Is Kim Zolciak’s New Dream House Finished?


Yesterday. ran a story on Kim Zolciak’s departure from RHOA. The writer apparently interviewed Kim briefly by phone and while it is mostly the same old same old there was something interesting. Talking from her new Atlanta home (yes, she finally completed that move we’ve been hearing about all season) Kim says that even after the promotional campaign and the announcement that her solo show Don’t Be Tardy will be back for a second season, she might not be done with the Real Housewives yet. ‘If RHOA gets picked up for Season 6, I would consider returning. My priorities were different [this season], but we’ll see what happens.'” The writer sort of dropped that bomb like an old shoe.

The problem is, it’s Kim telling the guy she is calling from her new home. She has been out to the house many times lately, but the house is still under construction and the Biermann’s still live in the condo. Her interior design guy, only a couple of weeks ago, had any sort of interior to work with, so either the guy misunderstood Kim or she is once again announcing her dream home before it is finished. She is just now trying to figure out what flooring she wants in the house.

Gif by RealityTVGifs

Gif by RealityTVGifs

Regarding her potential return to RHOA in season six, she tells “I won’t be pregnant! I’ve been pregnant for the last two years. I can handle my own over the five years, but when I’m pregnant I try to keep myself calm because I have another life to take care of. If I’m taping and I’m not pregnant, I’ll be back to my fiery self.”About her fondest memories of her time on RHOA she says that while it wasn’t funny at the time, she thinks the fight with Sheree where she pulled her wig was hilarious and that, “I wanted to do a song my whole life and I wanted to have fun with it, even though I looked insane and comical recording it,” she says. “I lived a dream. That was something I always wanted to do. That will definitely be one my best memories.” Among her least favorite moments? Well, it seems that Kim has suddenly has a dislike for confrontation. When did that happen? She told, “”I don’t like confrontation and it’s always been hard when there are fights, I get so irritated by it. Being on the bus with Nene, she’s someone you have to watch out for. She can be physical. It’s one thing to be in an argument, it’s another thing to get physical.”I’m sure y’all are just thrilled with the news that you may see Kim again in season 6!


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39 responses to “Is Kim Zolciak’s New Dream House Finished?

  1. Critter

    Where are the pictures of construction?
    We’ve been updated on Shitree’s why not Kim’s?

  2. I’ve done a bit of looking from time to time but never found the house! I do a lookup every couple of weeks and so far? Nothing. Oh I just remembered a new source. Let me see if he has heard anything.

  3. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Of course this skank hates confrontation. She can’t keep up with her lies upon lies to make any decent argument. As Judge Judy says, “you don’t need a good memory to tell the truth”.

    I hope this interior designer tells Kim Z , “Don’t be tardy with my payment”.

  4. Angela

    I heard that they were planning to bring kim back as well as sign on kendra for season 6. Is this true?

  5. Linda

    Bet it is a lie! No public records. She is/has been filming for her sham spinoff-adoption. Probably needed a big house to make it look like they aren’t broke. And adoption storyline for her spin-off… public records show bothdaughter’s babydadies in prison or just out of prison, so imo, Kim pushing adoption for $ security-again-from stupid Kroy. Used to like him, but now he just seems dumber than dirt and Kim’s puppet. He is no respectful man in my eyes-he condones all Kim’s negatives. Ugh

  6. I think the house is real. My guess is they don’t have to purchase it until it is completed. Once the house is done, then the builder sells it. In Sheree’s situation she bought an existing house first and tore it down. Kim’s house is probably being built on an empty lot. We should have a public record soon.

    As for the adoption storyline. Kroy has already emotionally adopted the girls. He loves them. The girls use his last name. They go to his games (When Brielle isn’t grounded). They are a family. I know y’alls bias against Kim leads you to think it’s some big conspiracy. But it’s not.

    • Critter

      Thank you Tamara, am sure when there are pictures & such you will show us…

    • Buck Henry

      I think that won’t work for the builder, because if they decided not to buy it he would be stuck with a house he built that essentially he fronted the money with no guarantee. If they are doing that the closest they could come is to go buy a house in a gated community.

    • Tamara I agree with you. Although I don’t like Kim’s potty mouth around the kids and the way she treated her parents I do believe she and Kroy do have a good relationship and it’s the real thing. If Kim just wanted a baby to hook a man, she would have gotten pregnant by Big Poppa I would think as clearly he seemed to shell out a lot of $$ Kim’s way. She may have her flaws as a parent, and who doesn’t, but I think she genuinely likes babies and enjoys her kids.

      Not saying I like her sense of entitlement or the way she treats Sweetie and other people working for her but it sorta makes sense to me why she wouldn’t want to be bothered with the ladies of ATL. The Kim of the fun Kim and Nene days liked to dress up and party and drink, always looking for a fun loving time. The married Kim seems to really enjoy being home with Kroy, catering his favorite meals, lol and taking care of their kids. The other ladies have kids but not 4 with 3 still being relatively young and other than her wigs, Kim hasn’t gone the housewife way of hawking a million business opportunities (whether they don’t want her or she doesn’t want to do it) so to me her circumstances are a little different. Now if her spinoff is a flop she may have done herself in with her exit strategy cuz no one will want to film with her again. It’s a shame because she had a good friend in Kandi and if she hadn’t screwed her over Tardy they might still have been good buds even with Kroy in the picture.

      I haven’t seen any evidence that Kroy is a rascist and his genuine love of and totally getting involved in the lives of his stepdaughters makes him a good guy in my book. Don’t know if a man that capable of love can also be a hater at the same time, just my opinion.

  7. lynda carter aka "just_lynda"

    That old shoe lol *snort* not really no. I would watch her spin off. She needs to stay away from the other ladies. She has been making a fool out of herself. God blog Ms. Tattles.

  8. NAA

    She should just buy this.

    It’s nicer than anything you’ve ever posted by one of these housewives.

  9. baytothea

    the little hater in me hopes that Kroy is traded to some team like the Bengals or Vikings in 2013. some people make it HARD for you to be happy for them. ugh. wtf does she think she is that she can essentially take a break from filming while in contract and filming the season and then say “hey, now im back to myself again, im ready to make my fiery return”. no bitch. do.not.want. bye!

  10. Pretty much every contract I’ve ever had allowed for medical/maternity leave. /shrugs

    • baytothea

      Phaedra filmed with the ladies while she was pregnant. Bethanny filmed her show when she was pregnant. but of course Kim has to act like shes giving birth to the second coming and can’t even do simple scenes outside her house while pregnant. she’s had excuses since this show has started for everything and it’s just more excuses.

  11. Cali

    There would be a public record of the purchase of the land. A developer wouldn’t be building a home with the hopes that the land owner will be purchasing it. It just doesn’t work that way. The devleoper wouldn’t be spending his own money, to build Kim a house. Not this day and time, since the real estate market is so shakey. The price to build a new home has triple in price. Kim said she couldn’t live in a house, that is under 17,000.00 sq ft. It take a year or more to bulid a house of that size. He would have to hire every man in Altanta, to build a house that big. Only time will tell, what’s true. Also Kory can’t adopt those girl’s without their father’s approval.

    • smooches

      THANK and YOU!!! for everything you just fonted

    • James

      1. Have you never heard of a “spec home”?

      2. According to Kim, neither of the girls’ biological fathers have been in their lives very much so why would they care/not give permission for Kroy to adopt?

    • Katrina

      @James It doesn’t matter what kind of fathers they have, if their fathers name is on the birth certificate, they have to get the father’s consent or at least notify him. You would be surprised of absent fathers that will not release their paternal rights.

      The way Kim sounded on twitter, is that the house was being built and they found it. It’s possible that it is a new housing development in her area. I just think it will take longer to build than 4 to 6 months.

  12. Cali

    Tamara do you know Charles Nealint? I read on one of the webite that he is the guy who is decorating the 16,000.00 ft home in Rosewell, Ga, for Kim and Kory.

  13. Charles Neal is the interior designer Kim is working with on the house. He’s one of those ATL/LA folks who like to be on TV. Let’s just say his taste will align with Kim’s…

  14. smooches

    someone riddle me how Kim doesn’t like used houses but Kendra’s used house was her dream house :-/ again Kim was and is a liar

  15. I think maybe the writer met that Kim took the phone call while she was at her new house as in maybe she was looking at the progress while she was being interviewed.jmo

  16. Really? That is what you think when you read ““Talking from her new Atlanta home (yes, she finally completed that move we’ve been hearing about all season) ” Your brain works in an interesting way.

  17. I was a real estate agent for about five minutes when I was 19. It’s hard to sell real estate at 19 unless your parents know a lot of people I sold one house and was out. But anyway back in the day you could go into a neighborhood and make a down payment and pick out all your floor plans and cabinetry and and stuff and not actually purchase the home until it was completed. I dunno if things have changed. They probably have but I’m saying I can’t find a public record of a property sale but I believe they are building. I don’t know how that is working.

    • Kendra

      I don’t know about the market down south, but where I live spec houses are still being built and the ones that are being built and selling are the 1 million + priced homes.

    • ny2ecity

      You are right Tamara they do allow you to put down deposits and pay for upgrades with a pre-approved loan. It would not be in her name until she closes the loan. It is probably in the builders name until closing. I am not sure how it works with custom homes of that magnitude but I am sure she is putting down nice sums of money in order for the process to move forward.

    • Katrina

      Yes, I have heard of that too. A lot of builders will build the larger homes to show as demos to potential buyers. I think you have to sign a contract, but the house is actually in the builders name.
      I didn’t think they were moving to Roswell. I thought they were staying closer to Kim’s townhome?

  18. I would think the would build in the school district the girls were in now. Brielle was unhapppy in Roswell.

  19. Required

    Didn’t know you are a Kim Stan.

  20. lilkunta

    is there a paparazzo who can follow kim from her townhouse to the new build and that way we will know the new houes site.

  21. jane osbeck

    perhaps the house was purchased through a trust or???

    i like kim, kroy and family, for what they are…entertainment.

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