Real Housewives of Miami: A Stormy Night in Bimini

RHOMKarentRodolfoI always love a good housewives trip and tonight on the Real Housewives of Miami, the ladies are off to Bimini for the weekend. I have been consistent since the season began that I am not fond of Karent. However, tonight I suspect I’m going to feel a bit sorry for her as the plan appears to be to have her frenemies drag her out of the country to tell her that her lover is cheating on her. That’s got to suck.

But first, We get Marysol trying to freeze Mama Elsa to death in Miami. How is this possible? Lea admits in her talking head she is just along to watch the carnage. Well, at least she is honest about that. Romain wants to go to Bimini, or he is pretending he is. I think secretly he is thrilled to have a weekend to horndog around. Mama Elsa is predicting a bad energy for the trip. I could have done that. But these RHOM women never ask me.

RHOMjoannasleptwithamillionpeoplegifWe are at the airport now and I am supposed to believe these women don’t know the difference between a pilot and a co-pilot? I myself check them both out before every flight. As many random anxiety attacks as I have, I’m not afraid of flying. As long as I am in first class or in the first three or four rows of coach. Just don’t put me in the back of the plane, I need lots of air.The girls are riding in a tiny prop plane but it’s only about a 45 minute flight. Anyway, the RHOM are enjoying mimosas and look lovely. Sadly I don’t expect Lea to pack much good jewelry for the trip which will leave her with no redeeming value whatsoever. “Adriana showed up at the airport like Eddie Murphy in Coming to America.” That is the Marysol quote of the show. Adriana forgot her passport. I lied about Lea she has on a fabulous green ring. Is it too huge to be a peridot? Okay I just saw a close-up and yes it is too big for a peridot. It’s a nice hunk of green quartz. Adriana got left behind. That is the first calamity. I swear I wonder if these women ever travel.

Joanna rented two houses, one is oceanfront one is bayside. They may not know how to fly but they know enough to know they all want to be oceanfront. Since this is Joanna’s trip she gets to divide the ladies. Naturally, she puts herself in the oceanfront with Karent, Lisa and Lea. This leaves Marysol, Ana, Adriana and Alexia in the bayside house.

Alexia-Echevarria-and-Marysol-PattonIt seems that my dear friend Alexia is going to be the one to drop the bomb on Karent. Apparently none of the other girls knew anything about it. Alexia is going to get advice from Lea, which clearly will be devious and horrific. The oceanfront house is stunning, but lest we forget, nearly all of these chicks live in oceanfront homes. I suppose they had to ooohh and ahhhh for the free stay. Joanna mention the name of the resort “that invited her” but even though I sort of cared I couldn’t make it out.  Ah there is a catch. One master bedroom and the other rooms have twin beds. A riot is breaking out but I am quite sure Joanna will win the master suite as she was named “trip planner” by Bravo. Lea’s bed is a twin boat. Lea doesn’t care but Lisa is refusing to take a twin bed.

Sidenote: The editing is waaaaaay better than usual on this episode. It’s like they have a brand new editor. I didn’t even think about editing until the whole “get Karent to talk about her relationship” scene and even this seem almost genuine.  Adriana finally arrives.

Okay, I could not imagine Alexia blindsiding Karent with this article for no reason. I’m quite fond of Alexia on a personal/Internet level. The story is that one of her writers from Venue (her Miami magazine) uncovered some information that Rodolfo is in a full blown relationship with someone from his telenova. So she is now tell the oceanfront clan what she knows and asking if she should tell Karent. So now I am good with the situation. Whew! Even Adriana feels bad for Karent. Alexia reads the article that says it was love at first sight for her the day she was invited on the show. The day she met Rodolfo something special between both of us sparked. What she likes the most about him is that he is a gentleman and treats her well. She’s beautiful and 24.

RHOMKarentThe girl’s name is Ana. Karent has accused Ana Q of texting Rodolfo and Ana denied it. Now we know which Ana was really texting Rodolfo. Interesting. There are now discussing what I thought when this storyline was first mentioned. How could Karent not know? The story they are reading is on the Internet. Lea is not sure that she believes it. She thinks it might be a publicity stunt.

At dinner the women demand Lea do a shot with everyone. I don’t understand why people who do shoots try to force other to do the same. I quit doing shots after a certain age and yet it’s still an issue. Lea claims she has never been drunk. At dinner everyone is thinking about and whispering about Rodolfo’s wandering eye. It’s awkward. Adriana seems anxious to get things out on the table. Marysol says “We’re all going to look like bitches.” This is actually more of the type of drunken ladies talk I’m used to. Joanna talks about being unsure of Romain. Lisa shares that she feels like she wants to work.  Marysol talks about going through a divorce. Karent stands up to make a dramatic toast for a peaceful weekend. Ana has a sense of impending doom for her. As if on cue it starts to rain and they all move inside.

They get settled in and Lea says, “Let’s talk some trash” Adriana asks not-so-innocently, “How many people have been cheated on here?” and here it begins…Karent is one of the ones who tells a cheating story. Drunk girl shows up at the door at 3 a.m. when she was in dental school and living with her boyfriend. She said she was naive. Adriana, who really seems to be leading the drive says, “So do you think you could be being naive about Rodolfo?” Cut to Marysol talking head (God I love those) where she is rocking back and forth saying “Oh my God, shut up you are playing right into it.” Lea throws out, “Some people are just in denial.”  Alexia says, “Karent, would you want to know?” and Karent says yes and it’s on like donkey kong y’all. The paper is about to come out of the bra.

AND MY DVR Makes me switch to Scandal. So I will have to pick up the last few minutes of Miami on the second view. I am only DVRing one thing. I don’t know why it won’t let me watch Bravo, dammit. Anyway. I’ll add the last five minutes of RHOM on later. I’ll fill the time with my DVRed Project Runway.

UPDATE: Now I am seeing the answer. Alexia tries to waffle. You can tell she doesn’t want to do this. But Lea threatens to bitch slap her and Adriana is egging it on so here we go. Adrienna is having a hard time pulling the trigger she pulls Lisa outside and says, essentially, “You are friends with Karent, what should I do?” I thought Lisa was in the group that knew but apparently not. Lisa says tell her. I must have the pants and jacket Lea is wearing. Someone find out what they are!  I like that the girls are all conflicted about telling her. I was disapointed based on editing last week that they just ambushed her. Adriana seems very eager to do it but the rest are concerned.

So Alexia goes in to tell Karent in a small group of her friends.Karent says she is very comfortable in what she knows. RODOLFO IS CHEATING ON KARENT!  But next week we will find out that Karent knew, it was all for the show, blah blah blah… ALLEGEDLY.

So did anyone watch with me tonight?


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40 responses to “Real Housewives of Miami: A Stormy Night in Bimini

  1. We were live tweeting from Bimini the entire show…it was much better watching it unfold in the edited version. Join us next week on Twitter and live chat with us — #RHOMinBimini. We have to say, the ladies really know how to travel in style. They looked gorgeous, well maybe not so much when they couldn’t handle the 20-minute plane ride from Miami. LOL.

  2. I watched and it confirmd what i already suspected about Alexia… The apple never falls far from the tree. She is a mean girl bully that took great plessure in hurting someone… she is garbage and has raised her children to be bullies.. just like momma!

    • I consider myself a personal friend of Alexia. You are free to express your opinion here, but I’m not going to allow you to insult her children here.

      If you read my blog, you will see that I questioned her motives and then found out where she received the information.

      Tread carefully with me here, on my website on this topic, and be very sure to steer clear of her children. This is your yellow card.


    • stevod

      tamara, i’m not here to criticize parenting or insult children (and accepting that we all make mistakes), but i hope you don’t tolerate peter’s criminal incident. because it was disgusting.

    • steve, I am asking, no….I am refusing to allow that conversation to occur here. Because I consider myself friend with Alexia. She and I talked when she was here in Atlanta and I will not let this coversation happen on my site. That doesn’t mean I agree with anything. It simply means I will not allow discussion of that issue on my site. Because it is my site, and I love, her. END OF DISCUSSION.

      If you try to bring it up here, you will be deleted and banned.

    • stevod

      i can respect that.

      sheesh tamara. you act like you own the place.

  3. I didn’t really like TRHWOM at first but now that I have seen a little of it I do keep up with it but not on a regular basis, I go out my Twitter an Tweet and just go with it an have all the fun I can. I have to say I like Miami girls now but My Very FAV is New Jersey House Wives sorry , I’m not going to lie about it then comes Atlanta lady’s an so on.

  4. DJ

    Did anyone else notice that when they were having dinner outdoors, Karents hair style kept changing whenever the camera was on her? First her hair was down, then it was up, then it was down, then it was up again, so it was obvious that this scene was filmed more than once.

  5. Vp

    I’m loving rhom more and more. Marysol is kinda hilarious.

  6. DJ

    Aside from Karents hair up, hair down thing, I have also noticed that on most of these reality shows, whenever there is a scene where people are eating, food keeps appearing and disappearing. There will be food on the table, then the plates will disappear or be empty, then they reappear with the same food on them, so it is always obvious that the a scene was filmed more than once and then edited to make it appear that it was all shot in sequence.

  7. I thought Alexia was completely out of line on tonite’s episode of The RHOM. She should not have told the other ladies about Rudolfo. She should have waited for the trip to be over and then she should have taken Karent and told her privately. This was very mean spirited of Alexia.
    Rumour has it that Rudolfo is cheating on Karent with Elaine Lancaster.

    • Dixie

      No denying that Karent is annoying as hell, a pain in the ass, and a shit stirrer. But come on! She didn’t deserve to be told like that. The ladies (besides Lisa and Joanna) were practically foaming at the mouth to see a hurt/embarrassed reaction. They all have been after her from the get go. So anyone who wants to say that Alexia was being anything more than a mean girl is delusional. If the relationship is a fake, it’s Karent’s business. If Alexia was truly concerned she would have told her in private. This may be out of character for Alexia, but she was dead wrong. So glad Mama Elsa called her out!

      • bsbfankaren

        Dixie, as far as I’m concerned they were simply trying to get her to admit what everyone already knew. The relationship was at the very least over, and at the most, a complete and utter sham.

      • Do you have some sort of developmental delay we should all be supportive of? EVERYONE KNOWS that Karent’s relationship was as fake as Kenya and Walter. Come on woman. Wake the fuck up.

  8. I’m basically with you on this one. I can’t stand Karent’s socialite succubus routine, but I do “feel some kinda way” (as they say in Atlanta) about the mean girl lynch mob. Alexia doesn’t bother me yet. Lea lost me with introduction of that man-bitch in a bad wig. Adriana is repulsive. I haven’t put my finger on it yet, but she seems like a drama queen and a bully. And there is always something off about her appearance. Bad outfits, messy hair, and her excessive theater makeup would be the obvious issues to start with. Lisa is a pleasant surprise, though. If you can get past the plastic surgery mutations, she seems somewhat genuine… for a housewife.

    • DMG

      I am with you 100% on everything, Stella, except for the matter of Alexia.

      I would think that for somebody who has been through so much heartache she would be more introspective and less nasty and cruel, though I think Adriana has a hand in influencing that and getting her going.

  9. Kitkat

    I’m loving RHOM so far. To me, they seem to be the classiest and most enjoyable of the franchise. Elsa is the best!!! I love her and Marysol’s relationship.

  10. A couple of things. One, I love RHOM. It’s the most fun group of ladies out of the all the housewives franchises. Unlike other RH franchises where I like most of the cast, there’s usually one or two really bad apples who are beyond horrible. With Miami, I think even the least tolerable of the women I could appreciate being around. I would enjoy a moment with Adriana, Karent, and even Lea while I would steer clear of the likes of Teresa, Kenya, Vicki, and Adrienne any day.

    Secondly, I love Alexia. She’s one of my favorite housewives on any series. Yes, last night her motives came across as being mean. I think there was coaching going on behind the scenes about confronting Karent about the shenanigans her boyfriend had been involved in. I think she was doing more what she was told to do as opposed to doing what to others comes naturally.

    And finally, last night Marysol gave some of the best talking heads. I loved your comment about Marysol rocking back and forth in before saying “Oh my God, shut up you are playing right into it.” Classic!

    Thank you Tamara for the write up as it made an already enjoyable episode even more enjoyable!! Thank you also for all the hard work put into the site!!

  11. victori0us

    I don’t really like any of these women. They are all fake bitches in some way or the other. Lisa is the only somewhat likable. Lea is really vicious and mean spirited. She’d be at one of those events from the Hostel movies lol watching ppl tortured for entertainment…she wants to watch these bitches claw, fight, cry, embarrass each other all for her personal amusement. She finds it all funny. She’s kinda sick for that.

    What’s up with Joanna’s accent? Why does she sound Latina?

    • pfftt

      uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Isn’t that why we watch Housewives? Come on, we don’t watch to see these women push their products, or walk through the park and hold hands. We watch because they’re all somewhat egotistical, and their ego’s clash, and they fight. It is good TV.

      Confict is entertainment. I’m with Lea, it is hilarious to watch these women fight and slap each other with their tits falling out. It is funny.

      Why do you watch the show?

  12. Joanna is Polish. He accent comes out when she drinks or talks to her mother.

    • victori0us

      But it doesn’t sound Polish…she sounds Spanish. Lol. Her Spanish accent is stronger than Alexia’s. Joanna’s Spanish by proxy. Here in la we’ve got some black girls that hang only with the Mexican girls and you’d not know u were talking to a black girl unless u saw her in the flesh.

  13. pfftt

    Tamara, what was Alexia like when you met her? She was obviously nice to you. she may just be getting a bad edit this season. But on the show she comes across as a bully. I can see why Karent may be “annoying”, but to get so pissed because she smiles is a little overboard.

    When she told Karent that she had to “earn her place.” She came off as someone still in high school.

    Earn her place? Karent is a professional, she is a Dentist. She is educated. She isn’t depending on a man like some housewives. She has “earned” her place.

    • victori0us

      A lot of the women are projecting there own pain and anger on to KarenT. The two that hate her the most are the two with the major life changes and one dealing with a tragedy. KarenT is fake as hell but I don’t think she deserves all that.

      Alexia needs to watch this season and apologize for being a mean girl. She’s mad she’s gotta look at her son in that state. Who wouldn’t be? It’s tragic. I really think that’s the underlying reason for her utter hate of KarenT. Ana is losing her rock….gotta be tough. Misery loves company.

    • bsbfankaren

      See. I don’t see Alexia as a “mean girl” and also realize that a lot goes on behind the scenes that the viewers are never completely made aware of. Alexia seems pretty cool to me, and she’s on my list of franchise cast members I’d love to have a drink with. I don’t like phoney, which makes Alexia a breath of very real fresh air.

  14. pfftt

    victori0us, You make the must fuck-tarded comments on here. The comment about Alexia’s son is offensive. I’m not Alexia’s biggest fan, but why bring that into this mix? You’re also the tard that claimed Kandi and Phaedra were “morbidly obsese.” PFFFT

    • victori0us

      Maam 1st off I’m not a “tard”…which is even more offensive than me giving Alexia a reason for her misguided anger. Saying that I don’t think she’s a mean girl but her personal life prolly just made her easy to set off/irritable

      2nd I did not say Phaedra is morbidly obese. That’s silly. I just said I wouldn’t want to take advice from her about fitness.

      Chill dear. No need to insult me and call me a ignorant name like a “tard”…get urself together. It’s never that serious.

    • victori0us

      And I was freaking agreeing with u about her being a bully this time around. Just providing a possible reason for that behavior. Sheesh! How dare I mention something that was shown on TV and her reason for her “friend” of the HW status. I’m so offensive…FOH

    • bsbfankaren

      I think Phaedra looks pretty darn good, and I would indeed take advice from her about fitness. Like Queen Latifah, she isn’t trying to be skinny, simply fit, and most people know the skinny does not always equal fit.

  15. /tip toes in… innocently asks, “what does FOH mean?” /runs out of thread…

  16. oh. I needed a GET THE in front of that to get it I guess. Anyway, carry on. :)

  17. bombero129

    have you heard any update on whats going on with Karent and Rodlfo now? I live in Miami and live by Karent’s dental office. I get a chuckle everytime i drive by.

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