Yolanda Foster Sings If Dis Plane Were Mine

Um… what are our thoughts on dis? If dis plane were hers (and it probably is) she would give him all the flowers? I don’t get dis whole thing. It’s a wedding video? It’s a plane? It’s superman? Please explain.


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93 responses to “Yolanda Foster Sings If Dis Plane Were Mine

  1. Katrina

    What better way to give someone the world, than to give them an airplane. Then they can see the world for themself.

  2. michelle

    I have no words…..da fuk?

  3. I’m not sure if that comment means you like the video or if you are mocking it…oops Michelle snuck in on me, I was talking to Katrina.

  4. I’d put flowers at your feet, give you the birds and the bees…huh?!?! She looks so weird and unnatural in the vid. Alrighty then….

  5. michelle

    Maybe it was a sexy inside joke? Like he has a stewardess fetish? I bet she wrote the lyrics all by her pretty little self and had a big production budget. I ‘ll be damned but that shitty little song is stuck in my head!

  6. Collin

    Let me explain. These people are fucking rich.

  7. gigi

    it looks like she’s just having fun with a remake.. are you familiar with the original song? http://youtu.be/a4u8WPX7JZU

    • Sliceo'pie

      Thanks for link-just watched Luther Vandross sing the son on the, “SoulllllllllTrain”. What’d we ever do before auto-tune, imagine how many singers would be outta business without it. (I’m looking at you Brittney)

  8. michelle

    Thank you,thank you Gigi!!!! Now I can love the beautiful version and disregard the narcissistic danish accent parody!

  9. I can’t believe I live in a world where people are not familiar with Marvin Gaye’s “If this World Were Mine.” Just.Can’t.Fathom.This. Michelle, I am going to insist that you listen to at least three other Marvin Gaye songs. Please tell me you’ve heard of Luther Vandross. Because, really? I just couldn’t take it if you haven’t.

  10. MaggieG

    I just love quirky stuff like this & who doesn’t love a Marvin Gaye melody? The rich are eccentric because they can afford to be & this couple has their own definition of romance.

  11. Tasha

    Maybe this was her cutesy way of saying ‘If dis plane were mine” I will give you whatever you want, in an attempt to convince him to buy her one? Hell if I know.

  12. wow….this tops the list of embarassing, self-indulgent, husband/wife projects….hide David and never shush anyone ever again….

  13. victori0us

    I thought I was cute. I’m becoming a bit of a Yolanda fan. I think it’s her accent. I do love a European accent of any locale. LoL I guess I’m bias!

  14. michelle

    So She doesn’t have a danish accent?

    • No sweetie, she’s from Holland (think tulips and windmills) so she has a Dutch accent. Most folks who speak Danish are from Demark, know for um cold titties and … um Hans Christian Anderson (the fairy tale guy). And maybe the cheese danish? :)

      • The big-bosomed lady with the Dutch accent

        Who tried to change my point of view

        Her ad-libbed lines were well rehearsed

        But my heart cried out for you

      • Minky

        And the happiest people on Earth. They did a study that found that the Danish are the most well adjusted, least depressed people. Why, you may be wondering? Low expectations. Take from that whatever you will. I expect nothing. Other than a plane. If I had a plane I’d have it fly me to Denmark, where I would then expect nothing. Okay, maybe a danish. Cherry, not cheese. Or maybe apple. I do love me some apple desserts. I might also want a nice glass of milk to chase the danish down. And THEN I would expect nothing. Perhaps a nap. Okay. Done. For now.

        BTW: If that’s really Yolanda singing, then she should have her head examined. Just awful.

      • CHEESE DANISH!! Hilarious! Reminds me of the time my husband and I took a train to Belgium to simply get a waffle.

  15. oaktownttfan

    Whoa. Odd. Strange. Good catch Tamara!

  16. michelle

    Thanks for the edumacation. The more you know! I loved Danny Kaye as Hans Christian Anderson!

  17. Was I the only one who found this very phallic? Caressing the plane and such. I am shocked that Tamara would a purveyor of porn. Shocking, just shocking.

  18. It’s like you don’t know me at all.

  19. suziezee

    What was dat? She’s sure in awe of her hubbend

  20. suziezee

    What was dat? She sure is in awe of her hubbend!

  21. So she wants a plane…or to give flowers once she gets a plane…or that she would only love David once she gets the plane, then he gets flowers…

    Did she get the plane…Did he get flowers…Do we know?

    Do we give a flying F*ck ?!?

  22. I’m quite sure that was their plane she was hugging. Foster is a gagillionaire. New fact Yolanda has lyme disease.

  23. Lyme disease is a bacterial infection you get from a bite by an infected tick. The infection goes straight to the brain causing all sorts of hard to treat problems. I’d tell you more but as I was reading about it I realized I have all the symptoms. :( It’s sort of a big deal.

  24. Omg. I missed this the first time. Sad.

  25. tamaratattles

    Yeah, this is sort of an overlooked gem.

  26. kkbella

    This should be re posted as new-even though it’s old? Wow. More insight. The plane would be hard to give up.

  27. tbk

    Good God Tamara, I’ve been waiting months for you to post dis. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video is worth bazillions.

    • tamaratattles

      Um I posted it in 2012… so you started waiting too late. A lot of people have been viewing it lately so I pinned it for a brief time.

      You should totally explore the archives. or just do a search in my search box for topics that interest you. You’ve missed a lot! :)

      • Matzah60

        I’ve been reading the archives of this ‘love story’ and Tamara, you disclosed and exposed revelations of the outcome of this marriage as if you were a psychic. Very impressed!! I just saw this little video a week ago. You found it three years ago…you’re a genius!!

      • tbk

        Yeah, I’ve started to wait too late pretty much my whole life. I didn’t jump into Tamara world until Arias happened. God that was fun! (I’ve got my archive IV drip scheduled for this afternoon!)

  28. tbk

    And this is was made BEFORE the *brain damage* folks.

  29. tbk

    One would think a woman of Yolanda’s status would be appropriately dressed for the video. It appears she’s missing the knee pads…..

  30. Denine

    Isn’t this the video she made for David Foster the first season she was on RHBH?

  31. DennyLuvsDashies

    I know ya all are joking but this was her wedding present to David. She combined his love of music with his desire to be a pilot if he had’nt become a music producer.

    Love all the snark, as always it keeps me laughing.

    TT, how is Banjo? Kept looking for an update on twitter. Hope you both survived & he gets better soon!

    • tamaratattles

      Yes Denny we know that. This was posting in 2012. It was revived by people posting on it again.

      And Banjo is better but I fucked up his appt today (don’t ask, I have enough guilt already) and he is going on Monday. It seems to be getting better anyway.

  32. Trashbox

    Just guessing, but I bet this video cost more than my wedding.

  33. Swede

    What do you give a man who has everything? A video like this, or a book with naked pictures of yourself. So, check and check.

  34. tamaratattles

    Here is the thing. Am I crazy for thinking that this video is really Yo singing? I say that because of all the dis and dat shit but I guess she could have told someone to sing it that way.

  35. WonkyTonk

    You know, Yolanda and her issues, lets hope she gets better one way or the other, but this video is fantastic. I loved it.

  36. WonkyTonk

    Lord knows I have issues with Yolanda, but I’ll be damned if that video isn’t fantastic!

  37. WonkyTonk

    Dang it! I keep getting a duplicate post messages, and half the time my replies don’t get through.

    • tamaratattles

      Wonky, something is going on with WordPress. I keep getting random comments to moderate and then have to moderate them three or four times… Sorry. It’s not me.

  38. LisaPat

    That is great. I think she was putting on a sexy little show for him.. kind of like when she make that book of sexy photos for him ?? This made me want to search through the archives. The posts about Russel Armstrong were riveting. I wasnt a commenter at the time of that whole tragedy by Bravo, and I didnt know the half of it apparently.

    • LisaPat

      I know this is about Yolo’s attempt at Brittany Spears, but these archives about Russell are blowing my mind! I feel like something sent me there to read them. I know that sounds crazy, but I just remembered that Taylor may be back this season as a FOH. I never ever trusted her. I never ever believed he abused her, but she had a black eye. So its crazy that Im reading all this in your archives years later and there it is, she had Lasik that week!! Wow. Sorry.

  39. Lisaj

    Sorry if someone mentioned this already, in this episode Yo clearly establishes David as her “King” …. Ugh TMM disease, too much money

  40. T D

    She should do a cover called “Leavin’ on dis Jet Plain”.

    • Matzah60

      Lol….That’s hysterical, but would it be, “Yo’s leaving on her jet plane” or “Da King is leaving with his gifted jet plane?” If the plane was a gift, generally the recipient of said gift gets to keep it without any credit to the person who gave the gift; in this case, Yo…..or did Foster already own da plane?

  41. Who in dis world is Yolanda Frigidaire Foster?

  42. JustJenn

    Lol this made my day! I missed the Yolanda’s first season on RHOBH and now I reallly want to see it.

  43. Gladyskravitz

    Wtf did I just watch??

  44. Rakely

    Just o.m.g with this video! It’s everything and nothing at the same time somehow? I guess I might do the same thing if I had a (temporary) king, a billion dollars, and dis plane.

  45. I bet that sometimes when Lisa Vanderpump is at her friend Mohamed’s house getting wasted on her cheap, pink sangria, she says “Hey, Haddid—lets play the video again!!”

    I picture the two of them singing along, drunk, falling off their chairs laughing.

    • Rakely

      So funny Maisey love it!!! Relativley poor people like me sit around with friends and say, “hey, play that stupid cat video again!” But I like to imagine LVP having much more glamorous things for laughter. Sorry Yo. A music video is almost as much of a relationship kiss of death as a bravo reality show is.

      But I’m still rooting for a handful of Bravo marriages to work out! I originally started listing the ones I think will fail, but the list started to outweigh the positive ones!

    • Dee

      OMG!! This is hysterical!! Thank you!!

  46. Sliceo'pie

    Yo mentioned on her first season that if she had the money she would buy David a plane-people made a big deal out of it at the time. I assume she’s poking fun at herself.

  47. Josie

    OMG, this ridiculous video and the comments about it are hilarious! I totally missed this the first time around.

  48. Drew

    Dis gave me da Lyme Brian

  49. Mona

    I don’t get it. Why? When was this filmed? She can sing? Wtf?

  50. Karina

    I bet David didn’t even watch the whole thing. He wasn’t that into her.

  51. Josie

    Yolanda was well enough to go to the premiere party. She may be feeling better since the filming since we havent been seeing any more sick selfies for a while now.

  52. This is so not Yolanda singing. I know this voice; I just can’t place it right now. Listen and tell me who it is. Now it’s going to drive me nuts. Thank you, Josie. I hadn’t seen this little gem.

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