Brandi Glanville’s Latest Tabloid War With Eddie Cibrian and Leann Rimes

Yesterday I was just not in blogger mode. I thought about blogging about Brandi Glanville’s tabloid war with Eddie Cibrian and Leann Rimes but I just felt sort of meh. About it. As it continues to be ongoing, and y’all keep asking about it, I’ll tackle it today. It just seems so…LONG. Plus it opens the door to a whole new league of crazy commenters and we are well past quota on that without inviting the Leann Rimes crazies to the party. But in the spirit of there can never be too much crazy, let’s talk about it.

Ever since Leann ran off with Brandi’s husband, married him, and proceeded to pretend she is the mother to Brandi’s two boys there has been obvious tension between Brandi and Leann. Leann spends a lot of time on twitter tweeting about Eddie and the boys which lead to rabid fans of Brandi and rabid fans of Leann spending their lives fighting with each other. Leann fans were leaking stories to Radar Online, in August Leann was encouraging fans to harass Brandi and even began calling Brandi fans on the phone trying to change their minds.  This eventually led to Leann going to “rehab” for her twitter addiction.  Of course Brandi was asked about the situation in every interview and for a while she was taking the high road.

RHOBHBrandiOkay, so if you clicked on all those links, you should be caught up and ready to follow what happened this week. First of all, Brandi’s grandmother is very ill and Brandi was having a hard time finding a space for her in the hospital. It’s clear from her tweets that Brandi is quite stressed out about it. Meanwhile, Leann took the boys and Eddie on a road trip to the Northwest for a concert weekend. Leann of course tweeted the whole thing. To be fair, the tweets seemed pretty harmless to me but Brandi lost her mind over one that said something about Leann having a great time with “my boys.”  With Brandi all alone dealing with a very sick grandparent it sent Brandi right over the edge. You can debate among yourselves whether that was deliberate or not. Brandi shot back a tweet saying they were her boys and Leann’s stepsons….for now.

And then, Brandi gave an interview to US Weekly where she rattled off a list of issues she had with Leann that she had kept silent about previously. She explains her biggest issue here:

“I, unfortunately, don’t find her to be stable and I don’t want her around my  kids when Eddie’s not there — or at least the nanny, his parents, someone. Mason, my eldest, ate some of Le’s candies and got  extremely ill. And Le’s candies are laxatives. It was a big f–king deal for me,  and I lost my mind. Mason found one on the floor and thought it was a Skittle! They don’t keep sugar  in the house. He thought he finally found candy.”

Isn’t Mason 9? What nine-year-old eats random “skittles” that he finds on the floor? How sick could a kid get from eating one Correctol? Brandi goes on to complain that her youngest was riding without a helmet or his training wheels.  As much as I like Brandi, these seem like battles best not chosen considering all the other issues between these two.

leanneddieSo Eddie replies (again in the media) with this, “It is absolutely ridiculous that my ex-wife continues to put the personal lives  of myself, LeAnn, our sons and my family on public display for the sake of her  notoriety. She is fully capable and has the means of contacting myself and LeAnn  privately to discuss any matter concerning the children. The fact she chooses  not to, should be pretty transparent. And while I do not wish to fuel her  ever-igniting fire, there is a breaking point where enough is enough.”

And Brandi responds with, I can’t get through to either one of them. They won’t answer. And then after all  the Twitter stuff, I get this long-winded email from Eddie — finally, after  months — saying I need to stop talking about his wife to make myself relevant.  Nothing to do with the children. Nothing to do with answering the questions I  have. I see this ending badly. I see someone getting hurt, and, if it’s my  children, I will lose my mind. I said to my friend yesterday, ‘I don’t feel like  she’s stable.’ God forbid anything ever happened between her and Eddie. She uses  my children as a tool to get to me, and I don’t know if she cares about them the  way that Eddie thinks she does. She cries that she didn’t have a childhood, but  you know, I’m sorry that you were a child star. You got rich and famous at a  young age. I’m sorry you didn’t have a childhood, but you’re acting like a child  now. And I can’t have a child raising my children.”It goes on and gets worse…

Which brings us to last night when Brandi in a tweet called Leann “angelfish” because she sings like an angel and drinks like a fish. She also suggested that Eddie man up and put down the tequila and start being a parent. She then deleted the tweet and said that she was wrong to post it.

And that is where things stand for now. Leann must have learned a thing or two in “tweethab” because she is posting pictures of her fabulously decorated house and tweeting about how happy her life is as if nothing is going on. Now I MUST wrap this up because Nene is on The Talk talking about this right now!

Whose side are you on in the Brandi Glanville war with Eddie Cibrian and Leann Rimes?






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32 responses to “Brandi Glanville’s Latest Tabloid War With Eddie Cibrian and Leann Rimes

  1. I’m on neither side. They all need to get the hell off twitter and start behaving like adults, especially when it comes to the kids. I felt for Brandi with him cheating on her, I did and still do. It’s just gotten old. We all know LeAnn wont be the last one he cheats with and when it happens to her I wont feel any sympathy. I am just tired of it/them. I also hate Eddie for his time on CSI: Miami. He sucked and it was one of my favorite shows. He made it unbearable to watch and now it’s gone.

  2. Tamara Lynn

    I’m really not on either side. I feel they both make themselves seem desperate and immature to fued over twitter. What is it with people fighting so publicly about personal issues??I assume it’s so they can have random people validate their side of the argument. But it’s just sad. These kids are going to grow up and see all this crap or hear about it. Nobody is perfect and while I understand Brandi can’t Stand LeAnn, she’s got to stop publicly trying to bash her. If she has real concerns and can’t communicate with them she needs to go To her lawyer and get the courts to hear her out. As for LeAnn, she knows what buttons to push on Brandi. So she’s just as guilty. Both need to grow up a bit!

  3. There was a part where a video on YouTube showed one of the kids riding his bike without a helmet. Nutsy Brandi flipped the fuck out she’s a better looking Kate Gosselin. Uses her kids for attention. And she’s livid that she can’t trot them out on RHOBH. Leann’s tweets make Leeann seem pretty normal. Don’t know if she’s hiding a dark side. But Brandi’s dark side is on display each and every day.

    It’s all amusing. Except for the chirrun. Who, I’m convinced, are better off with their father.

  4. Critter

    I didn’t like Brandi the 1st season, but she’s growing on me for some reason…
    Absolutely loved her telling Adrien to shut the fuck up…
    Eddy & LeAnn should feel lucky they haven’t been stabbed yet, I wouldn’t mess with her… Don’t understand about a 10 year old eating something off the floor either…

  5. And seriously? Laxatives? That is the big drug abuse accusation that she is running with?!how (besides a dropped pill) is that going to hurt the kids? Brandi is a raging drunk. Which puts the kids in harms way. Is she afraid Leeann is going to poop on them???

  6. no name maddox

    everybody is wrong is this situation. but i think brandi is the only one talking such mess publicly. howse ’bout everybody think of the little boys first? try that guys. and TT, you bring up an excellent point. how many nine-year-olds pick up and eat random skittles? come on.

  7. Katrina

    Part of Brandi’s problem is she doesn’t have a support system. The children are all she has and so she misses them when they are gone. It’s not like Brandi decided to end her marriage. Brandi was taking care of the children and she loved doing that, but now she is forced to share them with the other women.

  8. I stop by this website often, but this is my first time commenting. I was interested to hear your take on this situation. I agree with everyone that they are only damaging the kids and all three are in the wrong. Also, I think it was mentioned above that this whole is truly exhausting. I do feel that Leann crosses the line at times; however, it seems Brandi is still having a hard time coping with Eddie cheating and her children having a step parent in their life. I feel for her because I do not know how I would act in her shoes. As a parent, I can only imagine how hard it is to accept a new step parent into your children’s lives especially being a mother. Overall, the co-parenting is awful. What I do not get, is if Eddie does not allow the boys to film with Brandi, why can Leann posts pictures all over twitter? Where I think Brandi is not helping herself in the situation is by engaging back. If these situations did occur with the laxatives, take the medical records and emails and take them both to court. Put a stop to it legally. IMO, releasing everything to the media is just crazy and any judge would not take her seriously if she decides to take them to court.

  9. shellbelle

    I don’t think many 9 year old would pick up skittles off of the floor, but she did say that there was NO sugar in the house. If that’s the case, I could almost see that happening. A kid who has had no sugar or anything sweet for who knows how long when he probably gets it at his moms just may do that.
    I think Leann is very manipulative… with Brandi, what you see is what you get. Leann’s the one you need to watch out for. Brandi will tell you she’s gonna stab you while Leann would smile and play dumb while she’s twisting the knife in your back. Brandi has grown on me. I think she gets a bad rap for speaking her mind, but I also think a large part of her behavior is a defense mechanism. Remember how nervous she was at Portia’s birthday party? If my husband were to cheat on me, then have his homewrecking whore of a wife refer to MY children as hers??!!!??? It would be ON!

  10. Mocha_2009

    Each side really need to stop! Its gotten absolutely ridiculous and sad. They both need to stop taking their dysfunction public. Especially this last beef where LeAnn tweets about “my boys”. Both LeAnn AND Brandi are coming across as unstable – maybe old Eddie has a type! Bat sh_t crazy!!

  11. shirley

    leann looks like she has a eating disorder, you can so tell.

  12. Lisa in Oregon

    As a mom – I can COMPLETELY see her son picking up the “candy” and eating it. In fact, I would be more surprised if he didn’t. (I have a son, so i’m speaking from personal experience.) It’s not as though he thought it through. Most likely just saw it and picked it up and popped it in his mouth. In this case, i have to side with Brandi because these are the things you constantly worry about as a mom. You can’t turn the mom switch off. The bike helmet and training wheels are the same thing. You are always on alert to prevent them from getting sick and hurt. LeAnn hasn’t been a “mom” long enough to understand this, which just fuels the fire.

    I am definately not a LeAnn fan, because what kind of a person has an affair with a married man, marries him and then tweets out pictures of herself with the former wife’s children? I think that says a lot about her. I don’t think Brandi is handling it well, and should take the high road, but I really can’t say what I would do in her shoes. I think she would be better served by not displaying her anger publicly. Some day her children will be old enough to see how this all went down. It would be better if they saw that their mom handled it with grace and class, and did not sink to LeAnn’s level. I would predict that when they are older and married with families of their own, they will be very upset with their dad.

    • I agree 110%!! U said everything I was thinking. As a mother, the switch is ALWAYS on weather they are with you or not. That mothers instinct happens the second you find out you are becoming a mother.

  13. Vp

    He complains about her putting their lives up for public consumption…publicly. Classic.

  14. ViVaLaDiVa

    i’m not 100%, but just to throw this out there (i’m team brandi) – i thought i read where the laxative incident was a while ago. so if it was a couple of years, he could have been younger. but i agree that most children that age should not be eating random candy, at least mine wouldn’t and they are 2 and 4. but as far as the laxative…it wouldn’t surprise me if leann got them prescription strength and they are no joke. i had to take them during a pregnancy, and dr. mom warned me to only take half. these were over the counter kind, mind you, and i took a whole one – when it took effect, i was throwing up, faint, clammy, shaking-in addition to anything else. so yes, they can make you ill. i apologize for the TMI!!!! :)

  15. If I recall correctly it happened a few months ago. Brandi also said she can’t afford a lawyer to deal with each and every issue. This post was just so long and time consuming, I was trying (and failing) to make it as short as I could. :)

  16. When I was little, my sister ate some if my grandmother’s ex lax. From the fridge. She though it was chocolate. Shit happens. Literally. And that’s not a huge thing to make a mountain out of. It could happen to anyone. Brandi is not helping herself by calling wolf.

    She truly sounds like a lunatic today on twitter. Yapping about it. Then egging everyone not to talk about it. And then yapping about it more.

    She needs a hobby. Besides drinking.

  17. smooches

    Brandi is doing the absolute most for attention…if you feel your sons are in danger then you go to court and seek supervised visitation…LeAnn is in a lose lose situation…if she kept the sons at a distance then people would get on her for not embracing her stepkids as her own…she embraces the stepkids as her own and it’s still a problem…it is not LeAnn’s fault that all Brandi had going for her in life was being a mother and wife…all Brandi talks about and is about is sex…cultivate yourself and do something with your life…why plan out custodial issues via tabloids and social sites…oh that’s right, you want empathy and sympathy

  18. digal704

    I stay getting drug on other blogs about this situation. I am team The KIDS. I am not a fan of Eddie and LeAnn. If I had to pick between them and Brandi tho, I would go with them. The thing about Brandi is, she absolutely loves to take this mess to the media. From the time Eddie and LeAnn were sneaking around, until every damn thing that happens in their lives. I get that she is/was hurt. However, life goes on. If she truly feels that her kids are in danger, why isn’t she going to the authorities? Taking this mess to the tabloids and twitter is not solving the issue.She says she doesn’t have money for an attorney. Um, get a damn job then! Sling ass, rock or whatever you have to do to save your kids! Blasting your dirty laundry to the masses seems so freaking juvenile to me. As a mom, a divorced mom, who was cheated on, who’s ex is remarried, I can honestly say, as long as she is kind to my children, that is all that matters. If she loves them like her own? Great! Where is the harm in that? She is not their mom and we all know that. Does Brandi prefer that she treats them like crap! She ever heard of a “wicked stepmom”? Why is she always trolling LeAnn’s twitter timeline? Why does she care whether their marriage makes it or not? Everyone calls LeAnn psycho, but from where I’m standing, Brandi looks more like it to me.

    • I think the laxative stuff and all started before she was making full pay on RHOBH. Now she has money and has a lawyer?

    • digal704

      Tamara, I was referring to another blog stating yesterday that she said she couldn’t afford a lawyer. I thought she had money as well. Who knows what the real story is with Brandi? IMO, she’s full of it.

    • smooches

      I agree with everything you said @digal

    • tricia holt

      amen!!!! my sentiments exactly! get on with your life, she is not the only one this has happened to. i feel as if she is trying to mess up everyones elses life since hers is miserable. i grew up with lean singing and being the young girl and the things she went thru, ihave always liked her and you cant always get everything good.
      eddie is just atypical good lookin man with mioney. so brandi,give your sons a good life and go on and praise God that they have a good stepmom.

  19. By Brandi’s own admission, the boys love Leann rimes.

    Brandi has not let up on twitter. Now she’s freaking out at radar online, talking about having a lump removed from her “boob” and retweeting a video of Leann rimes concert that looks perfectly fine to me. Someone needs to take her phone away.

  20. Katrina

    Branding needs to watch herself. She is making herself look crazy and could backfire on her. Eddie could be documenting this and planning to take her back to court. Look what Usher did to Tameka. Can LeAnn have children?

  21. She claims to want to have her own. It is extremely difficult for someone with no body fat to get pregnant. It’s like the body knows it’s not a good idea (starvation can’t feed the kid).

    I think Brandi needs a support system to calm her down a bit. I think she is right about a lot of things but she is super reactive and doesn’t think about her actions before lashing out. When you are home alone with a bottle of wine, it seems like a good idea to tweet stuff. I may have done that a time or 12 but I don’t have kids to worry about. She does. We need to find her a nice man.

    • digal704

      I was thinking a man might be the answer as well. Maybe a hobby, that doesn’t involve twitter. If she really believe’s that there is/are issues than I totally encourage her to do something about it. I just think it should be legal moves instead of blurting out stuff to the public.

  22. Divadawn

    It’s interesting that it has been said that Brandi first got with Eddie when he was married to someone else. If that’s true then she really shouldn’t have expected much from him and neither should LeAnne. They all need to stop airing their dirty laundry because pretty soon, the kids will get teased about this by their classmates.

    • digal704

      If this is true, I wish it would be exposed because I am so damn tired of her “he done me wrong” shtick. You’re right about the kids tho. They are going to suffer the most.

  23. Now Andy Cohen has volunteered to broker peace between the two. And it seems that they have both replied positively. I wonder if they are all talking crap or if it will happen.

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