The Real Housewives of Orange County Jet Off to Someplace Cold

RHOOCLAXall7As usual, as we watch one season, or as is our current plight THREE seasons, of Housewives, another one, or two, is filming.  Yesterday, the entire cast of RHOOC was off on their cast trip. The picture above was taken at LAX  and tbefore the cast jetted off toward a colder climate.  Last month the ladies filmed in Canada on a weekend trip for Tamra’s bachelorette party. Is she going to get married in Canada?

Is that Alexis Bellino front and center? I don’t pay much attention to Orange County in the off season, but didn’t we just go through the whole “She got fired!”, “No, I didn’t I just couldn’t take another season with you bitches!” twitter war? And now she is back? I’m going to need y’all to give me the tea on this one.

RHOOCLauriAlso back is Lauri Waring Peterson. I don’t remember a lot about her but I do remember long ago her (I think it was her) butting into a twitter conversation that I was half following (but tagged in) about her and her divorce(s). I vaguely remember her being very crazy and maybe being the religious form of crazy? It’s all sort of a blurry memory. I remember her son being a heroin addict. I remember her husband of the week trying to help parent him. I remember her quitting the show because she was remarried and wanted to focus on family. (Sound familiar?)  If I recall correctly she cheated on her husband. Not sure what happened with that. Not sure why she is back. It bodes well for Kim coming back to RHOA in season six. Sorry y’all.

On the far left we have the new girl, Lydia Stirling-McLaughlin. She’s a friend of Lisa Vanderpump (who isn’t?) and will be brought into the fold on a Heather Dubrow storyline.  One of the reasons I’m not that into Real Housewives of Orange County is I am very serious when I tell you I cannot tell them apart. I have no idea which person in the top picture is Gretchen and which one is Tamra. It looks like both have had more face work done which makes it even harder for me. This making recapping a problem.

Y’all need to give me the tea on this one, I’ve spent way to long on a post that basically just says, the Real Housewives of Orange County are on a trip. I just find them all very confusing. Am I the only one who can’t tell them apart?




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29 responses to “The Real Housewives of Orange County Jet Off to Someplace Cold

  1. Shay

    I can’t tell them apart in this pic, either, Tamara. RHOOC is my least fav of the series, though, so I don’t pay them as much attention as I do, say Atlanta or BH. And I love your blog! I’ve been coming here for a few weeks now & it’s become one of my regular daily stops!

  2. Vp

    You have so much you need to catch up on, I don’t even know where to start! 😉

  3. woe. I didn’t know about Laurie cheating on her husband. Are they still married?

    It helps me to identify them, not by real names, but “blonde fake lips number 1,” blonde fake boobs number 2 & 3″, and thankfully… “brunette.”

    • honey, I don’t know. I am not sure she is actually divorced I think they may just be living separately or something. I am patiently awaiting VP or someone to catch us up. I really feel stupid, or racist, or mentally impaired about not being able to keep them straight but I just can’t.

    • ViVaLaDiVa

      i didn’t know about laurie either…i wondered if that would last, not that i find her the most beautiful woman in the world but for george she was. he was a big nerd. cannot wait for the tea on that! :)

  4. Dede

    From left to right: Lydia, Tamara, Lauri, Alexis, Vicki, Heather, and Gretchen.

    Other than what you’ve written, I don’t know anything about Lydia or Lauri. I’m pretty over the OC “ladies” because Tamara and Vicki drive me nuts. I think the soft porn scene was when I stopped worrying if I saw the show or not. I still watch, but I don’t make it a point to hurry home and open the wine like I do for ATL and NJ.

    BTW, as a side note, I love this site!

  5. Thanks for the much needed chart! And the love!

  6. Tamara Lynn

    Love your Blog. Still new here but thought I’d full you in on what I ” know” . Since I only read it and didn’t research it myself I can’t say it’s all true…..

    I read elsewhere that Alexis quit because she was hoping for a pay raise and Bravo didn’t give it to her. However, she eventually decided that she DID need the money so she came back without the raise she was hoping for. It was rumored that her husband was out trying to rent name brand purses for Alexis to film with.

    And didnt know that about Laurie. Thanks for that tea :) they all do look alike. All fake and Botoxed to the max lol

  7. Thanks, Tamara! Don’t trust my OC tea. I have not researched it much at all.

  8. ACJ

    I love the OC ladies and have watched since the first episode. For those who can’t tell the apart: left to right we have Lydia, Tamra, Lauri, Alexis, Vicki, Heather, and Gretchen. From what I’ve heard, Alexis was originally offered a contract for currently filming season 8, but was not happy with her salary of $100,000. Allegedly, she was only willing to return if she was given a raise to either $200,000 or $250,000 for the season. Bravo producers weren’t interested in giving her anymore money so negotiations broke down and both sides walked away. Bravo casted new “housewife” Allison Edmunds, the wife of famous baseball player Jim “Jimmy Baseball” Edmunds, to replace Alexis, but plans for her addition fell through just a week before filiming was set to begin. Other new “housewife” Lydia hadn’t been casted yet and Bravo didn’t want to start filming with only 4 housewives (Heather, Vicki, Tamra, and Gretchen), so they decided to ask Alexis back but without a raise, Alexis decided that $100,000 is better than nothing, and she re-joined. As far was Lauri, this is first I’ve seen or heard of her interacting with the cast since filming, but I do belive that she had maintained a friendship with Tamra outside of the show and I know her and Vicki had a really good relationship in the past so I could see her making appearances on the season as a friend of a housewife. However, in my opinion, I don’t see Lauri’s return to the RHOC as indicative of anything involving Kim and RHOA because there are no issues between Lauri and the the OC women, however those Atlanta ladies are completely through with Kim and have no desire to film with her.

  9. smooches

    I figured Alexis would be back cause her and Jim NEED the money…let’s be real here, who is buying any clothes from her laughable clothing line and what exactly does Jim do for a living…THEY NEED THE BRAVO CHECK!!! I believe George is Lauri’s second husband…the first one cheated and bounced leaving her with the 3 kids…Josh the crackhead, the daughter who never wants to work for money and a little girl…George was supposed to be ‘rich’ but maybe in this economy he’s alright with pimping Lauri for a check here and there

  10. ViVaLaDiVa

    i also love o.c. and agree with the above, from what i read this is true about alexis – after she was mean girled by tamara, heather and gretchen last season and was forced to buddy up with vicki, she became a little more of a sympathetic character and got more of a fan base. she tried the sheree angle of more money, they said no however they let her keep her job. alexis and jim run indoor trampoline parks. i used to love o.c. until heather came on, she just aggravates me. there is something condescending about her that annoys me. vicki is t.v. entertainment at its best though! no matter how squirrely she is, i just love her!

    • socalsun

      Alexis’s husband Jim is a fraud. A few years ago, he was selling fake autographed baseballs. They filed for bankruptcy, lost their house in Newport Coast and rent a house in Dana Point, CA. Vicki and Heather are probably the only one’s with real money. Tamra is a loud mouth skank with bad hair extentions. I don’t know how or why Simon married her; she is an embarrassment. Gretchen seems ok. I can’t believe she is friends with Tamra after all of shit she said about Gretchen and Slade.

    • ViVaLaDiVa

      I think the friendship may be over this season. I bet anything tamara just apologized and made up for the show, then stabbed gretchen in the back this coming season. Again for tv. Tamara was good for maybe the first season or 2, once she and Simon divorced she went from being a funny bitch to an outright exhibitionist. She will really do or say anything for tv. I don’t think she realizes how pathetic it really makes her look.

  11. Lynne

    So Lauri and George are in trouble/separated ALREADY?? That didn’t take long!

  12. I think I might be misinformed about the seperation thing. What I read might have been about the marriage before this one. Sorry. Or maybe it is this one I DON’T KNOW! I should probably have ignored this picture altogether. LOL.

    Anyway this is from Wikipedia so it has to be true (not) and sums up the season 8 stuff.

    In an interview Slade Smiley, boyfriend of Gretchen, announced that Bravo is currently doing changes to the cast for its eighth season that will debut sometime in Spring 2013. Alexis Bellino announced on September 24, 2012 that she will not be returning to the show for its eighth season in order to ‘focus on family and other opportunities’.[14] However, in October 2012, Alexis was spotted filming scenes for the show. Entertainment websites reports that Alexis asked for a pay increase for her next season of the show. Bravo declined her the pay increase, Alexis decided to hold out hoping Bravo would eventually change their minds. However, Bravo moved on and cast another Housewife, Allison Edmonds, wife of former pro baseball player, Jim Edmonds. A couple days before filming was scheduled to begin, Allison and her husband backed out of the show. So as a back up plan Bravo contacted Alexis and asked her to return to the show, although proclaimed they would still not give her more money. Alexis agreed and began filming for the show.

    All seven seasons have aired on British channel ITV2 becoming increasing popular in the United Kingdom. The seventh season finished airing in October of 2012.

    Production for season 8 started in Fall 2012 with a Spring 2013 premiere. All season 7 Housewives will return including Alexis Bellino; along with new Housewife, Lydia Sterling-McLaughlin.

    On November 19th 2012, Vicki Gunvalson posted a picture on her official Facebook page of the ladies getting ready for a bachelorette weekend for Tamra Barney which was being filmed for season 8. Included in the picture was Gunvalson, Barney, Rossi, Dubrow, and new Housewife, Sterling. Noticeably absent from the picture was Alexis Bellino, who was not invited on the vacation. The following month Gunvalson posted another photo on Twitter, showing all the housewives as well as former housewife Lauri Waring-Peterson before they headed Whistler, Canada.

  13. I can tell them apart. Gretchen has the horse head and Tamra is Trailer Trash Barbie, and not in a good way. Complete with ambiguously gay boyfriend.

  14. Cleo

    I have no problem telling RHOOC apart. Now, RHOM is another story. Probably because I’m so not interested in them and don’t make an effort to watch them.

  15. smooches

    so apparently Vicki and Brooks are done *sniggles* who didn’t see that ish coming…at least he got new teeth out of it

  16. Lisa in Oregon

    There is definitely a certain “look” for women in the OC. Maybe because they are surrounded by others that look the same, they are unable to see how obnoxious said look really is. (?)

  17. Ncfinedime

    L to R.
    Lydia, Tamara,Laurie,Alexis,Vicki,Heather,Gretchen

  18. Jessica

    I just got back from Whistler where the ladies were staying in the same hotel as my fiancée and I. I snapped some pictures of them headed up the mountain to ski and before dinner one night in the hotel lobby. They all seemed to be getting along. Heard Tamara make one snide comment to Alexis, but they all seemed to be getting along. I have watched show since it began. I saw Jo…Slades first gf of the show in Charleston about three weeks ago with a very old man…interesting.

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