Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim Zolciak Quits the Show

RHOAcastseason2Okay so I am ready for RHOA now. I’ve only seen the last 20 minutes because I had to watch TAR. Next week should be the last week I have that problem but let me tell you even a simple recap takes me a couple of hours. You have to edit and get the pictures together afterward because you don’t know what you will need and do all the tagging by category despite the fact y’all never use THE CATEGORY LISTING CONVENIENTLY LOCATED IN THE LEFT SIDEBAR. Anyway. Let’s get this party started.

Short scene with Kim and the girls. The point was to say how much they love living in the condo. They probably do. It’s a nice size place and back in their old school district. My DVR won’t let me pause anymore because I am past an hour so… this will be frantic.

The go-cart scene with Kenya, Walter, Apollo and Phaedra. Kenya wants to “produce” Phaedra’s Donkey Booty video. Kenya is NOT a producer. She does not have a production company. I don’t have time to get started on all that. Kenya refuses to wear her seat belt on her go-cart until the staff makes her. Kenya and Apollo race. Apollo wins.

peter-thomas-cynthia-baileyPeter and Cynthia drink some spoilt wine. And now it’s time for Nene and Gregg to pretend to reconcile from a split that never happened. This was during Nene’s black bra stage. At that time, Nene got this black bra and wore it under light colored blouses in EVERY picture she had made. Matisse had his blue period, this is Nene’s black bra period.  Peter pretends he has an in on Anguilla. Are we not acknowledging this is a fake Bravo vow renewal thing yet? Oh there it is. The vow renewal thing is Peter’s surprise.

Porsha is an idiot. She’s convinced eating yams will make you have twins. Porsha actually asks the OB/GYN how to have twins. She doesn’t mention yams.

Kandi and Cynthia get together for lunch. Cynthia is rocking the I’m so pretty I can wear those ridiculous black glasses look and claiming she and Peter have connections in Anguilla. It’s called Bravo production, but carry on. Of course, if she ever got married on a destination wedding *cough* obligatory advertisement *cough*  Anguilla would be the place. Kandi says they are planning the trip around Kim’s dates. Kandi states the obvious to Cynthia that Nene is very calculated and only befriends people if she has a motive.

Porsha has a little get together to discuss Hosea Feed the Homeless. LOL at Nene Leakes has her own battered women foundation. It was shut down because… well I have no time for that, because I can’t pause the TV. Then Porsha says we do this “265 days a year.” She wants Cynthia and Nene to shoot a PSA for Hosea Feed the Homeless. Porsha offers them some “reasonling” I think she means “Reisling.” Cynthia and Porsha have a glass but Nene insists on some Moscato crap based on her glass. You can take the girl out of the ghetto but… Nene seems to like Porsha because she is “a very good judge of character” despite not having any.

phaedracynKandi and Phaedra are real friends off the show. Perhaps the only two. Oh it’s a Bedroom Kandi advertisement. I’m gonna take a bathroom break. Wait. Whut I miss, Kandi is wanting to invite Kenya on the trip based on what? Someone is going to have to remind me how we are supposed to believe these to met and liked each other because I watch Kandi Koated Nights last week when DJOne was hating on her and her empty fake house and asking Kandi if she had ever been to her house and she said no. NO ONE is friends with Kenya because she does not live in Atlanta. Why is it always Kandi that production forces to pretend to like someone? They are not
“kegel balls” they are “Ben wa balls” google it.

Cynthia is the first to arrive to the luncheon to discuss Anguilla. Phaedra arrives with a beautiful white floral arrangement and an apology for Cynthia. It was all very mature. What’s up with that? Kandi invited Kenya to lunch because she wants her to go to Anguilla.  Did I miss the scene where Kandi and Kenya even met? I missed the first 40 minutes and will be backtracking but, there was one scene and now Kandi and Kenya are BFFs? Okay now I have seen it. Kandi and Phaedra shopping and Kandi just says she wants Kenya to come? WTF? Such bullshit to integrate the new cast member who is neither a housewife nor from Atlanta.

I’m going to miss these Nene talking heads mocking Kim.  Kim says she went to Anguilla last year when she was pregnant with KJ? Why am I not believing this? Her due date has been moved up twice? The cut off for flying is 28 weeks? No, Kim. No it is not. Wait, now she is 8 months pregnant? But she has eight weeks left. I swear this pregnancy time schedule changes every five minutes.  Now she is going to Lake Oconee with Kroy the same week the girls are going to Anguilla after everyone rearranged their schedule around her? This is about to get ugly y’all. Kim has a hissyfit and leaves and we will see the rest of it next week.

So what did y’all think of the show?


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164 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Kim Zolciak Quits the Show

  1. CMoney

    LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD.I believe Kim is slightly racist. Just look how she treat’s Tweety like a slave, servant, low level employees. Whatever you want to call it . Can please answer me why would you keep hiring these rinky-dink moving companies with 2 rental trucks shortbeds you have a 17,000 square foot home..two words you figure it out W**** T**** .

    • Or as Kim (the financial genius) would say “70,000” s.f. She tends to add 0’s to everything. Exaggeration or Ignorance?


      Leave it to TT stans to believe that Kroy pulling his teammate out of a snowy ditch makes him a member of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition. If you were one of the few white guys on a football team in Atlanta, GA–you’d better bring your white ass out there and pull your teammate out of the ditch! Sure, Kim could be racist and so could Kroy! Who in their right (white) minds would admit to being a racist in Atlanta, GA??? Here’a a hint… NO ONE! They have these quiet conversations away from cameras and microphones. Maybe they aren’t David Duke racists; but more like the quiet Repubican types who talk about birth certificates and shake Curious George stuffed animals while talking about the President of the United States of America. Certainly, Kim would conform to meet the expectations of her new money man… I mean, husband. If Kroy doesn’t like her hanging around all those “monkeys,” she’ll gladly separate herself from them. If it means having just one darky around to boss and belittle to prove that she’s not a racist–then, she’s always got Sweetie; whom I wish would just tie her hair up in a red bandana with the tie at the front and smear some Easter/Baby Pink lip gloss on her lips and pose for photos with a slice of watermelon and a friend chicken leg already! Yes–I typed it. She’s a Mammie–and she’s proud of it, damn it! She better learn about birthing babies because it looks as though Kim is going to keep the bakery open as long as Kroy keeps an NFL contract. Kim is not only a racist and a gold digger, she is a petulant child! Who goes on national television and clowns their parents the way she has? The woman has no respect. She is an egomaniac, for sure! What’s worse is she is raising two daughters who see that screwing men with money will take you far! Poor girls. Hell–poor boys too! KJ and Kash have a racist, egomaniac, promiscuous woman for a mother. I couldn’t type “whore” that close to those kids’ names. I think a line down is sufficient, though.

  2. Town

    I just think Kim & Kroy don’t want to hang around these black people anymore. Kim didn’t start getting “above it all” until Kroy came on the scene. I wouldn’t even bring race into it EXCEPT Kim also started treating Sweetie like trash and that didn’t start happening until Kroy came on the scene as well. I don’t think Kroy wants to associate with the black cast members and if Kim wants to hold on to her man, she’s going to disassociate herself from the black cast members too.

    • Of course she is. Kroy hates black people. I am sure he demanded that she rid her life of all those negroes. Because he would never be around black people. By God if he had to work with black people he would quit his job too. THERE WILL BE NO BLACK PEOPLE IN THEIR LIVES GODDAMIT!

      You are a fucking moron who is a racist. I would not even bring race into it if you were not such a racist cow.

    • Karma Grant

      I like Kim but am glad she’ll be gone for ONE reason. So people will stop with the bs racist claims. It’s old, it’s tired and it’s just not true.

    • Joan

      Racist? Good grief Karma Grant! You obviously haven’t been watching the program, nor reading Tamara’s blog for any length of time.

    • Bella

      Lmao!!! Town- kroy plays FOOTBALL for a living! He’s basically surrounded by black people on a daily basis..if that were the case, he would quit his job. It’s also well known that kim has always treated sweetie like crap.

    • Karma Grant

      @Joan, funny you say that especially after Tamara’s comment above mine. Seriously, I am laughing.

    • Kim treats everyone badly; that’s what egomaniacs do. Just look at the way she jerks (literally) Kroy and her parents around.

    • shellbelle

      There was a major snow/ice storm here a few years back and one of the black Falcons players ( can’t remember his name) got caught out in it, slid on the ice, wound up in a ditch and he called a teammate to come help him out. Who? Kroy. Kroy went and helped his teammate out of a jam. I believe if he were racist, he would have declined and left it at that. Good Golly you people are quick to call people racist. Has anyone ever called NeNe racist? She certainly has had some questionable behavior before.

    • MEMEMEME!!! I call her racist. I called her that on twitter and she blocked me. She seriously blocked me. She is not such a badass after all. Just a whimp it turns out.

    • shellbelle

      Yay teecee! Glad someone else sees it ! I don’t have a twitter account, my 13 year old does, but maybe I should get one… sounds like some good stuff goes on there! :) I’m not sure I am smart enough to figure twitter out! lol

  3. DD

    Kim just may be “over it”, as they say. What is so upsetting is the pass she’s getting from Bravo – only it seems to me that Kim is playing Andy Cohen like a harp. I find it hard to believe that any other housewife could be filmed quitting one of the shows (maybe Lisa Vanderpump); quitting while under contract would otherwise cause some sort of legal action, wouldn’t it? I suppose since Tardy for the Party was such a hit, Kim can lean on it and get away with a lot (I didn’t watch, though). I can’t imagine that her show will last much longer as she simply is invalid. Her lies pile up and up; eventually, the loyal fan base will disappear. I will say this: Kim was smart w/Big Poppa’s money. Hopefully, she will be equally frugal with Kroy’s – his pockets ain’t as phat and certainly not as long. I watch football every weekend, not much of a Falcons fan (actually, NOT a Falcons fan), but I do take note of great plays by great players – I don’t ever see or hear of Kroy Biermman making one of those plays – he’s moderately good, at best, and I predict his career in the NFL will be short-lived.

    • worldgirl

      No you can’t be serious. Working with Black people is not the same as socializing with them. You guys can’t be serious. Many racists if all types work with people they don’t care. Yes, Kroy seems like he can’t stand to be around Black people and Kim has said and done some questionable things as well. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

    • I agree, she’s over it. Kim is like watching a train wreck; gets old after a while. She has created a powerful nestegg/life “covorting” with two men. Pretty clever for a wigheaded, slightly overweight, illiterate “nurse”. Andy does handle her with kid gloves. What’s up with that?

    • Skins4Life

      Apparently you don’t watch the Falcons play. His name is called often

  4. LOL really? You watch football every weekend and think Kroy will have a short career? You ain’t from here are you…

    • Lmao I watch football too every Sunday and I grew up in the south where football is KING. Grew up watching it and even played (but they wouldn’t let me join a team cuz I’m girl stupid fucking rules)Kroy is a good player hands down but he ain’t great. He will have a decent career but I highly doubt he will go down in history as one of the greats. He just doesn’t post enough stats to even be considered but I do believe he will have a long career so DD in that respect you are wrong. He is needed but he is also the type of player that can easily be replaced no questions asked. I love your blog by the way and never comment but I had to this time to say kroy isn’t a good player is just a lie I can’t stand by so I’m have to consign with you Tamara and I don’t even like Kim but I had to defend her man.

    • Joan

      Love it Tamara.

  5. Paula Lee

    I have no idea what these girls keep coming with. Boy fame is nothing iy sounds like deceit, ugliness, and no loyalty

  6. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye Wig!!!!

  7. Ms La La

    I do agree with Kroy being an undercover racist. Kim is already realizing his money is not like Poppas when she had to get more than one moving quote lol.. Kroy is a corn fed white boy from the mid west, oh she will learn & we will see how much she loves him lol..

    • Karma Grant

      You think she only got more than one quote because they couldn’t afford it, not because it was 100k? Are you really serious? That’s just stupid.

    • Tc

      When you say Kroy’s money is not like Bug Poppa’s, do you mean “fleeting”? You can see where behavior like not getting a second quote got big poppa? Broke.

    • When you say Kroy’s money is not like Bug Poppa’s, do you mean “fleeting”? You can see where behavior like not getting a second quote got big poppa? Broke.

    • pffft

      Kroy has a 12 million dollar contract with the Falcons. Big Poppa is in legal and financial problems.

    • Krissy

      I think you guys are all racist. I have watched this show, and at NO point, have I EVER seen Kroy treat anyone with disrespect. I hate how the word “racist” is just thrown around these days. Our ancestors would be ashamed that this is what we call “racist.” Let us not forget, they were beat down, stripped of everything and lost loved ones if they so much looked the wrong way. So here we sit in our free America with no respect for the past. Kroy a racist….please. Just because he’s from the Midwest, doesn’t make him racist, it makes you racist for thinking that.

  8. Kim isn’t a good liar, and might as well tell them the truth. And stick to it!! She told them they weren’t a priority, but then she backs down will all the excuses. I don’t like you and don’t want to spend extended periods of time with any of you, that’s why I left Kroy outside with the car running!! People would respect you more, or at least I would. But, since she doesn’t want to film with them, she might as well quit the show.

  9. Tamara, did you import these comments from Media Takeout? That racist angle definitely makes a lot of sense for AN NFL PLAYER. And Kim is clearly racist on account of her treating Sweetie like an employee. I bet she writes out those checks on WHITE paper.

  10. I will say that if Cynthia has shot in Anguilla, she likely does have connections there. I have shot there before ( Swiss& German fashion catalogs, Nordstrom’s in the US, ect) and it’s a small island where the people are over the top friendly and befriend very easily, especially when you’re in the fashion business. For whatever reason they really bend over backwards to make your stay pleasant for you while you’re there (but in a more personalized way than what we’re used to in industrialized nations), and try very hard to keep up the connections after you’ve departed. Even when you are staying in their rather pricey resorts, from your first visit when you’re on a film crew, you are likely to end up with home cooking from someone’s mother, a discount hook-up from the local rum maker, free Mary Jane that you never asked for, and your production coordinator stripping down to spear your fish for lunch; they’re good, open-hearted, hardworking people -who sometimes make themselves overfamiliar with you initially, but it usually mellows out and becomes pleasant experience for everyone involved. I guess tourism being the fuel of their economy, they just go that extra mile to keep relationships with visitors to the island; and I think it’s also kinda fun for them to make connections with people in the US as well, being that the island is just so damned small with not much to do.

    Now what was the reason for Kandi inviting Kenya on the trip, btw? Anybody else notice how Kandi had a little sneer-come-Chesire cat smile in place at the lunch table when it was brought up to Cynthia–that was suspect. Didn’t like it.

    Glad to see Phaedra apologized to Cynthia. It was the right thing to do. Kenya and all the flirting with Apollo? In what universe is that ever acceptable behavior amongst AA girlfriends? Honey please. Nene: now that she’s gone Hollywood I too am seeing the change in her behavior, right down to her California Girl blue jean shorts. Kim? Lord, it’s BEEN time for her to get gone. I can’t imagine what her spin-off is going to be about: there’s not much in her life to really warrant watching, quite frankly. She has no business ventures, no aspirations of note. Think I’ll be passing on that one.

    Looking forward to reading your recap of the trip next week; I think it’s going to be a good’un.

    • Karma Grant

      She has a wine line, like many of the other HWs. I’ll happily watch her show. I like seeing her with her family and real friends, not the drama and made to attend filming sessions “friends” the other girls are to her on RHoA.

  11. nia

    Ben wa balls/kegel balls SAME thing like dildo/vibrator

  12. Joan

    Kenya does not seem to understand the appropriate form of behaviour in any given situation. Maybe she’s arrogant, or the other way, very insecure. In either case, she seems to get something out of being this way, and in being the focus of attention. Whether that means walking out of a charity event, flirting with other women’s husband, or making claims to make herself more prominent in the group. Let’s face it – people behave a certain way to ‘get’ something….it’s like Dr. Phil’s saying “You treat people how to treat you”. I hope she’s gone after this season. Just too painful to watch….maybe she’ll implode and we won’t have to watch her next season. Ouch, that was mean, wasn’t it?

  13. Diana

    I am glad to see Kim gone, she should had never signed the contract for this season, like she said, her priorities had changed and she is entitled to it, she is also entitled to not want to film with these ladies anymore because it is obvious that she just can’t connect with any of them.

    What Kim is not entitled to is to sign a contract to be part of a cast and then refuse and make excuses not to film with them at all but have no qualms about cashing her contract check that according to last year’s estimates is much higher than the other ladies (except Nene).
    She is also not entitled to lie not only to the castmates but obviously to the producers, lying that she will go to a trip that she has no intentions to go to, she should have been honest and like Nene said, just say “I don’t want to go with any of you”, that would had avoid the other ladies the unnecesary hassle of making other arraigments for their commitments.

    I blame Bravo and some of the castmates (ahem** Kandi**) for Kim’s sense of entitlement, she thought she was all that and a bag of chips before her spin off, but after her spin off got renewed she just stop pretending and wanted to fly solo, fine stop making excuses and just quit.

    What I can’t understand is why Kim and Kroy got so nasty with the production crew, they were just doing their job, what did they expected, did Kim expected that the filming crew was going to stop filming when the shit hit the fan? why would they? they get pay to film all the drama, something is just not making sense here, you are in a reality TV show, the cameras are on you all the time and you have filmed for 5 seasons, you know how this works, suddenly you want them to stop filming you and Kroy gets like a thug and theatens them, why? If anything and based on what the viewers were shown I think the meeting at the restaurant was mild and Kim is the one who walked away, something is smelling Fishy here and it is not Kathy Wakile.

  14. smooches

    The NeNe hate always tickles me…amazing how NeNe has motives but nobody else huh Kandi…mmmmmkay…anyway keep getting it NeNe…Cynthia reads like no other, I heart her :-)

  15. smooches

    Kim was a liar, is a liar and will remain a liar…peace out to her

    • FGF

      Liar is an understatement!! Let’s examine the lies since Season 1:

      1. Her daughter’s both being fathered by her ex husband.

      2. Her diagnosis of cancer or some other life threatening disease (that still hasn’t been revealed) that caused her hair loss, despite chain smoking and drinking profusely.

      3. Big Poppa being in the process of divorce. (still hasn’t occurred)

      4. Nene choking her. (unfounded and that’s why charges were never filed)

      5. Telling Phaedra she was an RN when in reality she is a licensed LVN.

      6. Telling Nene that she would record Tardy for the Party with her.

      7. Telling Andy that she did not smoke during her pregnancy with KJ when there was footage of her smoking.

      8. Telling Andy that nothing in the dream house was from Big Poppa and then retracting when Andy reminded her that she TOLD him that some of the things were from him.

      9. Telling Kroy that she prepared the lasagna meal when he returned from camp after hiring a chef to prepare it.

      10. Telling Andy & the ladies that she was closing on the house in one week at the reunion show.

      11. Telling the ladies that she had KJ early.

      12. Telling her mom that they were meeting the wedding planner at a time other than when they were scheduled to meet.

      13. Telling DJ Tracy that she was no longer w/Big Poppa and breaking her heart.

      14. Telling the ladies that she and DJ Tracy were only friends at the car race they attended.

      That’s all I can think of at the moment but I’m sure if I go through some old episodes something else will come to mind. Man, her brain must be on overload trying to keep up with all of these lies!!

    • Real Housewife Of Mississippi

      Kim can always go back to Cheetah’s & start back stripping as “Barbie” again, lol!! OR go back to her earlier career as a Nurses Aid!! NOT LPN nor RN!! At least NeNe doesn’t deny ever working there!!
      Kroy will be broke in NO time-IMO!! She has transformed him into one of her minions!! Sick of him ALREADY also!! Kim looks like one HOT MESS-drag queen!! Wonder if it’s really a woMAN?? Too much plastic surgery. And definitely NOT a size 1-Bahaha!!
      Also what’s the deal with Kim needing “her stylist” to pick out her clothes DAILY?? She definitely not a size 1 but is she 4 yrs old?? I mean really?!?! And she can’t shower with housekeepers there AND a nanny?? Seriously??!!

      Keep up the great work Tamara!! You rock =)

  16. Tamara Lynn

    Other than the fact that Kenya HAS to go on the trip, there was no reason for Kandi to invite her.
    Poor Porsha! Not very bright at all.

    Glad Phaedra apologized to Cynthia. Very mature.
    Kim….,,, why didn’t she just admit she didn’t want to go. I find it rude that everyone was forced to work around her schedule and she STILL backed out. Also, you can fly when youre pregnant. Most airlines just ask that you not fly within a week or two of your due date. I flew to Jamaica when I was 35 1/2 weeks. My dr advised me against it but I WANTED to go so I choose to ignore her advise and everything was just fine. Also, not one person at the airport/ flight attendant asked me to show or say how far along I was. So back to my point if she had really wanted to go with the girls she could have. She may have felt “attacked” by the girls at lunch but she obviously knew it was going to happen. I mean she had Kroy waiting outside for her in the car. She had obviously been skipping out on filming for awhile and the girls were just fed up. I get awful tired of her lies. But at least she will be gone.

  17. Critter

    Love NeNe’s talking head dress & earrings…
    Did anyone else notice Kenya wearing a short dress to ride a go-cart?
    Just watched it again to make sure, hope she had something on to
    hide her nasty… Has anyone come up with a name for her yet?

  18. Karma Grant

    Just watched. Loved the bit with Kim and her girls. Love how Brielle told her “there this thing that God invented, it’s called birth control. I’m going to make sure you take it!”

    Walter has that familiar look to him. I keep thinking that and have from the first time he appeared on the show. Kenya of course has to make sure we all know she’s in the top elite in Atlanta. *inserteyerollhere* And she’s definitely a 90’s girl, the way she said “Apollo’s kinda foin” gave it away. I certainly hope she had spanx or some shorts under that dress while riding the go karts!

    I love watching couples together. I love watching Cynthia and Peter together, when Mel isn’t there picking at them they are cute and comfy. The “oh Africa was so awesome we decided to do it once a year” is not buyable at all. Even me, who’s only watched an entire season of the 4 RH franchises she watches, knows that each cast goes on at least one trip a year.

    The shirt NeNe is wearing during her talking head this episode is fugly!

    Kenya is dumb as a box of rocks but it’s still sad she had a miscarriage. I never wish that on anyone.

    Kandi calling Kenya the life of the party during her talking head made no sense.

    I literally LOL’d at Cynthia saying she accepted the apology because she’s said little things about Phaedra, she just hadn’t got caught yet.

    The minute NeNe walked into the brunch you could tell it was the last place she wanted to be.

    Even as someone who likes Kim I gotta say, her talking in circles and going from oh yeah lemme talk to the dr to being a definite no in the matter of the brunch (which you know in edited looked like 30 seconds, I bet it was a good 10 minutes lol) I love that the ladies called her out on it rather than just wait and make snide remarks after she was gone.

    For the first time this season I am actually looking forward to an episode. Not because Kim is gone but I’m ready to see Phaedra give Kenya the smackdown.

  19. Bella

    I am SO OVER Kenya!!! She makes herself look so damn stupid. She also tries wayyyy to hard. The girls had every right to be pissed since they rearranged their schedules around kims. She also makes herself look really stupid with all the blatant lies. I most definitely believe her father when he stated she’s a pathological liar. Newsflash kim- you aren’t the only pregnant woman to have to move…in fact most of us common folk do it without nannies and movers. Also her saying she’s in a different place in her life, only cares about her family, is pregnant etc….then why sign on for another season? Can’t wait for her to finally be gone.

  20. It’s funny. The “brown ladies” as nene calls them, mean girled Kim out because they did not like having a white girl on their show. Please, comparing pregnancy to burying a cat or having a deeeeldoh sale at the ASCAPs? I don’t think so. Shame on those bitches for discounting the life of that baby. An nene’s nasty pillow comments? She keeps ranting about karma on twitter. I don’t think she knows the real meaning if the word.

    But cool. Kim is gone for this season (I think she will be back next season of she wants to be). Lets watch them eat each other now that the easiest target is gone.

    • Katrina

      According to kim, we may see her in season 6. Kim will probably have her house completed and the grandparents issues settled by then. Maybe they will hire someone that is friends with Kim, so she won’t feel alone!

    • LOLOLOL55

      You can’t be serious with this comment. Thank G the Be Wigged Beyotch is gone. Bye Wig!

    • Cj

      Seriously that is the stupidest thing I have read Kim left on her own accord she thinks she is better than everybody else it has nothing to do with her being white. And she didn’t care about being pregnant last season and she didn’t care about her family when she would leave her girls to be taken care of by someone else so she could party and get drunk. She is a liar and her leaving has nothing to do with race and everything to do with fact that she thinks she is Gods gift to the world and the show is beneath her.

  21. Town

    What does working with black people have to do with LIKING to be around black people? Being on the football team is his JOB…he’s not necessarily socializing with him. Ever since he came on the show Kim has been disassociating herself with the black cast. That is a fact, no matter how much you like Kim. That’s not racist to point that out. We’ll see how many black people come over Kim & Kroy’s house on their new show, hmm?

    • So…you’re saying that these women get together because they are friends and like each other? Not because it is their job or one of their jobs?

    • BeEatingU

      I truly believe Kroy would rather his wife not be around the “brown girls” when Sweetie made a remark about her being “chocolate” and called Kim “white chocolate” I caught the look on Kim’s face to Kroy and she went on to say white chocolate yeah right, as if, and more, like she had to shoot down realllll quick anything to be associated with being black, although, its only “chocolate”, smh..


      Cosign @ Town! Fair point–well made!

  22. Collin

    This season is boring as hell. Even Anguilla looks boring. Bye Cynthia. Bring Sheree back.

  23. Vp

    As Kim says, it takes 40 weeks to cook a baby. So she can be right months (32ish weeks) and still have 8 weeks left.

    And come on! A one hour drive to Lake Oconee is not the same as flying out of the country, even if you aren’t very very pregnant. I’m not a big Kim fan but I thought it was weird, all the false outrage and shock. Who the hell is shocked when an 8 month pregnant woman doesn’t want to fly out of the country on a fake-cation with people she doesn’t like?

    But I’m glad she’s off the show. The only thing interesting about her was when Nene was slamming her.

    • Vp

      Right months=8 months

      Siri always screws up my numbers!

    • Katrina

      Those women were not upset that Kim was pregnant and couldn’t travel. They were were upset that she has been lying about going on a trip that she no intentions of going on! Kim was never going on this trip and it has nothing to do with her being pregnant. Kim sat at that table and tola Cynthia that she was going, then she said she needed to ask her doctor. Then she said pregnant women can’t travel after 28 or 32 weeks?? Then she said she was 32 weeks. Kim was lying, she got caught, she got upset and left. Not only did Kim get caught lying, but Kandi made her reveal where she was going insted of the trip.
      How are you planning on being in Anguilla, when you are already booked somewhere else? Why is the truth so hard? Really Kim!!

    • You actually said all that out loud?

    • Wait. The lake thing was the same dates as Antigua?? If so, that was not clear. At all.

  24. Cali

    I believe, Kim should have told Cynthia in the begining,that she didn’t feel safe going on the trip, because she didn’t want to put her baby’s life in danger.The ladies changed their schedules to accommodate Kim, so I can understand them being upset with her. Kim should have just told the ladies that after the birth of her baby and when she get her family stable, she would plan a event.I don’t believe Kim should have went out of the country and being 8 months pregnant. So I am 50-50 on this one.

    • Sunny

      I can’t believe people think NeNe is jealous of Kim! What is there to be jealous of? Kim is once again laying on her back for money. Anybody with values wouldn’t envy her on any level. She is so trashy, lies all the time, is lazy, fake, and uses people. I mean look at the way her kids talk to her. Money isn’t everything and once Kroy is no longer whipped by sex he will see exactly what he got himself into. I think the real issue NeNe has is she can’t wait for Kim to get what’s coming to her. I think it pisses her off to no end that Kim used her & continues to get a pass despite all that she does. The situation with Kandi is a good example of that. NeNe needs to stop wearing her heart on her sleeve enjoy her success before it becomes a hindrance to future opportunities. The brunch with Kim reminded of her cancer scene in the 1st reunion. Good riddance!

  25. Yeah, the lake trip was scheduled at the same time, Kim said, “Well if you want to come you can, it’s next week” which is the same time the Anguilla trip was. That is what set Kandi off.

    Meanwhile Nene was still screeching about editing and how Kim got fired for being difficult.

  26. Btw, the blog is hilarious ANC had me laughing. You should do three shows every night.

  27. Not A Kim Z Fan

    I’m so happy Kim is gone. She is an unapologetic user. I get that a person’s priorities shift but there is a way to handle that gracefully. In this particular instance, the other women did nothing wrong. But Kim being an entitled, self serving user couldn’t even be accountable for her actions.

    Even though I want Kim to wither away into oblivion, with the visitation battle, tell all book, and gag order drama she has with her parents, she will probably be around for a bit longer. But I loathe her and I certainly won’t be watching her show…

  28. Mona

    Kim is a racist always has and will continue to be in my opinion and several others she uses minorities to get what she wants POINT BLANK PERIOD. She used NeNe to get on the show, she used Kandi to get a song, she used Kendra as a homeowner & interior decorator and she treats Sweetie like a third class citizen. She’s a habitual liar and a sneak anyone that can be a mistress for all those years has to be trash. Happy to see a cast of all Brown Girls bye Kim who cares!!

    • Bella

      Mona- you’re complaining that kim is racist but then state ” happy to see a cast of all brown girls” … yea that doesn’t sound racist at all.

    • carlene

      Bella…RHOA is the only housewives franchise that feature women of color. How does a desire “to see a cast of all Brown Girls” sound racist?

      • LOL. Gee….I dunno. If RHOBH had a black cast member they all hated and ran off and then they tweeted stuff like, I’m so glad we have an all white cast now…. You wouldn’t find that a bit racist?

    • Mona

      No I would not find it racist what’s wrong with wanting to see something different? RHOA is the only show on the entire franchise that features woman of color, why is that is the question? So yes its nice to see a change of scenery I dont regret a word. But I will correct you by saying Kim was not ran off the show she left and lets take a few steps back for the last 3 seasons she was NeNe bashing and playing mean girl remember it was everyone except Cynthia that was against NeNe. Kim could dish it but she cant take it that’s the reason she left because her cover was blown she’s a liar, a whore and pure trash her own father stated it but I guess he’s against her too “Poor Kim” she’s such the victim, she’s a fraud & I hope she stays off the cast they dont need her Bye Bitch!!

    • LOLOLOL55

      Completely agree with you….can’t believe how many Kim ‘apologizers’ there are on this site. WOW. True Kim is a deplorable, foul-mouthed, trash box, lazy bum bitch hooka who uses every and anyone including her simple-minded biggot of a husband–but that does not excuse her bs way of getting out of participating in this show. Now that she does not need RHOA–she is done with the cast. FUKK her. Only mad that the rest of them fell for her BS from the start.

    • carlene

      And I’ll ask it again, how does the desire to see a cast of ALL brown girls in the housewives’ franchise sound racist? Atlanta is the only one I watch on the regular-nothing against blondes, brunettes and botox but ATL shows the women in which I enjoy watching the most.

      I agree with Mona. Kim was not run-off the show she was making it clear she wanted no parts of being with the sisters and showed that time and time again. Ain’t no tears being shed. She gone. Her 15 minutes is winding down (thank you Jesus) and she can go focus on her dysfunctional family.

    • Do you really think your “Jesus” appreciates your invoking his name while being nasty and putting down another human being?

    • carlene

      teecee66–and how am I being nasty?

      Kim admittedly left show on her own accord.

      She made it a point not to show up at many events the ladies had while taping the show.

      Nobody was crying when she abruptly left the meeting at the restaurant.

      Kim is claiming a spin-off most likely based on her family. How successful you think that’s going to be…really?

      The relationship with her parents IS dysfunctional.

      You need to stop worrying about what I give thanks for…your snark is “corny” and reading comprehension suspect,


      Actually, racism would be more like “I don’t like it when I see a white girl in an otherwise cast of all brown girls.” I think stating that one can appreciate seeing an “all brown’ cast exhibits one’s personal taste.


      teecee66–really, dead that.

  29. ChuckWagon

    <<<<Is just glad that Kim is gone!!

  30. Not A Kim Z Fan

    Also I won’t go so far as saying Kim or Kroy are racist because we have no proof of that. But it has always been clear to me that Black people are not a significant part of Kim’s personal life in the real world. Outside of her assistant, have you ever seen Kim with a real black friend? NO

    But Kim’s whole I’m a black girl on the inside bit always pissed me off from season 1. First of all, Black women do not have the market cornered on being opinionated or strong willed. Second, I found it problematic that she would debase Black womanhood down to just having the ability to cuss someone out. And finally, now that she no longer needs to associate with the other castmembers to make her money – oh now Kandi lives in the hood and all the “bitches are crazy”.

    But now that Kim admitted on Watch What Happens that Kandi was never her friend, I wonder if Kandi feels as stupid as she looked for defending and kissing her butt for 2.5 seasons?

  31. Your post has me questioning if it is opposite day. Of course Kim has black friends. She’s very close with Shun who is her stylist and friend. She is quite friendly with the producet who left RHOA for LHHA, who by the way is on Kim’s side of the Nene Kim battle. I am amazed at how people who don’t like a white woman on a TV show are quick to play the racist card. Your first sentence doesn’t change what you said at all.

    Did you even watch WWHL? Kim clearly said that her friendship with Kandi was real but that Tardy for the Party came between them. Kim feels like Kandi owes her money from the profits from TFTP. Kandi says there were no profits and Kim didn’t put in any money upfront. That ended their friendship.

    • Not A Kim Z Fan

      My opinion was based on what I have actually seen on the show and I never saw Kim with any black person that wasn’t already associated with the show. I don’t know who Shun and the other person you mentioned are perhaps they were shown on the few episodes that I’ve missed over the years. And yes I watched and recorded WWHL – first Kim said she wasn’t really friends with any of them. It was only after Andy mentioned Kandi that Kim cleaned up her statement.

      Now to assume that I have a problem with a white woman on the show is a huge misstep. I had no issue with Kim until she brought up being “chocolate” on the inside, which was very close to the beginning of the show. That just rubbed me the wrong way. Really what does it mean to be a “black girl in a white woman’s body”, when you weren’t raised around and amongst Black people, you weren’t married to a Black man, and your children aren’t bi-racial? As I said, it debases and oversimplifies Black womanhood from a person who couldn’t possibly understand what it means and feels like to be a Black woman.

      Kim’s mindset happens to be why I don’t like her – not because she is the only white woman on a show with Black women. I could write all about Kenya who I also don’t like and Phaedra who I didn’t like her first season.

    • Wow. That sounds super racist. She’s not allowed to identify with the race because you have some weird rules?

    • Hmm

      Did you even watch WWHL? Kim clearly said that her friendship with Kandi was real but that Tardy for the Party came between them. Kim feels like Kandi owes her money from the profits from TFTP. Kandi says there were no profits and Kim didn’t put in any money upfront. That ended their friendship.

      This is news to me? I believe Lawrence (Closet Freak) was the one who felt he was owed profits and never received them. Kandi said there were no profits.

      With regard to Kim and Kandi, weren’t they working off of some verbal agreement or split? sheet that was not honored by Kim? Kim cashed the checks and left Kandi high and dry for her studio/production fee.

      Kandi felt cheated by Kim – not vice versa. Because of course Kim is a user.

    • FGF

      I think what the poster meant was Kim has black friends around when it’s convenient, I.e. employees. Sweetie and Shun both work for Kim and if my memory serves me right, I don’t recall seeing Sweetie in attendance at Kim’s dream wedding despite their long history. Furthermore, during the season 3 reunion NeNe and Sheree both admitted to Kim laughing and participating when Big Poppa would refer to Sweetie as ” That Black Bitch” but this is her “friend.” I don’t know or care if she’s racist but she is certainly an opportunist.
      Also, Tamara you may want to rewatch the season 3 reunion because the dispute over Tardy for the Party centered around Kim owing Kandi money, not the other way around. Kim admitted that she grossed over $100k on the song and that the money was in her Tunecorp account. She offered Kandi $5k because her lawyer advised her that because she and Kandi did not have a contract she did not have to pay her. That is why “The Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing” never made it to the airwaves nor iTunes because Kandi smarting up and presented a contract for that song.

      It’s really sad that she minimized the friendship Kandi offered her because you could tell Kandi genuinely cared. After Kim came to her crying on DBTFTW saying she should have asked Kandi to be a bridesmaid
      because Kandi showed up for the bridal shower & the maid of honor didn’t, Kandi still sang at her wedding reception. Kandi never missed anything Kim had going on but I can’t recall a single Kandi event (other than the Bedroom Kandi launch) that Kim has come to.

  32. Who is the black woman who is constantly with Kim now when she tweets? Shun or summat? Or is that just sweetie’s real name. I want to stab my heart everytime unread, hear or type “sweetie”.

    • Not A Kim Z Fan

      Identifying and emphasizing with a race is one thing but saying you’re that race on the inside without ever having being truly connected in some way is another. I have many white friends but one in particular was raised in Detroit and Oakland. Her stepfather who raised her from 5 years old is Black. She and all her siblings have children by or are married to Black people and would never say she’s chocolate on the inside. She’ll tell you in a heartbeat that she is Russian but she’s been around Black folk her whole life.

      Now, I can’t change your opinion of me. You think my comment is racist – fine you have every right to think so even if you are dead wrong. Like I said before, there is no proof that Kim or Kroy are racist – one of my issues with Kim is that whole chocolate on the inside commentary. I have Mexican friends that doesn’t make me Latina on the inside. I have gay friends, that doesn’t make me gay on the inside. I know them all very well but I have not walked a day in their shoes, don’t fully know their collective histories and struggles AND I would never debase their culture by declaring myself Latina or gay on the inside. If you interpret that as racist so be it…

    • I stopped at emphasizing. Sorry. Learn English if you wish to be taken seriously.

    • Not A Kim Z Fan

      Teecee66 – you stopped reading because of a T9 typo? Chile please, not only do I speak English sweetie but I teach college level writing and literature and I am also a published journalist in many mainstream national and international publications. Again, your mind is set about me and that’s fine. Sadly, this has quickly gone from being a fun dialogue about a bunch of reality characters who none us will ever meet in real life to your chance to be malicious under the guise of anonymity. What happened to having a fun discourse in which we disagree, debate viewpoints without name calling and insulting other posters. Like I said, you have the right to disagree with me even if you are wrong…

    • Shun and Sweetie are two different people so no clue which one is with her now, I’ve seen both by her side when tweeting on the shows. I would love to know Sweetie’s real name though.

    • Wow. You claim to teach people and be published? Lol

      ” I have many white friends, but one in particular was raised in Detroit and Oakland. Her stepfather, who raised her from when she was five years old, is black. She and all her siblings have children by or are married to black people, and she would never say she’s chocolate on the inside. She’ll tell you in a heartbeat that she is Russian, but she’s been around black folk her whole life.”

  33. Katrina

    Kandi and Phaedra met Kenya in the scond episode. Kenya explained what happened at the Bailey agency. Kandi said at that time that she thought Kenya may be fun. Kandi liked the fact that Kenya didn’t really like Cynthia.

    • Oh yeah. I had forgotten that scene. Now that I remember it I was wondering why they were all fawning over Kenya. They needed that in the storyline so that Kenya going to Anguilla would make sense. Neither Kandi nor Phaedra like Kenya. That was their first meeting and they were told to make friends. They tried. lol.

  34. Bout Over This Show

    Ben-Wa Balls are also called Kegel Balls. They are one and the same thing. Ben-Wa They can be used as a sex toy or as an exercise tool but they are the same thing. Google is your friend.

    SMH @ the support for Kim. Kim is as racist as they come and it has nothing to do with her ugly dude Kroy, who is probably a racist as well. He has that look.

    Kim BEEN dropping racist shade for a minute up on this show. Way before Kroy hit the scene.

    I guess since we’re in a “post-racial” America black folks can’t call a racist a racist anymore. Maybe it’s the wig that’s disguising Kim’s obvious disdain for black people? Go figure since it was Derek J’s black behind who strolled up on the show and hooked that heffa’s tired wig pieces up the right way.

    Kim uses black people. It’s sad to see so many mistake her parasitic using of blacks as her liking blacks.

    Here are a few of the racist things Kim has said on the show:

    1. Way back when Deshawn Snow was on RHOA, she invited all the girls, including Kim, to a BBQ at her house. Kim didn’t show up. As usual. Know why? She’s just not that into blacks. If they can’t do something for her she doesn’t want anything to do with them. When asked about her no-show ways, Kim stated with a sarcastic tone, “I didn’t want to eat chicken anyway.” Nene called her ass on it and informed Kim that they had lamb, not chicken, at the BBQ.

    2. Kandi invites Kim to her new house. Kim rumbles and grumbles the whole time about having to come to the ‘hood and about how ghetto the gate being broken is. What kind of racist BS is that? What kind of “friend” does that? No friend does that.

    3. Kim tours the house and throws MUCH shade at the new house. When they get to the indoor pool Kim tells Kandi that she (Kandi) can get away with an indoor pool cause she’s black and don’t need the sun. Say what? Black people come straight up out of Africa. We don’t need the sun????? Every living being on the planet needs the sun or it dies.

    Kandi’s fake behind stood there and let Kim shade her in her own damned house and never said a word to her face about it. She ran her weak ass up on her Bravo blog and blamed Sweetie for Kim’s racist and shady assed comments. Sickening.

    These are just a few of Kim’s racist musings and quips. I’m sure there are more.

    Kim uses black people. She doesn’t like them. She used Nene to get on the show. She used Kandi to write her a song (for free) and pocket all the proceeds. We see her dumping all her racial hatred of blacks on Sweetie the Slave. Kim had a white assistant/nanny on the show. Remember? She NEVER talked to that girl that way. Not one time. I don’t feel sorry for Sweetie because she allows Kim to treat her that way but I do take note of it. She used Kendra to live rent free until Kendra put her ass out.

    Now that she has her 3rd string football player she doesn’t need her black “friends” anymore.

    Kandi said that Nene only befriends someone if she can get something out of the friendship. WRONG. I’m no Nene stan but Nene helped get Sheree and Kim on the show. Seems like to me some folks used Nene.

    But Kim get’s a free pass. No matter what she says or does black people refuse to acknowledge her racist behavior. So sad and disgusting at the same time.

    • Sunny

      Part of the problem is the people that know the least about racism are always trying to tell the ones that actually have to deal with what is or isn’t racist. Some people think unless your in the KKK or proclaim to hate black people out loud your probably not racist. However, others know better and history even shows different. Where black people not raising the children of some very racist people? The truth is some people are blatant racist while others are subtle racist. I don’t know if Kim is racist, but she is questionable based on things she has said and done. Doesn’t mean people who question it are using some fake race card.

    • Barbara

      I’m sorry but I don’t see any “racist” behavior from Kim. I just saw someone (Kim) who claimed to be a friend to the other women at that table, being rude and disrespectful. And, IMO I bet she does that to others in her life, regardless of color.

      Now, I’m 73 years old.

      Racism I’ve experienced was when my brother and I once went to a small diner and ordered cokes. 3 Men approached our table and told us we could drink our “cokes” outside – We didn’t belong there. We left and when we got to the parking lot they beat us… brother so bad he was in the hospital for a week. And to this day cannot hear out of his left ear. I was sixteen at the time and he was 12. The men were never arrested or held accountable for what they did. There are so many “incidents” I’ve experienced in my lifetime, but a white friend bailing on an invitation is NOT racism.

      Please don’t do this. There is racism everywhere, but in Kim’s case she is a shallow rude person who feels entitled. Thats not racism. You are taking a powerful word and turning it into something that is worthless.

    • Sunny

      Barbara I’m sorry to hear about your experience with racism. That is an example of a blatant racist. However, that doesn’t take away from the questionable things Kim has said or done. People aren’t questioning her just b/c she backed out of the trip. There has been many examples given for why people she might be racist and many of them are legit. Subtle racism includes things like automatically assuming someone isn’t smart b/c of their skin color or believing a person of color is guilty of a crime b/c of racist stereotypes. Many people who behave in this manner will deny being racist, but they are and usually don’t fool black people for long. This country has never had a true in depth conversation on racism so a lot of people remain ignorant to the overall nature of racism.

    • shellbelle

      I agree. Well said Ms. Barbara.


      Ooo…wee… Bout Over This Show! F*@! what “the others” say… Your comment is EVERYTHING!!! I don’t come from a post-racial America–in fact, I come from south Louisiana and have lived and worked in Atlanta and Houston, TX for years! I know racism when I see it and I don’t try to pour sugar on it to make myself seem “enlightened” so that “the others” aren’t afraid of me. That bitch Kim is as racist as the day is long! I don’t need anyone to clarify what I’ve witnessed all these seasons on this show. I don’t need anyone to cosign for me either. But you earned this seal of approval, honey! I’m over folks debating with teecee66 about what’s legitimate racism and what’s not. I really over folks attempting to appear “above the fray” with regard to calling out racist behavior when they see it so blatantly. I know the term “playing the race card” will appear on this post somewhere (if it hasn’t already), but I want it to be known that unless you’ve been subjected to racism–you can’t dismiss my experience. And I have enough of it to recognize racism when I see it. That wench Kim wears her racism like a nasty blonde wig that smells like Marlboro Reds. I said it and I don’t apologize for it. Maybe I’m racist–we all have faults. Save yourself the response time. Perhaps it takes one to know one. And I know what the hell I see when I see Kim Z.

  35. pffft

    Not A Kim Z Fan, Kim was joking when she said she was a black woman trapped in a white womans body. IT was a JOKE. NENE said on one occassion that Kim had multiple personalities and one of them was a black woman. Nene was JOKING. Get off the race issue. Get a life.

    • Bout Over this Show

      Don’t know who you’re talking to and it doesn’t even matter.

      Some of us ain’t ashamed to call a racist a racist and won’t be shouted down by you.

      I don’t remember the joke you’re referring to but it’s irrelevant. No one is talking about jokes between Nene and Kim when they were friends.

      We’re talking about Kim throwing racist shade every chance she gets.You get a life.

    • Lol. You’re pretty douchey. Are you in charge of what ” we’re talking about” here?

    • Karma Grant

      I find it hilarious that as long as it was a joke between friends then it’s cool but man, the second something similar is said when someone isn’t a friend wow that’s racist. Love the double standard.


      Don’t ya love the double standard that says that a white woman can be a funny, sometimes entertaining racist and folks defend her… but, when someone (perhaps a Black someone) calls her out on it; they’re “douchey” and is in fact the actual racist? I’m officially in Bizarro World!

  36. sars

    are you sure matisse had a blue period?

    • Heh. Period might be too broad in scope. He did a series of blue nudes that I like. We can call it a “blue phase” if you like. :) Kinda like Nene’s black bra phase. Now Kim Kardashian is going through a black leather period. Much longer than a phase.

  37. Not particularly a Phaedra fan but she does not owe Cynthia an apology. Cynthia is ridiculous. Who doesn’t talk freely in their own home to their besties. A butt call does not constitute a slam. Cynthia needs a life so she will not go to pieces over trivia.

  38. MTguy33

    Love the site Tamara and the comments to me are the best part of the blog. I really felt the need to comment on this particular issue about Kroy and Kim being a racist. I understand your point of view on the topic as well as others, but I know first hand that their is underlying racism coming from the couple. Speaking mostly from Kroy. He does work with a lot of different races, but that does not mean he has to like them. he simply has to make sure he tackles. It’s known in the locker room that he is cordial but it goes no further than that. It’s not really an issue with the team because at the end of the day he gets the job done.

  39. sars

    ill be darned! i googled it after i left my comment… to which my fuckin phone wont let me reply. i also wanted to reply to the comment about kims remark that she didnt want to “eat chicken” with the girls in s1, because i actually thought about it recently… i think shes an idiot, but not stupid enough to have ever said such a thing with racist intent. she meant that eating chicken with or without black people isnt just like, SO GREAT, and it was just a piddly little bbq that she had as little reason to attend as she would to go hang with nene at her home or something. honestly, the stereotype of black people loving chicken did CROSS MY MIND, but should i, a white girl, be scared to suggest my black friends eat chicken at bbqs?

  40. chantel

    Alright, So, I’m going to need for you to spill the tea on what happend with NeNe’s little charity/foundation for battered women AND so basically bravo tells them they have to try to have some conversation with the new girl? porsha dont got no friends then. lmfao she doesnt talk to anyone on the show

  41. Nene was on WWHL with that other old fish from the NBC show and they referred to RHOM Lea’s nanny as having “slave hair” and laughed at her. Was that racist?

    Be real… Y’all mad because the white girl got a spin off?

    • Sunny

      Personally I think her spinoff is the fastest way for her to spinoff television so we won’t have to witness her trashiness anymore!

    • You don’t have to witness anything. That’s why the tv has on off button.

    • Sunny

      Thanks for the enlightening feedback you add to the converstaion. Obviously I like to watch the RHOA and thankfully Kim will no longer be part of the show! I’m fully aware of what I don’t have to do, which is why I won’t be watching her spinoff.


      I’m kicking off the petition to have Kim Z. booted off of tv. Sunny–really… save your characters. teecee66 is the official White People/Kim Zolciak flag boy/girl (person).

  42. Randi

    I agree with a lot of the people on here that Kim is not racist, she just treats people like shit. She doesn’t feel like she needs anything from the other “wives” anymore, so she is free to act the way she does.

    Tamra, I know recapping is time-consuming, but I hope you’ll be back with the tea on NeNe’s foundation! I’m all ears. (Or I guess eyes)

    • Karma Grant

      Over there to the left is NeNe’s name. Click it. Find the tea about the foundation. The tea was spilled previously.

  43. FGF

    Hmmm…let’s run down the list of people Kim has used since we’ve known her…..

    1. Big Poppa (lifestyle, connections, financing)

    2. Dallas Austin (let’s not forget he was the 1st producer that attempted to make her a star)

    3, Nene Leakes (spot in the cast)

    4. DJ Tracy Young (remixed Tardy for the Party and promoted in the dance genre heavily, financing)

    5. Her parents (babysitters)

    6. Kandi Burruss (TFTP and Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing, wedding singer)

    7. Don Vito (went behind Kandi’s back and had him write and produce Google Me)

    8. Derek J (failed hairline attempt)

    9. Sweeeeeeeeetie (assistant/nanny/housekeeper)

    10. Kendra Davis (decorating, home as a wedding venue)

    11. Kroy Biermann (lifestyle, father figure for her daughters)

  44. karen

    I’m happy for Kim. I can understand not wanting to be part of all the cat fights of the housewives. She really does seem to want to try to be a different sort of person for Kroy and only she can do that. I don’t see any racism at all with Kim and Kroy and think people need to come up with something new to pick on. NeNe does a lot of twitters where she refers to herself and the other housewives as “the brown girls” or something like that. Like an US against HER sort of thing. Not very friendly or inviting. It’s just tired. Love yourself just as you are and stop looking for racism everywhere!

    I love Kenya. LOVE HER. And I really love Cynthia this season. I have always been a fan of Phaedra, however, her initial lying about her comment about Cynthia really rubbed me the wrong way. I mean, don’t these ladies realize they are on TV and that if someone is telling you something you KNOW you said, why not just admit it and move on? I appreciated that she did eventually fess up. but not before lying about it first (not cool). She seems to have a couple of personalities–one off camera and one on camera. That makes me think she’s fake, which is a shame since I find her funny. I find NeNe funny as well, and she is at her best when she doesn’t take everyone so seriously. Her spats with Kim are beneath the both of them. If you are secure in who you are, nothing anyone says about you should hurt you to the extent that you go out into public and make a fool of yourself.

    • Sunny

      Just b/c people point out things that make people think that Kim might be racist doesn’t mean they don’t love themselves for who they are. It also doesn’t mean they see racism in everything. It simply means that Kim has done things to make them question her. I guess some people don’t have to take in consideration that it is no longer socially acceptable to be racist for the most part. Therefore, there are tons of racist people walking around displaying their racism in a subtle manner. People that have dealt with this type of racism pick up on things that others don’t b/c it isn’t something that affects them. It seems to me that people are bending over backwards to defend Kim without considering that she just might be racist in some degree. I know of a white woman that has a black best friend yet disowned her daughter for marrying a black man. She didn’t even try to hide her racist comments pertaining to him, but she would deny being racist all day. I’m not sure if Kim is racist or not, but I wouldn’t dismiss the things people have observed.

    • Karma Grant

      Phaedra has admitted to being different on camera/on the show. I like the show her but would love to meet and know the real her. She seems spunky and that has to come from somewhere naturally.

  45. Not a Kim Z Fan

    Yes, I would be very interested to know the “tea” on NeNe’s charity. She uses the show to promote her other ventures but not the charity, which is quite interesting to me. I don’t follow any of these chicas on social media. So you all know so much more about them than I do -like the whole NeNe “brown girls” stuff on Twitter -oh my. I think this is all very interesting. If Kim really quit, I wonder if they will include her on the reunion show. There just seems to be so much more to all of this. Wouldn’t it be nice if Andy logged on to Tamara Tattles and spilled the real “tea” LOL…

    • Karma Grant

      Again, to the left is NeNe’s name. The tea is there.

      Tamara ranted in one of her posts recently about people not using the nicely tagged sections to the left and just in this thread alone there are 3 people wanting the same tea that could be found over there. No wonder she gets annoyed.

  46. nakisha

    These comments have me lmao…

  47. Kendra

    For the love of God people here:

    Also if you do not want to have to click her name and read all the stories Nene was tagged in, there is also this great little feature called search.

  48. Kendra

    Seriously people, from clicking on Nene name on the left (or just type Nene foundation in that little box that says search)

    Also, before going on The Apprentice Nene set up a “charity” called Twisted Hearts. Twisted Hearts Foundation was not a charity but a non-profit LLC, a failed organization suspected of money laundering. Twisted Hearts was mailed a notice on September 17, 2010 that it was involuntarily or administratively dissolved and the certificate of authority was revoked by the Office of Secretary of State due to failure to file its annual registration. So it’s no wonder she just cut bait and ran when The Apprentice became too hard for her, she didn’t have a charity to begin with!

  49. While your info on Twisted Hearts is true, and that “charity” was listed in her Apprentice bio, the charity she played for was Mission in Support of My Sister’s House, an Atlanta homeless shelter for battered women. I was surprised they even included Twisted Hearts on her bio because it begs the question, “Why isn’t she playing for her own charity?” Which you stated above. The reason all this is coming up now is it has been mentioned on this season of RHOA that “Nene has her own charity.” Which well um… no.

  50. Kendra

    Tamara, that is your info, I cut and pasted it from your post from clicking on her name on the left that seems so hard for so many to do.

  51. :) Yeah. I remember when she was first on we all thought she was actually playing for Twisted hearts because it was on her bio. Turns out Donald would not let her line her own pockets so she picked the shelter.

    No wonder I agree with the facts you posted. I’m approaching 1000 posts in just over a year.

  52. Ash511


    I’m hoping u find the time to expose Kenya’s lack of a production company bec child I can’t wait. I haven’t seen any proof of her not being a producer but u can tell she’s a LIE! How does she support herself these days anyway!?

  53. baytothea

    i don’t think Kim values human relationships, regardless of race. she is incapable of the type of actions and commitment it takes to be a real friend. she is that friend who wants you to spend all this time with her while she’s drunk and without a man, listening to her go on and on and on about how fake happy she is then 20 min later she’s crying…THEN…a man comes along…she will chuck the deuces faster than you can say congratulations. kim is the most shallow type of person. throughout the years i’ve never warmed up to her…i tried and tried.

    Phaedra said she got that outfit from kandi’s boutique? that shit was a hot mess. ugly. Phaedra dresses so, so, so badly. i hate it all. I am tired of hearing about Kandi’s vagina…

    As an attractive woman, I am surprised that Kenya is going so goo-goo ga-ga over Apollo. I would imagine that she has a million Apollo’s trying to date her…since Walter is her tv boyfriend, why didn’t she pick more of a studly guy?

  54. Kenya is bat shit crazy and not in the charming way like me. :) She’s an idiot most men don’t find her attractive. While we may disagree on whether or not she is attractive, the facts show that in fact there is no line of men trying to date her. Walter was a paid stuntman who bailed before taping ended. Kenya is desperate to get married and be financially supported. That is another reason there are no takers.

  55. verneewaggin

    I just watched this episode so if I am repeating something that someone else has already commented on I apologize in advance. When the ladies were having brunch and Kim started making excuses, as to why she could not go on the trip, she said that she was 8 months preggers, she then turned right around and said that she 8 weeks to go, so I need some help with addition, human gestation is 9 months right, so if I am doing my math correct 8 weeks equal 2 months, so 8+2 =10, so she will be preggers for 10 months, is she having a animal or a human???

    • Vernee do you remember when Pluto was the last planet in the solar system and then in moved in and Neptune was the fartherest out? Also at some point we decided Pluto was not a planet at all? Maybe the redecided it is again, I haven’t kept up? I found all of that strange.

      For as long as I can remember pregnancy was nine months and then one day, I dunno why, maybe we just started cooking them longer, someone decided that pregnancy is now TEN months. I don’t understand things like Pluto changing orbits or not being a planet or the human gestation period suddenly being 10 months instead of the 9 it always was but this is what “the experts” tell us. So I understand your post entirely.

      Unfortunately, you have now opened the gate for all of the child birth obsessive types to make eleventy billion posts about childbirth and how long they were pregnant, and how long their aunts cousin’s sister was pregnant and at what point you can’t fly, and where they were when their water broke, and how they broke their back in a miraculous attempt to force a baby out before it died which resulted in months of injections with lamb fetuses. fetii? Whatever. In fact, I fear it is happening as I type this.

      Anyway, welcome aboard.

    • Kendra

      HAHA Tamara so true. Somewhere along the way we went from Months to Weeks. It is all very confusing.

    • Miele

      Not one the aforementioned “gestational obsessives”, BUT I am a bit of a math/facts obsessive… A month (with the exception of a non-leap year February) is NOT exactly 4 weeks. Most (7) months have 31 days, four months have 30 days, and then there’s the aforementioned February with its 28 or 29 days. Except February, every month is more than four weeks long (check your calendar) so that is why 9 months and 40 weeks are not incompatible terms for gestational period… Doesn’t change the fact that Kim is a compulsive liar and couldn’t keep her story straight on the trip, but could we please stop butchering the calendar?

    • Katrina

      Kim has a funny way of calculating months. 8 month for Kim = 32 weeks (8*4) (Dec – July), plus 8 weeks = 40 weeks. Kim assumes all months have 4 weeks.
      It’s also possible that Kim was pregnant before she got married or shortly after.

    • @miele I am smart enough to grasp the concept that each month does not have an equal number of weeks. So I’m with you up until that point. What I don’t understand is how we got from pregnancy lasting 9 months to oh nevermind, it’s really been 10 all along.

      The average number of weeks in a month is 4.33. If you divide the 40 weeks by 9 it works out to 4.44 weeks per “month” if you divide the 40 weeks by ten it works out to a month averaging exactly 4 weeks. So the nine month pregnancy is still more acurate. AND YET, the world has apparently decided women have ten month pregnancies now. It makes no sense to me mathmatically or logically.

    • Miele

      @Tamara I was referencing verneewaggin’s “8 weeks= 2 months” comment and the fact that 40 weeks, like you’re saying, is 9 months and not 10. I don’t disagree with you at all. I think whole “1 month=4 weeks” is where people have gotten it into their heads that average human gestation is 10 months, which, it’s not.

    • Ah! I get it. Sort of. So pregnancy is still “nine months” if February is not involved and Pluto is still a planet. At least that is what I am going with because some things should not be randomly changed.

    • Miele

      Yes so pregnancy is still “nine months”… And gracious look at the grammar in my previous post… Maybe I should go back to focusing on my work… Can we get a “correct”/ edit function?????

    • FGF

      And Tamara…I’m soooo with you on the gestational period!! I only have 1 child and when my ob told me 40 weeks I gave her the serious side eye!! What she explained to me is they count the weeks prior to the conception date in that calculation because it can take up to 2 weeks after intercourse for the egg to become fully fertilized. I think it’s all guess work because they usually calculate the conception date by the 1st day of the last menstrual cycle, which we all know is not always predictable. :) Love the blog and the commentary!!!

  56. Ash511

    This is the ONE time ill come to Kim’s defense. ONE TIME. When you get a GOOD man I’m sorry but friendships comes second to him and in Kim’s case it comes third bec she has children. I experienced this same mess from friends when I met my fiancé. When u get a good man you want the majority of your time to be spent with him and friends just need to understand that. This is some one who will be your partner in life the one who will raise your children with you. If Kim doesn’t want to take time out to be with them I’m not mad at her one little bit.

    • FGF

      Exactly but just say that. I think the issue is her providing travel dates and the cast and production rearranging their schedules to accommodate her. If you recall, most of these shows save the trips for the end of the season but they planned this quickly to accommodate her. Truthfully, if you think about it she is not the only 1 with a new man or child. Kandi has a new man and home and was in the process of remodeling. Phaedra attended every event while pregnant with Ayden and took the trip to Miami shortly after giving birth. Nene was filming another show in another state and was still able to keep her commitments. Cynthia also runs 2 businesses yet all of these ladies kept their commitments and their word.

      People forget that these are not friends hanging out and that these women are contractually obligated to attend events for filming. It’s like working a job where everyone is working hard and one employee skates by and makes the same (or more pay) while doing less work. I believe that is the TRUE issue here.

    • Kendra

      I completely agree, but then women up and say it. Do not tell people you will attend things, do not make people bend over backwards to accommodate your schedule when you have absolutely no plans on going.

      That is what drives me crazy. You are not a special snowflake that we need to arrange our lives around. If I had changed my plans and schedule around the available dates that Kim submitted and then found out that not only did she have no plan on attending, but also booked another vacation, I would have been pissed.

  57. verneewaggin

    Thanks for welcoming me aboard!!! Sorry about opening the gates of childbirth!!

  58. Tamika

    @teecee66, I really need you to go back, and read your previous posts.Then, I need you to log off. You seriously look foolish trying to clown “Not a Fan of Kim’s” about grammatical errors. Below is just example of your stupidity, and a telling sign you were a remedial student. This is a blog sweetie where informal writing is acceptable.

    “Wait. The lake thing was the same dates as Antigua?? If so, that was not clear. At all”.

    • FGF

      Tamika, sometimes when a person doesn’t have a valid comeback or has been proven wrong they resort to deflection to avoid addressing the issue at hand. I’ve been reading this blog regularly since it started and I’ve noticed a common trend. Sometimes when a person posts an opinion that differs from the majority they are berated. Sometimes it’s ridiculing their grammar, other times it’s ridiculing their screen name but there’s some form of attack. Why can’t we just agree to disagree or why can’t people admit that their information may be inaccurate without responding with personal attacks. That’s so Raven!!!! LOL!!

    • Tamika (Bwahaha at that name), I really need you to eat shit and die.

  59. Tamika

    teecee66, you’re laughing at my name. LMAO. Do you like the name Susan better or how about Kathy. You’re so classy teecee66.

  60. Tamika

    FGF, you’re absolutely correct. I think if teecee66 is going to attack someone’s writing skills she or he needs to at least exemplify great writing skills themselves.

    • FGF

      Exactly and that’s why you shouldn’t even dignify that 7th grade banter with a response. What adult makes fun of someone’s name! Last time I checked people were given names chosen for them before they were born! LOL!! Reminds me of this kid in 4th grade that would rhyme everyone’s name w/something silly and make up chants.

      I have a saying that I apply to ignorant people that I encounter, “Don’t feed the animals!!” If you ignore stupid people they’ll eventually go away because there’s no one to entertain the foolishness!!

      Back to the lesson at hand, which we’ve been sidelined from, Kim is a lying, potty-mouthed, child endangering, bi-curious, moocher!! Glad to see her leave the show!!

    • Stellar work ignoring me!

  61. I'm the genius here

    Nene was drinking blush champagne in the scene with Kenya, they were offered riesling or champagne. Regardless of how long Kim’s or anybody elses pregnancy is, she is full of it. She has gotten what she wants from this franchise and now she’s over it. And I’m over her. Moving on…

  62. I’m just glad that when I tune in to see RHOBH, I see an all white cast. That makes me feel happy.

  63. China

    I love Kim and it is so annoying to here all the hating. I am so glad she is getting her own show because they make me so sick the way they be hating on her! Including Kandi funky azz! Every opportunity she gets she is low ball hating on Kim. If she don’t wanna be her friend then don’t!! Kim has a 38 hot husband who has been balling big time with the 13-2 Falcons and loves her to death so I don’t blame her for removing herself and baby from those ratchet azz broads. In the words of Reza from “Shahs”. “With a husband that hot at home, the hell with those messy hefers”!!! That’s real!

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