Real Housewives of Miami Blog About “The Karent Trap” and Lea Black

RHOMalexiaanalaughingThere was a lot of interesting information in the Real Housewives of Miami Bravo blogs this week.  So much so that I don’t exactly know where to begin. I think I’ll start with Alexia. We all know by now that there are way more staged scenes than real ones involved with filming these reality shows.  Production writes the storyline and the ladies are assigned their roles. It’s clear that the main storyline for the Bimini trip was exposing the fake relationship between Rodolfo and Karent. It was a dirty job but someone had to do it. What I am curious about is whether or not production knew from the beginning of filming that the relationship was fake and didn’t care, or whether they found out about it after filming began and it was obvious to anyone with two eyes. I would not be surprised by either scenario, but let’s assume for now that they found out after the first uncomfortable scene between Rodolfo and Karent.

So production decides that Alexia can “find” a tabloid story through her Venue researchers and out Karent on camera. Production sets up what Lisa calls in her blog, “the Karent trap.”  It’s interesting to note that the storyline for RHOA in Anguilla is essentially the same thing. Tonight Nene is going to out Kenya Moore regarding her fake relationship with Walter.  Oddly RHOM and RHOA have two different production companies. It’s like there is a list of storylines out there they all are using for ideas. Days after Walter takes to the radio to admit he was playing the role of boyfriend, Alexia admits in her blog that they all knew Karent was faking a relationship for the cameras.

RHOMKarentRodolfoHere is what Alexia said:  “I want to reiterate that I did not do this to hurt her in any way. I did not think she would be truly hurt because I’ve always believed that their relationship was for cameras. I was telling the truth, and if that makes me mean, then I am an honest mean person. Even Lea is so surprised by Karent’s reaction that she continues to give Karent a hard time. And Karent as usual doesn’t acknowledge anything and acts like it’s a conspiracy against her, continuing to act like the victim. Karent’s whole thing is that we are mean and want to hurt her, when she knows we busted her in her lie. She must have known that Rodolfo was in a relationship with another woman and couldn’t have been so bothered. She is not affected, joking about it and continuing to blame us while not addressing the issue.”

Of course we all knew that. But what interests me is that Alexia got all kinds of backlash from viewers who believed that the Karent relationship was real. I want to see if anyone has the same feelings for Nene tonight after she follows the same script.

RHOMleablackglassesNow let’s talk a bit about Lea Black. As you recall, I really wanted to like her when season two began. I tried to overlook things, I made excuses right up until the Thomas Kramer fiasco. Lea is not a friend to any of these women. In fact, I’m not sure she has any female friends. First she brings in “Elaine” to upset Marysol. She brings Joe Francis to a party to humiliate Marta and Joanna. She supports and defends Thomas Kramer who disgraced any and all of the housewives in attendance with a shred of dignity (mostly Ana.) She more than stirred the pot during the Bimini Karent Trap encouraging Alexia to go forward with the script. In fact, it seems the script itself required Alexia to ask Lea what to do with the information. Think about it, why would Alexia consult Lea rather than Ana and Marysol?  Because production required it. Lea snubbed Lisa from the very first episode and yet Lisa goes to Lea to unload her sad pregnancy storyline? Which housewife does Lea actually like? Clearly none of them. So what is her motivation for being on the show?  My mama would have said, “she does it for pure devilment.” She doesn’t need the money. She’s just playing a game of dick dick fuck fuck with the other ladies for sport.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of MarysolThe other interesting item in the blogs came from Marysol. Not only was she going through her own divorce, but apparently Mama Elsa was getting a divorce too! Here’s what she said in her blog,”I would like to say that while I was filming this season I was an emotional mess and there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t break down and cry at least three times. My parent’s health, 50 year marriage, and my marriage were all falling apart and subsequently so was I. I tried very hard to hide my tears and hurt for the cameras, but by the time we got to Bimini and Lea and I argued for what seemed hours, I just cracked. I know it seemed like a touching moment, but at the time Charles Manson could have hugged me and I would have collapsed in tears. I wish I could take back everything I said to Lea when she hugged me. Had I known all the things she had been saying behind my back on camera leading up to that dinner, things would have been quite different.

So kind of Lea to keep on jabbing at Marysol while she knows all this is going on in her life during filming. Somehow I think it only gets worse.


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16 responses to “Real Housewives of Miami Blog About “The Karent Trap” and Lea Black

  1. Betsy

    I too have tried to like Lea, but over and over she proves to play Bravo’s role of shit stirrer. Love your views on this weeks episode! It’s hard to believe next week is the finale!

  2. Catie Menzie

    I wish someone would take down Lea! Ana and Marysol are the only ones on the show with any integrity or heart.

  3. victori0us

    Hmmmm I said several times that Lea is a evil bitch. Lea’s prolly the president of the Miami chapter of the Elite Hunting Club…she laughs at the pain of others. I was so surprised she didn’t crack up when Lisa was breaking down crying to her.

  4. FIne, Vic, I’ve come around to your side. Can I still drool over the jewelry though?

  5. mary s

    i guess i am the only one around so far that actually likes lea….. i find her to be a strong individual who really doesnt NEED the other housewives to be friendly to her. i guess if she outed relationships and encouraged confrontation on the show then that was her “job”, wasnt it? well played lea…..

  6. no name maddox

    you hit it on the head again TT– i also wonder how/why some people don’t see thru karent, and choose to vilify alexia. i wish i personally knew some of those fish. i’d rob them blind. :)

  7. no name maddox

    the first season i loved lea. now, NOT AT ALL. i liked her less and less with each new episode of the second season.

  8. puravidacostarica

    “dick dick fuck fuck” — priceless!

  9. puravidacostarica

    In my opinion, Lea is “in love” with what she views as her superior intelligence over the stupidity she attributes to others. I think she thinks that excuses her mean comments or gibes because, secretly or not so secretly, she believes that the recipients just don’t get it anyway so what’s the harm? Not so much a fan of Lea…

  10. socalsun

    Why does Lea dress like an 80 year old woman? What’s with the head wraps? That voice makes me want to stick pins in my eyes.

  11. lilmissdiva

    Personally I think everyone including production was in on the Rodolfo storyline. I’ve got no proof, but the story seems to flow too well for production not to have known.

    I noticed a lot of backlash against Alexia when she butted into the Adriana/Karent conversation at the Venue party. In her blog and on the show, Alexia didn’t seem remorseful and tried to play victim instead of taking any responsibility for her actions. As for Alexia exposing Karent, I’m with Mama Elsa– Karent’s relationship really isn’t any of her business. It’s funny how Alexia’s blog proved that Lisa was right about Alexia wanting to get a reaction from Karent instead of telling her out of concern like she claimed on the show.

    If the ladies really want to make Karent the bad guy, then why not bring up some real things that she’s done, like her occasional passive-agressive comments towards people or as Alexia claimed once, using her name in order to borrow clothes? This other crap that they are attacking Karent for like the blog/interview or her constant smiling makes the other ladies look like bullies.

    • kasha

      Spot on, Thank you Diva! I can’t stand Alexia, but believe me there is no love for Karent and I too did NOT believe she had a real relationship. From what I have read, most the people feel what you said. I have read very few comments that actually thought there was any love there with K&R. I loved that Mama Elsa shamed them. But what really pissed me off in Alexia’s blog was her comment about her having children is what Joanna and Karent want as if being a mother somehow makes her more superior. What a b*tch! I noticed how she left Lisa out of that even though Lisa too made comments about her feelings about Alexia’s intentions. She knew the fans would have really eaten her alive.

  12. Madame DuBois

    I have no idea why…but in the back of my twisted mind, I have had the desire to do a dubstep version of Thomas Kramer’s rant on Elsa Patton, using Adolph Hilter’s voice?!?!? I know, haters, please don’t throw poo on me,it just really makes me laugh watching at how absurd he was acting..(I meant overacting)on that episope. Like a dictator. And there stood poor Elsa, just taking it from him. Nice touch, from someone who has known your family for years.
    I also loved the UN-style Passover Shauvot that she have in honor of her Jewish MIL!
    Did you all catch how the Russians and the Poles do NOT get along? Poor Lisa needed a cold war study guide to get through that meal.

    I hope I’m right in that she has baby news for Lenny! I really do think they would make good loving, if spoiling parents.

  13. jan white

    love love lea and Joanna , the other girls are weak . so happy mean girl ana is not part of the show anymore .without lea and Joanna their would be a show ,I ove seeing strong woman not mean girls.

  14. Charlotte

    Lea is just on the show to promote her businesses and become even richer. She could care less about the other ladies; it obvious.

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