Camille Grammer Talks Divorce on Anderson Cooper Live

grammer-scotto595Every time a housewife is on Watch What Happens Life, they seem to show up the next day on Anderson Live. So today, Camille is on Anderson talking about her divorce. Camille usually doesn’t have much interesting to say but I was shocked when Anderson asked her if the divorce was final. For some reason I thought Kelsey married his flight attendant when she got pregnant. Camille and Kelsey have been having a real estate fire sale for months trying to liquidate assets for division. I assumed they were divorced.

camille2But the aren’t and Camille says it is Kelsey’s fault. They went before a judge last year to sign the final decree and Kelsey just flaked out and left the courthouse before they were called. Kelsey’s lawyers keep wanting to make changes to the settlement details. We’ve seen Kelsey in emails refusing to speak Camille’s name. Camille says it is very difficult to co-parent the kids because Kelsey will not have any sort of contact with her at all, not even on email. Even more horrible is that the kids are not allowed to refer to Camille or say her name while with their father. She says she thinks  they can refer to Mom but they cannot say her name. When do children ever address their parents by their first name anyway? All of Camille’s community funds are frozen and Kelsey has not paid any alimony or child support since he left. Camille wants an amicable relationship with Kelsey. I don’t think referring to Kelsey’s er… shortcomings… repeatedly on national TV is conducive with that goal.

Did y’all know they were not divorced yet? Are you surprised he is not paying any child support?







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17 responses to “Camille Grammer Talks Divorce on Anderson Cooper Live

  1. Bizzymammabee

    Are you sure. I thought he was already married to the new one. If I recall correctly they even had a re-commitment ceremony on their one year anniversary.

  2. Real Housewife of Wy

    I thought they were divorced. But not suprised he is flaking I like him as an actor but his personal life is a mess.

  3. Katrina

    I thought Kelsey remarried too! Maybe it’s like Sheree’s divorce, the divorce is final but the settlement is not complete.

  4. Katrina

    So is Kelsey just pretending to be married to the other women? I hope we are misunderstanding what she is saying. Why isn’t she more irate about it. She can’t get on with her life, until it is settled.

    • Bizzymammabee

      If I recall correctly, someone correct me if I am wrong, I remember he already had his wedding planned and was rushing the divorce along. They married for the first time maybe a week after his divorce was done and they only had certain financial settlements still on the board. They married again to mark their one year wedding anniversary, they had just had the baby and he even got her name tattooed on his side. Let me go dig around.

    • In California you can Bifurcate the case, simply stated you can take “status” and become single but all the remaining issues of the divorce remain pending. I wonder if Camille just doesn’t understand what she’s saying when she says the divorce isn’t final. That gives the impression that they are still married to each other. By way of bifurcation they can both remarry even though nothing like support, custody/visitation, bank accounts, property, etc., have not been settled.

    • That sounds about right, Rose. I don’t understand how he can get away with stalling on child support and freezing all the common assets.

    • Wow what is going on, to much drama for me, money money and confusion

  5. Mocha_2009

    I think that’s it because it was reported that their divorce was finalized and he married Kayte like 2 weeks later.

  6. Bizzymammabee

    Here is the information from his bio:
    Kayte Walsh (25 February 2011 – present) 1 child
    Camille Grammer (2 August 1997 – 10 February 2011) (divorced) 2 children

    That would definitely be in line with what I am remembering in regards to him marrying quickly and then the re-commitment recently.

  7. Vp

    They’re divorced, but there’s a financial settlement that he keeps putting off, the low down dirty fool.

  8. gemkandi

    Can’t say her name huh? Some one’s feeling a wee bit guilty…Oh and the not paying child support, well can one say cheap ass? What a twat, It’s about the kids stupid…

  9. gemkandi

    Oh and LOVE Tamara Tattles by the way. Usually get bored with blogs after about 2 seconds reading them, but this one is FAB. Keep up the good work. Fan in England!

  10. natasha nicole

    i came on here 3 times today and skipped this post only because i said to myself when does she NOT talk about divorce, but i read it now just because i figured it had to be interesting for you to post it.

    i think she gets her digs in about Kelsey because it isnt like he plans on speaking to her anyway. Isnt that what Sonja Morgan husband did to her, he cut off all contact too but she ended up with peanuts because the Morgans dont play.

    i dont think this is a good look for either one of them. apparently Camille was stashing “mad money” and putting necessities in her name way before he left, she’s not stupid she didnt sign a pre-nup.

  11. I think Camille uses the term “divorced” as in it is all done. I remember when the actual dissolution of their marriage was made, she was quoted in the paper as saying that the only thing remaining was agreeing on financial terms. She is a smart cookie and Kelsie is super stupid, no prenup is he nuts? And with her running the production company while he was in NY, if she was smart the minute she started getting a sense (doesn’t a wife always know, I think they do, I know I would) that something was wrong, she would have been putting a stash aside and protecting herself, stupid is not her middle name.

    I suspect her constant digs at his less than stellar performance are both in retaliation for the public humiliation and maybe also the hopes that he will offer to settle if it will shut her up. I think it is funny as hell and he deserves it.

    But for the sake of the kids, both should take the high road and do the best to coparent so that the kids don’t grow up being pulled back and forth as a pawn for each other’s anger.

  12. I think she settled for a one time lump sum. It includes the sale of property, so the exact settlement isn’t paid yet. He wanted custody of the children, so maybe she agreed to shared, therefore no actual checks to her. He pays for school, travel, etc., but I think I remember no cash payments (child support) to Camille.

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