Shahs of Sunset Has Bravo Blogs For Season Two

ShahsRezaLillyThis season on Shahs of Sunset for the first time we get Bravo Blogs for the cast! You know what that means…some will be trying to defend bad behavior, others will continue arguments after the cameras stop rolling, some will flush out their victim role and still others will wave the martyr flag. So far we have blogs from Mike, A$A, Lilly and Reza has a VLOG!  If you click their names the link will take you straight to their blog. Or you can click through for the short version.

Mike’s blog talks about the dinner from hell and how he saved the day by getting Omid (and GG) out of the restaurant before things got even worse. He also talks about how awesome Lilly is. Reza’s Vlog is funny and worth a watch. He also talks about how poor Lilly didn’t even get any food at the dinner from hell. Um…seriously Reza? You think that girl eats? And weren’t you two hours late because you were out fawning over each other and braiding each other’s moustache? But the only real tea is in the girl’s blogs.



Lilly is paving the way to play the victim. I forsee an entire season of “people have always hated me because I am so beautiful.” MJ will be accused of despising her for her beauty rather than the fact that some biatch rolled in from Texas and stole her gay best friend. You DO NOT mess with a woman’s gay best friend and not meet up with dire consequences. And because Reza is my imaginary Internet best friend, I ain’t having this either. I think Reza is taking his role of introducing Lilly to the show waaaaaay too seriously.

Here is the lovely Lilly explaining how she was so victimized by MJ when all she wanted to do was meet and get to know one of Reza’s closest friends.

shahslilyasarezaLilly: At first impression, everyone was very sweet and welcoming, except for MJ. While everyone stood up to introduce themselves, MJ stood up and put her back to me. Asa had to call her out and ask her if she’s met me yet. Speaking of Asa, what an incredibly kind woman. From the moment I walked through the door she was so warm and lovely. She kept calling me a Persian Barbie, and welcoming me to the group. I couldn’t help but notice MJ rolling her eyes every time she would call me a new friend or new member of the group. I’m a little disappointed with how cold MJ was to me because Reza has told me that MJ is one of his closest friends, so I was really looking forward to getting to know her.

Oh gag me. This chick knew exactly what was going on. I didn’t see her reaching out to MJ, I saw her waiting for MJ to get on the Persian Barbie train, which A$A seemed to jump on faster than Mike! Cut the crap, Lilly. The boys are stupid and A$A needs a minion. Welcome to the club.  She goes on to talk about manners and wanting to escape the embarrassment of the meeting from hell. If Bravo production set your wig on fire and told you to sit there until it burned out while they filmed it, you would. Btw, Bravo, for the record, if you roll with that plan I will not sue for intellectual property theft I promise. This is the girl with eleventy thousand bathroom mirror pictures. She lives for the camera. Meanwhile, we can think of her as a combination of Kenya and Sheree.  Kenya had her off-putting introduction to RHOA talking about model’s cootchie crack, well next week we have a similar scene on Shahs where well-mannered Lilly talks about crotch juice. A lot.  And much like Sheree she is already claiming leased vehicles are hers. She wants you to know she sold that Bentley right after she filmed in it. My money is on hourly rental.

Asa seems to have some sort of use for her…

A$A: Lilly is a great addition to our Persian family.  We just met and I already love her!  She is beautiful inside and out. We connected from the very beginning and I’m definitely looking forward to getting to know her better.



GG is another matter all together. A$A appears to be through even bothering to try with her. Here’s what she says about GG.

A$A: GG and her sister talking about their business.  Let’s keep it real, GG is not really working. They have partnered up with an extension company, that already makes extensions. So, already there hardly any work to be done as far as manufacturing or developing the product. And whatever else there is left as far as work and responsibility, I’m pretty sure her sister is doing. And who in the world talks to their nine-months-pregnant sister like this and calls her a bitch for telling her the way it is.  Time to look at your life. GG has never taken responsibility for a single thing in life, including her foul behavior. I mean. . .you’re 30 years old, completely clueless, and proud of it.

Yep, that pretty much sums up GG.


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23 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Has Bravo Blogs For Season Two

  1. Natalie K

    OMFG, I’m still undecided about this girl. TIme will tell I guess. Team MJ always.

  2. Natalie K

    OH, who the eff am I kidding?!

  3. Natalie K

    Her bravo blog is also SHITE! I didn’t see her making much of an effort to approach MJ!

  4. mrswindycity

    just watched the episode last night but ummmmm isn’t GG’s ex gay?

  5. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Lilly is hybrid of Snookie’s hair meet Jerseylicious meet fill in the blank Kardashian with a dash of Courtney Stodden with that ridiculous voice.

    She said she moved to LA because there are only 5 Persians she knows of in Houston. I live in Houston, and it is very ethnically diverse here, and I know many Persian people, restaurants, stores, etc…. I don’t know the uber rich Persians, but I guess that makes too pedestrian for Lilly.

    I find Reza amusing, but his ego is toooo much. And of course he loves Lily, because every gay man wants his own “hag” who doubles as arm candy….

  6. I love you. If I was arm candy material I would beg to be yours. I hate sites that give nicknames to bravolebrities because unless you read there a lot you have no idea who they mean. But I may just have to tag Lilly as the Persian Courtney Stodden.


    • Love the new and so appropriate moniker for Lilly. Didn’t Courtney think of herself as a Barbie too? It seems like Lily actually likes being called a Persian Barbie, I don’t know but I thought it was an Asa passive aggressive dig at her and therefore an insult not a compliment Who the fuck in their right mind wants to be known as any type of Barbie. And Tamara how could you not know that Taylor = Lips Mcgee, Kyle = Lizard Lips or Man Hands, they fit and are so obvious don’t they, :roll:

  7. Natalie K

    When I first heard of the new girl, I thought she looks like a cross between Kim Kardashian and Octomom- Nadia Suleiman! Weird!

  8. Kitkat

    Asa’s parents have to be wealthy. Her $4000 toilet and gold coin-paved floor can’t come solely from a landlord’s income. She also drives a Benz and drinks water with diamonds floating in it, right?

  9. westwest

    does asa know there are no hoods in beverly hills? i mean she compares herself to eazy e, really?

  10. kathryn

    Reza better check himself before he wrecks himself. I don’t think his fans will stick with him if he starts dissing MJ. The Persian Courtney Stodden will not win him any fans. #TeamMJ

  11. I dont know how i fell about the Persian barbie but A$a and Reza are getting on my last nerve

    • I totally agree. I am over Reza after seeing him on two episodes. As to Asa, she is a jealous, self-righteous lady whose time for reckoning should be coming soon. She is so jealous of GG who is a much nicer person if the truth be known.

  12. lilkunta

    i was annoyed by asa acting like she was struggling. she said she HAD to rent her guest house immediately for the sec deposit and 1st mo rent unless she couldnt pay her storage. umm, you are on a fakeality tv show so we know you have that income as well. i didnt see all of season 1 but i did like her artsy side and liked that she came from something. now she seems like she is going to be annoying.
    and unless there is some cultural or religious significance to the gold coins in the floor that is stupid.

  13. Asa used to live in one of the guest houses and rent the main house out to pay the mortgage. Now that she has shahs money she wants to move into the big fancy house and rent the guest house. I don’t think any of these people get their Bravo checks in advance, so she’s just shifting some money around and increasing her expenses a bit. It’s a temporary thing.

    While the coins thing may be cultural, it’s pretty normal in this economy for people to be squirelling away gold coins and bars. Even burying them places. I highly doubt she buried them exactly where she said on TV. But I have no doubt she has a few coins stashed around.

  14. teress

    MJ……totally real…Patti should find her license….mj would be terrific wife and mom

  15. Dont bother me

    First off, I was a fan is Reza, but when he made the comment to his gay lover, if it were a black man sitting at the pool, would you bring him up to the apartment to meet me? I could not believe in 2013 the racial comment spoken of a gender in the black race. Reza go suck on a vagina with your racist comment. See how that taste, then you will understand you need to stay in your lane. In the future you need to be a little more sensitive towards other nationalities OTHER than yours or go back to your home, OH! That’s right YOU’RE NOT WANTED IN YOUR HOMELAND, ass wipe. I see why.

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