Who Am I?

WhoAmII’ve been dating a Bravolebrity for quite some time. Guess whose boyfriend I am!


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28 responses to “Who Am I?

  1. michelle

    Whoever he is, he has child bearing hips!

  2. Vlux

    Reza’s boyfriends?

  3. tina1rules

    Hmmm thats a pic from Fashion Week. . .I get most of my Bravo gossip from this blog since I have do not have enough time to keep up with it all. *Runs to Google*

  4. Because_Racecar

    It looks like Seth Green to me? But don’t know who he is dating??

  5. tina1rules

    Seth Green….hmmm I guess that man kinda has his jaw but I’d be shocked if that is actually him!

  6. Kr

    Ugh dont tell me thats Slade

  7. Victoria

    Idk why I’m thinking Camille’s man Dimitri. He doesn’t even look like that lol

  8. Danielle

    I have no idea who he is, but he is cute! But the production assistant who let him walk with a phone in his pocket should be reprimanded.


    Is this Brielle’s man? You know they like ’em either too old or too young!

  10. Yeah. That is Slade. ICK.

  11. Loucinda G

    That is clearly a Ginger ladies!!! Reza’s so called boyfriend. Reza just keeps getting heavier every season I guess more money more carbs

  12. Kendra

    Slade Smilie,

  13. Katrina

    If that is Slade, did he color his hair?

  14. I think he’s dating Fredrick from Million Dollar Listings New York

  15. no name maddox

    spill the tea TT! who’s boo is this?

  16. I’ll post about him soon.

  17. Heartland

    I dunno but is he modeling SHE BY SHEREÉ?

  18. Kendra

    Seriously, who is this? Did I miss it???

  19. Ashley

    Who is this???

  20. Adam!!! Reza’s “whiteboy”

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