Mama Elsa on WHHL!!! I Die!!!

WWHLFirst of all, WWHL has Mama Elsa on. She is drunk already. Mark Consuelos is on as back up. I wish Andy had her on alone. What does she think of Mark?  She thinks he is a very good looking man with great teeth. I think Mark is there to translate. lol. Mama Elsa’s nurse and companion is the bar tender. Andy already doesn’t understand the bartender.

Wait, whut? Has Mark always had a 70s porn stache? Is this leftover from Movember? Anyway, Andy doesn’t know what a turban is. Sad. I called one a turban in my recap but really, it’s a headscarf. I guess a Jew would not know the difference.  Andy asks about the battle between Marysol and Lea. Mama Elsa says she didn’t think either of them were that intelligent so she didn’t pay that much attention. Mama loves Mark Consuelos and well hell, who doesn’t?

Andy plays a medley of Mama Elsa moments. Then “soothing guidance by Lea Black” which I thought might be pro Lea but was really mocking her screechy voice. Up next a game called Mommy Like! to determine who Mama Elsa should date. Mark is making the call.  George Clooney? Yes! Elsa says why? Micheal Lohan? No. P Diddy? One night stand. Prince? Yes. Mama seems to imply she is not down with the swirl. Prince Harry? Mama jumps in to say YES! LOL.

Mama Elsa asks if she ever worked. She’s like, “Have a job? Why should I work? I was born a woman!” I love her.  She was asked if she would ever marry again she said no, I won’t meet a special man.” Psychic!

Wait so a caller calls in and says she is a fan of Mama Elsa and Mark and Kelly. Mark had a weird facial reaction to that. Is he having a problem with Kelly’s success? Just an observation. The caller asked if Marysol and Elaine will ever resolve their problems and Mama Elsa says,”Elaine? Who Elaine?” and Andy says ” The drag queen” and Mama Elsa say, ” Oh the man/woman? I wanted to beat her up, I wanted to kill her.” 

Original artwork By David Gilmore

Original artwork By David Gilmore

I’m tired so I am skipping the Mark questions. He’s giving actor answers. GAME TIME AGAIN! So the game is called what’s in the crystal ballsack I assume this will be Mama Elsa predictions…oooohhh! Mark will pull a ball out of the crystal ball sack, Mama Elsa will in general have no idea about the cultural event and make a prediction. I predict best game EVER.Here we go…First ball Lea Black. Mama says….She will have a good year if she wants to. Next ball Elaine, Mama says as a man or a woman? Andy says man. Mama says…I think somebody is going to beat her up. Did I mention I love this game? Next ball…Andy Cohen! Will he find love next year? He is already in love (Anderson Cooper, duh!) Exciting love is coming to him. Next ball. Lindsay Lohan. Andy, “Do you know who she is?” Mama asks is this the one who was doing Elizabeth Taylor?  Mama sort of falls over and says I think she is going down. Next ball is “the stock market” Andy asks how will the economy do next year? Mama says she hates to tell us but it is not going to be a brilliant year.WOW Someone asks Mark what Kelly’s worst habit is. He says he has been married  16.5 years and knows better than to answer that question. Mama Elsa says “Don’t count victory yet…because in one hour she might flip and say no more ‘Consuelo’”

Did y’all watch this?

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97 responses to “Mama Elsa on WHHL!!! I Die!!!

  1. michelle

    Love love loved it was there an aftershow?

  2. Gbell

    I loved Mama Elsa’s black lace nude-illusion catsuit.

  3. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Mama Elsa deserves to be a solo act.
    Love Love Loves me some Elsa.
    I am excited to watch the after show in a few minutes after my Xanax & champagne kick in.

  4. lovesrealitytv

    Tamara-great recap. You are so fun!

  5. michelle

    Love how she calls him Dandy!

  6. lilkunta

    NO. I dont watch miami Hw bc of her face so I was disappointed that she was on WWHL. Sadly the remote fell and I didnt get up to change to Chelsea Lately. She is disgusting. Is her ‘companion’ her nurse bc she is ill? I ask because if I go in on her and she is sick I know you all will jummp on me. Has elsa addressed what happened to her face? Did she sue the Dr who messed her up ? My skin is crawling. she is worse than jocelyn wildenstein. joycelyn’s face is tight. elsa looks like that concrete mud thing from TMNT.

    • smooches

      I can’t stomach her scenes either…heck the whole show…I forgot the show was even on last night

    • Nicole

      I love Mama Elsa. It’s too bad you are superficial and can not see past her look.

    • I agree Nicole. It seems like the same people have to point out her unfortunate botched surgery everytime I post rather than her tremendous spirit to overcome such a horrible tragedy. She’s an amazing people to keep such a great spirit despite people like that pointing out the obvious each and every day of her life. Love her!

    • DJ

      I think that she has a nurse/companion because of her age. This allows her to be independent and continue to live in her own home.

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      I usually make snarky rude comments directed to the subject of Tamara’s posts, and I never have directed a rude attack comment to a poster in this forum until now.

      Lilkunta you are a BigCunta.

      Mama Elsa has more beauty than your closed minded mentality could realize.
      What an agitating way to start my day. Poof be gone.

    • smooches

      Momma Elsa called the president a monster…I don’t see this warm personality others do and it’s not just based on the president comment either

    • You’re too fucking fat to get out of the Walmart barkolounger and get your remote and you are mocking Mama Elsa? You spell Jump with two “m”s and you expect to have your opinion considered? Fuck that.

  7. I thought the show was great. Mark was a good choice to sit next to the unpredictable (and sometimes hard to understand) Elsa. She’s such an interesting woman, I really wish Andy had asked more questions regarding her past.

    • lovesrealitytv

      Tamara-did Elsa drive up to NYC again since she is afraid of Flying? I loved the recap last year of Marysol and Elsa driving from Miami to NYC. I feel for Elsa-the horrible doctor who injected silicone in her face is a disgraceful man. Silicone adheres to the inner lining of the skin and due to Elsa’s poor health she can’t have it removed. If only she had a face lift…she would have looked very good of it had been performed by a reputable plastic surgeon. Remember in the scene @ the jewelry store when Elsa eluded to the doc who had ruined her face? Poor woman-she was once so beautiful. Thanks for the great recap as usual.

  8. I am Jewish, and I know what a turban is. Some women use a head scarf in Temple. I don’t think Andy being Jewish has anything to do with knowing about someones bad fashion sense.

  9. bsbfankaren

    I used to love everything about Mama Elsa, but I lost respect for her when she called our President and “animal”, and lost a little more last night when the picture of Prince was on the screen and she said she really doesn’t like “those people”. Sorry, but I just can’t get passed that.

  10. That was sort of a weird comment now that I go back and read. In my mind, having lived in an Arab country… My brain just went to him not having that experience, or something.

    • bsbfankaren

      It wasn’t weird to my ears. For some reason people have come to believe that racism is an American thing, when it is alive and well world wide. It is simply displayed in a different manner in the Latin world. I’ve heard that Cuban American’s are particularly afflicted with that particular malady.

    • And this is why I would always give you, my lady friend benefit of the doubt…that as a gay man I’m appalled that he doesn’t know what a turban is unless he has never come across the Lana Turner/ Elizabeth Taylor school of dressing…shame Mr. Cohen, shame. ;-)

  11. I just adore Mama Elsa, she brings some comic relief to The RHOM. I assume Elsa has an assistant/nurse for a companion. Plus, she probably keeps an eye on Mama’s drinking.

  12. Don't Steal... The Government Hates Competition

    Mama Elsa is nothing more than a racist gold digging old whore. This Cuban refuge snuck into America with a mission to marry a white man for his money. She is a straight up racist, just like most Cubans living in Miami. On WWHL, she didn’t like any of the black male photos. She said 50 Cent was too young but Prince Harry (who clearly looks younger) was good for her. With Prince’s photo she said “I don’t like those people,” — we all know what “those people” mean. I don’t see the love people share for her (especially Andy). She’s frightening to look at and adds no value to the show. I often wonder, if she was a real psychic, why didn’t she predict the cyclops she would become and run from that doctor? It’s time for Mama Elsa to take her boring witch act back to the nursing home.

    • For whom the bell Tolls

      Not that I am a fan of Fidel Castro or his human rights atrocities but one of the good things that he did for Cuba was equalize everyone regardless of race, and that is why many of the “old school Cubans (white ) hate him. They were no longer able to live the lifestyle that had grown accustomed to when he took over and that is why they left Cuba in droves. They couldn’t fathom having to be considered on the same level as darker hued Cubans. When the first wave of Cubans came to America they were white, rich and educated and the whole world sympathized with them and were appalled that people who looked like them were treated so badly hence all the special treatment they received from this country. But the “dirty secret” about dark Cuba was revealed to the world during the Mariel boat lift when Castro sent the criminals, crazies and darker hued Cubans to the shores of Miami. The established Cubans were very appalled and embarrassed that their little secret was out and that not everyone in Cuba was white, rich or educated. That in fact Cuba was a diverse country that had people of different ethnicities. I used o find Elsa amusing but not anymore after this call me sensitive but when someone calls another human being an animal without just cause it raises my eyebrows especially when referring to a black person because anyone can be an animal regardless of race. I wold hazard a guess that Elsa was on that first boat out of Cuba as many elite Cubans were and she brought those same prejudices and attitudes from her former life.

      • One of the fun things about teaching first and second grade is explaining the animal kingdom to them. They are always shocked that people are animals. Sounds like you will be too. Also, I think every president in my lifetime as been referred to as an animal. It’s typical of people from an opposing party to the current president.


    • bsbfankaren

      One more thing people should be aware of is that Fidel Castro made education color blind, and in fact the literacy rate is above 90% in Cuba, which is above the rate here in America. Fidel Castro is no saint, but what he did in regards to race relations in Cuba is an untold story that needs to be learned, and which makes Mama Elsa’s statement about President Obama that much more disgusting.

    • Don't Steal... The Government Hates Competition

      @ For whom the bell Tolls – Thank you for the education and history on race relations among Cubans living in America. You nailed it!

  13. Meh. I knew the picture would not post. Just google “bush monkey” There are a billion examples.

    • Don't Steal... The Government Hates Competition

      @ Tamara – Are you seriously justifying Elsa’s comments? Anybody with half a brain would know exactly the sentiment behind her Obama comment and the other black people she commented on. Do your research on Cuban-American race ideology. You might learn something. It seems you have an issue accepting racism still exists. I’ve seen you make excuses for Kim Zolciak also. Considering you’re a teacher, I’m shocked you don’t have better judgement and discernment to see things for what they clearly are.

    • bsbfankaren

      Yeah, while things have been said about other President’s, there really is a racial aspect to what Mama Elsa said, even though I know some folks don’t want to believe. It’s O.K., though. It wasn’t only American’s of African decent that heard what she said, but also Cuban’s, whether or not they are of African decent, which is why she changed her tone when she was on WWHL.

    • bsbfankaren

      Don’t Steal….I don’t think she’s justifying it, so much as attempting to tip toe around it. LOL! That’s what race is in our country today. Something not to be spoken of, but avoided.

    • Don't Steal... The Government Hates Competition

      @ bsbfankaren – Well said on all accounts and I completely agree.

  14. Don't Steal... The Government Hates Competition

    @ For whom the bell Tolls – Thank you for the education and history on race relations among Cubans living in America. You nailed it!

  15. YAY! For Marxist Dictatorship! (Am I doing that right?)

    • Don't Steal... The Government Hates Competition

      I’m going to pray for you.

    • bsbfankaren

      I suppose it depends on who you are talking to. Odd….but, O.K.!

    • Don't Steal... The Government Hates Competition

      @ bsbfankaren – I know right, she makes no sense at all.

    • bsbfankaren

      That’s O.K. There’s now an attack dog around to tell us all how wrong we are…and throw in that we are fat and ugly, because…well heck, this is the online world, isn’t it? Enjoy your day, Don’t Steal, and everyone else. After losing my mother last month, and the event in Connecticut, my anger is directed at one issue, and one issue alone. All the rest is simply hilarious!

    • Don't Steal... The Government Hates Competition

      @ bsbfankaren – I’m truly sorry for your lost. My sincere condolences. Life is too short to waste precious minutes on racist puppets…the devil is a liar. Enjoy your day as well honey.

  16. Good god. You people kill me. Whenever you don’t like someone you screech at the top of your lungs RACIST!!! Fuck the fuck off with that shit. It’s not a free card you hang on everyone you don’t like.

    • bsbfankaren

      And of COURSE there is always someone around to accuse everyone else of playing the proverbial race card, without ever taking a moment to see if there might actually be even a kernel of truth in our statements. No, no. It’s so much easier to curse and degrade those who speak out, then it is to attempt, even attempt to find common ground. Welcome to America. The land of…believe as I do, or get cursed out! Thanks, teecee66. I really needed a good laugh this morning.

    • Don't Steal... The Government Hates Competition

      Folks, DO NOT respond to Teecee66. She/he is an puppet placed here to garner public opinion and create confusion and ignominy in the black race an old goal for this people (i.e. Willie Lynch)

  17. Than. Not ” then” you illiterate turd. That’s for frankentard up there.

    I have no clue what Slappy McLongname is attempting to communicate besides the “ignore the person who is right” slop. After that it lost me in a Grady-esque flourish of babble.

  18. For whom the bell Tolls

    Trust and believe I am not one to be going around to be calling everyone who chooses not to associate with minorities racist but come on Tamara lets keep it real here. What other presidents in your recollection have been referred too in animalistic terms???? Maybe where you come from but not here. i dont believe that i ever saw any President or his wife associated with a monkey and other animals as this President and his family has. In fact, the Presidents’ wives are never attacked but Michelle has been mocked and ridiculed by countless politicians who later backtrack and issue apologies. This president has displayed strength and grace under these unnecessary and sometimes racist attacks so pardon some of us who are a little sensitive when we hear the President referred to as an animal. Don’t let your like for someone blind you to some of their ugliness. While many view Kim Z as racist, I just think that she is a opportunist and uses whoever is at her disposal to help. Do i think that Kim is shallow, materialistic and money hungry, the answer is Yes to all the above. Do I think that she can be insensitive and crude, Yes but is she truly racist, I say No. I think that Mama Elsa is a very intuitive, funny and wise woman in many ways but that does not detract from some of her ugly comments. She is just displaying the generational mentality that she was raised in pre Castro Cuba which racism against those of a darker hue.

    • Are you KIDDING??? Bush was mocked and compared to a monkey all the time. Why is saying someone who looks like a monkey looks like a monkey grounds for execution?? Michelle is a disgusting embarrassment to this country she hasn’t a clue how a First Lady should look or act. Is saying so wrong? I think not. Wake up to the truth instead of being overly sensitive.

      And so WHAT if an old lady is racist and speaks her mind. Do you for a second not think that there are not a ton of people lying through their teeth and pretending in order to create the illusion of PCness because they have to? She is an old lady who was raised in different times. Why do I have to hate her because of one aspect of her personality? That’s as narrow minded as being a racist.

  19. For whom the bell Tolls

    And how is it according to you how a First Lady should act? What embarrassment has she caused to this country? How should she look Oh Great One? Clue me i. Why dont you. Unfortunately for you the Jim Crow era has passed and minorities are allowed at the front of the bus.
    Age does not excuse ignorance especially for someone who for all intents and purpose is ethnically and racially a minority. Where was it mentioned that you have to hate Elsa, you are free to exercise your right as a human being to like whomever but rest assured I’m exercising my same right to dislike certain attitudes and comments displayed by certain individuals.

  20. And Elsa is most certainly NOT racially a minority.

    • bsbfankaren

      FYI, Mama Elsa is ethnically Hispanic/Latino, and is therefore a minority. I can see that really bothers you, but it happens to be true.

    • Wow. You are increadibly dumb. Latin is not a race. She is not from a racial minority. Until white is a minority.

    • bsbfankaren

      Well since I am taking the blame for this entire discussion, I will go ahead and ask that you get your eyes examined before re-reading what I posted. If that doesn’t work, taking English 101 at your local Community or Technical College might help with reading comprehension.

  21. puravidacostarica

    For Whom, Don’t Steal, Bsbfankaren: Wow, go sit in your corners. Take your agenda elsewhere. Your bitterness at life having failed you all is showing. And to think it’s all coming out on a blog about reality-show housewives. How irony is that? teecee, you don’t need backup. You’re doing fine on your own. But the others? In the words of Brandi (apologize for the crossover), STFU.

    • bsbfankaren

      What agenda are you referring to exactly? It has been my experience that when someone accuses someone else of be bitter, they are simply projecting. I’m sorry you are having so many issues, but I don’t know you, and therefore could truly care less what your opinion is of me. Enjoy your evening!

  22. puravidacostarica

    **ironic. :-) The irony is killing me. LOL

  23. puravidacostarica

    You’re lucky then, because I don’t have an opinion of you. My “issue” is with folks folks who have to go on and on (and on and on and on and ON) about racism and politics and cultural issues (as though RHOM is some serious shit!), when they could just say “I don’t like Mama Elsa because of what she called our President and, therefore, I think she’s racist.” Dislike Mama Elsa if you will. But many of us thinks she’s a hoot and aren’t here to scrutinize her moral compass or her politics. We don’t need to be subjected to a PC-correct dissertation from those of you who think she’s out of bounds.

    • bsbfankaren

      Who exactly went “on and on”? We made our statements, and at least one of us backed her statements up with a history lesson, that allowed you to have a reason to come here and decide that we were somehow trying to make the world PC. The question is, so what? What is so wrong with not issuing insults, or not taking the time to dislike someone purely based on something that cannot be changed? Why would that make someone PC, and not simply a kind and thoughtful human being? I have no idea where Mama Elsa’s “moral compass” lies. I can however take note of the words that come out of her mouth, and decide based on those words, whether to like or dislike her, just as you are doing with those of us who chose to post on this topic. Therefore, doesn’t that make you just as PC as you claim we are? Are you not also going “on and on” about an issue you claim is so distasteful to you? So how then does that make you any different then anyone else? Oh, yeah. You’re not! Enjoy your evening.

  24. puravidacostarica

    **think** In the words of Ana, me thinks I just lost some brain cells engaging with the PC cabal.

    • bsbfankaren

      I’d say apparently you found enough of them to throw in a fair number of insults. Good for you. I would hate to think that you had lost what I would hope you had at least once held so dear. LMAO :)

  25. For whom the bell Tolls

    Considering that I currently have a MBA and seem to be doing well financially, I would like to think that I have succeeded. I was just offering an opinion and answers to observations and questions that were put forth. Puravidacostarica I’m quite puzzled by what agenda you’re talking about that some of us are trying to push?? An agenda of equality for all regardless of sex, religion, color etc. What is so threatening about that. From your name can i assume that you are a Costarricense and that may explain your attitude considering that Costa Rica didnt consider Blacks citizens until 1948 even though they lived in Costa Rica for centuries. So you’re lack of empathy and ignorance is understandable and excused. As they say in Costa Rica “pura vida” and Good night!

  26. For whom the bell Tolls

    I wonder why intelligent discourse bother so many???

  27. puravidacostarica

    Because your “intelligent discourse” is anything but. Rather, it’s “think like I do, or I will insult your intelligence, call you a racist, excuse your ‘understandable lack of empathy and ignorance,’” and tout my completely irrelevant MBA and financial success (btw, that must have really come in handy in these recent economic times?), and then presume to know what another’s “attitude” is or is not. Take your elitist, “smarter than thou” presumptions and go toll a bell. You just proved one mama right: “Stupid is as stupid does.” And to quote your passive aggressive, nyah-nyah-nyah response to all of us, “have a good evening”.

    • bsbfankaren

      Oh come now. In looking at the irony as you claim to be doing, you must see the need to take all of this with a tremendous grain of salt, without feeling the need to be insulted or issue insults? Or perhaps you were simply sitting back in wait for your opportunity to pounce? Regardless, I thank you for getting yourself deep into the fray. It really made each and every comment that much more….well….touching. LOL!

  28. puravidacostarica

    And the irony again is killing me! That bsbfankaren seeks intelligent discourse on a reality-housewives blog. :-) LMAO!

    • bsbfankaren

      Well, I’ll tell ya’. If intelligent people are posting, there is no reason why there cannot be intelligent discourse regardless of the subject matter. However, like you I find this all a bit silly, and am responding to it as such. Enjoy your evening.

  29. For whom the bell Tolls

    Its obvious you dont have the reading comprehensive skills to understand what i was saying. I speak for me and myself only, no one else and my opinion is mine alone.I don’t know how this translated into me being an elitist and trying to push my ideals on others??? As the child of immigrants i make no apologies for my success and thank this country for all that it has given me and i will not apologize for that. In fact my irrelevant MBA has helped me in these tough economic times, i wish everyone could say the same but thats not me being elitist just stating a fact. Tell us again why you’re mad. Anyhow buenos noches querida

  30. puravidacostarica

    Again, the irony. I am not mad. I’m laughing at you and your posts. Thanks for the entertainment. Each and every one of your posts was a kick! :-)

  31. For whom the bell Tolls

    As the great MLK said “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and consciencious stupidity”

    Toodles off to bed!!!!

  32. @bsbfankaren when there are 80 comments and 36 or so of them are from”the three of you”, I’d say that’s going on and on and on and on…the fact that you claim that “one of you” even threw in a history lesson and you still don’t think you are going on and on and on and are simply fixated on discussing racism despite the content of the original content this post and on others only serves to dilute whatever point you seem to think you have.

    • bsbfankaren

      tamaratattles, I’ll thank you for singling me out and take the responsibility for the entire thread. As I have said before, given the tragedy of Friday and the loss of my mother last month, making a point really had little to do with the discussion that occurred yesterday into last night, and as became clear at least to me, had less to do with racism and more to do with a few people lobbing bombs, something that occurs on the internet on a fairly regular basis as I am sure you are aware. I suppose I could go through and count the actual number of people who took part in the fracas, but also understand that it will not change your perception of what occurred, and instead will accept your accusation of fixation and move on.

  33. smooches

    Hit dogs hollering all up and through this post…when people get super defensive about other people’s opinions it speaks volumes on you not them…still not a fan of Elsa, her face is still scary and her words are still empty

    • bsbfankaren

      Although I found the whole thing super distracting and therefore hilariously fun, I also see that it allowed someone to take the whole thing and drop it squarely and apparently unequivocally in my lap. So, I will accept it, wrap it up here, and start this new week appropriately (or inappropriately depending on the prospective chosen) chastened.

  34. Khardstlaw

    I read this blog often and I like Tamara’s take on The Houswives Franchise. I must say though, the fact that Tamara called out the people making legitimate, intelligent arguments and let someone like Teecee66 get away with such blatant, ignorant, profanity laced disrespect speaks volumes.

    • Welcome! and I am quite fond of TC! Known her for years. Not so much of a fan of Fidel Castro but I let them go on all day long about his finer qualities, much as I would had they been advocating Hitler. I simply pointed out when you, er, I mean they claimed they were not going on and on and on and on about shit totally not related to the post that they were. Hey! Thanks for posting (again).

    • bsbfankaren

      Well, I suppose everyone needs a friend. :)

    • pffft

      I like TC. She is funny…. Smoochers on the other hand is stupid.

  35. I’m sure you will find one, one day. After you allow others to have opinions you don’t agree with. TC is full of shit about a lot of things, or maybe I am… we disagree and we agree. We don’t know each other in real life.

    Are you still maintaining you don’t go ON AND ON AND ON AND FUCKING ON?

    Just curious. Because me and TC don’t agree about most things, but that is a fact.

    • bsbfankaren

      Are you referring to me, or just speaking generally? I could go “ON AND ON AND FUCKING ON” but I prefer to respond to things that are directed to me, and laugh off the rest. But I can go to the general way of speaking if you’d prefer. Hey, it sure seems like some people are taking statements are comments far, far more seriously then warranted, but to each his or her own.

  36. Khardstlaw

    “You, er, I mean they”…… What does that mean? I would have no issue saying if I had commented on here before it’s not as if I can’t stand behind what I say. Who does that? Wow, I comment on TeeCee’s profanity and you get touched like that?…….going back to the land of adults……

  37. Don’t forget that Barbra Streisand’s new movie “The Guilt Trip” comes out on Dec. 19th. I hear Fidel gave it boffo reviews.

    • pffft

      Mama Elsa is hilarious and anyone who doesn’t like her needs to get the stick out of their ass, sit the fuck down, and get a sense of humor.

  38. mercedes diaz

    I’m pretty sure there are members of the ku klux klan who are hilarious also so let mama Elsa get a pass, she is so funny who cares if she is a racist…

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