Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Things Better Left Unsaid

RHOBHBrandiSurrogateConfrontationCrap, WordPress apparently ate the first part of my blog when I hit publish. I’M SO SORRY MY BLOG GOT MANGLED DURING PUBLICATION! I don’t know why WordPress saves a draft and then drops out the images and/or the first paragraphs. NOT COOL WORDPRESS.  The beginning of the show showed Kyle and Mauricio giving Alexia a brand new white Mercedes Coupe. Also Brandi called Lisa to make sure that one of Eddie’s jumpoffs would not be a server at her tasting event. Lisa assured her she would not be. There was essentially a plug for Vanderpump Rules where Lisa has to discipline a waitress at SUR for making a comment to a big time agent the night before. Apparently he was there for Andy Cohen’s book party and the waitress told the agent that the party was boring.

At the tasing event for SUR’s new appetizers Lisa serve “Japanese Quesadillas” which is a wonton stuffed with mozzarella and topped with lobster guacamole. I had a lot to say about that and wanted to know what you guys thought. sigh. This is so irritating.  Anyway I guess the most important parts are below.

Updating again because the show is repeating and I am remember all sorts of things that got erased when the blog published. Kyle’s line for the tasting party was, “So Brandi what really went down between you and Adrienne?” and she delivered it like a pro. Brandi talks about Adrienne lying a lot and about her calling Brandi trying to get her to tweet things that favored Adrienne and made Lisa look bad. This makes perfect sense to me because Adrienne called all the girls trying to get everyone to gang up on Lisa a the finale of last season.  Kyle an Taylor agreed to do so. Brandi went on and on about things and the editing was actually rather clever tuning us in and out of Brandi’s ramblings over a long period of time. Kim says something like this is starting to feel like Adrienne bashing because clearly had she been sober enough to attend the reunion she would have been on the right-side couch with the Lisa/Brandi bashers. Plus TamaraTattles readers knew on Saturday that Kim was going to tell Adrienne about surrogate allegations which leads to Adrienne and Paul suing Brandi. Kim asks for feedback from Taylor after the event.

adrienne-maloof-before-paul-nassif-300x195Talk turns to Adrienne and her absence. Talk turns to what Adrienne’s book would be about. Ken says it can’t be very long. Brandi says it’s probably about how to be born into a rich family. I assume it is not about home decor. Kyle’s script says to ask Brandi what her beef with Adrienne is, so she delivers her line. Brandi says that there is a lot of stuff that y’all aren’t seeing between us and that she feels like Adrienne lies a lot. There were lots of little things they disagreed about on the phone. Brandi claims that Adrienne asked Brandi to publicly tweet things that were favorable to Adrienne. She claims Adrienne was trying to turn her against Lisa. It was a bunch of little things. Kim says she thinks this conversation is bashing Adrienne. Then Brandi says she is so tired of her lying about having a surrogate. Only the sound is cut and we just see everyone’s reactions. Apparently the lawsuit was brought on Bravo too and they are not airing the story. And that boys and girls is all the confirmation we need that this is Adrienne’s final season. We are seeing all the talking heads about how it is a private matter that involves her family. This explains how the Wetpaint source got their info. Bravo can’t discuss the surrogate thing but bloggers can. So Bravo got the story out to the blogs ahead of the show so we could follow the story.

Kim seems very upset on Adrienne’s behalf. So we already know that Kim tells Adrienne and Paul what she said. And that is why Paul calls Brandi a bitch and a piece of shit later in the episode. Speaking of Adrienne, Paul and his nephew are attempting to cook. Adrienne is trying to help. Adrienne can’t cook at all so she decides to drink wine instead. There is a random flashback to Brandi saying shut the fuck up to Adrienne in OJai that makes no sense in the context of this scene. Paul passes the cooking duties off to the housekeeper and goes swimming in a sweater with his nephews. Well, it looked like a sweater. I’ll spare you.

RHOBHKyleMaurico has opened his own real estate agency called, The Agency. And he is having an opening event for housewives and presumably clients. Camille arrives with Dimitri. In her talking head she says the difference between Dimitri and Kelsey is eight inches. She just loves to talk about Kelsey’s hamster dick. I’m sure her sons are proud. Next to arrive is Brandi and her friend Darin. I have a feeling that the whole surrogacy issue is what ends Brandi and Camille’s friendship. Since Camille used a surrogate, I am sure she sided with Adrienne in this debacle. I can’t believe that this is even a storyline. It should never have aired at all. I think Darin is the guy she ran away to Vegas with and fake married. Don’t quote me.  Maurico is doing a commercial for his business complete with showing Camille a condo he has listed. It’s very nice.

Meanwhile Lisa is taking Ken in for a hip replacement surgery. Ken immediately asked about his room. He immediately asked to be upgraded to a suite. I love Ken. The kids, Pandora and Max arrive and now I am nervous. When it is an all in family function, it makes things seem very serious. Dramatic music is playing and I don’t know why but I am getting nervous. The surgery went fine. Lisa clearly loves Ken to death. And she is really stunning in that hot pink she loves so much.

adriennenoKim arrives at The agency opening followed closely by Paul and Adrienne. Kim goes straight to Paul and Adrienne and tells them that Brandi dropped the surrogacy bomb as Bravo shows a talking head from Brandi saying she doesn’t think the girls are the type to run and tattle. Oh Brandi, are you new? Adrienne and Paul immediately respond with legal threats. Paul wants to kill Brandi and Adrienne is trying to stop a confrontation. Paul says we either leave right now or I am addressing it right now. Paul wants to know if anyone stuck up for them. Kim says essentially no and Paul and Adrienne decide to tell Kyle and Mauricio they are leaving. Kyle asks why and Paul says we just heard comments that bitch made. Brandi heres and Paul goes in. Brandi plays stupid. Kyle finds out that Kim told Paul and Adrienne at her husband’s business event. Adrienne is screaming that Brandi is a liar. Brandi swears on her kids (I hate when people do that) she is not lying. Kyle finally manages to drag Paul and Adrienne out the door. Brandi is adamant she is telling the truth.

Here is the thing. This is not an issue UNLESS Adrienne did use a surrogate and was keeping it from the boys. There is no shame in surrogate especially at the age Adrienne had her kids. If she carried them, surely she has pregnancy pictures. I don’t know a single mother who goes through an entire pregnancy without a picture. The thing is , if she did carry them she would just throw down a picture rather than a subpoena. And Bravo is an asshole for airing this storyline. What do you guys think?

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156 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Things Better Left Unsaid

  1. Emma_Rose77

    I agree Bravo shouldn’t have aired this storyline but probably for different reasons. It was stupid to air a story line you couldn’t really follow. I didn’t realize the surrogacy was what was bleeped out while watching it. Twitter all of the sudden came alive and filled in the blanks.
    I don’t have a ton of sympathy for Adrienne, though. I think Brandi is accurate in her assessment that AM is a liar and I find her to be a back stabbing hypocrite as well.

  2. michelle

    They should have dropped this story line it was out of line and in this case Brandi was out of line! None of her effing business! It has absolutely nothing to do with her, she is not the truth police and children are going to be hurt. Bad call Bravo.

    • Joan

      I agree Michelle. Brandi says she tells it like it is. Whose version – yours? I have not found Brandi to be the most truthful person on the planet. Why does she want to bring up something so private as a surrogate? To me, that’s not being “truthful” it’s being a gossip. Someone needs to give her a dictionary so she can learn what the definition of gossip & truth is. Brandi knows full well she’s opened a hornet’s nest. It’s what she does, and takes joy in. She needs to go away from BH and learn how to be a person who has compassion, grows a filter so her mouth doesn’t spew out hurtful or insulting words every 5 minutes. Maybe a convent?

      I almost wonder if Brandi is taking this line of behaviour for the attention it brings.

  3. victori0us

    Brandi needs to learn when enough is enough. I kinda knew her tell it like it is attitude would get old. Thought it would’ve lasted longer. I like brandi, she just needs to learn to shut her fucking mouth sometimes. I can’t stand Adrienne but if ur feeling that strongly about a bitch imma need you to get her Mano y Mano.

  4. I thought Kyle being upset that this was in front of Maurice’s clients was funny. The housewives ARE his clients. Adrienne and Camille have to be a big part of his earnings. Which is why kyle can’t side with Hosebeast and Lisa.

    I’m glad Lisa was not at the Agency party. I think that Brandi is only going after Adrienne because she’s an easy target and it will gain her Lisa’s favor. Lisa practically told her to go after Adrienne in the limo going to ohai.

    I’m amazed that Brandi is going to such lengths to hurt the Maloof Children, while crying that her own kids are being compromised (when she isn’t tweeting that her kids annoy her that is).

  5. Paul swimming in a sweater, priceless Tamara!

  6. victori0us

    Oh but can we talk about Kim and her passive aggressive hate things she’s got going with Mauricio? She did that shit on purpose, cuz he orchestrated the alleged “stealing of her house”. I still love Kim. She prolly needed that lol.

    • Buck Henry

      To be honest with you, I think Kyle must have known about this happening since she is part of the production of this show. Have any of you wondered how did Brandi find out about Adriennes surrogacy in the first place? Since she said that everybody knew about this I wonder if Lisa knew and told Kyle and then it started years ago. And then Kyle acting like she didn’t know, I don’t buy this one bit. I don’t buy that Kim did this on her own because Bravo told her too. Kim would have told her sister and her sister was cool with it, but I don’t think that Kyle knew it would get this big. And your correct about Kim and her passive aggressiveness, But I think Mauricio and Kyle deserves it anyway. I totally believe that Mauricio took her house and that is why Mauricio didn’t like that coming out along with Kyle. Because it would show that he’s a bottom feeder and that he’s not to be trusted.

      I would love to know what type of Surrogacy she had, was it a Traditional or a Gestational Surrogacy. A Traditional would use the Surrogates eggs and the husbands sperm. A Gestational uses the wife’s eggs and the husband’s sperm and put the fertilized egg into the surrogate. Maybe the big big reason that they are wanting to sue Brandi and Bravo and anybody who makes comment about this may be the fact that Adrianne being as old as she was had issues with her eggs. And so they may have used the Surrogate womans eggs and Paul’s sperm. If so then even though they have legally took the children the children are really Paul and the Surrogates. So Adrienne don’t want the kids to know that she may truly not be the biological mother.

      Oh that was so funny seeing Bravo advertising the SUR and even the people. I felt like we where watching the Sur show. But I think they filmed SUR at the same time they where filming RHOBH.

  7. MaryC

    I’m sure the producers encouraged Kim to wait for the next gathering before sharing her news. But if it wasn’t true there is no reason to block the story which really is dull but the fights are great. lol Also I have no pregnancy pics. My stretch marks are proof enough.

  8. Nicole

    Well, Adriane signed up to be on TV, so don’t blame it on Bravo for airing it. My beef with Adriene is she shouldn’t have talked about her pregnancy issues if she did not carried her children. I consider that a LIE, and when you lie, it will come back and bite you on the ass because you have to tell a bigger lie to cover up your last lie and then soon it’s out of control!

    • Katrina

      Maybe Brandi is lying!

    • Socials in

      Nicole, I agree with you. Who cares if she used a surrogate. She will have to tell her kids at some point. She should not have said anything at their dinner about giving birth. She is bringing more attention to herself by filing a lawsuit. I don’t like Adrienne at all this season. Please get a new lipstick color!

    • Yovi

      I agree with you. Don’t lie to your children especially about something like this, they will . eventually find out and that is worse bc now you look like the biggest liar as a parent, Just tell the kids the truth if they do come from a surrogate pregnancy or adopted,Kids will still Love you as their mom and dad as long as you raise them with lots of love.I don’t think its an issue and one should be honest with their children about things like this keeping it hush hush is worse in the long run. But Brandi should have not said that and I like Brandi but that is straight up Gossip and not telling the truth and their is a huge difference so if she thinks Adrienne is a liar or not a good person or whatever then she should not be malicious as well and not do things or say things to hurt ppl especially something like this that really has nothing to do with her or her issues with Adrienne.

  9. Katrina

    If adrienne used surrogate and did not want her children to know, why would Brandi think it is her responsibility to tell them? It’s possible that Adrienne is not the natural mother.

    • Joan

      Irregardless of whether Adrienne used a surrogate, that is not Brandi’s business. Nor ours. If I had infertility problems I would use a surrogate in a heart beat. AND, I wouldn’t keep it a secret. I would be so excited that my husband and I were able to have a child at all!

      Bravo shouldn’t have aired this story line….and they know it. They’ve been shooting & editing these shows for, what 7 years now? Shame on them.

    • Irregardless??? Oh sweet Jesus on the post.

  10. I need to rewatch last week. What exactly did Adrienne say? Could she have been there in the room with the surrogate and not been lying?

    • No, she said SHE went into labor early. There’s no way she wasn’t lying if she did in fact use a surrogate. In fact she bitched about Paul and made sure to state “she”, not “we” as in we went into labor early, like some moms/couples do.

    • Socials in

      I was thinking the same thing about “irregardless”

  11. Kate

    This storyline makes me lose all respect for bravo and the producers. It’s dirty and manipulative. It doesn’t matter what the topic is to me bravo used and exploited all of them for entertainment. So you have to be a bit narcissistic to go on a show like this and narcissists can’t look beyond their own egos. Adrienne decided to go on the show to feed her ego without realizing the potential consequences. Now her secret is out and she can’t take it back. Trading away your privacy for fame is a risky trade.

    • Katrina

      Brandi, a former friend, betrayed her her confidence. Be careful about who you trust!

    • victori0us

      @Katrina, I think you are right on about the former friend thing. Didn’t even think about that. Those are the worst time. Maybe Adrienne did sumn really terrible she hasn’t mentioned yet. Idk but that’s a dirty move. Lisa should be careful.

    • Well first of all if you are on a reality TV show you have to assume everything you tell another cast member is going to be aired, even if the cameras are not filming at the time. So either shut up and not risk it or tell a “stranger” the tale and pretend your surprised the story came out. As a Mom I can’t imagine lying about surrogacy to your kids, Moms always share the “when you were in Mommy’s tummy” stories.

      So my guess is that Adrienne and Paul needed to be relevant this season because Adrienne blew it big time when she tried to get the ladies to gang up on Lisa. She didn’t like the fan reaction she got, instead of the hero she was the asshole. So Brandi spilling the beans became a great opportunity to “blow up and be over the top dramatic”, we all know how Bravo loves the over the top dramatic housewives.

      My personal opinion is that Brandi probably also spilled the beans about Adrienne and Paul’s real relationship (platonic separate beds IMO) etc. Never saw any signs of love from Adrienne towards Paul so my guess is she needed a sperm donor but wanted it with the trappings of respectable marriage. When Brandi blew the truth wide open, she then figured well got my kids might as well unload this man. I think Adrienne is just a cold fish, or frigid, I just don’t see love and affection from her to another man or any intimacy at all in her relationships, man or woman. Notice even it is always Paul in the pool with the kids. Now I get not wanting to air your body unless you are Brandi or Camille but hey sit on the side of the pool while your kids play and throw a ball with them.

      Now we all have read that the Maloof gravy train is dripping so I think Paul needed RHOBH to build his business especially with expanding into NY. So his anger at Brandi was real because her telling her story was messing with his status as a Housewife and every franchise has one guy who plays the housewife role, some have two (NJ). So whether the surrogate story is true or not, I think the real issue at play is the lack of real marriage and it is being buried in the surrogate issue.

      That’s my belief and I am sticking to it..

    • Socials in

      Bravo is always dirty and manipulative.

    • Flo

      If you’re still watching after the vulturous season 2 – picking over Russell’s body – then this is childsplay.

  12. Joan

    I’m not a Brandi fan, from the very first moment she appeared. She clearly chooses not to filter her speech in polite society. That may sound snobish. But my southern MaMa taught me not to tell secrets in public, nor to use profanity since reveals how uneducated you are. Not saying everyone who uses profanity is uneducated…but there is a case to be made when a person resorts to profanity over and over in an attempt to make a point. Either Brandi has a very low vocabulary, or she purposefully uses profanity for the attention it brings. Personally, I hate profanity. It detracts from the conversation, especially in heated situations.

    I don’t know why Brandi brought up the surrogate issue. Who cares how someone had their child? IMHO it appeared that Brandi used it as an insult. So many couples fight infertility. Having a surrogate option enables those couples to have the miracle of life brought into their family. Those couples deserve our support, and our joy when they are able to have a child. Rejoice with those who rejoice!

    The book deal issue – Brandi has not a leg to stand on. The way she insulted Tyler for her book deal – then has the nerve (and I’m not a Tyler fan) to do exactly the same? Hypocrite, your name is Brandi.

    I hope that the Bravo gods do not renew Brandi for the next season. She’s just poision and toxic, IMHO. Heck, I’d put up with Tyler for another season if they just took Brandi out of the picture.

    • sarah

      jesus christ how can u have THAT much of an opinion and u dont even know her name is TAYLOR.

    • I don’t think it’s the same at all. Taylor’s husband killed himself and she had the book at the printers almost immediately. That’s cold. Brandi is writing about her divorce years after the fact, and it sounds like it’s more about how badly she handled herself afterward.

    • I agree with Britsunited. It’s not the same. One wasn’t even cold in the ground when the book deal was made, the other is still walking and using his penis freely and can defend himself. Totally different.

    • megusta

      I like your comment and agree that it is such a senstive topic that Brandi should NEVER have mentioned, true or not. I also agree that her vocabulary and attitude make her extremely unattractive and in my book someone who i could never take seriously or respect. Not a fan of Taylor but def not a fan of Brandi.

    • Jolene

      Brandi was clearly not using the surrogate issue as an insult, but the fact that Adrian LIED about it, and has lied about many other things. Use a surrogate – fine. Keep it private – fine. Be on a reality tv show – fine. Lie about it and sue when the truth comes out – moronic.

  13. Her vest looked like she skinned Alf.

  14. ~R

    Lots of people use surrogates these days. It’s not a big deal. The kids could still be Adrienne’s bio kids. Saying you used a surrogate is defamation of character, wow. Their reaction has me believing Brandi is telling the truth. Like that old saying “A hit dog will holler”.

  15. Collin

    I like Kim sober

  16. Vp

    Here’s the thing: Having a surrogate is not character assassination, it’s not defamatory to accuse someone of doing that and you can’t sue someone for invasion of privacy for revealing it if you sign a waiver. I think the surrogate story was planted. Brandi might have brought it up but they’re not upset about that only. I’m guessing that something came up about Adrienne’s parenting, with how Adrienne immediately wanted to attack Brandi as a Mom. It seemed like she was trying tit for tat.

    This was more than a proxy pregnancy.

    • Kate

      What do you think the issue is? Brandi must know something

    • Joan

      VP – you’re right. I rewound the end, and Brandi did make a snide comment about leaving her children alone. Adrienne made a remark about Brandi’s Mothering skils as well, but they’re somewhat distorted so I didn’t get the exact wording.

    • Remember Brandi says to Lisa at the end, “This could get ugly” and Lisa says, “I think it already has,” and Brandi says, “It could get worse”

    • ViVaLaDiVa

      it is not defamatory or character assassination bc it is true. these rumors have been around since before brandi appeared on the show. i agree that some things are private and sacred, but in that case you don’t go on a reality show…also i don’t know if adrienne began proceedings to actually sue, it was probably more along the lines of a tamara “sis and decease” notice.

    • Debbie

      You are really on to something. The ‘Surrogate’ issue would not be enough to bring a lawsuit. If Brandi twisted the story, that makes more sense.
      Brandi is a hot mess. She’s mentally unstable and trying to hook her greedy paws into Lisa, IMHO.
      We all know Adrienne made a mistake at the Season Finale last year, by accusing Lisa of selling stories. Now I truly wonder if Brandi had anything to do with that ‘mishap’.
      Brandi is an opurtunistic lunatic. Lisa needs to remember one thing, CEDRIC! If Lisa thought Cedric was bad, Brandi is a whole other ANIMAL.
      I’ve meet several of the Women on RHOBH over the years. I don’t profess to know them personally. What I can tell you, Adrienne is a lovely lady. We run in some of the same circles. She’s warm, considerate and kind.
      On the other hand, Brandi is NOT any of those things. She’s a gold digger, a star f…er, an opportunist. She is also a liar! Eddie Cibrion is lucky to have gotten out of Brandi’s marriage trap and the boys are VERY fortunate to have Eddie & LeAnn. I wouldn’t be surprised if Eddie gets FULL custody in the future. I truly pray for the kids, their biological Mom, whom got preggers on purpose, before Eddie was forced to marry her, are going to need lots of it.
      Brandi is a life sucking parasite. I hope the rest of the ladies get away before Brandi can truly hurt anyone else, especially Lisa.
      Lets hope Bravo can put humanity before rating’s, just this once and ‘CAN’ Brandi.
      Keep in mind, most of these Women were loving friends before BravoTV.

    • Kristin

      Hmmm… Tamara, I wonder if Debbie up here is one of those people who Leeann pays to bash Brandi online?

    • Yeah because EC was FORCED to marry Brandi. Wow. That’s just wow. And most of these women weren’t “loving friends” before BravoTv. That becomes extremely clear when stuff like the surrogacy issue comes up.

  17. I listened several times to Adrienne’s retort. Something about 3 in the afternoon. I couldn’t make it out.

  18. Ericzku

    Well Adrienne, it isn’t defamation if it’s true!

  19. sarah

    RHOBH is the only good one left, i cant believe they are letting it jump shark with that stupidass story line. she didnt use a “surrogate” she used a “gestational carrier” which is probably what shes trying to stand on for the lawsuit. what is with all these losers with tons of money suing people with no money and children to feed because they dont like the truth being revealed?

    • Katrina

      Does surrogate imply that Paul’s the father and Adrienn is not the biological mother?

    • It could mean Adrienne couldn’t carry a child like Giuliana and Bill Rancic. What’s wrong with that – it’s common enough these days. Something more is going on….

    • At Adrienne’s age having the twins (45) she had two issues to contend with. One, was her body/uterus in good enough condition to carry a full term pregnancy (need for surrogate) and Two did she have sufficient and viable eggs to fertilize (need for gestational carrier). Either way, Paul would be the birth father (assuming of course that his sperm was viable) and Adrienne would either be the natural mother or have her kids via an egg donor. Either way, no way in hell those boys would not be HER boys. There are many ways to create a baby and a Mother’s love and desire for a child is all it takes to make that child yours in every way. Adrienne is a business woman, she didn’t disappear for 9 months and I don’t think she ran around with a fake pillow under her clothes so people that know and work with her would know that she either had the twins herself or did it via other means so no sense going ballistic when that news is already known. I go back to my theory of the “marriage for convenience” being the issue.

    • Iam, that’s what I was thinking too. People she worked with have to know. This isn’t some well kept secret. And as others are saying I think there’s something else at play here though I don’t know what.

      I also highly doubt the boys know any of this. Their parents know not to let them watch this trash and they really aren’t old enough that their friends give a crap about the show either since everyone in BH is rich and in the entertainment business in some way.

    • sweetnessnbubba

      here is a thought that was brought up by a friend of mine… so I cant claim to be brilliant.. the kids are part of the Maloof trust… if they are not technically of Maloof blood, would they be able to take part in the trust? The trust was set up by Adriennes Grandfather and was Lebonese (middle eastern older person may very well have been concerned about bloodlines, or legitamit children)… There has been speculation for quite awhile that Adrienne could even be gay, but wanted kids to inherit so set up a “marriage” of which “legitamit” children were born from… if the kids have no maloof blood and arent children in an ongoing marriage, are they in danger of being left off the family gravy train?

    • soncee

      (Clapping hands) Nicely Done!!

  20. surrogate does imply that. She may have had a gestational carrier which would have been her egg. Not sure which brandi said or what actually happened.

  21. ViVaLaDiVa

    i think adrienne may not be the bio mother, and that is why she is so worried about custody during the divorce proceedings.

    • ViVaLaDiVa

      isn’t it! they have never wanted their children on camera, and i always wondered why. maybe it is due to them being carried by a surrogate and they want that under wraps. the surrogate may not have even known whose children she was carrying. but i really lean towards the opinion that adrienne is not their “biological” mother, not that it matters. i remember seeing something about adrienne being less involved than paul as a parent, when they first separated. it wasn’t paul who was quoted, but one of those anonymous “close friend” or someone like. they talked about adrienne not being able to tell the twins apart, and calling her boys the wrong name constantly. then all of a sudden it comes out that paul is abusive to the children, and abusive to adrienne, etc. i really think she was worried that he may get the kids. and no matter how they were conceived or born, i’m sure she loves them no less than if she had carried them.

    • Well surrogacy or gestational carrier, either way the birth certificate would list her as the mother so it was solid legal and no fear of losing custody due to that. No longer can women assume that as the Mom they will have custodial custody. More and more joint custodial custody and Dads getting the kids which I guess is as it should be so I can understand any Mother’s fear that as part of a divorce she may loose being 100% in charge, it can be frightening. If my husband and I had divorced there was no doubt in my mind that he would want equal custody and my natural inclination would be hell no, not sharing my baby with nobody. Not right, not fair but how I would feel and know it would be hard as hell to get past that, even for the best interests of the kids because I naturally think I am their best interest, lol.

  22. Krissy

    Did anyone else think Brandi looked a little scared at the party, even before Paul and Adrienne showed up? I think she already knew she had crossed the line.

    • But what line? It makes no sense. There is no shame in having a surrogate. Is the show trying to make the plot line bigger than it is, or is there something behind the use of a surrogate that could be embarassing to Paul and Adrienne/

    • Krissy

      I think it’s either completely false and a mean jab, or completely true and P&A aren’t ready to share that with the children. There’s NO shame in surrogacy, but it should be THEIR decision whether or not to speak about it on camera. Just my opinion. :)

    • megusta

      No one says there is shame in having a surrogate!!! Its about the inapproperiateness of the comment!! She did look scared, she knew she is a moron and had crossed the line with the people.

  23. These women go into the Housewife franchise to make a buck. It’s just one big commercial for each of them, for their own particular product that they are peddling. Each one seems to think she can control the fake story lines that are put forth, or participate in planned fights without becoming emotionally involved, so that they become more interesting to the viewers; but, in the end, none of them can handle a woman’s natural instinct to scratch another bitch’s eyes out. The fights turn real and then things are said. Brandi’s letting her mouth run because it’s making her popular, she’s getting to be the center of the show (goodbye Kyle) and that will help her modeling and put food on her table.

    That’s what the crazy one did on the New Jersey housewives. Teresa I think her name is. She’s completely wacko but she makes certain she’s the center of every episode and now she’s written best selling cookbooks and becoming famous, and the woman can barely spell ABC. Amazing.

  24. Brandi was aggravated because she said Adrienne always has to top what everyone else says. She heard someone say their delivery was hard, so she said hers was harder. If she had a surrogate, that cannot be true.
    When she filed papers on Paul for ‘abuse’ I did wonder what Taylor thought of that.

  25. miamots

    I always assumed she used a surrogate or adopted because her children are so young and she’s nearly 50. AM seems like a trend chaser and her kids were born when it was fashionable for over 40s to have kids.

    • hi! Miamots! Thanks for commenting. I think she was 43 and 45 when the kids were born? Something like that. But making this a huge lawsuit deal is only making it tabloid fodder. I have busted my ratings by 20x normal here tonight. So suing didn’t exactly keep things under wraps.

  26. DD

    Gotta love these housewives – they got us glued to the TV each week, and commenting on blogs (love you Tamara, I’m always reading!!!). I think a few comments here have won the magic banana: Adrienne has more to hide than just surrogacy. Tamara, you said it best: “This is not an issue UNLESS Adrienne did use a surrogate and was keeping it from the boys.” While some may think it a silly storyline, it’s absolutely INGENIOUS for Bravo to run this ’cause we’ll all be back next week, waiting on baited breath! More positively, it was very nice to see Lisa so in love with Ken – unfortunate all of this had to come out before he goes under the knife, but nice to see nonetheless.

  27. pffft

    I like Brandi. No. I LOVE Brandi. I love everything about her (she looks like she needs to eat a little bit more though). I like her dropping the word FUCK. I like it when she just says what it on her mind around these rich (some wanna be rich) uptight women. It is so FUCKING entertaining.

    I’m fucking glad Brandi is on the show. She is a breath of fresh fucking air.

  28. Lovechild

    It’s not surrogacy we are dealing with here. It’s about Paula abuse to his family. Something bravo won’t put out just yet. They are making the surrogacy a big deal, which isn’t even scandalous. It’s about Paul abusing Adrienne which eventually led to their divorce. Wake up viewers!

  29. momadison

    The issue isn’t whether she used a surrogate or not, nor if they are angry that Brandi may have spilled the beans to the only people who don’t know, i.e. the kids. Rather it’s the nature of the lie itself. Lie about your age, weight, money whatever but don’t lie about how tough your pregnancy was if you didn’t actually carry the baby. It’s either the height of ignorance or arrogance that makes one think they can spout nonsense without being called on it, and we all know which side the scale tips for Mrs. Maloof. Add to that, she made such an ass of herself at the reunion, then the first couple of episodes of this season, and you just find yourself giddy with delight at an opportunity to call her on said BS! Additionally, I hate to go off topic here but really, Adrienne, with all the resources you have, that hair?

    • megusta

      thats not the issue at all!! The issue is that this is none something that BRandi should feel entitled to share! This has NOTHING to do with her.Brandi seems to think that because people love her brash and tasteless attitude, she has a green light to say whatever the heck she wants, which is incorrect. If she wants to talk about her gross behavior slashing tires, having twitter wars with her ex wife, etc. Thats fine. but when it comes to someone elses family…not good.

  30. smooches

    I think of Adrienne shared it with Brandi then Brandi is an ass for telling anyone else…obviously Brandi and Adrienne had a friendship outside the show where Adrienne confided in Brandi…so now that their friendship is no longer, Brandi feels the need to share information shared with her in confidence? can’t stand Brandi and this is further confirmation…she’s trash *sue me*

  31. Just now getting to watch but a) Stassi reminds me of Chelsea Clinton and b) LOVED LOVED LOVED!!! when Kim called Kyle and the sarcastic things she was saying in the voicemail from her and Brandi.

    • Ok the side kiss thing when meeting everyone for the tasting was a bit much. For once I am glad I’m not a rich person. I’d hate to have that much upclose and personal interaction with anyone, let alone a room full of people!

    • Yeah, that was a hoot! All those angst ridden head talks last season from Kyle about her poor, irresponsible, failure of a sister Payback’s a bitch!

  32. kiyoshigirl

    Trust me, Brandi has her own secrets. We ALL do. Personally I respect the privacy of others. Obviously Brandi does not. She took a low blow and admits that she did so. Why are viewers defending the act when she herself does not? When these low blows hurt children, that’s when the line has been crossed. Brandi is the FIRST person to cry and moan about her poor children being exposed. She has committed a defenseless crime against those kids. She regrets it and she should. No one anointed her the truth patrol. It was, and continues to be none of her business. If she had no qualms about exposing this sort of thing on camera, I have no doubt she has done much worse to others off camera. I’ve lost a lot of respect for her over this. It has exposed her truer nature, and it ain’t pretty. I refuse to support this action just because she’s been popular with viewers. Wrong is wrong. She says so herself.

  33. Jen

    Adrienne has a right to sue. No one knows if Brandi is telling the truth, so Adrienne can sue. Brandi has a tantrum every time Leann breathes around her kids, now she wants to spread info about another woman’s kids. Brandi comes off as fake and deperate to fit in, she just messed with the wrong multi-millionaire, maybe Lisa could help pay her lawyer fees if Adrienne gets her hands on her future money!

    • I disagree. There are people who DO know. I also don’t think anyone has the right to sue simply because *gasp* someone said something about them, true or not. People need to put on their big girl and boy panties, maybe even grow a set. Stop running to sue someone every chance they get.

    • Krissy B

      I don’t think that it was simply because Brandi said something about them. It’s what was said ON camera. And the children could be hurt by this, if it’s a) true and b) something they didn’t already know.

  34. Kendra

    I think there is more to this whole story. I really don’t think that Brandi would just through this out there based on Adrianne tells lies. I think it had to be much bigger.
    We know Adrianne likes to hit below the belt and play dirty (look at the divorce) so do we really think that when Brandi said no to backer her Adrianne just said, ok no worries???

    No, I wonder if Adrianne didn’t do more. I can easily see her trying to blackball Brandi all over BH. I also would not put it past her to contact Eddie and agree to support him in keeping the boys off of TV, because it would them limit Brandi’s story lines. Or helping him with dirt on Brandi.

    There is more to this story then we are seeing.

  35. How funny would it be if the camera panned to the Maloof kids and they were clearly Asian? Or is that just MY warped sense if humor?

    So. When Adrienne said the book thing? Was that true? I felt like she was just being sarcastic. Is it possible that her labor and delivery remarks were just her being sarcastic and clearly mocking the others?

    • I thought the book deal remark was sarcastic but that her birth story remarks were her trying to fit in.

    • You think Bravo adding that Camille sidebar about her not being able to add to the conversation because she used a surrogate was (1) their sneaky way of letting people know that surrogacy (did I spell that right) is not shameful; or (2) giving a hint to the viewers for later? Or both?

  36. shellbelle

    Camille didn’t carry her children and has made no bones about it. She didn’t sit at that dinner table and include childbirth “stories” like Adrienne did. In Brandi’s defense, I don’t know that I could sit around a table and listen to someone clearly tell lies and keep my mouth shut. I’m sure every single on of those women knew that AM didn’t physically give birth to those kids and they sat there and let her lie like a cheap rug. Whether it’s Brandi’s business or not, AM should have kept her mouth shut like Camille and stop lying. To me, once she started lying, it’s game on.

    • Jen

      “Game on?” Are they in grammar school or are they “adults?” Brandi’s “game on” is exactly why Adrienne is suing her. Brandi has no proof, so Adrienne can successfully sue.

    • Wake up. They are all constantly lying about everything.

    • megusta

      Some people are more comfortable sharing their personal stories and some are not. I dont think its Brandis place to come at Adrienne and Paul and out a very personal issue in their family life. that was just disgusting and disturbing. Just because Brandi is vile and decides to air all her filthy laundry on air doesnt mean she has to do that to everyone else.

    • shellbelle

      Yes, “Game On”. They may be adults but sure as hell don’t act like it.These people get paid to act crazy and we watch it. Would you watch a bunch of over-botoxed middle aged women lunching and shopping if they acted like adults? No. Adrienne got busted in a lie and to make it go away, she used her money to sue. It’s hard to take Adrienne seriously anyways when she wore that ridiculous Christmas tinsel bullshit in her hair the first season.

  37. Watching the kitchen scene with A/P. Adrienne definitely needs to work on toning her arms. For a woman in shape her arms are awful. I guess when she gets “work” done she skips the arms. Definitely old lady cellulite going on.

  38. ViVaLaDiVa

    one more thing that is interesting to note – whatever the beef was then, apparently paul and brandi are cordial now, if not friends. at least it appears that way on twitter. he was the one who referred her to a dr. for her breast tumor.

    • I think what we see now on the show was Paul trying to be a stand up guy and support his wife, trying to save his marriage. The fact that he’s resumed his friendships with Lisa, Ken and Brandi speaks volumes.

  39. We have to replace Yolanda girls. She reminds me and my husband of Sly Stallones old ex-wife Brigit or Birgit Neilsen, or something like that. An Amazon and no way will she get into the dirt with the others. Her only interesting story line so far (certainly not her annoying husband) is the way she’s stage mothering her daughter’s modeling career.

  40. megusta

    Hi Tamara: Im new! Love ur blog, very sincere and a good assesment of the episodes. Unlike almost everyone, I am not on team Lisa and feel that she has played a HUGE role in all of this. Brandi is just a pawn who is so stupid that she doesnt realize that Lisa is making her do her dirty work for her. Lisa is too smart to make Adrienne look bad. She knows Brandi is impulsive and immature.

    Brandi is not cute with her “tell it like is is” attitude. That is known in most countries as RUDE and senseless behavior. We grow out of that. We learn matters and respect. There are many ways of “telling it like it is” in a polite way, in a quite space one on one. But then again, it wouldnt make for crazy TV antics!

    I hope for Adriennes benefit she does sue the pants off that little bitch! she needs to grow up and learn to stop being a disgusting troll and stay out of peoples lives. Also, for the record, Brandi is such a brownnoser to Lisa, its pathetic. Really.

    • Lisa doesn’t need to do anything to make Adrienne look bad. She does a good enough job on her own. Adrienne had planned on Brandi being HER pawn but it didn’t work.

      I think you speak too generally with the “we” and speaking for other countries. I’ve been places where they’re more upfront like Brandi is, than not. Then again, I could totally hang with Brandi and the like as I am one of them (though not the money part).

  41. Dear Paul, you’re being a lot hypocritical getting mad at Brandi for calling your wife a bitch when you just called Brandi a bitch 30 seconds ago!

  42. Funny. Yolanda was not on last night and I’m just now realizing it. Would not miss her at tall.

  43. verneewaggin

    Hi Tamara, Can you believe the “Evil Gays” won The Amazing Race :). Now can you clear something up for me, when Brandy first came on TRH, wasn’t Adrianne and Brandy friends. No one else liked her (except Pam you now the one with the expensive sunglasses). What caused the breakdown?

    • Not Tamara but – Pam never liked her and only invited her to the party because of filming. She was hoping for a permanent slot on the show. Thankfully she didn’t get it! And yes Adrienne is who brought Brandi on the show.

    • Katrina

      Yes, Adrienne stuck up for Brandi all first season. Adrienne, also defended Brandi against Kim and Kyle. I think the breakdown started at the reunion. There was a fight between Lisa and Adrienne. Brandi had become close to Lisa during filming. Bradi backed Lisa during the reunion.

    • Yay “Evil Gays” they were wonderful! Also the chippindale boys were gorgeous and the third couple were so adorable. First time on Amazing race where I was routing for everyone! Back to the show – Brandi says she was being told by Paul and A to go after Lisa but she wouldn’t. Is that why the others all ganged up on Lisa at the reunion show. It really was appalling I thought. Lisa calling the shoes the Maloof Poof or whatever – hardly worth all that anger on Adrienne’s part, very petty. Made me like Lisa a whole lot more and Brandi for defending her. And Kyle with her “angry spice” comment! Kyle, at that point, thought she was the RHBH diva – not anymore. I bet Brandi sits next to Andy next reunion show and Kyle is second chair

  44. verneewaggin

    Thanks Karma Grant, now do you know what caused the breakdown of this relationship. This seems like something out of the Wizard of Oz, when Dorthy says.Oh my, things happen so quickly around here here. I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore !!!

  45. ViVaLaDiVa

    So since we have been wrapped up in brandi vs adrienne DRAMA, totally forgot to rag on Taylor and her “anguish” over all the arguing at the party. I seriously flashed on anchorman “loud noises frighten me!!!”. Lol nice acting Taylor-not!

  46. Don’t laugh but I believe the Taylor freak outs. She’s done it since her first season whenever there was a big shout match or confrontation. It seems to really effect her.

  47. Serenity

    Well Tamara I have one child and I never took any pregnancy pics because I didn’t see anything cute about taking them so if someone accused me of having a surrogate I wouldn’t have a pic so you never know. Brady is using the catchphrase tell it like it is but she is just being messy. Why is it her job to call out everyone’s lies but your own. She is a hypocrite. I have feeling she will lose fans this season. Whether Adrienne had a surrogate or not is irrelevant and private. Also Tamara I catch and one of the host of the rhoa show always gives you shout outs. Keep the tea coming!

    • Do you think you would have taken pics if you were preggo with twins? I know plenty of Mom’s who didn’t take pics when preggo with a single child but I totally expect one who’s having twins to take pics. Added specialness and all that.

      I’m sure out of two pregnancies there would be at least one picture, a holiday get together, dinner with family, SOMETHING.

    • Kendra

      I have a few from my babyshower, that is it. However I am also not a fame whore who posses for pap pics and goes to red carpet events. Do we honestly think that any of the women would not have a picture taken while pregnant???

  48. Jakesmom

    I don’t think Brandi and Adrienne were friends prior to this. They were brought together by Bravo. Bravo needed someone to bring in Brandi to the group.since they were trying to use this against Lisa and Adrienne was a willing participant. Bravo wrongly thought ht that the connection with Brandi and cedric was tighter. It backfired .Not only was Brandi not as close to Cedric as they thought but she became close to Lisa. When she didn’t participate in taking Lisa down by attending the meeting or supporting the false accusations at the reunion then it seems it was game on and Adrienne and her dirty chef Bernie went all out. Brandi has no filter but A is just plain evil. She wants what she wants and is used to getting it no matter what, that includes playing dirty as we have seen since .last year.

    If you read Kim’s blog there is much that doesn’t make sense and she seems to be opening up the 4th wall on Bravo. The timeline isn’t making sense as Bravo notoriously likes to play with us. She also states she called Adrienne before she saw her and told her yet there was A and P acting shocked. She said that the tasting was the first time she spent time with the women since rehab yet we have already seen her in Ojai, etc.

    As for the rest, Kyle behaved like a good soldier and opened the can of worms as she was instructed and then feigns innocence – her m.o. – she stirs the pot and then sits back and feigns innocence.

    Great blog Tamara.

    • Reread Kim’s blog. She says she called them. It doesn’t say she told them anything. From her next bit, that they didn’t return her call, I read that as they didn’t answer and she didn’t think it was something to tell them via voicemail.

      The timeline bit though is a bit screwy. She says first time in a small setting. Maybe she thought of Ojai as a bigger gathering since Yolanda was there? Just a guess.

    • I didn’t believe for a moment Paul and Adrienne were surprised at what Kim told them. They were ready for it.

  49. Jakesmom

    you’re correct. she doesn’t state she spoke to them and the preview made it seem that she didn’t. if this is all reall about a surrogacy i find it hard to believe that this couldn’t wait as she stated on her blog and the show. but i guess if she didn’t she wouldn’t be relevent. if you watch the convo between kim and paul and adrienne it is screwy that kim didn’t tell the whole story nor answer paul’s leading questions about whether lisa was involved and how.
    i also find it hard to believe that no one cares that adrienne tried to again do something against lisa, trying to enlist brandi. that seems to be conveniently swept under the rug by kyle and it seems next week faye resnick.

    they screwed with the timeline on nj so why not on bh. whatever fits their agenda.

    • Oh I totally agree. Also noticed the big smirk on Adrienne’s face while Paul was getting madder and madder when Kim was answering his questions. And ugg, so not wanting to see Faye. I really know nothing about her except she’s one of those people that I simply wasn’t a fan of, on first sight.

  50. I’m really starting to think that Adrienne wore a fake baby bump. 18mths or 20 for the new age counters, of pregnancy and not one person saw her? She never went to a single function? She managed to have to 2 pregnancies where she just showed up with babies?

    Why hide the fact that you are using a surrogate? Why not tell the kids? Why tell childbirth stories at the dinner table (EVER) if you used a surrogate?

    At the last reunion, Taylor claimed Adrienne didn’t have a real marriage. The rumors have always been they have an “open marriage” and that she used a surrogate. I don’t see the problem with either arrangement if that is their choice. Maybe it is a face saving thing with Adrienne’s family because homosexuality is not as accepted by Lebonese as much as some other cultures?

    But really, why sue someone and drain them dry for a case you know you won’t win? Vengeful.

  51. Jakesmom

    It looks like Chef Bernie is back badmouthing Brandi on fb. apparently condoned by Adrienne or he wouldn’t continue to do it.

    • Adrienne and Paul had already arranged that little confab with Kim on the phone, Kyle soaked up the attention for their ‘party’ or whatever it was, and I still cannot believe Paul would go after a woman like that in public, or in private for that matter. Are they – and Bravo – thinking Brandi is so coarse that she can be treated like another man? Hell no! He calls her a bitch and then flips when Brandi calls his wife a bitch? What an asshole! I don’t like Brandi’s ‘I tell it as I see it’ attitude – it’s immature and self promoting – but to have her stand down a guy in a macho fury like that – shrimp that Paul is, and fake as it was – I have to admire her guts.

  52. I am on the men don’t hit women train. But if a woman tries to expose a man’s children to controversy… Yeah he can call her a piece of shit. WORDS. Y’all give them too much credit.

    • No, I don’t believe that. My husband, and most of the men I know, would walk away from a screeching, low class woman. Of course, my husband, and most of the men I know wouldn’t be caught dead on a show like this, so right there I think Paul’s character bar is pretty low. He knew before hand about the whole thing, IMO, and he could have handled it all through lawyers if he was really that upset. One phone call to to the show to lay off his children and the whole situation would be over. He’s abusive. I sympathize suddenly with Adrienne

  53. He repeatedly said “you have no idea what I want to do to you right now.” It’s was intimidating for sure. But, you do the crime, be prepared to do the time. I think Brandi has substance abuse issues. I think she got drunk and lulled into a “comfortable place” by the others and said shit she had no intentions of saying. Instead of doing the right thing and coming clean before there was a confrontation, she prayed they wouldn’t find out…what she said…on camera…Sounds like someone who does not ave a strong grip on reality or the consequences her actions bring. She’s a professional victim who thrives on being done wrong. Ain’t no kind of life.

    • I’m getting confused where all these threads are at but on one here it was said actually Brandi brought up the surrogacy at Ojai and then it was decided to create that fake revelation at Sur for the tasting when Adrienne (who already knew about what she had said at Ojai) wasn’t there. They then could stage that big confrontation at I haven’t Got A Clue Mauricio’s (poor sap) open house. I’m beginning to dislike this show more and more, with all these revelations. I think they’re all nuts and playing with fire (see suicide of previous househusband)

      It was more fun when I could just laugh over Taylor’s lips and how hard she was trying to adhere them to anyplace on Lisa

    • Brandi was stinking drunk in ojai too. So my theory still works.

  54. Buttercream

    Great Blog!

    I agree with Sweetness – the three boys could be born from gestational eggs, not Adrienne’s, therefore, they are not true heirs to the Maloof Trust Funds …which means the boys are cut from their Grandfather’s will and no longer in line for receive funds when they reach a certain age. Which means their cousins inherit more and they receive zero dollars …
    A few things – Camille, stop talking about your ex-husband’s length of his appendage… he was able to impregnate his new wife, so what if it’s shorter than the Greek dude your’re currently banging .. Kelsey got the job done! And more than once with his current Bride!
    Kyle, so vile .. what is up with gifting your 16 year old a new car? What ever happened to get a job and earn it? Same child FLUNKED the written test 3 times? She earned it? Setting your child up for failure in the future as their expectations for another new car at 18 will be greater …nice job setting up Brandi at the lunch table for drama …sit back and watch the the explosion at Lisa’s place of business, but, you have a heart attack when the conversation spills over to your hubby’s event!
    Kim … loser of a friend for opening your big mouth in public..with the “she said at the table when you were not there” … hurts EVERYONE … you need additional therapy sessions for social situations … don’t care if you called AD and told her …then you had to tell them in public, too!
    Traylor Trash .. your soon to be unmarried boyfriend you’ve been banging since last September, (yes, we all saw the photo of him carrying you in his arms from the hubby’s funeral) plus the running around together for your “hot off the press” alleged spousal abuse stories (no new gigs in that arena, eh?) How ‘s that Women’s Shelter you’ve been sponsoring since S1 gonig? Like you, going no where?
    Lisa, how to sit at a table with Vipers … you know, the ones we mean .. AD calling all the girls to plot against you … spewing lies about your selling stories to the tabloids and wouldn’t back down … Hang on to Brandi, because Kim is unstable, Trailer Trash is a drunk, Kyle is Vile, Camille is a fair weathered friend, Yolanda may be the only other voice of reason at this juncture …
    Brandi … keep it strong, manipulation by “Friends” is a slippery slope … hope you learn to glide graciously through the maze without burn marks given and received..
    Yolanda … welcome to S3! Hope you enjoy the ride!
    whew … that feels much better getting all that off my chest! Thank you! :-)

    • I didn’t get past the part about grammer’s member. Surely you don’t think being able to procreate means one has acceptable size. I mean…there are millions of babies born in china each year…

    • That was so fun to read. Thank you. And why is it that Kyle thinks she has the last word on everything? And how fun was Lisa’s American accent? She sounded just as whiny as Kim, Kyle, Taylor – speaking of Taylor, she certainly is in the background these days. Does she work at all? Do any of them except Lisa?

  55. I think Brandi acquitted herself beautifully considering what a delightful tag team the Maloof’s were. There is so much going on between these two that has nothing to do with any comment made by Brandi. Unfortunately Brandi gave them the outlet to spew their venom her way rather than each other. And why rather than sit down like grown ups do they resort to law suits…ridiculous.

  56. Della

    Bravo had EVERY RIGHT airing this storyline!

  57. Christy

    Shame on Bravo and Shame on Brandi for saying anything about Adrienne’s children! First of all it is absolutely nobody’s business how Adrienne had her children! At the end of the day these are her children regardless of how they were conceived and it should have been left at that! Brandi is so hell bent on proving that Adrienne is a “LIAR” about an often very private and very delicate subject! If Brandi knows for sure and with out a doubt that Adrienne is “Lying” about using a surrogate then I say to Brandi “Shut the F**k up!” Did she ever stop to think about Adrienne’s children?? Maybe this was something they did not yet know??? Both Brandi and Bravo went way to far trying to make a storyline out of this!! Shame on you both! This would not have went down on The Real Housewives of Atlanta!! NeNe Leakes will not allow the children to be talked about!!

  58. Bravida

    Listen, your life is no longer yours when you cash a reality show check. Simple. So Adrian needs to put on her big girl pants. I LOVE Brandi and her realness. I think the girls are jealous because she is STUNNING!!! FAYE RESNICK needs to vanish like she did after the OJ trial. She serves no purpose. She is u attractive, big mouthed and boring. She hungers for the spotlite like she did after Nicole Simpsons terrible death. Make her go away!!!! Camille needs to stop with the Kelsey small weiner innuendos. SHE loved it.

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