Wendy Williams Goes in on Kenya Moore

wendywilliamsThis morning on Wendy Williams read Kenya’s denials about Walter simply playing the role of her boyfriend on the Real Housewives of Atlanta which TooFab scooped yesterday. Then she proceeded to say she didn’t believe a word. Before reading the statement she referred to her as “that girl on RHOA.” So you could tell Wendy was not feeling her before she even read the statement. But Wendy made herself perfectly clear after she read the statement…

RHOAkenyaWalterWendy said, ” I just feel like this Kenya. It is what it is. I know that it is very embarrassing to you that all of this was exposed, and I know that in a great but small city in Atlanta you can’t go anywhere now, you can’t go the bank, you can’t go to the grocery store, everybody is laughing at you and everybody is looking at you crazy.”  Wendy says she doesn’t believe that anything else is going to come out about this on the show. Kenya has been exposed. Wendy says that Kenya has been bragging about being able to be married any time she wants and that she’s been engaged three or four times. Wendy tells Kenya that if she’s been engaged several times and not gotten married the problem isn’t the man, it’s her. OUCH!


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46 responses to “Wendy Williams Goes in on Kenya Moore

  1. Tamar voice

    Quite frankly, I think she’s telling a tall tale about the marriage engagements. I don’t think anyone has proposed to her.

    • bsbfankaren

      The woman is bi-polar, which is why the “boyfriend” asked if she had taken her meds. I have nothing to say negatively about people with psychological disorders since I’ve dealt with that in my own family, however, I think Kenya is a nasty individual who would have a hard time getting married under the best of circumstances. Now that she’s over 40 and bragging about a career no one seems to be aware of, she just looks sad and desperate.

  2. megusta

    who cares what wendy williams says?? shes nasty anyways. trash! I dont like Kenya at all, she is just as gross but honestly more than anything she is sad. shes just s ad little creature who is EXTREMELY insecure and needs help. Poor girl.

  3. Kash511

    And this is why I love Wendy!

  4. mrswindycity

    All reality participants should know ….. it all comes out eventually

  5. Katrina

    Wasn’t it Wendy that said “Kenya” would be the next break-out star? It will be interesting to see how it plays out on RHOA.

    • Girl Plz...

      Wendy also said she can admit when she’s wrong. Which she did on the show yesterday. lol
      But honestly, I feel so bad for Kenya. Must suck to be her right now…. (In my Jill Zarin voice) even Porsha has more twitter followers.

  6. verneewaggin

    Kenya is really a very sad, lonely, mixed-up person. She is trying really hard to make everyone believe that Walter is her boyfriend. But in order to talk marriage, you need to have a”fiance” which she has never referred him as. Also she seems to be running the man down, every word out of her mouth is wedding, babies, rings, wife, etc. I have never ever once heard him ” I love you Kenya” or vice versa. She wants what all the other hw have, and in her own delusional world, I think that she thinks that by wishing and begging long enough it just may happen. She needs prayer, and maybe an exorcism.

    • Katrina

      I can see that Kenya is delusional, but Walter has not said one word to the contrary on camera that he is not interested in having babies or getting married. Walters body language is saying that. It also looks like Walter was leading her on too. So Walter stayed with Kenya in Anguilla and he did not sleep with her?

    • Actually, his words during the meet with her Aunt said all he needed to say. He needs to be in love to get married, that with Kenya they were just getting to know each other. Long reach from one to the other.

    • Queen V

      That’s exactly why she hates Porsha and Cynthia so much.

  7. Katrina

    Walter seems to think Kenya is crazy. I just wonder if Kenya is really having a breakdown or is this how she gets attention. Well she definitely getting a lot of attention.

  8. Ncfinedime

    Just when i think i hate Wendy for the Beyonce comments she made last week she says this…..And totally redeems herself!!!!

  9. I didn’t get why the Beyonce comments made such a huge tabloid wave. Wendy says that stuff about people all the time.

  10. Kendra

    And it is not like she said Beyonce kills puppies, that the secret of her success. She said she can’t talk and guess what she can’t. Has anyone listened to an interview with her. It is painful. It doesn’t take anything away from her, just highlights the fact that she choose to focus on singing and dancing over studying.

    You can say the same for pretty much any entertainer that started out young.

    • Miss Truthful

      Well damn, look at the late great Michael Jackson he spoke well and he started out young, look at Janet Jackson, and Stevie Wonder & Smokey Robbinson.. They all started out young and they speak well… No excuse for Beyonce, her mama and daddy should have had her in some classes learning how to speak or something. I’m not hating, just an observation of mine and responsding to your comment Kendra.

  11. I LOVE that someone finally calls out a housewife on total bullshit. I’m surprised more of them aren’t in hiding after how they act or getting busted in lies. Maybe if it happened more, we’d get a little more real and a little less showing asses.

  12. pffftt

    Porsha is the most REAL Housewife on Atlanta. She isn’t hawking any products (yet…) She isn’t faking a relationship. She is upfront… saying she is spoiled and that her family and husband are the reason she lives the life she lives.

    She also doesn’t put up with Kenya’s bull shit. Looks like the two get into a very big fight next episode. I hope she knocks Kenya out. Porsha seems like a fiesty little thing.

    • Collin

      Porsha’s a great addition. The producers made a mistake in letting go of Sheree. I know she’s selfish and delusional, but she’s far more watchable then Kenya.

    • victori0us

      Nooooo! Don’t say that about Sheree. I’m still glad she’s gone. She was a thorn in everyone’s side on the cast. Besides Kim and Kim was already out. Would’ve been ostracized. Kenya’s done after this season tho.

    • B boy in Harlem

      Collin, I totally agree. Porsha is a great addition. She is comfortable, friendly and confident but won’t settle for disrespect. She is actually a housewife and, yes, thank God she is not selling anything.

      Bravo did make a mistake by removing Sheree. She was easy on the eyes and her antics were funny and believable. Like the fight with Nene over money. Money is the root of many evils and the cause for many failed relationships and friendships. Sheree’s story lines kept me engaged. Kenya is just ridiculous.

      Bravo better refocus quickly.

    • God kenya would pulverize that little Porscha! She weighs twice as much. Porscha’s no bigger than a minute a size negative zero, and Kenya looks to be a large boned big framed size 14 at the LEAST.

    • Yourmove

      She put the cards down, you can see her hard. On the side walk baby, She not playing.

  13. natasha nicole

    the blogs are up, well just cynthia (taking the high road), nene (her’s is literally a list of all the funny things she said on the show), and Porsha’s which is the only one who addresses the whole situation. the newer girls usually write their own stuff and its always better (for us) when they do. but those are the only ones posted as of now. im assuming they had to edit Phaedra’s a few times and Kenya is probably having her writers from her “production company” complete hers.

  14. sars

    kenya seems dirty to me… i cant help thinking one would smell soiled panties around her.

  15. I love the picture you chose of Wendy. She looks like a squeezed stress doll. Or the glitziest, happiest burn victim you’ll ever see.

  16. phakedraparks

    I live for Wendy. She has Bern snatching wigs since Hot 97…

  17. I think he’s snatching them for Adrienne these days 😉

  18. baytothea

    the stuff about Beyonce made waves because she’s a national treasure*rolls eyes*

    im embarassed for Kenya.

  19. I never heard of this character of the show before. Is it a new season of RHW ATL, because I never seen this couple on the shows from earlier this year?

  20. Dementrius

    I like the Housewives of Atlanta, but Kenya (former Ms USA) is obviously a has been, not much better than Sheree, and I can’t wait to see how she gets dealt with. She lied about making dinner for Walter, even though she was beggin for a ring, which if Walter is smart will run like hell…as far as Wendy, I am glad she has a show, but she is not an authority on anything. Her opinion is just that, her opinion. She is a Oprah wanna-be, nothing more

  21. These_BROADS_in_LALA_land

    Did anyone watch the sneak peek for this Sunday’s show last night? If not, it’s on BRAVO’s website.

  22. AMA

    I’d like to know how Kenya came to be considered for cast inclusion in the first place. Whose ‘friend’ is she? We do know that she is single and hails from out west. She has no husband, owns no property in Atlanta–no car or home, nor does she appear to have any ties to the city. Who approved this amoral, delusional trainwreck and has been? Her machinations have impacted negatively upon every person, group or association that she has ever been affiliated with or belonged to. One cannot locate the requisite amount of TARNEX needed to cleanse the grime from either that ancient crown or her cratered face. Hopefully, the doorknob will soon hit her where the surgeon plumped her, as she slithers back under the rock from whence she crawled.

    As for Wendall Williams, you basically proclaimed Kenya the second coming…I guess your Hot Topics investigators failed you big time. Spill this tea, Wendall: #1.Did you clean up that shoe factory mess over in China? Kidnappings, 1/2 million dollars in unpaid bills…oh my! Or, #2: has your husbands transvestite lover resurfaced as of yet? He/she has been missing for over a year now, right? How YOU doin’?

  23. terry macon

    Ok wendy, cut it out read the gossip, do not make gossip. Or better yet
    Become a black joan rivers. That was non sense and un called for regarding
    Byonce, she iis young and shy she is 31years old and not on drugs. Be careful
    The higher you up you get the. Greater the fall. All though you have gotten
    Better since my last comment.
    You are VERY beautiful, and grand ma Terry wants you to act beautiful also.

    Huggs and kisses
    Grand Ma Terry

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