson family women- when I saw her in the leggings during that last Shahs episode i said “Well, GREAT DAY IN THE MORNIN’ ASA HAS A SERIOUS DERRIERE!!!!, lol.

    In all sincerity though, here’s hoping she keeps her guy and her relationship as far out of the public spotlight as she possibly can.

  23. So glad I found your page. Love it

  24. D. Wells

    Only a brotha can properly handle a woman built like that

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