Brandi Glanville Drinking and Tweeting

BrandidrinkingandtweetingBrandi Glanville has been trying to figure out the name of her book for months. Every single idea she has tweeted has been horrible. I remember her asking us to select from three choices earlier this year and my choice was “none of those.” On the last episode of RHOBH we saw her agent tell her that “Fuck it I Fucking wrote a Fucking Book” was not going to fly. So I am pleasantly surprised that she finally found a great name for her divorce book,  Drinking and Tweeting and Other Brandi Blunders. It’s perfect. The only bad part is now I can’t name my memoir that.

In an interview with Fox411, Brandi says the book is “a cautionary tale about breaking up and  making sure that before you become part of a “we” you  have to become an “I” and I wasn’t. (Quotes were attributed to Fox 411 but I can’t find a link.)

RHOBHBrandiwine“It’s just a tale of what I went through, the  mistakes I made, what I’d do differently, the things that  I did that I’m proud of. There’s a lot of embarrassing detail. I want people to  not be embarrassed going through breakups  and divorces, to know what to do before they get involved in a relationship.”

In other news, Brandi had her non-cancerous tumor removed this week. She tweeted that it was the size of a golf ball. Apparently that was bigger than expected and her doctor had to take some fat (where did they find fat on Brandi?) keep her boob from having a divot. Brandi says she will find out today more information on the tumor. Frankly, despite the claim it is non-cancerous I’d still be concerned. I hope she gets good news.


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24 responses to “Brandi Glanville Drinking and Tweeting

  1. maryam s

    not sure if i like her photo on the cover…..i am sure it will be an interesting read….. a good “beach book”. dont worry tamara, we will help you come up with a book name for yours. 😉

  2. Tamara Lynn

    I like the title :) and I’m sure I’m going to be reading it!

  3. Preordered last week, I think it was. Then I got a laugh earlier this week because while looking for a different book I noticed another book had the work Fucking in the title and of course her book agent told her Fuck couldn’t be in the title.

    Not liking the cover photo much either but since my copy will be kindle edition, I wont really see it.

  4. Vp

    You’re right, the title is perfect.

  5. betteroffdumb

    I wasn’t into her at all before but after seeing her in some interviews she grew on me. She’s a funny girl and I actually get her now. I think I really want to read her book when it comes out.

  6. Collin

    Calling my book “Jacks Off A Lot.” Coming 2013

  7. I am loving Brandi, so getting the book…

  8. Diana

    The tittle is perfect and describes her to a T.

    Brandi is another Jacqueline Laurita, you would think that by now she has learn to not drink and tweet all kinds of BS, but no, she still does it anyway.

  9. Her face looks weird on the cover, wish it looked more like her. Other than that…good stuff.

  10. Kimber

    Brandi is starving for attention, the whole time I’m watching her on housewives of Beverly Hills, I can’t help but think she always appears high! She talks like whorish and wants to be seen and heard,,, sad!,

  11. Based on Brandi’s tweets last night, encouraging folks to “go out and celebrate” that they are lucky that their kids are alive, I would venture to say Brandi has continued to Drink and Tweet.

    Brandi is a contradiction: she garners all this sympathy because her ex won’t allow her to be filmed on the Housewives show with her boys; but she has no problem revealing information that was told to her in confidence that impacts one of her castmate’s boys.

    Instead of remaining silent last night about the mass shootings, a tragedy that killed children the same age as her boys, Brandi tweets that life is short, don’t dwell on “negative stuff” and then proceeds to share funny anecdotes about …. her!

    We are so sorry Brandi that most people on Twitter were focused on those slain children. It took the attention away from you, the nerve of us!

  12. sars

    if anyone wants insight to kim and kyles growing up, i recommend “house of hilton”. its really interesting and easy to see the earliest source of their problems- their mother was a monster. brandis is probably the last housewifes book id want to read. we dont even know her that well. i dont think the timing is right.

    • I disagree. Respectfully of course. Kim and Kyle are boring and stupid. Talk about an attention seeking whore, Kyle exceeds all of them. Kyle thinks she can now be believable to use the audience, as this well mannered dinner guest. Please. Several stupid stuff like that. Am I the only person in America who never even heard of Kim and what a famous child star she was? I am in my fifties if that makes a difference. She seems pretty close to my own age tho. Brandi is funny, smart and drop dead gorgeous. I wouldn’t even bother with continuing to apologize to Kim over her comment at game night. Kim thinks she has nothing to apologize for I guess and continues to be delusional and passive aggresive. Altho I admit, I am glad she *ruined* Mauricio’s celebratory new business party. He’s a tool. Anywho sars, I would pass on the Richards girls (they aren’t Hiltons what’re they doing in the book anyway?) biography and much rather read Brandis book. Good day!

  13. sars

    well the book is two parts, one about paris hiltons maternal side of the fam and one about the paternal. so the first half is about her mothers mother, big kathy. it was big kathy who taught all the richards girls to marry for money. when kim hid brandis crutches, that really showed her true colors, and even kyle said, “now THATS the kim i know!” that is exactly the type of story relayed over and over again in the book- big kathy once put a screw in her stepdaughters food after telling her how beautiful her teeth were. theyre just a nasty bunch of people, though kim and kyle dont seem as bad as lil kathy, i think shes the worst.

    • DJ

      Found this on Wikipeda. “In 1988, at age 19, (Kyle) Richards married Guraish Aldjufrie while she was pregnant. Richards gave birth to their daughter, Farrah, but they were divorced in 1990.

      Richards met second husband Mauricio Umansky in 1994. Umansky is a mix of Greek and Russian descent. He was born and raised in the Jewish religion in Mexico. Richards married Mauricio Umansky when she was pregnant with Alexia (born 1996). The couple went on to have two more daughters: Sophia (born 2000) and Portia (born 2008.”
      Is this what Big Kathy taught her daughters?

      • There is a book all about the history of the Hilton family titled “House Of Hilton” it provides the complete history of big Kathy and her daughter’s. -Avaliable on Amazon new or used. Pretty interesting info.

  14. PS-if you google “house of hilton” it will give you a lot of the book without having to buy it. Sorry if I posted too many times. I just wanted to help people get info. Also if you google “Big Kathy Richards” there is a lot of info.

  15. Psst. I’m pretty sure we all know how google works.

  16. susanna

    The title and the cover are a very good choices. Good for Brandi!

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