Reza Farahan and Kim Zolciak on Watch What Happens Live

WWHLThis should be a great episode of Watch What Happens Live with Reza Farahan and Kim Zolciak. Let’s watch…

LOVE LOVE LOVE Reza’s Loubs and the red socks. I am taking those red socks as his secret shout out to me. You know how Carole Burnett pulled her ear to say hi to her grandma or something? Well when Reza wears socks, he picks them out for me! True Story! (In my head). Meanwhile, Andy asked for the Farrah wig and she gives it to him. Not sure I like the geometric dress but… LOVING this excuse meter Bravo is giving Kim for not going to Anguilla. FInal number of excuses? 15.

Question for the night, whose side are you on, Kim’s or everybody elses. Me? I have to go with everybody else this time, Kim. They changed their schedules to accommodate your pregnancy and then you bail? Not a good look. Andy asks, “Did your due date change?” She just claims she had KJ early. I don’t think that is true. Reza is supporting her but Reza is not a Nene fan after his appearance on WWHL last year when she acted like a big diva and treated him badly. TEA!

gguglygifNext up a remix of the Iranian dinner from hell. Then Andy plays up Reza’s love of whatshername. Ugh. Reza is so superfuckingficial.

Andy is going all in on Kim asking the types of questions he never would at a reunion. Are you still living in the townhouse? Kim says yes. He says, but wait at the reunion, I thought you said you were closing on “the dream house.” Go Andy! GO! Kim says the appraisal came in at 2.1 and the were asking 3.25 and I am not dumb with my money. That part is true. Andy says she wasted a lot of money on the renting and remodeling. She agrees. He asks how much she put into the property and she says, “Well I took some of the shrubbery out, so let me think…” but Andy does the Wendy Williams interrupt so we never get an answer. Kim says she gave a lot of the palm trees to her neighbors, Andy mentions Chateau Sheree and Kim is like, yeah, they are all over there. Sidenote: They are not.

WWHLrezakimCaller question: Kim, it seems like you have not wanted to shoot much this season. Are you still talking to any of the RHOA? Kim,” I was in a different place, I have a one year old, and a family…blah blah blah”  Andy asks if she still talks to anyone and Kim says no, not at all. Andy says, “not even Kandi?”  Kim says no. She says she was pissed that Kandi made it seem like she stole her baby name. However, Kandi said she had no idea that Kim was naming her kid Kash. Andy says it seem like you dumped your friends. Kim says who are my friends? Kandi and I had a true friendship but the Tardy for the Party thing really put a damper on it. We were never able to get back to where we were. Kim was upset that people would fight with a pregnant lady.

Reza has made MANY comments about how hot Kroy is. He was asked if he was seeing anyone and he said yes. He’s a ginger with a beard. Kim said she just made Kroy shave and Reza cannot stop gushing about Kroy. Both Andy and Reza love them some gingers!

The bartender chick has a guest role on The New Normal. As I said, neither guest is fond of Nene. So Kim and Reza are really hitting it off. Both bust into laughter over The New Normal and Reza says his boyfriend works on the show.

Oh lord I am so over Kim telling us a new number for how many weeks pregnant she was. Just stop.

Reza Q: Is GG a bitch in real life? Reza says she’s even meaner in real life. No joke.

Reza Q: What do you think of GG’s sister? The fact that she told her pregnant sister that she wanted to cut her with a knife, was really shocking to me. And her dad was sitting there on his chair like he was used to it.

Kim Q: Describe Nene in one word. Kim says, “big.”

It’s GametimeL Match That Stache! Kim will not wear the mask properly because it will pull her wig off. Reza sucks at this game. Did I mention everyone is drunk? I also do not like Kim’s dress. We have gone to break because the game is taking way too long. lol. Drunk times. After the break, Kim was declared the winner. And Reza is in a cheap blonde wig.

Q for Reza: What’s going on with your family right now? OMG his mom is not talking to him because he kissed a man on TV. :( This makes me sad. Dad is fine. We will be seeing his east coast family this season. YAY. But I’m still said about Reza and his mom. He gives us this news drunk and in a blond wig. Mama will not be amused.

The question about Kim or everyone else resulted in the first ever 50/50 tie! Allegedly.


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29 responses to “Reza Farahan and Kim Zolciak on Watch What Happens Live

  1. Girl Plz...

    Bye Wig!

  2. mrswindycity

    Nene just kept going on and on about Kim tonight. She is truly beating a dead horse…. wish they both would stfu.

  3. pffft

    Nene is just a nasty woman. If you read twitter, people that see her out in public say she is downright rude to them. And Reza says she was a Diva and rude to him. Not shocking.

    It is obvious Nene is jealous of Kim. Nene wants Kim portrayed as a blonde bimbo with a sugardaddy, and when she married Kroy and started spending more time with her family, nene went nuts.

    I really cannot stand Nene. I hope the rumors are true that Kenya punches her in the face… Someone needs to.

    • ny2ecity

      Really they are two of a kind. I agree that Nene maybe jealous of how Kim is being portrayed as a bonafide housewife that lives a perfect life. However, Kim is nasty as hell as well. Kim would not bat an eye to anyone less fortunate than her either because really they only brought back Sweetie to not look racist (period). She is lazy and shady to say the least. But then again they’re all messy on that show. Nene is very arrogant to say the least and I hope all of her so called good riches will not come crumbling down. In the end so long to Kim because she has no added value to the show.

  4. Kenya doesn’t punch her in the face. And if she did, my money is on Nene. That said Nene does seem to have a bit of jealousy toward Kim. And Kim and Reza both mocking Nene on the show… will make her livid though she will pretend she did not watch.

    • Nene has a lot going for her with her supporting network TV roles. I suspect if she wasn’t such a DIVA she would have even more opportunities. I frankly would love to see her in her Nene character in a Tyler Perry flick with Madea. WIth the mouths on those two broads it would be a hoot IMO.

      Let’s be real re Nene and Kim, Nene is crazy jealous that Kim got her man, and a man with more money than Greg. Kim gets to have the babies she wants and absolutely unforgivable was Kim got her own TV spin off, that has to be killing Nene although she will never admit it. Nene is putting pins in a voodoo doll at this very minute hoping that Kim’s show is a bust, that Kroy looses his gig, that they divorce and Kim is bankrupt, then she will be happy.

      Speaking of Nene, I have watched snippets of the New Normal but I can’t find a scene with the bitch in it. Can anybody tell me which show Nene was in? Frankly I don’t enjoy the show enough to watch all the segments, I just want to see Nene act.

      And Tamara, Reza did wear those socks as a shout out to you, no question after you asked him to last night. Loved his boutins, and so sheeesheee to match his socks to his souls, lol.

  5. CMoney

    Get her NeNe!

  6. Expect Nene to be very quiet because she got got by both Kim and Reza tonight.

  7. Ms La La

    I think Nene wants Kim to be real for once. Just say you do not want to go or you don’t want to be bothered. I don’t think Nene is jelous of Kim in any way. Kim has had to depend on a man or others (Big Poppa, Kandi, Kroy) for her income. We have not seen one thing that Kim has created branched out marketed for herself since this show has been on. Yet Eveyryone else has or at least tried (Sharea). What is her show going to be about? kroy is boring, his family is too. I have no intrest in knowing how to get knocked up for a living because I have a degree and like working and I have no desire in seeing her desrespect her parents who have been there for her before this show or the men. If she is so into being a mom and into her husband do that and good luck. Just my opinion..

  8. Ms La La

    Thinking about it out of all the RHW shows she is the only one who has never tried to come up with something for herself as a brand but a man. if that makes her happy so be it. No I do not think people who are doing thier own things are jealous of Kim. Oh wait the wigs, but that was a bunch of bull as we see..

  9. news

    Why would NeNe be jealous of Kim? She has nothing going on and a big liar! Kim say Kandi friendship have not being the same since tardy for the party, pay her the money you owed and it would have. Kim is nothing but a liar and User, nobody is jealous of this clown!!!!

  10. Vp

    I noticed they have lowered the asking price of the house. It’s currently listed for 2.6.

    • Katrina

      Kim and Kroy probably could have negotiated a better price on the home. However, Kendra was fed up with Kim by that point and she was not selling her house to her. It was not a good business decision on Kendra’s part, but I don’t think she cares! The housing market is so down right now for sellers. If the Davis’ have the cash flow, they can hold onto it indefinitely.

    • Mona

      Please stop believing what Kim says Kendra has said over and over there was never any plans for them to sell the house to Kim & Kroy ever Kim is lieing again. Kendra has also stated that Kroy told her and her husband several times that they were in over their head. Look at how she wastes money by the time Kim is 45 she will be broke if Kroy know like I know he would be making plans to get far away from this mess of a woman quick. His parents must be so worried about him. “Dream House” a joke!

    • Katrina

      @ Mona So you don’t think Kim and kroy are building a new home?

    • Terri

      Why wouldn’t they lower it? It was used and abused for an entire year. With that fire in the garage, the fake plastic flowers planted in the yard, and dogs urinating at will on the hardwood floors the value was bound to go down. That’s why you can’t lease/rent to just anybody with a little new money. The KKK Biermann’s lowered the property value.

    • Wow, y’all sure have a lot of vitriol for the white girl. Kim took great care of that house and made tons of improvements. She wanted to buy it until she pissed off Kendra and Kendra refused to negotiate.

      That McMansion Is on a cul de sac of identical McMansions. It’s not really hard to appraise. If you go to Zillow you will see every other house on the street is appraised nearly identically in the 2.1 -2.3 range.

      But carry on with your non-racist hatred.

  11. Kendra never said that. In fact Kendra said that Kroy called to ask if he had to give notice on the lease since he was planning to make an offer. There are several articles on the Kim “eviction” here if you are interested in getting your facts straight. Do a search, or use the category list ot your left.

  12. Mona just likes talking shit about Kim. Whether or not Mona thinks they are building a new home or not is irrelevant. They are building a house. It’s a stupid financial move, but they are building, despite whatever Mona thinks.

  13. Love that Kim is GONE. Nene needs to stop w/the Kim junk makes her seems very jealous which I don’t think is the case. However, WWHL that Reza had a plenty of nerve calling the HWoA hoes. His greasy, gay ass needs to go some where and sit down. I don’t typically watch his show (last night was my first and last). Take his ass back to Persia or while in America stay in and know his lane.

  14. Katrina

    Kim says she is not speaking to Kandi because of the baby’s name “Kash”, but then says that she didn’t know Kandi wanted to use that name. Kim found out by watching the show that Kandi wanted to use that name. Why does Kim lie about basic stuff? How can you have a true friendship and not even be willing to discuss the issue.

  15. baytothea

    I don’t get the whole “Kroy is so hot” thing. He’s a very generic looking midwest white man. i guess anything is an upgrade from what she came from. I wish Kim would style her wig differently, just once…that hairstyle is so tired.

  16. Reza was gushing over Kroy saying he was way better looking than Apollo. Kroy can be attractive depending on what kind of a hair day he is having, but I think it is his personality that makes him attractive to those who find him so. He seems like a generally good guy.

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