Shahs of Sunset Production Sued for Use of Term “Persian Barbie”

Stolen from TMZ, Payback is a bitch.

Stolen from TMZ, Payback is a bitch.

This fake blond chick is suing a division of Ryan Seacrest Productions for referring to the Lilly, the newest member of the Shahs of Sunset cast, as a “Persian Barbie” claiming that even though she did not copyright the moniker she has been using it for years. It’s nothing more than a cry for attention. Nothing will come of this and TMZ should not even have run the story. Clearly they want to give this idiot some press. I still think they should call Lilly the Persian Courtney Stodden, but hey, that’s just me.



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12 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Production Sued for Use of Term “Persian Barbie”

  1. Natalie K

    Now Lilly/Courtney needs a 50 something year old pervy looking hubby.

  2. That song was good I’m not going to say it,wasn’t , She sound pretty good an I like the way she sang it and the costume fit the song really good its her lips she should of put on some red color on her lips then it woulda all came together but over all she was good, I didn’t think she did sang but Yolanda had it in her…….. wow

  3. Love ya, Nat. And Pinky your response i think is in the wrong post. WP is such a PITA sometimes. Sorry.

  4. Ms Urethra Franklin

    the “real” Courtney Stodden:
    big hair
    big boobs
    small thin body
    platform Luciteheels
    tight cheap clothes
    cheap jewelery
    baby voice
    likes to wear bikinkis
    arm in arm with creepy older husband
    likes to be compared to Barbie

    the “Persian” Courtney Stodden b
    big hair
    big boobs
    small thin body
    platform Louboutin heels
    tight expensive clothes
    expensive jewelery
    baby voice
    designs bikinis
    arm in arm with obnoxious gay best friend
    likes to be compared to Barbie

    Really not much difference between these 2 accept Courtney leaves the house wearing a total of about $100 in clothes & jewelry, while Lilly leaves the house wearing around $100,000 worth of clothes & jewelry.

  5. There should be a good enforcable law to stop all these bull shit law suits with no merit, charge the hussy when the suit is tossed out. Make her pay a big fine for being a stupid bimbo. Peeps will do anything for their 15 seconds of fame.

  6. Sigh. Courtney, I mean Lilly is tweeting me indirectly asking for mercy. I’m friends with Reza and I know he loves her…but… it’s INITIATION time for me. Sorry.

  7. I read about the chick wanting to sue about the name and dismissed it because 2 days later Andy specifically used the term on WWHL. Either he doesn’t care about the lawsuit or it wasn’t actually filed. Just an oddity that stood out to me.

  8. Baytothea

    When will grown women stop referring to themselves as barbie? Little girls don’t even refer to themselves as Barbie, they just like to PLAY with Barbie…because she’s a doll. Atleast little girls want to be princesses…reach for the stars, children. That barbie shit is for the birds.

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