Kenya Moore Takes Her Crack to the Beach

KenyaBarbadosSo Kenya was in Barbados showing the natives her cootchie crack butt crack…um butt implants last week. Kenya claims she was there on vacation and the paparazzi just happened to catch her frolicking on the beach. I’m shocked Kenya didn’t have her body guards with her since she is such a recognizable star.  However, The Daily Mail reports a different version of events saying, ” The reality star appeared to be in the midst  of a photo shoot and was joined by a photographer and surrounded by various  lighting equipment. Posing and preening on the beach, the TV star  was in her element.” She has that limp wrist issue in most of the pictures. None of the local Barbados papers even acknowledged her presence. She doesn’t seem the type to travel by herself but there was no one for miles around in any of the pictures. I feel like we are missing a story here but I got bored with looking.

In other Kenya news, since I’m blogging about her… today she walked out at halftime at the SWAC Football Championship game with the homecoming girls and is hosting an aftergame party tonight. She’s also on the cover of  Hype Hair magazine this month.



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9 responses to “Kenya Moore Takes Her Crack to the Beach

  1. Bizzymammabee

    All that shit she talked about that young girl not being able to stop at Target to get a suit that fit. She might want to take some of that same advice. She is such a class act…..

  2. Ms Urethra Franklin

    She is wearing a diaper & shooting a print ad for Depends undergarments.

  3. Ms. Franklin is cranky tonight! :) I think it’s a great suit. She’s just now wearing her size. I thought she was a butt model for swimsuits. Why is she pulling the top down to expose her crack rather than wearing it like it is meant to be worn with sort of a rouching effect at the top.

  4. Valley Girl

    I saw her yesterday at the SWAC conferences game yesterday with a too tight red dress on – the crowd’s response to her was tepid at best.

  5. LOL you are starting to type like me. :) What was the point of her being there exactly? I could not figure it out.

  6. Donna Walters

    Kenya acts like a real ho. And is she ever a legend in her own mind. I cannot understand for the life of me why she thinks she is all that ! Cause she is not. Someone really needs to take her down a notch or two. And Walter better run not walk away from her as fast as he can. She is nutz.

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