Finally the Truth Is Out About Why Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif Tried to Sue Brandi Glanville


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As you may recall, the last episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was not my favorite. They lost me with the childbirth stories at the dinner table, and it just became unwatchable for me when all of the gymnastics and arm wrestling happened. Like Yolanda, I just wanted to excuse myself from the whole blogging thing and find something better to watch. So it should come as a huge surprise to y’all as it did to me that I had to go to Bravo today and rewatch the pregnancy talk at the dinner table scene. The blame for that unpleasantness lies with the lovely Beth Sobol of Wetpaint.

I was so over the whole episode by the time we got to the childbirth topic that I just wanted it to all end. So I sort of abruptly stopped the recap. It was not my finest work. I did note with some interest that Adrienne chimed in with her own birthing story telling all within earshot that she had two Cesarian births. She discussed Paul being in the room, and how she went into labor early. I thought to myself, “Well, I guess all those rumors about Adrienne using a surrogate for her kids was false.”  Adrienne carried her own kids. End of story. Rumor squashed.

RHOBHKyleBut yesterday over at Wetpaint Beth ran an exclusive that is very interesting. In the previews for the next episode we see Paul going after Brandi calling her a piece of shit. We have also heard Brandi say she had to spend money on lawyers because Adrienne and Paul sued her. What we didn’t know until now is what happened between the two that took things to that level. I assumed it was just residual drama from the reunion. But according to Wetpaint’s source (and I believe Wetpaint’s sources in general), the big issue between Adrienne and Brandi happened at the Ojai childbirth dinner. Their source says that after Adrienne shared her story, Brandi said to no one in particular that everyone knows that Adrienne used a surrogate and that her story is bullshit. At the time, according to Wetpaint, Adrienne didn’t hear the comment, but Kim did. The source says that Kim told Adrienne about the comment and all hell broke loose.

RHOBHKIMIummmThe source says that later in the season “certain people” will blame Brandi for the divorce between Paul and Adrienne. That makes no sense to me. We have all seen the hostility between Adrienne and Paul since they hit the small screen. I can’t imagine anyone being dumb enough to blame Brandi for their divorce. Oh wait! I totally forgot about Taylor for a moment. She’s definitely dumb enough to believe that.

RHOBHBrannotsorryFinally, from a source completely unrelated to Wetpaint, I am hearing that Adrienne will not return next season and it is not her choice not to return. I can’t imagine why Adrienne would want to come back, she has few allies on the show and she surely doesn’t need the money.


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229 responses to “Finally the Truth Is Out About Why Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif Tried to Sue Brandi Glanville

  1. Girl Plz...

    Taylor should sue her plastic surgeon…..

    • Cami

      Oh I so agree with you. Her lips and face are so hard and scary looking. I hate to look at her in any scene.

    • falina

      AND quit the show (and go somewhere far far away)

    • Poodle-licious

      LMAO!! I get visions of Skeletor from the “He-Man” cartoons of my childhood whenever I see Taylor’s fugly mug.

    • The Shade of It All!

      LMAO! DITTO!

    • saph

      isn’t Paul her plastic surgeon? ha ha.

    • Darfcrow

      Ok..this is the first time I’ve ever read anything online about ANY reality show; but frankly, I was really curious about what the *bleep* at the dinner party was all about. surrogacy or not, I’ve no idea why it matters to anyone…but she wanted to keep it a secret, so WHATEVER.
      But this BASHING of Taylor is vicious! Her lips ARE a little large – I think SHE’S even admitted that. She lost a lot of weight probably due to a MASSIVE amount of stress! Has she not been through enough for goodness sake?
      I think she’s a beautiful person who’s been through a HELL OF A LOT and is trying to hold it together for the sake of her child. I feel for her and cheer for her. I’ve never been abused but have known some VERY strong women who’ve confided in me that THEY were abused, which is how I realize that if someone where able TO ABUSE THEM..than it CAN literally happen TO ANYONE! Taylor and others must have been in a VERY DARK PLACE indeed!
      So, I don’t know if there is anyone who is so gorgeous and perfect that would make it OK to call Taylor such names (above).
      It might serve you more to let her be and take a look at yourselves and why it is that you feel like you should be trying to be hateful and tear down someone for your own entertainment.
      Anyway Tamara, I’ve bookmarked your site…I think you’re a good writer, thoughtful and clever. I’ll be reading…and don’t worry, this WILL BE the last time I comment anything like this. Keep doing your thing! I hope you have a happy and successful new year!

      • Welcome, Darfcrow! Comments here are the best part! I hope you continue to speak your mind!

      • Appalledbutwatching!

        Now Waaaaait a minute Darfcrow! Yes, spousal abuse is horrible, but when a pea-brained former saleslady marries a known abuser JUST for financial gain, we’re in a gray area. That–it’s said–was the price of the ticket. Most of us would never pay that price, but it was her choice and she has to face the criticism from the audience. And it’s justifiably harsh. She’s a callgirl plain and simple. How and what are just details.

      • Jacqui

        I agree with you that people have been harsh one her and I know we shouldnt go on looks. Im with you up to this point. The issue I have with Taylor is that this is a jerk that cheated the elderly out of their retirement money and went around telling people she was related to the Ford’s in order to gain their confidence and scam them. Her intro this season says: “I fought hard for this zip code to go home now” , well, anyone with a minimal amount of a conscience would have packed her bags, gotten sober, made her child a priority and left because it would be the right thing to do. Instead she has decided to stay on the show and believe that people will be able to see past her criminal actions. Her husbands death does not atone her sins, shes on tv making money and collecting designer handbags while her victims are eating canned lima beans. Shes a liar and a thief and not once has she expressed remorse for what she did. On the contrary, she loves playing the victim card and the attention that comes with it, just as narcissistic as her deceased husband was.

      • I agree. I actually LIKE Taylor and feel a bit sorry for her …. Finding you husband, even if you are in the middle of a divorce, HANGING… has got to be a little more than traumatic!!! Sometimes she has a bit too much wine and she says stupid things… but I think anyone who drinks too much wine says stupid things… ha! I really don’t understand WHY Adrienne would keep something like that a secret!!! I mean, seems to me it would be sort of hard to HIDE 2 pregnancies that you are supposed to have had. I find it odd that there is not a SINGLE photo of her while she was pregnant anywhere on the internet. I like Brandi and her …. um, shall we say, bluntness… although, yea, sometimes it’s a bit much… but out of everyone on the show, i’d rather have her at MY party than almost anyone… Brandi and Lisa…

      • Dariana

        I like Taylor. Her lips are old news. She explained them on Season 1. What’s going on now is The Hoof is furious because Paul has a young girlfriend. Hello? That woman is a piece of work. Very dirty work. The Grrreat news is that The Hoof is off the show! HURRAY! Ding Dong, the Witch is dead, the horrible, horrible witch is GONE! Oh yeah, and she’s trying to control what can & cannot be seen at the Reunion Show. What gall. Plus, she’s blaming Brandi for her divorce. Is she
        for real with most of her brain missing? Or does she think the viewers can’t see through her? Doesn’t matter. Let her go live her miserable life. As she said at Kyle’s White Party, “Karma.” Yeah, Hoof… Karma. You got yours! As you say weekly, “Show your enemies the door.” Which is exactly what Bravo did. Good for you Bravo.

    • marcie

      I 100% agree with that, Can someone tell her to stop. Her lips will soon take over her face.

    • Mary Anderson

      I would like to see Taylor get help for her drinking , her husband is dead for a long time and she can’t blame him anymore for her drinking problem. There may be a few drugs involved there too. Please Taylor get help, if not for you , make it for your daughter who has to watch you as you get more out of control.

    • DENISE


  2. Jennifer Zaeh

    I didn’t see it but Camille used a surrogate.

  3. I doubt Camille saw it either.

  4. So she was sued for something she said at the dinner party. That’s just so stupid. Especially since last season everyone was so pissed at Russell threatening to sue everyone and now Paul and Adrienne jump on that bandwagon?

    • Oh and unless Brandi slept with Adrienne, then she’s not to blame for the split up. We all saw in previous season how shitty Adrienne treated Paul so to blame anything but themselves is ridiculous.

    • Wendi

      It was Paul who said friends do not sue friends. Although Adrianne said she and Brandi are not friends. Whatever was said, must be true. If it wasn’t, they would just move on.

    • lisa

      @wendi, Paul may have said friends dont sue friends but I’m pretty positive Adrienne did as well.She definitely said so in her blog last season

    • Adrienne can’t sue Brandi for that (well I mean she can, as anyone can file a lawsuit; but it won’t go anywhere). Besides, Bravo edited out whatever Brandi said. The only one we KNOW gossiped about it was kyle ( telling her pitbull rancid)
      So if Adrienne wants to sue, she should go after kyle.

    • Actually I recall kyle & mauricio being at Trailor house for dinner, when Russell & Trailor ASSUMED Lisa was giving false info to People Mag or some other trashloid.
      kyle as usual says NOTHING except nods in agreement. I didn’t notice Kyle running off to inform Lisa which is her usual MO. I think it was kyle who got Adrienne worked up last season about selling stories.

    • bsbfankaren

      And Lisa was very, very hurt that Kyle did not let her know what Russel had said. It sure seems like Kyle and Mauricio only speak up when they see the direction the tide is turning, but never when something controversial actually happens. Strange people.

  5. Vp

    I was thinking the same thing when I was watching that scene. If it turns out to be not true, I’m done with Adrianne. Not because there’s anything wrong with having a surrogate, but because it’s just too weird to lie about it on national television.

    • allisonf91

      She obviously lied about it because she doesn’t want her children to know just yet; she’s protecting her family

    • bsbfankaren

      Or is she simply protecting herself? She and her chef said some pretty nasty things about Lisa last season, and felt no need to apologize for any thing at all until the camera’s were rolling again. In fact, her chef is STILL talking smack and Lisa on his FB page.

  6. So adrienne sued Brandi for something she said that was true and yet wasn’t aired, so if she hadn’t sued her no one would know about it?? huh?
    can you actualy sue someone if they just repeat something that they know to be true?

    • Ernie

      Truth is a defense to defamation/lible and/or slander. Period. However, if Adrienne and her dog-faced twin spouse Paul think it’s an invasion of privacy, they will lose in court also, because they told others, or it was already public knowledge, that the children were born via surrogate or gestational carrier, and they are PUBLIC FIGURES (on national TV about there personal lives) whose public lives, according to the Federal courts and state courts, are subject to public scrutiny, private lives and all.
      (Lindsay Lohan, General Petraeus, anyone?)

    • bsbfankaren

      Ernie, that won’t stop her from filing action after action to keep Brandi in court, and to make sure her legal bills mount. I am almost certain that is what is going on. The Maloof attornies are already on retainer. Brandi could easily end up bankrupt for this.

    • a kazmiroski

      NO YOU CAN’T.

    • You can file a suit about anything you want. You just can’t win.

      • Is the lawsuit on or off? Wouldn’t it be great if Brandi starts to date Paul? I think they’d make a great couple actually. They are both passionate people

    • Truth is an absolute defense; however there are some exceptions. This is not one of them however, b/c Bravo edited out Brandi’s comments. We do KNOW however, that kyle blabbed to her pitbull Rancid, so Adrienne would do better going after Kyle.
      @Ernie, being public figures, only makes the burden higher, but does not exclude her ability to sue and win a defamation case, albeit this is not a winnable case for her.
      @bsbfankaren U could be right, but all Brandi needs to do is file a motion to dismiss or alternatively immediately move to depose Adrienne and Paul. I’m quite sure that would be enough to make Adrienne withdraw the lawsuit IF she even filed.
      IMO- she said it in the heat of the moment, just as Brandi said what she said from built up fustration (reasons heretofore unknown) with Adrienne. (Brandi knows she should not have said it. she was egged on by kyle and let her emotions interfere with her better judgement). kyle uncorked the champagne so to speak b/c she loves stirring up drama and then stepping back playing innocent victim

      • Susan

        you hit the nail on the head. Kyle is a trouble maker from the gitgo, then acts like little miss angle. Finaly someone else sees what I have from the beginning. Kyle is so jelous of Lise she can’t see for looking. Morieco may be a great realtor, but after that he needs to be QUIET. He wants to make importaint statements and it comes out stupid making no sence what so ever. Cammiel needs to be quiet too. She is so all into herself it makes me sick to watch her. The less of her the better. Go home stay home and take care of you kids. Gosh I fee better now, needed to get that off my mind.

    • bsbfankaren

      The problem is that Adrienne has lawyers on retainer, while Brandi does not. That means that Brandi will have to hire an attorney to file whatever legal motions there are, and Adrienne can instruct her lawyers to file any number of briefs, just to keep Brandi spending more and more money, something she couldn’t do to Lisa who has plenty of money on her own. You are also right that the Maloof family finances have taken a decided down turn in recent years, with her brother’s having sold their homes in Beverly Hills in recent years, and their ownership of the Palm’s down to just 2%, not to mention the issues with their basketball team. That has to be causing some pressure in Adrienne’s life, but she needs to find another release other then attacking cast members. As an aside, on WWHL Taylor said she’s having issues with Adrienne as well, so I suppose that is still to come.

      • That chef belongs with Faye and Kyle. What a cat session that would be. It was aggravating too that Kyle let Faye babble on and on in that incoherent way of hers but shut down Lisa every time she tried to step in. What a tool Kyle has become. And poor Kim! She hasn’t got a prayer if this sister is her support system

      • bsbfankaren

        Kim is learning as I have from personal experience. When a family member is not helping you to move forward, no matter how good their intentions may be, it’s time to separate yourself and move forward on your own. There is no way I would have invited Kyle to join my family in Vegas, as the trip would have been all about Kyle, instead of being about Kim reconnecting with her children. In regards to Adrienne’s chef who still works for her, I found it hilarious that he was not part of the scene with Adrienne and her family in their kitchen. I’m thinking Lisa put her foot down on that one, and Bravo agreed.

      • Adrienne’s attys. IF THEY ARE ANY GOOD, will tell her not to file a lawsuit she can’t win. Brandi could countersue Adrienne for filing a frivolous lawsuit and seek sanctions against Adrienne’s atty as well as damages. Her money is best spent elsewhere. (Like looking for a new chef who does nothing but create problems for her. She’s lost 2bffs and a husband with this chef playing an inappropriate role!)

        I read somewhere that Adrienne never filed a lawsuit, rather sent Brandi a cease and desist, which is pretty standard as a first round so to speak. There is nothing for Brandi to do with it. The c&d letters are preliminary stating if u continue x, we will take action.

        So Brandi’s legal fees must relate to something else. Either that or the soundbite was taken out of context and is just continually looped.

    • jewels1931

      well simple math adrienne 51 her youngest are twin boys 6 years old she would been 45 when she had them a women prime age to have children is under 30. The risks are more after 35 by 45 it is very hard to concieve a child at all

      • mary

        wow, so she just didn’t want anyone to know she didn’t carry her kids herself?? Yes at 45 that is kinda old but so what if they wanted kids. Who cares who carried them. Just love them. But what I am still waiting to hear is why did Paul file for divorice?

  7. natasha nicole

    so russel was wrong fo r almost suing camille but she can go around suing people. if lisa had sued her would she be okay with that.
    i know next episode we see paul get nasty (which is what they wanted to do with russel) but i honestly think he was caught up in the pain of divorce, some people lose their minds in the midst of the end.

    i honestly think this is all adrienne doing, paul and brandi are friends now. i wouldnt have cared for her next season anyway, and doesnt she know once you sue someone you are off the show (thats why taylor stopped speaking to russel). They cant film too much with you anymore because you are in a legal battle. Plus im sure they were tired of her hiding her real life.

    Brandi doesnt have much money anyway. If adrienne wasnt born into money she would be more sympathetic.

    • victori0us

      Right on

    • Buck Henry

      Adriennes almost out of money. Her and her family have squandered their fortune and are close to losing it all. If you don’t believe me google Maloof’s financial troubles and you will see.

    • @natasha nicole. I think Trailor and Russell also sent a cease & desist letter to Lisa as they blamed her for some article in a trashloid. Note kyle
      s silence on that, despite her crocodile tear display at the party.

      IMO- Adrienne is a good person but she had a lot on her plate that was not shown, including but not limited to a serious reduction in trust fund monies amongst her family for bad business choices. She also had problems with Paul. (not blaming him of course, just stating the obvious). I liked them in S1. But what was funny in S1 ceased to be funny in S2 and it appeared (IMO) to be some nasty mudslinging on Adrienne’s part. I don’t know the woman personally, it is just my opinion & observation.
      I sure wish they, Bravo, would fire Trailor and kyle. @Darfcrow you must be referring to a different Trailor than Shana Ford. She was the ABUSER, not Russell. Her black eye pix were from her own cosmetic surgery or her own SELF-IMPOSED abuse. She is far to aggressive ( think her abuse of Kim in S1 to be any victim). And she certainly was NOT innocent in the continued fraud to investors. Her SICK idea of writing a book trashing Russell in ‘a hot minute’ sums her up nicely. She had NO compassion for Russell’s 2 other children nor his family who are old enough to understand suicide. To claim it was to help other women, is beyond laughable. She’s a self-absorbed, narcissistic grifter who was afraid of losing her 15 mins. The crocodile tears for the show and her own little brat were over the top. One day her daughter will read it and then have to face losing her daddy in a terrible tragedy that can possibly be attributable to her abusive, lying, lowlife mother. Telling people Adrienne was her godmother when she knew damn well that was not the case, is a mother totally out for herself. NOT what is in the best interests of the child. She makes me puke and I can’t listen to her.

      • I’m with you Bingo. The more I read in this blog (history and tabloid stories and all the rest) the less I admire Kyle and Taylor and the more I admire Brandi and Lisa and Camille. One old article said Paul was found with bruises on his body? And he hanged himself but his feet were touching the floor when he was found? Also, he was unaware of Taylor telling her lies to the girls, which was why he sued Camille! He hadn’t done anything and Taylor got caught red handed (red faced) when they arrived at Kyles house for the White party. According to his family (of course they’re going to be on his side) he was stunned by what they said. One article said he knew enough of law and litigation to know that he couldn’t sue someone over saying the truth, so he would not have done it. If this is true, god this is really sick.

    • @britsunited. It was so sad b/c Russell was finally ready to go party and let loose. Then he had to smacked by his wife’s vicious lies. He was clearly dumbfounded and speechless. The vicious lies told by Trailor is enough to drive someone to suicide b/c he had know way to defend himself. He couldn’t undo the damage she did to his being and professional life, where does he go with it? Any public denial on his part would sound so trite to the average person who had never seen his mentally deranged wife in action. He also couldn’t sue his wife for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is a he said/she said. Trailor put him in a no-win situation.

    • Brenda

      Bottom line Kyle is a trouble maker and I don’t blame Kim for speaking out now. Did not Kim take care of the family and Kyle as a child star, now Kyle owns Beveerly Hills. HA

      • Kyle neither ‘owns’ nor lives in Beverly Hills. She wasn’t even born in BH. I believe it was Hollywood which would put her in a ghastly run down hospital ‘assuming’ she was born in a hospital.

  8. I though Taylor stopped speaking with Russell because she just dint want to hang out with him.

    • lewis

      suicide is never funny. lets have some empathy people. you are part of what is wrong with the world today and frankly quiet disgusting. I liked to see how you would react if a close family member to you committed suicide and someone wrote this. Just remember he has a daughter i’m sure she would be hurt reading this comment.

    • Tim

      If I was married to that big lipped whiny bitch i’d hang myself too :-)

    • Lewis? You are what’s wrong with this country. You’re a weak, Lilly livered little nancy. Suck it up and face real life. The coward offed himself and the wife is using option for all it’s worth to make money and get attention. And the kid was a brat way before this. I’m sure she has been indulged further by people like you who done hold the right people responsible for their actions. Don’t preach at me. I didn’t kill myself.

  9. LOL A has the been shitty 2 Paul since Dr 90210 days. She even had a fortune teller on and asked if she would have kids. Adrienne is a bitch!

  10. Did the fortune teller explain that she would have to have sex with a man to become pregnant?

  11. The Maloof modus operandi appears to be about deflection & projection…if there is any way to make the problem about someone else they will. Obviously Paul handed his cojones to Adrienne upon marriage and has felt the need to ‘support’ his wife, so appear to have her back…this has nothing to do with the fact that they were obviously struggling as the walls came tumbling down on their own marriage.

    Better to make Brandi ‘a piece of sh*t’ (or Lisa, whichever housewife they want to take aim at this week) rather than look at their own motivations or issues.

    Honestly, good riddance to the manipulative Maloof, I for one will not miss her.

    • Or maybe he just took issue with someone saying something hurtful about his kids. Or bringing them up at all. If he didn’t react this way, it would be a bigger strike against him. Of course this is all speculation until we know what happens Monday night for sure.

    • Peggy Baker

      Julius ! too funny and well said!

  12. Well it is sort of interesting that the source came out after the episode aired. And that they didn’t show Brandi saying the comment. Perhaps she didn’t say it. But it does sound like something she would say. What was it she actually said at the rerun? She implied Adrienne and Paul’s marriage wasn’t real.

    • victori0us

      IMO itS MORE hurtful to lie to ur kids about using a surrogate than just keeping that open. Least Camille kept it real. I can’t stand Adrienne, mainly off how she treated her husband on camera. She doesn’t seem nice at all.

  13. baytothea

    Has anyone ever seen a picture of Adrienne pregnant? I can’t find one through my quick search on google but i vaguely remember seeing one in season 1 or 2…idk why…maybe i didn’t. Anyway, i can believe Adrienne was never pregnant. she’s not maternal and she doesn’t seem like the type who would have 2 pregnancies so closely together. her kids are 9 and 6(twins)? she would have been like 42 with the first and carrying twins at 45? just doesn’t seem like something a woman like her would be up for.

    • victori0us

      Paul was prolly the reason they even had them period. I wonder how long he had to beg her for children, till she agreed to using a surrogate.

    • Buck Henry

      Your probably thinking about that one picture where it’s an over the head shot of her in a big black dress on a big couch. No she was never pregnant, in fact I can’t find anything of her in public being pregnant. In fact I bet anything that she really doesn’t have sex with Paul and not just anymore maybe never to be honest with you. From the first season she not only didn’t want him around her (remember when she went to Vegas for that photo shoot) she hated being any place with him it seems. I truly would like to know how they got together.

    • Hotness

      Adrienne used to be a man

  14. ViVaLaDiVa

    It has been an internet “rumor” ever since the show started, that adrienne used a surrogate.

  15. What makes no sense to me is if it’s true why lie about it, facts will out you. If u want to lie about the reason u got a better shot. If she was in her 40’s she could always claim age, health issues, no eggs or whatever. Lots of women who wait to have kids are now finding out that they can’t and if they didn’t freeze their eggs, their options are limited to hiring a surrogate. Nothing to be ashamed of, Camille has always owned it and claims it was do to IBS and Crohns I think which would make a lot of sense.

    So Tamara do you think it is true that she didn’t carry her kids and will Bravo out her? To make up that lie about the difficulty of her labor I wanted to slap the shit out of her. I had a high risk pregnancy and was forced to have C section as the only way to insure my and my baby’s safety.

    I also thing that a lot of the nasty we see in Adrienne is tied to her financial issues. The Maloofs were once obscenely wealthy but don’t think they have the business savvy to handle their business successfully especially in this economy. Not poor by any means but if forced to cut out on all the “excesses” it has to cut deep and cause a lot of grief and anger and hatred of others.

  16. I have no idea. I am a one year old blogger. She and Paul scream at Brandi for being a liar in the previews.

    What do I think? Personally I question whether Adrienne has ever had sex with a man. /shrugs i dunno. Thats just my gaydar. It would seem the kids would notice no pregnancy pics at some point. Did Lisa still live across the street? I dunno.

  17. Jeanna

    Adrienne is uninteresting, sorry. This divorce has been the most interesting thing she’s done, aside from her atrocious taste in clothes, make-up and hair.

    Did anyone watch E! with LeAnn Rimes last night? Why is this girl still talking about the affair? It happened three years ago. I keep waiting for Bravo to put her on the show. She obviously needs the attention.

    • OMG I just saw part of it last nite on rerun. WTF was Guiliana thinking? What was LeAnn’s reason 4 doing it? If she wanted to talk about her life, Brandi and that part should have been off limits.

      I’m not getting why LeAnn feels the need to keep sticking the hot poker at Brandi. LeAnn got what she wanted, so she should STFU and have some compassion for Brandi and not zing her. It is mean and serves no purpose except to show her insecurities. IMO- Eddie will bail on her and go back to Brandi. I just hope Brandi says, too little, too late pal!

  18. Zarra

    Adrienne might have lied about it because maybe she never told her kids where they came from ? maybe its something not shared with her kids yet.. so she was saving face for the camera maybe… just guessing here but sounds possible

  19. blanca

    OMG…Money really gets you crazy…Who in the world cares about having a baby this way or this other way…? Sorry but, Bravo is portraing women as stupid they can be…Every show is getting more stupid…I don’t understand how a real happy woman wants to be in shows like these kind. They need more attention…Really…?????? So sorry to see this…They should be showing good things to the people to believe somebody can really have a good friend or a good life and I am not talking about money at all….

    • Trish

      I agree, bravo housewives shows are ruining lives, marriages
      and friendships. I guess this is the risk you take when you sign up.

  20. I really like Brandi this year and her relationship with Lisa and Camille is good and fun and its a miracle but Kim is wonderful. Thank god they’re not focusing on Kyle so much this year. She pulls Kim down and did anyone miss Yolanda at the end. Yeah, me neither

  21. Kristy

    Brandi is crazy, she bad mouths everyone and does it with a smile on her face because it makes herself feel better. As far as the Eddie and Leanne affair that is all Brandi harps on day in and out on twitter. SHE needs to get over it! I quit following her when I saw what a miserable, negative person she is. She needs to focus on her own problems And leave everyone else alone and out of her mouth.

    • Amber Dawn

      I completely agree. I think Brandi is a very negative, disgruntle, bitter and the most annoying person on any of the housewives shows. I don’t understand how anyone could find her remotely likable or interesting. I understand how painful an affair can be but get over it and move beyond your past, your ex, your exes new wife and jump off Lisa Vanderpumps coat tails already!!! I don’t know what Lisa finds appealing about her but I pray bravo drops her already.

      • I gotta disagree with u Amber & Kristy. I find Brandi fun and alive. She has taken more abuse from these women, than I ever would, that’s for sure. IMO- Brandi has a good heart. She just needs to reign in her emotions a little. But hey, we have all been there! She’s just human that way!

  22. eob

    is it possible adrienne is really a man and that’s why they had a surrogate? Deep VOice kind of drag queeny like. Who knows…..

    • tavern on the green

      I always thought Adrienne was really a man. Perhaps that’s what Brandi REALLY blurted out. Remember the looks on all the ladies faces….using a surrogate is nothing. Hiding you’re a man instead of a woman….Wow!

      • lollydolly111

        Oh awesome! I knew someone else out there was thinking the same way I was. What else could be so shocking and earth shattering? Although Bravo does tend to try and make mountains out of molehills.

    • Hotness

      Yesssss! I’ve been saying the same thing. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

  23. Amy Johnson

    Maybe Adrienne Malof was once a man?

  24. Meminnie

    Adrienne and Brandi obviously weren’t friends at the moment so that’s why she’s suing her , Kim should have told Adrienne the night she found out if she was really tryna be informative and Brandi is just tryna stay on the show period, cause surrogate or not she didn’t have to tell the whole table , Kyle asked her one question and of course Brandi took that opportunity and ran with it. It’s sad I used to like Brandi.

  25. She was sued for something she said at the Sur tasting session.. that the show blocked out .. probably something about Paul having an affair.. and who the hell would blame him if he did

  26. Catie Menzie

    Phew! Talk about getting the scoop! I say “Bravo” to Brandi for the ability to call a spade a spade. Brandi is the only one I truly like on the program. There’s just too much Botox, filler, peroxide, silicone and a profound lack of personal depth on the show for me.

  27. Kellie

    Adrienne is too busy for Paul and extremely controlling. She is wealthy due to her predecessors. If you noticed, all along she trys to come off as the peacemaker, however, when it comes to her she becomes rabid. Yes, Brandi needs to curb her mouth and be more diplomatic but that will come with the lessons of age. I did not like her fur vest, horrible!!!! The cruelty that goes into making any fur item is horrendous. Anyway, Adrienne and Taylor are boring and I hope they both don’t come back to the show next year.

    • Betsy

      ” That will come with the lessons of age”? Brandi’s 40 years old! She’s had plenty of time to learn how to behave. I like her, in general, but she really needs to check herself once in awhile…

  28. Nicole

    They should sue. It was never Brandie Glandville (pig) to tell others personal situations especially when it comes to her children. That s just as a bad to tell young children that they are adopted and it does not come from their parent/ guardian. Not cool. Bran due needs to grow up and realize there I a reason Her husband left her for someone ( multiple people ! ) because she sucks at life !! Bad friend and a person!

    • Catie Menzie

      No! This is not the same as telling adopted children that they are indeed adopted. This is a woman being called out because she’s too vain to carry her own children.

      • Now that’s not fair Catie. We have NO idea why Adrienne used a surrogate. She obviously wanted children, so I would assume there were physical problems, like a million other women. To suggest she was just too vain is mean and NOT fair.

        If that were the case and IF that is wanted prompted the legal threats, her vanity would have precluded her from giving a shit. So I think you can easily rule out vanity as being the reason.

  29. Tricia

    Everyone knows the reason behind the divorce and who ratted adrienne out to brandi… someone said brandi had an affair w adrienne? Try Paul. Its like the ultimate humiliation

  30. jessica

    I used to like Brandi, but she went too far. I am disgusted by her totally. Lisa be careful with Brandi. Brandi you lost a fan.

  31. Adrienne, Taylor, and Brandi look far too old for their years—especially Adrienne who looks like she’s in her 60’s because of all that plastic surgery, which makes it so surprising that she has such young children. The show tonight was awful, leaving the audience without a sense of what the big plot point was about, however it did bring me to this site, and I’ve never posted before. Camille is out front about having a surrogate, allegedly because she has irritable bowl syndrome—oh please who doesn’t have IBS!!! But at least she’s honest about it. Am sick though of her trashing Kelsey, who I worked with as a PR person and he most definitely deserves respect. Camille is skinny and can dance, at least shake her ass, and spend money, but Kelsey is a multi-talented, brilliant actor, with a difficult and horrifying back story of the tragic loss of several family members. He is a brilliant actor and comedian, (think Cheers, Fraser), and the only thing Camille has is his money, she has no talent, no charm and no wit, and the tides only turned on HBH because of the power that her ill gotten money provides. Kim is too fragile to be on the show and if anyone gave a damn about her, including her sister, sponsor, and therapist, she wouldn’t be on. Probably everyone just wants her to be able to generate enough money to comfortably live without subsidizing her. Viewing her is cringe-worthy and feels cruel. Andy you’re a mensch, do we really want to watch her deteriorate. I love Andy, but recognize that on some levels he’s dumbed down America and turned us all into voyeurs. I claim to watch purely for anthropolical insights, and intend to start sharing them.

    • Glad you found the site, Terry! Welcome aboard. It’s a wild ride here, but I hope you’ll enjoy it!

    • Catie Menzie

      Love your post. OMG you had me laughing with the comment about “who doesn’t have IBS”and your anthropological reasoning for watching. Hah! I say the same thing. Anyway, you’re spot on with ALL of your insights! Well done!

      • Thanks! However I’m technologically impaired, and have far much to say to and about everyone. Am in a rough spot and can’t seem to write, so I’d much rather parse everyone else’s behavior!
        I want to blog big-time!

    • jane

      I love Brandy!! She is the only real one on the show or for that matter any of the RHW’s shows. The show is a “Reality Show” but there is NOTHING REAL about most of these women. They are fake and shallow and too vain to carry a baby. It’s sickening!! They can simply pay someone to have their children. WOW~~
      Camille is full of shit! I have IBS and I have a daughter I gave birth to. I have never heard of that as a reason to not have a child.
      THEY LOOK GROTESQUE with too much plastic surgery. Congrats to Brandy for calling Adrienne out on her B.S. Taylor is a drunk and is so obsessed with fame she drove her husband to suicide and then didn’t have the dignity or respect for her daughter to leave the show. I love how she says “she worked too hard for the B.H. address to give it up” really?? She worked?? You mean she slept her way to it!! I like Maurizio but what idiot buys his 17 yr old daughter a Mercedes??? Bad enough Kyle is a spoiled brat.
      As for Andy Cohen I am convinced he does not like women!!! he picks the worst of the worst to represent then puts them in a fishbowl to see how they attack each other.
      As a Jew, I am sure he hates his mother, thats why he picked Jill Zarin the absolute worst stereotypical example of the all the bad qualities Jewish women get slammed for. A jealous coniving shrew!
      When these idiots sign up for this show their lives become open books..
      That’s the deal folks.. Price of fame.

      • I have IBS too and it affects people differently. I think she also mentioned Chrohn’s disease, but whatever the reason, she did what she needed to do and is up front about it. Why are u faulting Camille for being honest? She obviously loves her children and at the end of the day, that is all that matters. How the children got here doesn’t matter; only is she a good mother.

        ITA with u about Trailor. I can’t even listen to her whines anymore. Fast fwd! I must say I too, thought the Mercedes was ridiculous. The girl doesn’t even have a DL, merely a permit. It was so over the top, I’m not sure what he was trying to prove or whether it was Vyle’s doing, so they could pretend they have the wealth of Lisa or Adrienne. Vyle would have NOTHING if not for Mauricio. ANd wasn’t it Rick Hilton who gave him a job and taught him the biz? What I don’t understand is what is wrong with him that he would stay with a woman like Vyle. He can get sex on any street corner!

        Andy hates his mother. Teehee! I don’t watch others so I’m not sure who the players r. I will say I think he has a hard time casting as I look who he has on RHWOBH. Not exactly creme de la creme except Lisa, Brandi, Camille

    • susanna

      Enjoy your blog Tamara! Brings some sanity to the nonsense we just watched. Terry, I agree with you on every point. Why would someone wanting to keep this private, (there are reports of a surrogate that are quite old on the net) go on a reality show and think they could maintain privacy? Sounds pretty arrogant. Some people clearly knew. Her age, no pictures of her pregnant, etc. She and Paul did succeed in getting people to talk about them, finally. Making such hostile objections, fed the fire. Brandy could benefit from a filter or learn how to be diplomatic.

      I, also, agree with you about Camille, and the other “ladies”, talking about Kelsey. Comparing body parts was uncomfortable, in that being what was important? Shallow commentary from a shallow group of people. He is very talented and I enjoy watching his work. Snarky comments just makes the snarkette look small.

    • lilkunta

      hey terry, nice post. it is sa all the death that kelsey has experienced. he shoulda have got and should be in therapy. he does not get a pass on his mistreatment of people bc his family died. he may be a great actor(i dont know personally i never watched frasier. boss was just cancelled so was he that great?) but he is aa horrible person, or was acting like a horrible person. he cheated on his wife which is bad enough but then publicly disrespected her. he is a fther of 2 daughters, would he like his girls treated that way? i hope kayte is counting down bc howyou get him is how you loose him.

    • @terry. OMG, where do u live???? Adrienne does NOT look 60!! Not even close.
      I don’t care about their fillers & botox etc (except Trailor’s lips are so hideous to impose on the viewer and should come with a warning b4 she is shown)
      After ur comments about Camille tho, the rest of your post was very funny and ITA!!

      I do agree Camille should knock off the Kelsey comments, especially since she seems very happy with Dimitri. On the other hand, I can understand it; since Kelsey publicly humiliated her while turning her world upside down. While Kelsey may have the acting talent, Camille cleaned him up and got him off the sauce and downward spiral he was on, prolly a lot to do with the family tragedies that beset him. In that respect she was very good for him and to him. She gets major props for that and I don’t think she ever claimed to be an actress. Everyone in the biz, always says they have this or that project in the works, so I didn’t find her comments out of place.
      But I do agree, no more Kelsey raps especially since they FINALLY settled their divorce. I’m sure the emotion & aggravation of the War of the Roses, was reason for her jabs. He did his fair share as well.

      While ur comments about Kim are very astute, I think it may turn to be a good thing for her. (As long as she stays away from Vyle!). For an ex-child actress she seems to have problems with improv and even ‘playing a role.’ So maybe it will help her to find her place in acting again. I recall a short interview with her eons ago, and she said with her kids grown, she would like to get back in the biz and still has her fan base (not that I doubt her, but it struck me as a funny line LOL). She is definitely more comfortable in her own skin now and needs direction as HW is not the role for her at this time. The kids are out of the house except the youngest. But still she is 16 or 17 and I’m sure doesn’t want to spend all her time with Mommy. I hope the best for her. I must say she annoyed me in the past, b/c I couldn’t understand her half the time and she looked so uncomfortable with the cameras. But now, away from Vyle and her worthless mother, I think a new Kim will be reborn. I sure hope so anyway.

  32. I am surprised Brandi Glanville just dropped the fact(?) rumor(?) that Adrienne Maloof used a surrogate to have her boys at a tasting dinner. I forgive Paul Nassif for calling Brani a bitch and a piece of shit when it comes to his kids. I am not surprised Adrienne is suing Brandi over this. I am surprised that Bravo aired all off Adrienne’s dirty laundry by getting the story out before the show aired. SO TACKY.

    • bsbfankaren

      If what other’s have said is true, that Adrienne has already admitted she used a surrogate and did so last season, and considering the fact that Brandi said what she said was something everyone already knew about, I am not sure why Adrienne is angry other then that this is an escalation of a previous disagreement between the two as Brandi said at the reunion last season and again this season. As Adrienne has proven in regards to Lisa, if she doesn’t like someone she’s like a pit bull in doing all she can to discredit the person. Brandi just happens to be a far easier target then Lisa is.

  33. Peggy Baker

    Adrienne said that “whatever” Brandi said was “defammatory”..meaning as to “defame one’s character”…hmmmm…just using a surrogate wouldn’t do that so it must be bigger. Once Adrienne and Brandi were semi-friends and I bet Brandi “happened” onto some info about Paul and Adrienne. Time will out peeps…truth will be known.

    • welcome Peggy! Let’s figure this out together. I’ll dig for tea and report back!

    • susanna

      Good points. I await your finds!

    • Peggy Baker

      I have to interject a “sidebar” here. Kim was a lot less hurtful when she was in the bathroom talking to herself. She did NOT need to tell Adrienne and Paul the
      Brandigate problem on air. In fact, waiting to ambush Brandi in front of the cameras actually served to hurt Adrienne and Paul more because Bravo censored Brandi’s comments. We would never had known about this ordeal if not for Kim. She reminds me of the high school girl who could not wait to tell everyone’s “truths” just so she could be in the thick of it. Well done Kim. Keep sober but keep quiet as well.

    • Hotness

      Figured out: Adrienne used to be a man…that’s why they used surrogates.

    • Adrienne was merely angry and upset that Brandi betrayed her confidences publicly. One can’t blame her and I think she was not terribly rational in the moment. Whatever Brandi said, Bravo edited it out, so NO defamation occurred.

      Brandi & Adrienne were once good friends and it is sad it has come to this. Obviously much happened off camera we don’t know about and never will.

  34. Maureen

    You can’t sue and win if it what is said is TRUE. Truth is a total defense against any accusation of defamation. So I would guess that what Brandi said is TRUE since she is NOT being sued anymore.

    • Peggy Baker

      Oh…one more thing. I’d never thought I would see Brandi and Kim sharing the same bucket but neither had the right to share anyone else’s business especially on camera! Out of the bunch, I can only relate to Lisa. She seems to have commendable morals and a strict sense of loyalty and sensibility.

  35. ash

    Wowww . I believe she used a surrogate because she is obsessed with her weight. I always thought she looked like a transvestite. Now I know its true:)

    I dont like brandis trashy language and her voice.

    So far new cast member yolanda is the only one with some dignity and class. I like that she doesnt drink like fish .she is so right about her comments about women and being drunk. They all look like old drunk whores who are stuck in high school mentality.

    Anyways maloof totally lied about having two cessarians if this is really true.

  36. Doggie doo doo

    Adrienne doesn’t bother me as much as Taylor. She is out of her mind delusional to think she fits in to any kind of a high class society. She is a skank, a manipulator, a user of men. She’s as dumb as a stump to boot. She needs to go…. For good. Don’t let the door hit your plastic ass on the way out, loser.

  37. MissChris61

    The math does not count to Adrienne’s favor, so fess up regarding the surrogate. Love Paul, he seems to be real and funny. Did anyone notice the woman holding Paul’ s hand when he had a colonoscopy was not Adrienne’s hand? Different ring settings… Now this season, Adrienne is mad about Brandi saying the obvious. How far will Adrienne go to pretend all is great in her castle. I say Paul take the money, and the kids and Run far far away!!!

  38. Crystal

    Brandi had no problem with Camille and her surrogate experience cause she owns up to her doings. Clearly on tonight’s wwhl she admitted it without hesitation. But Adrienne likes to seem like a polished penny even when we clearly see her and Paul bickering. She didn’t like how Brandi “slandered” her but how did Lisa felt when Adrienne did the same. Oh and I would’ve loved to see what Paul meant when he told Brandi,” you don’t know what I wanna do right now.”

  39. Lizbet30

    If what Brandi said was related to IVF or even a surrogate, it wasn’t her place to say it, but I CAN SEE how that would come about since Adrienne made such a point to story-tell about her own labor\birthing experience with her boys. Meaning, I can see how the conversation being about Adrienne’s lies turned to that “juicy” last piece of info as to be the ultimate proof to her lying. Can Brandi be sued for saying that — Only if it causes harm of some sort against the person she is speaking about. If it caused her to not get a role or job or caused some kind of bias such as that against her,, etc. Here’s my unsettling moment in last night’episode though….What man is willingly ready to smash a woman’s head in or whatever Paul said before he confronted Brandi?? No man with any respect for women at all would call them a bitch, piece of shit or speak of violence against them no matter who it is or what they’ve done. There’s so much more you can say to get your frustration across. To me, that made the allegations of Paul possibly abusing Adrienne (which who knows if that’s the truth, EXCEPT A & P) seem that much more believable. It reminded me of the similar words Russell had allegedly texted to Taylor on her birthday, which everyone found shocking and deplorable. On another note, Kim KNEW BETTER than to bring something up at the party like this and she had to have known fully well what a huge altercation it would cause! When Kim was drinking, she was busy screwing up her own life and relationships, now it seems her focus has shifted to crap starting with everyone else! There was a better time and place to bring that to A&P’s attention — but then again it wouldn’t make for great tv, right?!?!
    My final opinion, all these ladies and their husband’s especially should know better than to invite them all to be together in the same location at the same time and expect any event to go smoothly! LOL

    • Seannea

      They will take the chaos they have to endure every now and then. This show distracts their wives, giving them a break from the narcissism. With all the crazy the husbands are able to fly under the radar for a couple of months. ie. Kyle and Mauricio

    • Lizbet you are so right. My husband – most men – would avoid a public fight with a woman like a plague! And threatening a woman like that, over such a stupid thing, was unforgivable – no matter what trash talk she gave him back. A real man would have walked away.

    • Peggy Baker

      Lizbet I should have read your comments before I typed mine because it appears I echoed most everything you said..especially the Kim comment(s). Well said!

    • Obviously I was being facetious when I referred to Adrienne as “poor.” I guess bsbfankaren didn’t fully read my post.

      As far as any Maloof attempt to sue Brandi, it could, I would guess, only be for libel, and one cannot win a libel case if the offending comment is true, which it appears at this time to be a real possibility.

      As I mentioned in my previous post, rumors about Paul being physically abusive could also be true. Adrienne and Paul have treated, almost with amusement, the fact that one of their sons has broken his father’s nose 2 or 3 times, which is rather disturbing, and could indicate that physical violence is an accepted mode of behavior in their household.

      If Adrienne did lie about how she had her kids, it’s because she’s ashamed. She should have come up with a BS lie about the circumstances like Camille.

  40. Elizabeth Hernandez

    Maybe they arent biologicially her kids and she adopted them?

  41. lodi

    You.didn’t exactly get this story right. It was another dinner when adrienne wasn’t present and kyle asks what the beef was between them when brandi blurted out in front of everyone that adrienne used a surrogate. Unless you are saying that “in reality” it happened differently, and that second aired version was a remake by bravo?

    • You do understand that this version of events was from a source reporting to Wetpaint before we saw the episode right?This story was written on Saturday. Sometimes sources are deliberately vague on the details to not out them self. Also, when making your first comment on a blog, it’s typically poor form to criticize the blogger. If I go to a new site and don’t find the blog up to my standards, I simply click the red x and go to one I like better.

    • bsbfankaren

      Well if Tamara doesn’t say it, I will. I have heard for weeks now that the incident happened in Ojai. The cameras didn’t get it all, and Adrienne threatened to sue and to leave the show. They got her to stay, but I think they decided to stage Brandi repeating what she had already said in Ojai at Sur, since this time Adrienne wasn’t around. I think it very funny that Adrienne called Brandi a drug addict, when Brandi herself told Kim that she had taken prescription drugs after her divorce, and mixed them with alcohol. It’s funny because Adrienne was not part of the conversation between Kim and Brandi. I also think that the producers staged Kim telling Adrienne and Paul what Brandi had said. While I believe Adrienne already knew first hand what Brandi said, Paul didn’t and reacted accordingly. Whether it was set up for Kim to tell them at Mauricio’s event is up for debate. I don’t think Mauricio would have agreed to it since he had clients present. However, it did look to me like Adrienne was not hearing the news for the first time, but Paul clearly did. Just my opinion of course.

  42. cebg

    I cannot stand Brandi and totally can see why her ex cheated on her then finally left. She is classless and too stupid to know that Lisa is using her. Oh well, apparently so did Eddie Cibrian and it took her a while to catch on there too. She needs to be dumped from the show along with Taylor who apparently needs lots more mental therapy to fully recover from the bad delt to her in life.

  43. I can’t read through all those comments. There are just too many so excuse me for repeating this if someone above me said it already, maybe Adrienne used to be a man. That’s why she used a surrogate because she isn’t anatomically capable of childbirth. Why else would Brandi cause a divorce between Adrienne and Paul (unless Paul is/was cheating)? Paul would’ve had to have known his kids weren’t born of his wife. I’m grasping at straws. Whatever she said it was apparently illegal, and therefore probably untrue (except that the lawsuit never actually happened, right?). Whatever it was it was regarding “the whole family”, and Paul said, “I’m not going to let anyone say anything about my family” and was so mad he wanted to ‘slam’ her right away. Adrienne also referred to it as “character assassination” so I don’t know. Fill me in if someone knows what was said, please?

    • So far the only thing that’s surfaced is the surrogacy of A & P’s twins – so, you are absolutely correct, it makes no sense. Character assassination? Hardly. And Brandi looked smug with whatever she said, like she knew it would hit the fan – that it was a ‘show secret’ makes me believe it was a little deeper than surrogacy. Of course Bravo could be manipulating this who thing. I had no idea there was so much secrecy behind these shows and that they all seem to agree to spread each other’s fake stories – and maybe Brandi has discovered that spreading a different truth can make her the star. I am left with only liking Lisa now, and her Ken, seeing as the rest of the cast never pass up a chance to snipe at her. It’s made her the star, and Brandi is her Sancho Panza

      • lodi

        That would make sense actually. The thing that’s been bugging me while way hung that scene is that.gouging out that adrienne used a surrogate just wouldn’t even make sense there. It just didn’t fit in any which way. But.blurting out that she’s a man…. well that fit both the time it takes to.say and the reaction of the ladies. So whether that is what it is or not, one thing I know is that saying she used a surrogate just doesn’t seem at all like what was said.

  44. susie

    Rewatching the episode I can’t help but dislike Kim more than I did last season! How can any of those “britches” ever say anything in front of her again. She’s trying to make herself seem important when she’s useless. And her legs are too damn fat to wear such short skirts!! Catty me out!

    • Catie Menzie

      Eesch! If Kim’s legs are fat then mine must be obese! Seriously, I don’t think her legs come close to being fat but rather she looks awkward dressed in such a short skirt at her age. It’s a bit declasse’. And, yes, Kim definitely stirred the pot to push herself into the spotlight. WTF was she thinking by announcing something like that?!

    • Katrina

      Adrienne has always supported Kim, so I can see that she would be loyal to her.

  45. Marianne

    A surrogate carries the biological child of another couple which many have responded what’s the big deal. Wondering if their kids are from an egg donor in which the children aren’t biologically hers but are Paul’s and a surrogate carried them? Her age could have been the major issue w/not getting pregnant. I do understand their reaction if that is the case. You confide in a close friend a very private matter and she gossips about innocent children whom I’m sure do not know, yet. If this is the case, I know the pain of a loved one gossiping about my own children in a similiar situation. My husband and I were devastated and can understand why Paul and Adrienne were so upset. I’ve always said never judge unless you are in someone’s shoes.

  46. Abell

    Surrogacy would not make Adrienne that upset. Especially when Camille openly admits she did. The only thing that could make her that upset (and rightfully so) is if it was revealed that Adrienne used donor eggs and a surrogate. Now THAT’S a big deal and VERY personal. Now THAT’S lawsuit worthy. Simple surrogacy? No big deal. Rich folks do it all the time for various reasons. Sarah Jessica Parker had her second set of kids via a surrogate.

    • bsbfankaren

      It makes sense to me. If someone has gone through the trouble to come up with an elaborate story about what their labor was like and to say that she had scheduled a c section only to go into labor the day before, it would make sense that she didn’t want anyone to know that she was over 40 and elected to use a surrogate, rather then getting pregnant herself. While it is not a big deal to most people, Adrienne has a carefully crafted life story that includes a perfect marriage and children, that she didn’t want to see unravel, even though anyone with half a brain all ready knew that she and Paul were in trouble, some say even when he was on Dr. 90210. I didn’t watch that show, so I don’t know. The lawsuit was meant to punish Brandi in ways she could never do to Lisa who has money of her own, and it did the trick. Brandi has some large legal bills to pay for a lawsuit that will likely go nowhere.

    • Wow, this really gets deep, doesn’t it. Now see I thought for certain Adrienne knew before hand, she didn’t look at all surprised; but, I also thought Paul looked like he knew too. He overreacted, like a bull in a china shop, or a very bad actor – take your pick. It was indefensible of him to go after Brandi like he did, as angry as he appeared to be. She did not say anything that scandalous as far as we know. If it was something he wanted kept from the children, sue Bravo to keep it from being aired, or sue Bravo saying the children are off limits (which I’m certain they are).

      No, going after Brandi was grandstanding. If that’s his usual style I’d leave him too. Only abusers attack like that. A man usually walks away from a bitchy, sniping woman like Brandi. This guy is a bully.

    • bsbfankaren

      According to Paul, he was simply defending his wife’s honor, and seeing as Brandi had not yet even opened up her mouth, there was nothing bitchy or sniping for Paul to walk away from at that point. Sorry, after Adrienne spent a good deal of last season attacking Lisa, then made an accusation that was proven to be false on the reunion episode, I would simply put nothing past her and lost all respect for her. That’s too bad since I was so happy to see her on the show, since I had heard about her family all my life, since we are from the same city.

  47. Witty girl 8

    Perhaps Brandi and Adrienne had a fling when they were away in Vegas..all of them were getting kinky on the dance floor.. What happened in Vegas obviously didn’t stay there.. Lol!

  48. Laci

    Leave it to Paul to get all bent out of shape when Brandi calls Adrienne a bitch right after he calls her a piece of s$@# and a bitch……..

  49. You are all unspeakably cruel. Did it ever occur to any of you that poor Adrienne, who undoubtably has suffered terribly from extensive surgery, plastic that is, might be too old to conceive and carry a child? She has that look women get in their sixties from too much work and constant botox injections. But kindly consider this as well, even if she is in her 40’s, look what she’s done to her face—-imagine what she’s done to her poor body! She may have had so many procedures (LOL, e.g.,. lots of lipo.) that she simply couldn’t endure childbirth. Poor Adrienne. Whenever I feel blue about not being excessively rich, I take heart, not only in avoiding the scary physical distortions, but in the knowledge that just because someone is rich, doesn’t mean they possess good taste. Adrienne’s house is a horror. Bet that her awful miniature horse drawn coach is real gold—how sad, and how incredibly tacky. Imagine how many of the almost 25% of hungry American children could benefit from the proceeds of that remarkably silly tchotchke. Sure, I admit it would look appropriate in a royal collection at Buckingham Palace, but not in her overblown house.

    I kind of liked her spunk in the very beginning—remember her boxing? But as soon as one observed her and Paul interact in their primitive, dismissive manner, it was obvious that not only did they have a horrible childish marriage, but they were not worthy of respect. How is it possible that one of their sons broke Paul’s nose 2 or 3 times? Oh, I guess it was about mirroring his parents’ behavior.

    I sound so mean—had a no-good-very–bad—day. Forgive me. But now I feel surprisingly better. Obviously these shows serve a purpose—-they are sooo reassuring. Isn’t it great that these folks who allegedly have everything, can’t behave themselves and have the ability to make us feel practically sane!?

    • bsbfankaren

      Poor Adrienne? Are you kidding me? Adrienne has enough money, and has for her entire life (I know this because she and I share a hometown and I grew up hearing the Maloof name), to do what she wants to do when she wants to do it, and that includes lying about the birth of her children. While most people would take it as a learning experience for themselves and other’s, she apparently lying about giving birth. Sorry, but I don’t feel bad for Adrienne, since she has a nasty habit of going on the attack when she doesn’t like someone, as we all witnessed with her attack on Lisa.

  50. L52094

    Let’s not all forget the lies that Adrienne has told the court in the custody battle with Paul. The lies about Lisa selling stories during the reunion.

    What’s the common denominator? Adrienne has the tendency to lie. So, although Brandi man not be an angel, all signs point to Adrienne lying and Brandi reiterating a rumor that is true.

  51. When can we start dissecting tonight’s episode???? I am so not liking Kyle this year, and bringing that Faye Resnick into the whole thing? Kyle has so many sides to her face she’s an octagon! And Faye going after Zanuck for coming to Brandi’s defence? Do Faye and Kyle really believe because they’re so much louder than the others that makes them right?

    • Lizbet30

      You are soooo right! I was incredibly aggravated with Faye and Kyle BOTH on last night’s episode. Why does Faye always think she even has the right to constantly butt in to everyone else’s situations and then try to dictate to them how they should be when she’s not even involved??? She drives me nuts and I think Brandi hit the nail on the head when she said Faye was talking about it for attention. Just my two cents, of course =)

  52. I guess as soon as you sober up enough to find the new episode recap? /shrugs

  53. lol you know I loved you from hello. Carry on.

  54. RFaub

    If you go back to the episode where Adrianne had a lunch at her home and Brandi’s son ‘s were there plus the woman with the 25,000.00 sun glasses. Adrianne says she used a surrogate. So go back. Plus if you notice she does not say its untrue. Just no one should talk about her family!

    • RFaub

      Adrianne said last season she did used a surrogate. Episode was lunch at her home. Lady with the 25,000.00 sunglasses was the also Brandi an her Sao s!

    • bsbfankaren

      I’ve got to try and catch that episode again. I just don’t remember.

    • So this means that the show, by bleeping out what was said and leaving us in dreaded silence, is encouraging our imaginations into running wild, thinking all sorts of things. Well played, Bravo.

    • bsbfankaren

      While I think it’s to keep Bravo out of any litigation Adrienne brings/has brought against Brandy, I have to admit it has had the effect of setting off any number of rumors, which has got to be making Adrienne crazy.

  55. linda

    Sure all the latest hoopla about Brandy and Adrienne has to do with the Maloof divorce which we didn’t know about when the episode was filmed but we know about now. Evidently Brandy knew sooner than the rest of us and this is the “secret” she threatened to spill. (Did spill but it was edited out.)

  56. Brandi has talked about the Maloofs open marriage before. That is the first thing that set Adrienne off against Brandi. The rumors are that Adrienne is the one cheating, that Paul knows and she’s had a extramarital relationship for years.

    • AnnikaL

      Paul was cheating on Adrienne and she knew it. Back to Brandigate. This is a reality show by BRAVO. I think ALL the housewifes, husbands and so called friends of the housewifes are following BRAVO’s script. In the first season Camille was choosen to be the villain, now it’s Adrienne. I predict BRAVO wwill creaatw a huge breakdown between Lisa and Brandi (for ratings) in the next season OR they create a breakdown between Brandi and Lisa on one side and Yolanda on the other side.

      • And Camille will have to bitch up again. On the reunion it was commented that she was TOO nice now. Can’t bore all us viewers with acts of kindness. Supposedly we want fights.

    • bsbfankaren

      From the sneak peek at the beginning of the season, it looks like Camille is going to blame Lisa for Brandi’s behavior. Of course, it also looked like Yolanda is going to take Brandi’s side, so it all should be very interesting.

  57. I think I lost my comment so forgive me if this is a repeat. I was hoping that Brandi and Paul get together now. What an explosive combination that would be! And it would drive Adrienne up the wall

  58. Mary

    I’m so glad I found this blog. No one I know watches this show and I’m dying to discuss it! I agree with the posters who think that Adrienne isn’t the biological mother of her children. Merely having a surrogate just doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.

    Also, AnnikaL, I agree with you that this show is scripted to generate ratings and that each season a villain is chosen, but it does seem that Bravo writers enhance problems and tensions that already exist. And, you can’t deny that some shocking things aren’t scripted – Russel’s suicide, Paul and Adrienne’s divorce, Camille’s divorce and Adrienne’s financial problems. I always thought that bit in season 1 with Lisa and her male house-guest was a complete fabrication though. Can’t remember his name.

  59. Barbara

    Adrienne while I understand that you want to keep the surrogacy private I feel it was really dumb to play along with the fake c section story and all that. Thats where you lose me. Thats why Brandi got pissed and wanted to use that example of the many lies she felt you were telling. And if the only reason you used a stand in was for vanity or that you didnt have time to carry a baby I honestly cant understand that at all. Money can buy alot but to buy that is flat out ridiculous. Team Brandi on this all the way !!

    • bsbfankaren

      Well, maybe not for vanity. I’ve read that Adrienne’s kids are 9 and 6 and she is 52 years old. That would indicate that she may not have been able to conceive or carry children on her own, and would have used a surrogate out of necessity. Why she chooses to come up with a birthing story so lame that she became silent when asked how Paul reacted in the delivery room, only she knows, but if this is the case it would explain why Brandi said that this was a lie that everyone knew was a lie.

  60. Why do y’all care why Adrienne chose to use a surrogate? What possible difference does it make if she did it for medical reasons of simply because she preferred to use a carrier? I don’t see any circumstance where it makes a bit of difference.

    • bsbfankaren

      Simply because it is open to discussion, but isn’t that what gossip is all about?

      • Usually the kids, especially if they are not paraded out on the show, are not open for discussion. It is cheap. Maybe not in whatever world you come from. But for most people. You’re sort of a jackhole, no?

      • bsbfankaren

        O.K., fair enough. Except Adrienne’s kids have appeared on the show at least once. I don’t know if that constitutes parading or not, but it is what it is. As to whether or not a qualify as a “jackhole” I would say that particular term is in the eye of the beholder. No?

  61. I think that was the origin of what makes this whole thing so strange. Surrogacy is not a crime, it is nothing shameful, and it’s been mentioned before that Adrienne used a surrogate. I doubt if the lawsuit is simply about that. If it’s simply to stop gossip then we are all at risk.

    • No lawsuit will stop gossip b-u. It is what keeps the trashloids in business. Plus free speech, 1st amend., yada yada. I don’t recall Adrienne ever mentioning it but it is such a non-issue IMO I wouldn’t have paid any attention if she had. I’m going to try and find the episode someone posted wherein Adrienne allegedly said it. The only thing I recall from that one was Vyle carrying on about little Jake having a pee on the lawn. BFD. Her brat prolly pees in the pool. I find that far worse.

      I sincerely doubt there is any lawsuit. A threat does not a lawsuit make. IF there is, the impetus MUST be something along the lines of “Adrienne is having an affair with ??.” It is the only issue IMO that Brandi ‘could be’ blamed for the dissolution of the marriage. I’m NOT saying Brandi IS to blame; only that I think I saw some teasers where Vyle or one of the other cacklers were saying that.

      • So…you are saying her kid is a brat. And you’ve decided that she pees in the pool. And further, in your mind that is much worse?

        Do you have any clue how fucking crazy you sound? Any at all???

      • I think her kid is spoiled but not in a good way. Saying she peed in the pool is a figure of speech. But had she; yes I consider that worse than the little boy peeing on the lawn.

        Nope. But I’m sure you are going to give me your always astonishinly astute assertion/observation. Do tell if there is a cure or not. bawaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  62. molly

    Who cares if she had a baby or not. Npbody In la wants to ruin there bodies&have babie!! NO ONE CARES…&to believe cz brandi said caused a divorce lmaooooaaaaaaa I’m sorry everybody who believes that is a f#*$king loser! Hahhaa

    • DJ

      When someone posts a comment with “f#*$king loser” in it, I automatically assume that this person is about twelve years old.

  63. Samantha Robb

    True Brandi shouldn’t have mentioned “the secret” (that is common knowledge) but she has admitted over and over her mistake and apologized. My issue from day one has been with Kyle. She appears to stir the pot on every episode and stand back to watch the cat fights. She continually claims to have the back of whomever she is alone with at the time but never follows through….. When will these ladies see she is the instigator. I am tempted to turn the channel the next time she starts a confrontation then stands in the background with her eyes beaming while the ladies go at each other over her comments. Taylor…. I haven’t the time or the inclination to waste my words on that overly self proclaimed victim… I am over her!

  64. ITA with u Samantha. Kyle has been a skanky weasel from day 1. She harassed & humiliated her sister daily and now your comment made me question whether Russell might still be alive today BUT FOR for kyle. If she had defended Lisa or alternatively spoken up when the threats against Camille were made b4 THE PARTY, life may have been different. Her crocodile tears over retracting the invite 2 Trailor & Russell should have put all the couples on notice that Trailor was LYING about him and the guy doesn’t have a clue. It was readily apparent Russell was very offended by what were ultimately his wife’s own words, if Vyle had told Lisa and the group the truth about Russell’s reactions, Lisa ‘may’ have been able to put a stop to it. She certainly would have backed away from Trailor and not befriended her the way Trailor wanted. I would imagine Lisa would have confronted Russell as well to set him straight. She would also have seen Vyle for what she is, rather than thinking she was a friend.
    S1- Vyle causes trouble for Camille and lies about it. Vyle verbally abuses her sister nonstop and of course LIES about it. Vyle encourages Trailor to go after Kim @ her party and then calls Kim an alchie. ( I wish Vyle would be more specific as to WHICH parties are the appropriate ones 4 confrontation. She always sets them up ; yet complains about the timing. Her ‘rules of etiquette’ are constantly moving goal posts!).
    S2 – vyle is so rude and obnoxious to Brandi, the new kid on the block AND LIES to Lisa about Brandi. Vyle also pushes Trailor’s insecurity buttons; encourages Russell to want to file lawsuits against various women either by her tacit approval or by her silence.
    S3- Vyle intentionally made the STFU comment stand out and pretend it was such an awful comment on Brandi’s part. Vyle’s mouth is 10xs worse than Brandi’s. ‘Fucking liar’ is on autopilot whenever Vyle is confronted with her OWN multitude of lies. EVEN after the women got over it and moved on, Vyle MUST remind everyone “brandi said…” on the way back from Ojai despite KNOWING full disclosure by all concerned parties (of which she so graciously inserted herself-NOT) as to motive and intent. Vyle sensing trouble, just MUST find a way to encourage it and does so at SUR. Even in her voiceover, she says “SHE WOULD HAVE” (but did NOT) tell Adrienne, its just Mauricio’s event got in the way and Kim beat her to the finish line. Moreover, whilst insisting “Brandi is just soooooooo wrong to publicly discuss something soooooooo private,” Vyle MUST, yet again in direct contradiction to her own words, DISCUSS w/the fugly whore Rancid who was not present at the time nor had any need to know.
    Kyle, WE GET IT. You have the maturity of a 10yo and that’s on your best day. You are a bully and mean girl to your sister and anyone woman you can intimidate. Not that you have anything to offer, mind you, some women just keep their thoughts to themselves. Obviously, you are extremely jealous of your sister’s childhood success and are trying to make up for lost time. It won’t happen. NOW GO AWAY.

  65. You people need to get a life. “my issue is with Kyle”. Your issue? For real? You’re tempted to change the channel? You think that matters to anyone???

    Oh and other person? The way you call her “Vyle” instead of Kyle? How did you ever get so clever. It’s amazeballs.

    • Samantha Robb

      Clearly, this is a reality show. If all of us who do have “issues” with Kyle do “change the channel” the network may re-evaluate her part in the series. So yes I DO feel it is relevant when I make such statements.Obviously it would make a difference if we we “changed the channel”. Think before you comment please and thank you.
      Bingo32- you brought up Ojai… I loved how she made her catty comments behind Lisa’s back but never says anything to her face. She is a pot stirrer and never takes ownership for her statements. I recommend the other housewives watch her behavior made on camera behind their backs consistently!

      • Vyle will NEVER say to someone’s face. Being catty behind one’s back works for her and she can be the little shit-stirrer she plays so well. She has no moral courage or integrity. She comes from nothing and is so nouveau riche, it is comical. It must pain her to her soul not to be a Hilton. Kim even married better than she did, unfortunately the marriages didn’t last.

    • Vyle is clever? Well, alrighty then; if you say so. Who am I to argue with such a woman of perspacacity?

  66. puravidacostarica

    Teecee must be bored if she’s trolling through old comments to comment on. :-) I thought maybe the comments were in response to some “breaking update”. But sadly, no…


    A surrogate carries the fertilized embyro of Adrienne’s egg and Paul’s sperm, unless Adrienne was Adam and doesn’t have the proper anatomy.

  68. CONFUSED?!
    “..the big issue between Adrienne and Brandi happened at the Ojai childbirth dinner. Their source says that after Adrienne shared her story, Brandi said to no one in particular that everyone knows that Adrienne used a surrogate and that her story is bullshit. At the time, according to Wetpaint, Adrienne didn’t hear the comment, but Kim did.” –
    Adrienne wasn’t at the table when Brandi talked to the others about Adrienne and uttered the supposed “Big Secret”. That was at the Sur tasting, after the childbirth dinner. Am I the only one lost in this blog?

    • Once more with feeling, the quote in your reply comes from a source for another site. The source gave the info before the show aired. Clearly some details were a bit fuzzy but it was a good alert for the events that followed.

    • I believe Brandi, as well as the rest of the cast,know much more than the fact that Adrienne used a surrogate. Adrienne is using that as a deflection. The suing of Brandi was to keep her from saying anything more damaging about the Maloofs. There has been some heavy duty “recreation” parties in their neighborhood.

      • Hi Mary123. Brandi has not been sued. She was merely given a ‘legal letter’ which is a cease and desist. Often peeps get them and ASSUME they are being sued. IF WHAT BRANDI said about the letter is true, it is tantamount to blackmail. Adrienne’s attys are too smart for that I am sure. Brandi may also be prompted by producers to create a storyline by making it bigger than what it actually is.
        Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is and why would Adrienne consult a psych over it. It is no different than various reg births, ie c-section or vaginal. The only thing I can think of that would be hurtful to Adrienne or why she would consult psych is b/c they were not her eggs. That would not be unusual given her age and I can understand wanting to tell the boys herself.
        Moreover, since the words were edited out, Adrienne has NO case at all against Brandi. If she wanted to make one, her defendant would be Kyle. Kyle is the one going around telling everyone what Brandi said and how awful it is.
        Whilst on the subject, I thought Kim was waaaaaaaay out of line complaining Brandi called her a crackhead or was it methhead. Does Kim believe we, the viewers, are so stupid as to not see for ourselves??? Given Kim has been in rehab several times has kids late teens & early 20’s, a niece Paris who keeps getting busted for coke, I am quite certain she knows exactly what it is. Nor is Brandi guilty of ANYTHING where Kim is concerned. If Kim’s family was hurt by it, it was only b/c it was the truth and they wanted to hide it. But I said the same thing as Brandi.

  69. LJ

    I love the way Taylor answered her door holding a DOG! What a hypocrite!

  70. jewels1931

    Adrienne plastic surgery is the worst. I say if Lisa didn’t sue adrienne and Paul. They should leave I’m surprised. I thought for sure it was about their open marriage. But faye resnick really the devil. Evil bully.

  71. tammy honeycutt

    Welll very inresting shes boring anyways

  72. Viv

    Taylor is GORGEOUS!!!! Her face is so beautiful!!!! Taylor is a lost soul, that needs to feel confident within herself. I am definitely, team Brandi, love the fact that she does not kiss-up to people with money!!!! Maurico or whatever his name is, sucks up to anyone that has money, because I guess that is his business, guess Brandi doesn’t have any money to throw into real-estate for him!!!! Doesn’t matter who’s fault, Kyle and her hub take the side of the person with money!!! Love Ken and Lisa sticking up for Brandi, love the new show too, Vanderpump Rules!!! I like Yolanda too, at least for this season, who knows how Bravo will showcase them all next season!!! If they don’t bring BRANDI back, the show will not be worth watching!!!!

    • DJ

      If you think that Taylor is gorgeous, you are in a minority of one. I have not seen any comments from anyone else anywhere who thinks so.

    • Kyle doesn’t take up for whoever has the most money. This has been proven time and again with her lack of defending Lisa.

      • kyle is AFRAID of Lisa AND Adrienne, altho Lisa is easier for kyle to talk to. Adrienne is a bit stand offish to the others. (I’m not saying that as criticism of Adrienne just merely an observation). Did u notice when Lisa brought up the lack of support to kyle at Brandi’s dinner in Vegas, kyle REFUSED to own it and kept changing the support to Adrienne. (notwithstanding kyle for once, couldn’t use her hair twirl or splits for attention and looked like a complete moron on the pole!)
        Yolanda said it best, ‘why do u keep bringing it up? we have all heard ur pov.’ Of course, then kyle tries to backpedal and claim not her fight. (which is it kyle? make up your airhead!) kyle was too STUPID to even know Lisa was referring to the lack of support when Lisa was attacked by Adrienne. kyle’s morals seem to contradict themselves as does her whole being. Both Adrienne and Lisa are smart competent outspoken women who can defend themselves. NO ONE needs kyle on his/her side.
        Besides, IMO- kyle forefeited all rights to defend Adrienne, since she did not do so at the onset. In fact she encouraged Brandi to tell more. She was quite giddy at getting the juicy gossip, so she could tell mo, faye etc as only good gossip queen would do. Her fake loyalty to Adrienne is so transparent if I was Adrienne I would be embarrassed by kyle’s meek defense. But then again I would never allow someone like kyle in my orbit. I feel sorry for Adrienne that she had to wait until the airdate to see what a lowlife kyle really is. Mo can start making more money, but no amount will buy either kyle or himself any class.

  73. sammiejane

    I am one whom has always taught my children you never speak ill of someone’s appearance or weight for this is an extremely sensitive topic causing the target emotional scarring that could lead to such things as bulimia other other psychiatric disorders. On the other hand, there are those whom do it to themselves (i.e. Trailor and her plastic surgery!) Should I even mention Dr. Paul is the one who has performed her disfiguring appearance. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, please stop or rectify what has happened to your face. These are some of the issues I have with Trailor; the aforementioned “plastic surgery”, the slogan she uses “I have come to far to get this zip code to turn back now!” (This entailed marrying a known abuser acquiring his zip code and after his suicide claiming it as her own all the time living it up on his money.) She played the victim throughout the marriage abusing the sympathy card whenever possible. She wrote a book including the sorted details of her “horrid” life, yet is still claiming the zip code (SHAME ON YOU TRAILOR!) To top it off her drinking has become so uncontrollable and behavior so erratic I wonder how she still has possession of her child. I know hard working single parents having lost their children for less than what she has been filmed for the world to see. No matter the conversation at the women’s get together’s she interrupts with a drunken tirade about her personal tragedies. Please put the glass down (or whatever you have ingested to make you say inappropriate, inaccurate, slurred, irrelevant comments. Gain some weight and have a plastic surgeon fix that can fix what the past one(s) have done to you. You look extremely ill and in dire psychiatric need. I also suggest the domestic violence organization you devote your time find a sober, relevant individual that will assist them and not give them a bad name.
    I apologize for sounding so harsh, but I have had enough! I have to change the channel when she comes into the scene. I am fairly certain I speak for then just myself. And thank you to Tamara for letting me vent! Your the best!!!

    • Thanks for commenting, Sammiejane. I would reqest you refer to the ladies by their actual names. Call it a quirk I have, but it much easier to follow who people are talking about when they use the ladies given names.

    • Hi sammiejane. Dr Paul did NOT do Taylor’s lips. She had them done long b4 she hit 90210 zip code. They are implants (I don’t know why peeps think its botox as botox would not create that look, rather would keep her from opening her assine mouth!).
      She likes them -why I haven’t a clue – and has publicly stated they are here to stay.

    • Russell wasn’t a known abuser. All you have to do is read the interview his ex gave (which Tamara has in posts listed over there on the left) and you’d know the abuse allegations are new to her and those that knew Russell before he met Taylor.

      • Russell was NOT the abuser in the relationship, Taylor was. It is readily apparent watching her interaction with the other women and people in general. That is not to say, Russell did not have anger problems; maybe he did. I don’t know. The only thing I do KNOW is the book is 100% self serving and narcisstic of taylor to write her phony trash. It was cruel to Russell, his children, and his family. But now we know what kind of person taylor is and no amount of whining about much deserved lawsuits will change that. I hope the plaintiff continues to sue the evil thing as I believe there is a clause in settlement that it was signed WITHOUT prejudice.

  74. Laura B

    First, I want to say that I love this show. It is my guilty pleasure as I rarely get to watch tv. Bravo isn’t going to kick off anyone that doesn’t want to be kicked off if it gets them ratings, IMO. Adrienne seems like a bully to me, a “mean girl.” Same with her (now ex) husband Paul. I personally would have been thrilled to have had the luxury of a surrogate, it would have saved me from all the physical hell of pregnancy. I didn’t think it was something to get that angry about, but that’s just me. To each their own. Kyle is definitely a poo starter but I like her. I wouldn’t hang out with her, but I like her on the show. Maybe that’s my allegiance to being a LHOTP fan growing up. Lisa is my favorite. She seems pretty loyal and motherly. Kyle is kind of a jerk for never defending her, and I would side with Lisa on that one. Camille is sitting in the background this season just stoked she’s not the focus of the drama, and I don’t blame her. Kim is completely in her own little world most of the time, which I can totally relate to. I’m glad she got help with her dependencies, but it seems she’s constantly thinking about her sister’s approval. Her sister knows it too. Taylor…..I don’t know what to think of her, to be honest. I can’t figure her out. Is she a good girl or a snaky one? She sometimes has a really fake smile that frightens me because it kind of comes across with a hidden “I am smiling, but I want to kill you” vibe. Yolanda and Marisa, the newbies, are still too new but they don’t bother me. I love Yolanda’s awesome fridge. I do feel bad for Marisa’s cute husband when she’s whining about him. (Girl, if you don’t want him, send him my way. I’d be thrilled to find a guy with an actual legal job.) And then there is Brandi….I would totally hang out with her. So she’s blunt and knows how to make use of slang terms in a sentence to get a reaction, usually it’s out of defense so I don’t blame her for that….I think her main issue is that she wears her emotions very plainly which is like cutting yourself in a shark tank. It makes you a target, because people know they can push your buttons. And by the way, who the hell is Faye Resnick?? Dear Bravo, please do NOT add her on full time. This girl kind of irritates me, but maybe that’s just the editing. After all, it is a tv show, and we are only seeing a side of these chicks that Bravo uses to get us to watch it. I think they have a pretty good cast and keep it interesting. It’s definitely the best RH zipcode, in my opinion, but then I couldn’t get in to any of the others to really compare.

    • Susan

      Hi Laura
      I totally agree with you. If Faye Rez joins the show I don’t think I will watch. I love Liesa, she is the reason I watch. She is a class act. Brandi I love too,she says is like it is. Sometimes a little harsh but I think she will find her way. Faye is so into her self, she thinks she is a great thinker and speaker (NOT) she is a nasty snake. I hope Kim hasn’t fallen off the wagen so to speak. Monday nights show with it’s cliff hanger worries me with Kim, she is trying so hard. Kyle seems to love her sister but is way to judgemental. She needs to lighten up a little and give Kim encouragement. I know it’s a touchey subject though. Anyway just had to answer to let you know others feel that same way you do. One other thing Kyle needs to quit hanging on everything Faye says and does. The decorating Faye has done in Kyles house is no big thing from what I can see. Kyle may not have any decorating skills but Faye is not much better. I can and have done much much better and I’m an amature. I guess if you live in BH or there abouts, charge a lot of money and act like you know what you are doing you can get away with most anything Ha Ha !!
      Have a great dayLaura nice chatting with you.

  75. Darcy Tom

    Brandi is the most irritating, self absorbed bitchy chick that I have seen in a long time.

  76. Mimi

    Funny to read this story at this late of date. You claiming Taylor would be dumb enough to blame Brandi for Paul and Adrienne’s divorce. Now we see previews for next week and have watched the whole season and know it is the morally corrupt Faye Resnick who blames Brandi. Gosh while we’re at it lets blame Brandi for global warming fighting in the Middle East and anything else we can think of. Good gosh it gets old. The hatred and jealousy that comes out of these women is disgusting. Why doesn’t anyone besides Brandi on this show call Kim out on her being an alcoholic and now more than likely a pill popper instead of walking on their tip toes around the beotch like she God? She’s not enjoyable to watch get her and her vile sister off this show. How many times must we be subjected to one of their many talks where they both cry and play the poor Kim song? Hey Kim here’s something put on your big girl panties take responsibility for everything you have done wrong, apologize to everyone starting with Brandi, quit crying and start working the program and actually go to an AA meeting. Stop playing a victim it’s old and so are you honey and no amount of plastic surgery is going to help. How’s that for reality?

    • Susan

      You go girl, Mimi I couldn’t agree with you more, and after they get rid of Kim and Vyle get rid of that pooch faced know nothing know it all Faye Reznick!!!! If that person stays on the show I will have to turn it off. I love Lisa, Ken, Brandy,Yolanda and the other lady Zanuk is the last name I can’t recall the first right now. I think the others are so jealous they can’t see for the botox around their eyes. Thank you I had to get that out.
      Have a fantastic day

  77. suzie Q

    the reason Kyle does NOT speak up is that Mauricio does not want to lose another real estate comission like he did with the Camille house when Kyle and Camille got into it. $$$$ is behind it, but like Ken Vanderpump says”she needs to learn a lesson about loyalty to friends” Hey, Mauricio, guess Lisa and Ken wont use your services either! dumbass! Shut up Mauricio!!!
    Like Ken said: Typical man.
    cant stand Adrienne, and her gorilla monkey face husband, he is soooo gross and a bully.

  78. Adam

    I am personally on Adrienne Maloof’s side of this whole fight. For two whole seasons Adrienne has been in the background to the other housewives drama and has been by far the most down-to-earth, kind, loving, warm and real housewife on the entire show, and now, suddenly in the third season when she is catapulted into the drama for pretty much the first time of this magnitude, everyone turns on her. Evil. Adrienne has been my favorite housewife since season 1, since she decided to get up and leave because of all of the drama at Camille’s dinner party where Faye was. I love Kyle and Kim. I believe that Kyle is a very strong woman who is very real and is not all that mean (She was mean to Brandi at first that WAS an exception to that). Kim is very loving and wise despite her problems. People aren’t going to like this but I also like Faye. Faye has principals and she stands up for them. In one of the last episodes she walks over to Marissa because she sees her literally arguing with Brandi and Yolanda in a 2v1 match, so she goes over there to give her some support, which any friend would do. Yolanda and Brandi immediately go on the defensive and say stupid remarks like “This doesn’t concern you”, well it kinda does concern her considering you are both attacking her friend in an unfair way. Faye stand sup for her friends, including Adrienne. I believe that Faye at one point said what a lot of people were wanting to say to Brandi, that she spreads a lot of crap and lies about people without letting them explain themselves and she is like a little girl. I personally believe Brandi needs to grow up and watch her tongue. In this season Adrienne had a very good point in saying “Brandi accuses me of lying all the time, but she is the one who whines saying she never has any money yet she always has money for plastic surgery”. Bravo Adrienne. Bravo. You have got the bull by the horns there whilst also destroying Brandi’s claims that Adrienne is stupid. I do not like Lisa (I think she is a major hypocrite as she throws her toys out of the pram when people talk about her behind her back yet she does it to everyone all the time), Ken (I think he is actually quite immature and inconvenient), Yolanda (She judges people by their cover and without getting to know them first, she did this to Adrienne, not once did she ever have a real sit down with Adrienne yet she said a lot of crap about her to Brandi particularly) or Taylor (I believe she craves the attention and has completely betrayed Adrienne, who, WAS there for her with Russell its just Adrienne sided with Camille when it came to the unfair lawsuit). I also love Camille. She is very honest and light in the room. She challenged Brandi even though she and her were good friends despite all of the drama, she threw down when it came to the truth. Also, am I the only one who sees that Brandi has had beef with ALL of the housewives now? Siding with Brandi is ridiculous, shes unreliable, not in the room, a liar, and, I have to say it, a little immature and slimy. Camille stuck by Adrienne as well, like she did with her threw the Russell lawsuit, which is what a real friend does. All in all, I believe that Kyle, Lisa, Adrienne, Camille, Faye and Marissa are very good people who do have good intentions behind the drama and have each others back. On the other hand Lisa, Taylor, Ken, Brandi, Yolanda are very lieing, manipulative (To quote, guess who?), unreliable and cold people and they will get what they deserve when it comes to them.

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