Shahs Of Sunset: A Sad Pool Party and a Lack of Understanding

Shahs of Sunset - Season 2So far I am starting the Shahs of Sunset post just about ten minutes behind. Let’s get to it! It appears to be the morning after GG and Omid’s drunken dinner disaster.  GG apparently forgot that Omid fingered her at dinner. How does one forget such a thing? GG is mad at Asa for toasting Omid’s huge  knocker.  Dinner with Asa’s family looks great. The dinner conversation isn’t that much better than at MJ’s Aunt’s house last week though. Asa’s mom doesn’t think that singing is a job. She wants Asa to go back to school and be a psychologist. Asa is doing just fine with her real estate investments, her singing and, did mama happen to notice the camera crew in her dining room? Seriously.

Next up is Lilly. She was a lawyer for five minutes but she realized her true calling involved lots of cosmetic surgeries and false eyelashes. She has a jewelry safe on a counter in her bedroom. That makes it easy for the burglars to just pick up one thing and go. I’m sorry but I am forwarding through this. I think it was the infamous crotch juice scene from the previews. BLECH.

Hey! We get to see MJ and her Dad for a change. She has decided to dye his hair. What could possibly go wrong? She was going for black but ended up with purple. Close enough. He is the most tolerant man in the world. It was a sweet scene. Let’s get to the pool party.

ShahsRezaLillyNope first, we must endure another Lilly scene, with my Reza. His eyes go straight to her men’s Rolex. All Lilly talks about is how fabulous she is. Lilly goes in on “LA Persians” and I know Reza would not put up with that from anyone else. It’s like he is under the Lilly spell. I love him in the bowtie in his talking heads. YAY Lilly decides to skip the BBQ/Pool Party! Perfect.

On to a dinner date with Mike and Jessica. Under Jessica’s name it says Mike’s girlfriend. I never thought I would see the day. Perhaps, Mike is growing up? Could it be? I suppose time will tell. Mike makes it a point to mention her father is high up in Figi water and she is a rich girl. Then he says that is not why he is dating her. MmmHmmm. She’s Italian and not Jewish. This will not go over well with his parents. And yet he is asking her to family dinner. He’s been dating her for two months and already taking her home to his mother.

Asa and Reza and a tarot card reader/ psychic who is Iranian. It doesn’t get any better than this. I must go see her. OMG I just love this scene must rewatch over and over. Reza is so adorable. Reza is in an open relationship with Adam still. He mentioned it on WWHL.

MJ goes to therapy. Let’s watch. MJ’s parents divorced and her mother moved out leaving MJ there with her Dad. MJ’s mom essentially moved down the block. MJ feels totally screwed up by her mother’s abandonment. I’m a bit more psychologically damaged myself from watching her blow her nose so much.

Reza and Adam are out on a date. Reza said on WWHL that his mother is not speaking to him because the commercials for Shahs of Sunset show him kissing a man. I’m sure this bothers Reza more than he admits. He’s very close with his mother. The couple is going to a cooking class. By the way, I guys I don’t have to reveal the guy in the picture on the Guess who post anymore. It’s Adam. He works for 20th Century Fox and mostly on Ryan Murphy shows. Which means he’s probably met Nene. Reza and Nene did not hit it off when they met on WWHL last year like he did with Kim this year. This is my first time seeing Reza with Adam. I don’t think they are very compatible. I think the psychic was wrong. Reza is going to break Adam’s heart. Adam seems to be lacking a sense of humor and Reza needs that. Maybe he was just nervous about being on camera. Time will tell. As of now they are still together.

Finally it is time for the pool party and I feel like I have already seen it as it has been on the previews so much. LOVE GG’s gold hoop earring that appear to be at least 18K and very heavy.  I sort of missed the name of the guy throwing the party but there are waitresses in nothing but body paint. Mike is being very responsible trying to limit the size of the shots. Reza is giving Mike good advice about real estate. He really needs to get out of commercial real estate. Mike and Reza together probably would take over Beverly Hills.

Shahs of Sunset Cast: Keeping it RealWow the pool scene is not going exactly as I expected. Omid gave a sincere apology to Asa and then said that he felt a bit attacked. Things seem cool. Then GG approaches Asa from the “it hurt my feelings when you toasted to my boyfriend’s big nose” angle and she’s right, Asa was dismissive. This of course will set GG off because she tried an adult approach and it didn’t work. I’m not one to defend GG but she did approach the subject gently at first. Ut oh, MJ takes GG’s side here and this is the being of a fracture between MJ and Reza and Asa. I love Asa and Reza but I think they need to watch this scene back a few times. I know Asa has done some drawings of large noses and she does in fact admire Iranian features, but I think she is rewriting history a bit here. She was pissed at Omid for acting like an asshole. What she feels about big noses has nothing to do with the rest of the room, many of whom have had their own nosejobs. It was a catty remark. Even if she didn’t mean it to be disrespectful it was. Omid doesn’t know about her many drawings of Persian noses. Omid just met her. I can’t believe I am defending the guy who fingers drunk girls at the dinner table, but Asa just needed to apologize when GG said she was hurt and offended and move on. Reza is now mad at MJ for not backing Asa in the argument and appears to be leaving. Omid is trying to explain the context of the situation to Asa and GG’s patience has run out. I’m both proud and amazed she kept it together as long as she did. And she throws my hoops on the ground! Jewelry foul!

Oh, Asa, honey. Now you are going in on MJ too? If this is the reason Reza and Asa estranged from MJ now, this is a sad, sad situation. Where is this anger from Reza and Asa really coming from? I don’t like it one bit. Asa you were mean. You were mean to Omid at dinner. Which he deserved completely. And you failed to hear GG when she told you that she was hurt by your actions. And then you were mean to MJ at the pool party. All Asa needed to do was say,”GG, I’m sorry I hurt your feeling when I called out your boyfriend’s appearance in front of all of our friends and on national TV.”  That’s it. But because she couldn’t do that now Reza and Asa are mad at MJ? All MJ said was she was unaware of Asa’s Iranian nose fetish. And that caused two of her “friends” to ostrasize her? Sad.

Next week, Reza goes off on MJ for “taking GG’s side.” Well, in that instance I took GG’s side too. I adore Asa and Reza but I feel like they are being unreasonable.


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25 responses to “Shahs Of Sunset: A Sad Pool Party and a Lack of Understanding

  1. michelle

    I got weepy during the scene with MJ and her dad. What a sweet relationship. I love Asa but I’m siding with GG on this one. Asa wasn’t listening with her heart. Love the way Mike was putting his hand over GG’s face to calm her down! It worked for her ,I’d have probably bit him!

  2. Ncfinedime

    Sorry. Although I dont like the way Reza’s acting thus far…. gotta side with Asa. Lets not participate on a show abt your culture if you change the one of the foremost things your ethnicity is known for. Its like kim k with her nose job. Appreciate u boo
    Ps.. I hate the way Lilly talks. I JUST DO

  3. redredrobin

    Asa is not being portrayed like she was last season. Don’t understand her. Always like MJ. The scene with her dad was so sweet.

  4. As some of you know, I consider myself Internet friends with a few of the cast members. I ADORE Asa and Reza and I am so very sad after that episode. I have conversations with them about me and my stuff and just shooting the shit. I love them. I do. But Reza can be a bit superficial at times, and I excuse his treatment of MJ sometimes when he jokes about her tender issues because he is a man and he doesn’t really get it.

    But Asa, man…. I call out GG when she does stupid shit, and surely she should not have lost it, but she really did approach Asa calmly and explain to her that she was hurt by Asa’s behavior. I am truly shocked by Asa’s unwillingness to apologize. I feel Asa back pedalled. And then to sit on some throne and say she is raw but never mean? Such bullshit. Everyone is mean when we want to be. And she wanted to be. Omid was drunken fool. She wanted to put him in his place. He deserved it. But he is still GG’s friend (now fiance) and she should have apologized to GG who did nothing but make a drunken ass of herself. As usual. Yes we get that Asa. BUT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE Priestess. REMEMBER? The Zen one. I don’t like instigator Asa.

    • no name maddox

      i totally agree. i was kinda shocked and definitely disappointed in asa.

    • now fiance…..what???! I still think he’s….. ok whatever.
      Im catching up on posts so forgive the late response but I think Reza wants someone with fiery passion as a mate. In his talking head he alluded to that. Like a passion/infatuation. I get it….

      and poor poor silly Lilly. They better step this ish up. lol

    • mrswindycity

      now fiance…..what???! I still think he’s….. ok whatever.

      Im catching up on posts so forgive the late response but I think Reza wants someone with fiery passion as a mate. In his talking head he alluded to that. Like a passion/infatuation. I get it….

      and poor poor silly Lilly. They better step this ish up. lol

  5. betteroffdumb

    Last season I loved Asa and Reza but somethings changed. Still love MJ. I think I’m becoming a flip flopper. OT Glad I found your blog when I googled Kenya Moore delusional lol

    • I’m still up being distrubed. I talk to both of them online. Reza is Reza. The producers seem to take every opportunity to show he is superficial. Somehow I don’t think that is hard to do. But so are most housewives. It’s an I LOVE YOUR SHOES! sort of thing. The thing is, you have a fag hag for YEARS AND YEARS and later in the season you will break down and cry and call her your blood… And you post the shit you posted on your blog? You don’t disgrace a woman like that. I don’t care what she did or did not do to you.

      But even worse is Asa. I get not liking GG. I do. But FOR ONCE GG came to her and said, I was hurt when you said… and Asa just kept on pushing her buttons.

      I may be done with this show.

  6. bendy

    I haven’t watched this season yet. I’m glad I have your blog to read so I don’t miss anything.

    I never cared for Asa last season. She seemed too fake to me. I am getting some pleasure out of that side of her showing up this season.

  7. Frederick uncut

    The Reza-MJ relationship was the best part of this show. Unlike in most “reality” shows they seemed to have a tight bond that was not just faked for the cameras. I wish I knew what happened there. I don’t understand Reza’s Lilly obsession at all, I know in her mind she “alludes” sex appeal (can you get a law degree without knowing grammar?) but I’m not sure what she has to offer Reza in that department. Lilly lost me when she said “there are like 6 Persians in Texas and 5 of them are my family”. Bitch, please. You’re from Houston, which has tens of thousands of Persians. Whatever your reasons for hauling your skeletal ass to LA, it wasn’t because there are no Persians in Houston.

  8. Yes. I think Asa is a fake. Her clothes, her actions like card readings and burying coins, her makeup ever — trying WAY too hard. It’s clear that sh is not comfortable in that spiritual skin and is playing that role. I can say that there is not one person on this show that I like. Every single one of them is an over indulged brat who jockies against the other cast members for attention. None of them was raised well. Maybe Mike.

    Asa ending the show by declaring herself “not mean” was a riot. Her behavour during the basketball thing, when she was surrounded by a group who seemed to be on her side, and she taunted gg and mj from some mean spirited position if cool kids power? Just messed up.

  9. smooches

    I actually think Asa was on point with MJ…if I’ve talked to you 20 times outside filming and you never mention how I am, how do you think I will react when you get brand new in front of people…GG is a mess and deserved to have her ass handed to her…her man already handled things with Asa, GG just wanted attention…Reza is two-faced and nice to who he thinks would benefit him at the moment…was kissing NeNe’s ass when she was on WWHL and then was kissing Kim’s ass when she was on…he comes across as a poser and user

  10. Does Reza have on a badge in the promo picture? Teddy bear sheriffs DO exist!

    I get that GG was playing grown-up, but after so many times of acting an ass, it’s like crying wolf. Omid is hot, I would go to a finger fiesta with him and his big ass nose.

  11. Natalie K

    Wow, where to begin with this episode? I think Asa has changed, for the worse. She’s definitely not very Zenlike. Nothing like cameras rolling to make one into a very mean girl!! As for Lilly, didn’t she say that Persian girls can be catty? Hello pot, meet kettle- beyotch! Reza telling MJ in a future episode that we’re not friends, we’re blood is laughable too. TEAMMJ

  12. Danielle

    I like GG a lot, she seems really sweet and fun if u got to know her. I agree with her bringing up her hurt feelings to Asa and feel that Asa tried to play it off like she was complimenting Omid’s big nose but really she was being passive aggressive. I don’t support GG wanting to fight though as she just proved Asa’s “You drink to much” point. Love the show. Congrats to GG & Omid on their pending nuptials.

  13. I love the show, yea,humans have problems…so what…thats what makes people watch…I like that they are educated,rich,have family and culture…and love the men, mike has alot of class…loved the way, he encompassed GG’s face in his hands to calm her…love Asa,GG,MJ(my heart goes out to you) and in regards to your mom ,thought I was alone in that…but thats what I love about reality show’s ,I think its beneficial to see,how other cultures are…and who doesnt love to view the wealth…They have class…dont care for Lillies voice…but hey…just be who you are…what a dull world if everyone was like everyone else…so refreshng not to have to deal with trailer trash…and the women, are’nt skanky…Class act. Live and let live…to all the jealous haters out there.

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