Shahs of Sunset Recap: We’ve Seen This All Before

Shahs of Sunset - Season 2It’s season two of Shahs of Sunset and we are seeing textbook season two changes. It happens every single time. It seems a bit worse on Shahs of Sunset because the cast of the show from the outset came in screaming about their wealth and ambition. We’re Persians! We love gold and marble and we sell real estate and look at how fabulous we are. That was the set-up. Last season focused on relationships among the cast. Relationships were exaggerated. Finances were exaggerated. Season two comes and now everyone is “famous.” Everyone feels like the star of the show. Everyone has their role, the villain, the gay guy, the peacemaker, the eccentric artist, the eye candy everyone knows the expectation. I’m not going to recap this fiasco in the usual way, I’m just going to talk about the roles we see them falling into for season two.

Let’s start with GG. Clearly she is the villain, she knows it and she likes it. Last year she got a reaction with her knives and tasers and guns and anger so it will be escalated this season. I am who I am. She’s Kenya from RHOA mixed with Ramona from RHONY. Expect a fake boyfriend storyline. Expect lots of drunken drama. Expect the expected. Typical line from last night “I would like to cut your face right now!” Interestingly enough, instead of trying to sell her non-exsistent hair extensions they are going to let her sister point out that GG, the “marketing person” has no idea how much the extensions sell for.

SHAHLilyWe have Lilly, aka the Persian Barbie. She’s Alexis Bellino from RHOOC. She’s “rich!” She’s a “designer!” She will be the first person to tell you how fabulous she is and how everyone is just jealous of her. People don’t like her not because she is a camera whore, or because she feels the need to mention in every scene how much money she has, people don’t like her because she is jealous. “When people dislike me for no reason at all, it kind of turns me on because it makes me realize how fucking fabulous I am. If someone is going to dislike me? That’s jealousy!”

We have Asa. She’s a singer. She’s an artist. She’s the inventor of water. Her meeting with the “water master” where she says,  “I have a vision of the most pure beautiful water for super hydration that has ever existed.” Reminded me of Luann meeting with the apparel distributor saying she has a vision for… you know some kind of clothing line. Or that one blond from RHOOC who found out that opening a gym is expensive.  The guy’s face was priceless. He is at times unable to hold back laughter. His lips totally disappear as he is trying to hold in the laughter. Asa seems shocked that it will take 50-100K for bottle design and engineering. She replies, “Wow, I have to be sure I can get the money.”  And one would assume a large quantity of diamonds. Who knew the wettest water ever would be so expensive. I guess she won’t be helping her family who is living on 30K a year anytime soon.

Mike has apparently decided to join the residential real estate company Reza and MJ work for so that he can work with Reza. Mike is Mauricio without the clients. I loved how the broker asks Mike what he knows about the company and Mike looks at the guy as if to say, “Um this was not in the script, I was told I could just work here.” I can’t wait until he discovers that despite Reza thinking that residential agents spend all day at the office, that out in reality they are out hustling for listings, canvassing neighborhoods, networking at lunches and caravans and mostly come to the office to write up paperwork.

Shahs of Sunset Finale: It's the Men's Turn to Behave BadlyMJ is starting out the season with her gay best friend already mad at her. On top of that, Reza’s script calls for him to introduce Lilly to the group. MJ says about cyberstalking Lilly, “Someone has to vet her. I saw a nude torso with a dog in her breast and I thought that was dog endangerment!”  MJ has seen the writing on the wall with Reza and based on her personal issues is always ready for abandonment. Prepare yourself, MJ because Reza is jumping ship and he’s going to exit with some nastiness. MJ is Kandi.  She’s trying to film with everyone and not get involved in the drama but she’s pissing everyone off in the process.

Reza is dialing it way the fuck up this season. He’s Nene. He’s going to bite MJ because he feels justified. Apparently, there was a mean mass email from GG and Reza feels like MJ should have dropped GG like a hot rock. According to Reza’s blogs it looks like he has made up with GG to a degree. So if MJ had severed ties, where would she be now? Alliances shift like crazy with this bunch. I think her trying to avoid picking sides is her only chance at survival. Reza is going to talk smack about GG and MJ all season just like Nene did with the smalls last season. It’s the script. The difference is, Nene was not close friends with any of the smalls before the show. Reza has known MJ forever. But now that he is a star…/shrugs. MJ will get over it. Reza sits at his little table in MJ’s office spitting insults at her. “You two are two peas in a pod! You should align yourself  with her!”

Next time we get to hear about Reza having an armpit fetish. Oh and more fighting between Reza and MJ.








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41 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Recap: We’ve Seen This All Before

  1. redredrobin

    Why oh why do I get sucked into all this Bravo fakeness? I really need to give this stuff up as a New Years resolution or for Lent. Bravo is my crack.

  2. I think it’s funny how they can be so proud of their Persian culture when they are as Americanized as the Joneses next door to me, they just have lots more money, st least some of them do. Asa just comes across as silly to me when she says GG needs to grow up yet she can pay her rent and wants to bottle diamond water when she don’t even have a Cubic Zirconia budget. GG and Omid may have a fake engagement at the time but it’s only because he probably is to young to remember John Bobbitt, cause GG is worse than Lorena on steroids. Lilly and Mike are the only ones that don’t annoy me…..yet, but it is only the 3rd episode. I just think Lilly needs a few good meals and maybe a visit to whoever it was that pulled all that stuff out of Alexis’ nose and help her with that nasally voice or she could become annoying real quick.

    • Buck Henry

      To be honest with everybody, I think we are seeing that many of the indiviiduals in this show are running low on money and/or was posing from last season. Reza already talking about money concerns, GG and her sister sounds like one or the other wants that one to put up the money for whatever action is about to happen and neither one wants to. Asa is now having money issues and it looks like her music and “art” career didn’t take off from last season. And Mike, mike is a bullshit artists. He was supposed to be making these big deals last season and he didn’t except use up what credit he had in Las Vegas to get good tables at the clubs. Then we see him going to a party with a bunch of rich “persians” (Iranians) trying to get a hookup to making money. And then he had to get the hookup from Reza to get him a job in order to make money (Mike must be having money troubles also).

      Most of these idiots are Hood rich and its all running out.

      • Stop spoiling the season, Buck Henry! And why did I have to moderate this comment like you are a newbie? Also I have a big spoiler I need to do for Shahs tomorrow. I’ve been sitting on it FOR MONTHS. Someone tweet me at Tamaratattles on twitter tomorrow because I will forget.

  3. smooches

    The new chick looks like Guiliana Ransic…Reza is a user and a poser and nothing like NeNe…MJ needs a dose of self esteem and self worth cause dude just turned on her b/c he feels he’s made it…better to know now than later I guess

  4. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    GG and MJ need help. I was disgusted by both last night. GG’s sister says I have a 5 year old at home, I don’t need another, GG turns and looks toward her dog and says, I have a bitch already, I don’t need another, then she threatened to slice her sister with a knife??? It’s something wrong with that wench. And MJ is so jealous of Lilly, it’s not even cute. And MJ needs to stick to a side, stop flip flopping. These two antics are killing me.

    • smooches

      GG needs one good ass whooping and she’ll finally be subdued

    • Tartu85

      When you have friends on both sides, why do you need to pick a side? It’s not a political debate or war. One can hold neutral ground when dealing with conflicts between friends and acquaintances.

  5. Jakiesmom

    Based on what we are shown i wouldn’t want Reza as a friend. He seems to have been so taken by Lilly he threw MJ under the bus. Is MJ flawed? Yes, but she is human and has shown that she values friendship and is trying to get her act together. Reza was well aware of her flaws yet he was willing to accept them until he became a “star”. I would say the same about Mike but he wasnt bff’s with MJ and doesn’t seem to have the close relationships as MJ and Reza. At least a conversation prior was owed MJ.

    I’m not feeling Lilly. I find nothing redeeming about her neither her character or her looks. AndI’m feeling less for Asa this season. I liked her last year but this year her Persian Pop Princess nonsense is not endearing her. GG wasn’t my fav last year and remains on the bottom of the list this year too. I wouldn’t care if she went away.

    I am tired of the Bravo forumla and the attempt at manipulation. It has grown old. But the bottomline is I am very dissapointed in Reza for his behavior. I thought he was better than this.

    • Never fear, if there is a season three, there will be redemption storylines for Reza. Perhaps GG will save a drowning stunt kitten or something…

    • James

      I Know…I HATE Reza. He’s not funny, he’s NOT cute, he’s FAT, he’s the worst gay stereotype to come down the pike in some time. And I LOVED when he mentioned GG called him Sadam Hussein in that email…that’s what I was thinking all last season!

  6. lilkunta

    ii dont remember who said it but I agree that Reza sees Lilly as his new plaything.
    lilly: what is swimgerie? do i wear it to swim or to bed ? you grad law school in 2008 & its 2012, so you worked just 4yrs with your degree. how are you supporting yourself? are your parents paying your bills as well?

    gg: gg you really need help. if you have anger issues then please get help. to threaten your sister is wrong. to threaten your pregnant sister is wrong. you are 30. why does your sister have to tell you the price of the extensions. how hard is it for you to find out?
    …also what do gg’s parents do that they are willing to support their 30 year old daughter? she isnt in med school, she isnt volunteering with those less fortunate, so why cant gg get a job and actually act 30?

    mj: mj i getthat you are protecting reza. but you need to do it in a better way. the dinner was mean bc the first thing out of your mouth were attacks on lilly.

    mike: nothing. he was calm.

    asa: seriously you are delusional. persian pop princess? where? in cali?in iran ? you need to get a job with gg.

    reza: your ish stinks. you need to stop trying to create drama. that is a stereotype of homosexuals that you are acting out.

  7. Jakiesmom

    @Tamara….lol. Spot on!!!

  8. God the voices!!! Lily’s is like the SNL parody of the kardashians. But Reza…oh reza.he puts extra syy-yllables? In the last wo-ord? Of every sent-ennce? And they are alllll? Quest-ons? Go back and listen to him at the photo shoot and pay attention to the way he says bathing su-uit at the end of each sentence. I’m only 15 minutes in.

  9. Omg. Mj just called reza fat. Lol. Rena’s pocket handkerchief at the restaurant looked like a Carr-rot?

  10. Mj is very deeply in love with reza. That is sad.

  11. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Persian Courtney Stodden aka Lily annoys the shit out of me.
    She has the essence of a high end escort/hooker….

    She is so obnoxious in her grandiose narcissism and her repeated declarations of being fabulous. I can’t stand people who are constantly taking self pics and posting them ad nauseum..

    Then this helium voiced irritant describes that she is wearing a “100 karat” diamond necklace on WWHL. Who talks like that? She is asking for a mugging. Lea Black from RHOM has better jewelry & and I have never heard her talk about them.

  12. Not a joke. He tells it all the time but not usually in such detail. MJ usually denies it. I believe it happened. Perhaps not exactly the way he tells. They knew each other before Reza was out and before he lost his weight. Which he is clearly starting to gain back so he has no business going in on MJ about weight. He of all people should be compassionate about weight gain.

  13. pamb

    I really enjoyed the great editing job Bravo did to compare Reza and MJ and their approach to their jobs. Reza: up at 7:30, dressed and making calls. MJ: up at 8:30, getting eyelash extensions, burning toast. Reza: at work making more calls. MJ: waltzes in at 12:30, claims she was working from home. Classic!

    I am reserving judgement on Lily (I want to see that law degree) but she is right to keep her cool with MJ. MJ shows up an hour late after Lily invites her to lunch, and starts in admitting that she Google stalked her and accuses her of doing something sexual with her dog. MJ, you crazy.

    Where on earth did Asa get her money? I was assuming it’s from her parents, but her dad doesn’t work and her mom supports the family on 30K? Asa better stop this Persian Pop Priestess stuff and get to work in a big way. How can she afford her house? Where was she living when she was renting it out?

    • I know the answer to all of your questions and will be answering some tomorrow.

      Meanwhile, I’ve been a real estate agent. Most of your working hours are around everyone else’s work schedule. So you work weekends, holidays, after five pm that is most of your work time. During the day you are NOT in the office unless you are working up a contract. You are OUT IN THE WORLD meeting people, on caravans, and interacting with properties. I have a feeling MJ has WAY MORE traffic than Reza. Trust. That is HER office that she allowed Reza to move into so he would not be in a cubicle. He’s fucking her over.

      Also, all the girl maintenance has to be done during the hours when your clients are working. You have to be available to clients when everyone else is off work. Which is PART (but not all) of why MJ is late to everything. She has CLIENTS.

    • P

      I know where she got her money from. But, it’s not my blog and I don’t want to spoil it for the blog owner….In any case, you knew something was wrong when last season they all went out in style. Come this season, at least half of them started the season with income issues. HHMMMM? Regardless, Asa’s Hippie High Priestess bull is just that, bull. She’s Bohemian, and about things that are pure and natural. Yet, she wears designer sun glasses, has designer hand bags, drivers a BMW….I mean damn, thrifty and simple does not fit such a person. She drinks diamond water, has gold coins under the ground, blah, blah, blah….She is TOTALLY FAKE.

      They are all fake. Figments of Bravo’s imagination….Don’t even get me started on Mike and the rest….it’s all fake and bull. And that girl Lily, is she for real? If you have to tell people over and over your “fucking great” – you can bet – you’re not fucking great.

      Reminds me of the that idiot G.G. Seriously, does that bitch think she’s cool? Wanting to cut your pregnant sister b/c she tells you to grow up, total dumb ass. Only in her mind is she the “bad-ass exotic beauty” she thinks she is. I only watch this show sometimes to see someone kick her ass. If she were on any other reality show or in the real world, she’d have gotten her ass kicked by now.

      All I know is last season was all about parties and acting ignorant. This season is about them getting their hustle on. HA! Faketastic.

      Happy Holidays!

  14. Tartu85

    That water bottling experts office was fake beyond belief.

    Hey there, Tamara! Love your blog, love the tea!

  15. Reminder to tell your shahs secret.

  16. Thanks. I will. I have next to no internet today. And a big case of the blahs. I’ll have to upload some pictures and figure out how to tell the story. Soon definately before the next episode.

  17. Bella

    Lily reminds me of the boys in high school who brag endlessly about having tons of game and sex, but truthfully get none! If you have to tell people you are fabulous, hot etc all the time, then sorry….you are not. She could be likeable if she toned it down. I love how her hair is bigger than she is lol.

  18. Rob_LG

    I really can’t stand Reza’s name dropping on everything designer, reminds me of Dana on RHOBH. Since I’m on the topic, he drives a 3 series BUT has a Rolex collection (yellow gold of course) I don’t understand, I’m beginning to think all the jewelry is loaned to them and that is the reason behind the name dropping. Lilly one WWHL had to make it known she was wearing over 100 carats of diamonds, Asa’s broke but drives a 120k Mercedes SL550 and wears 2k sunglasses to go jogging, I’m so confused by the actors!!!!!!

  19. Agree with every role and comparison, Reza is so Nene, Lilly is Alexis, etc.. But I see MJ as Jill Zarin at this point.

  20. You are so right with the cast; they have quickly changed! As fast as Kandi was in season 2 of ATL Housewives. As 4 MJ, I feel like she is just really messed up and who could blame her, her moms on screen each go at it and letting her have it. Rza is so annoying its the jillousy syndrome I think he will burn fast and as NeNe points out this season on Housewives, she’s a good judge of character and being they (NeNe and Rza) didn’t get to bestie it up as he originally “planned” (in my head) and Ne was looking like, “chyl….idk’bout you” as Rza one eye blinked at her LOL Aye didn’t Ne have a eye thingy first season? Bravo hooks their folks up, lol This show however just should be there exit.

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