Guess Which Bravolebrity is on the Short List for an Oscar?

80th Academy Awards NYC Meet the Oscars OpeningBefore the Oscar nominations are narrowed down to five actual nominees, 75 eligible entries are placed on the official short list for consideration. This year a Bravolebrity had made the short list.  I will give you, oh…let’s day 50 questions (Yes or No) . One question per post. Try to allow everyone a chance to guess. After 25 questions, I’ll give a hint or two if you have not gotten it. Remember questions only! No commentary. Good Luck! Answer is not behind the page break!

Asa Soltan Rahmati and Sunny Levine co-wrote a song for the Rasheeda Jones Movie Celeste and Jessie Forever. It made the short list for Best Original Song in a Movie along side such great company as Adele, Fiona Apple and Katy Perry! TamaraTattles wish Asa and Sunny the best of luck and huge congratulations!


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43 responses to “Guess Which Bravolebrity is on the Short List for an Oscar?

  1. Emma_Rose77

    Are they on two prime time scripted shows?

  2. michelle

    is it a Housewife?

  3. susie

    Is she forever a Skinny Girl?

  4. Ncfinedime

    Is it a gay…..

  5. Karyn Norris

    Is it David foster?

  6. this bravolebrity was in a movie??

  7. Barbara

    Is it the husband of a Housewife?

  8. Asked and answered. For some reason your post had to be moderated. Prolly mistyped or used a new email.

  9. michelle

    did this person work behind the scenes on a movie?

  10. michelle

    is this possible award nomination music related?

  11. Barbara

    Is it Kandi Buruss?

  12. Are they a household name for ppl who watch Bravo?

  13. michelle

    Props to Asa and best of luck to Asa and Sunny! I love Rasheeda and she co -wrote the movie! I haven’t seen it, yet I think it comes out on dvd in Feb..

  14. michelle

    That was fun!

  15. Ash511

    Oh wow!! Go Asa!

  16. James

    Asa!! Asa!! She’s so full of herself and yet I love every part of her!!

  17. lilkunta

    i would have guessed david foster(but hsi wife is the HW and she isnt a song writer).
    i would have next guessed kandi burruss.
    very surprised it is asa. she is diverse.
    so she gets or got paid for her song right? i dont want to hear anymore talk of her being broke(ep 2.1 of SoS)

  18. we are all so obedient…not a word of discussion….
    another, please!

  19. PJ

    Isn’t Rashida Jones the daughter of Quincy Jones and the gal that was on the Mob Squad (old TV program) years ago? She is adorable.

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