Shah of Sunset Starts Off With Plenty of Drama!

Shahs of Sunset - Season 2I am way too excited about this show. I was mesmerized by the season highlight reel. Here we go! I love that Asa is moving back into her Venice house. OH! There is the claw bathtub, still not in a bathroom! I hope Asa and Reza still love each other at the end of the season. You know what happens during filming.

Now on to more depressing things. MJ and her mother. Her mother is so critical it makes me sad.

Here comes GG. From what I heard about filming her anger management issues are worse than ever. She’s a pretty girl, but her personality just kills her romantic chances. GG’s sister Leila is pregnant? GG of course has a love interest, Omid, who is “a very dear friend of hers.” He’s very charming according to GG. I doubt this will last three episodes. Calling it now. And…we have the first plug of the show. GG’s hair extensions. GG “has a hair extension company.” Is anyone surprised that GG is doing nothing for “her business?” I’m over her already.

Reza and Mike bromance scene. Time to show off a car. Oh look racist talk amongst the Persians. At least they keep it real.

ShahsMJCryingMJ is going to visit her Aunt with her mother. Let the self-esteem bashing begin. I would love to eat at MJ’s Aunt’s house. But not with her mother. MJ is in tears before dessert arrives. I fear we are in for another long season of her mother breaking her self-esteem and MJ drinking and taking Ambien to deal with it. I really like MJ and hate to see her dealing with all this. Meanwhile, since when to supporting characters get talking heads to defend themselves? I sort of like it.

It seems Reza has been tasked with the long lost friend of the new cast member. Or at least her realtor. Let’s just go with it. Plug number two, Lilly’s swimsuit line. I don’t think the stunt boyfriend of Lilly will ever materialize. I don’t like that Reza likes her. I’m just saying. Oh and she just happens to have a man for Reza. I’m not buying this entire scene, Ryan Seacrest.

Mike is off to a SUPER fancy party. I don’t understand people giving tours of their homes with commentary about how fabulous it is. Shouldn’t they home speak for itself? I’m having Yolanda Foster flashbacks. Mike is a bit um…let’s say he’s a player. He’s the kind of guy you know you shouldn’t play with but you do anyway.

ASA JOON! Asa shouts out Ghadaffi! lol. Asa is trying to book a singing gig at a New York Fashion Week runway show for Michael Costello of Project Runway fame. The girl in charge of writing the checks says she has never heard her music. Now Asa is defensive. Don’t blow this girlfriend! Asa, what kind of middle easterner can’t haggle price? Do you need me to manage you? At least you made it clear you won’t fly coach. Your other two people should not have to either. Also, you needed to discuss hotel accomadations and all of that should have been in addition to your fees.

MJ and Reza hae a heart to heart. Reza helps MJ set up an online dating profile. Reza is not being as supportive as he could be. He knows MJ is already senseitive after dealing with her mother all the time. His humor is not funny to her right now. And stop calling her bitch, Reza!

Oh god. Mandatory dinner all-in ALREADY. No slow start to this season. Mike is jealous of GG. He’s not a fan of Omid. Neither am I. Everyone knows eventually GG and Mike will be together. I know they blame it on editing but I firmly believe these two are made for each other. There may be a narcissitic implosion when they get together, but they are meant to be together and implode. Omid moves to sit next to Asa and she is trying so hard not to stab him with a fork. He’s annoying as hell. GG is pissed that Asa thinks Omid is a douchebag. OH.MY.GOD. I was politely trying not to mention that Omid has a HUGE honker of a nose. But Asa says, “By the way, I appreciate your big nose. Thank you for not getting a nose job.” Oh, Asa.

With all the drama I barely noticed Reza was not there yet. He rolls up very late with Lilly. Can we pause just a minute to notice Asa bangles? One day I’m going to trade one with her. I think I have her beat in weight but not number. Okay back to the show. Omid and GG are making drunken fools out of themselves and this time it is  Lilly that calls Omid out. I may end up liking her after all. Reza misses the whole thing by going to the bathroom and returns to chaos. I’d like to point out they are not in a private dining room they are smack in the middle of a nice restaurant surrounded by other patrons. How embarrassing.

So what did y’all think of the show? I love it. Weren’t they supposed to give me a gold bar for watching?



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16 responses to “Shah of Sunset Starts Off With Plenty of Drama!

  1. kathy

    Love this show!!!!!!!

  2. Cameron

    Definitely didn’t miss Sammy. Strangely thought that I would. LOVE LILY. She had me at Texas. Did I miss the memo about not acknowledging Reza’s weight gain? Big fan of his, but I only bring it because he teased MJ a lot about it last year. Would love to get Vida and MJ on Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis – with or without Jenni.

  3. I can not believe Miss Andy didn’t give you a gold bar, off with his head, lol. I was surprised that Sammy wasn’t on the show but I followed “your instructions” ☺ and put his name in the search box and voila I found your earlier tea about him not coming back. Not a real loss and let’s get real, Reza is the only male they need, he can carry the show all by himself, lol. There are just so many things wrong and appalling about MJ’s mother and her absolutely lousy parenting skills. She has succeeded in doing such damage to MJ that she is not husband material with all her hang ups, so sad.

  4. Gcgb

    Alright, am I the only person here who thinks Omid is gay? I was half watching at first and it took me a while to realize he was the guy GG has been ‘showing off’ on instagram/twitter lately.

    I’m just not buying it. Though I would think Mike wouldn’t have called him a playboy if that was the case, something just seems off about him. Maybe its just me?

    I can’t wait to see more of Lilly! Shes very pretty!

    I feel so bad for MJ! Honestly I would just stop talking to her mother if I was her. I know some people think they can’t do that because ‘its family’ but I couldn’t care less if you were blood or not, if you constantly talk to me that way you’re not gonna be in my life for much longer!!

    Tamara, so is Asa married or not? I remember seeing the articles about her house and some guy but no one has ever mentioned him on the show yet!

    • Nope!! I was shocked I tell you! shocked! imagine my shock and surprise when GG announces she once slept with him!! I’ll take “denial” for $500 Alex! Oh, and what the hell was up with Golnesa’s drunken-monkey, behavior?? Has her family cut her off? Kudos to GG’s sister for calling her out on her immature, free-loading, ignorant behavior; can I get a whoop-whoop? Asa, oh Asaaaa, I have one problem with you so far and it’s this: You brag about having 30 pieces of gold imbedded in your front walkway, Carerra marbled counter tops and in the next breath you whine about how Broke you are and only have $500 in your checking account. WTH?!? Please, tell me you get smarter as the season progresses? Please..
      Oh MJ..poor, insecure, unloved, over medicated, small minded MJ. I felt your pain during last night’s dinner scene at your aunt and uncles home..I wish I could just sober you up, introduce you to a top notch psychiatrist, along with an XXLarge HUG, because Everyone deserves Love, especially a mother’s love. Still on the fence about the Anorexic Lilli, from Texas. However, I did notice she has alot of air up there. and that voice? Girl please eat! Oh, and get a better wig–that was a wig right? (sigh) All-in-all, Shahs of Sunset brought it last night! Get out your Hermes belts boys and girls, it looks like we’re in for a bumpy ride this season. and I cannot wait!

    • Gcgb

      Thank god! I’m not buying it!!! Plus the fact that she’s been showing him off as the new season was approaching just made it seem fishy as if she wanted viewers to tune in for it..maybe she knows how much people didn’t like her the first season and wanted to stay relevant? I still love her crazy ass without him!

      All MJ needs to do is get a good therapist, cut her mom out of her life and get a trainer! I think she’s so beautiful, she’d be the hottest girl there if she lost a little weight (I know that sounds horrible but I don’t know how else to say it)

      I’m also confused very about Asa, I mean I didn’t think she made as much money as the rest of the cast but she’d have to make a good amount to be on the show right?

  5. Asa’s financial problems were with cash flow. Liquid assets. The rennovation was pricey. She was not saying she was destitute.

  6. Well Tamara you finally got me hooked on this show. I am surprised they couldn’t find one decent looking woman to participate on this show. Asa with those eyebrows and beard looks like a man in drag. MJ is just a short dumpy mess, GG is just creepy looking. The new girl Lilly looks like an Arabic Snooki.
    I wish they would stop with this Persian crap, they are just Arabs like everyone else from the Middle East.
    Reza seems to be the glue that holds this show together, although he doesn’t seem to have any purpose other then to party and referee.
    I guess I will watch a few more episodes to see if anything happens.

  7. Ash511

    Love this show…MJ needs to go to therapy it will probably be good for her story line I really like her but lord she’s so depressed.

    GG is too evil for Mike! You like them together? Maybe it’s just a front if she cuts all that extra mess out maybe they’ll work but it does seem as if he puts a front on like he doesn’t want her…

    This Lilly character is just idk…idk if its the big Texas hair that throws me off but it’s something about her that worries me I did like how she went off on GG’s foolish friend!

    I love Asa to pieces I’m confused about her wealth as I saw another commenter was & is she famous in the underground Persian world only & that’s how she makes an income?

  8. I think we will be seeing MJ in therapy this season starting next episode. Therapy by Bravo. Also, I think the situation between MJ and Reza starts next episode. :(

  9. Tc

    As usual, I side with the underdog. I don’t blame MJs mother. I think she gets a bad edit. MJ is a spoiled brat. Granted, her mother spoiled her. But mj really is a needy person. She asked, in front of everyone, what her mother was going to give her for her birthday. Knowing her mother? She asks this? Why? So she can play victim. It’s the little girl pulling her skirt over her head because any attention is good attention.

  10. I got two sentences in and thought which idiot is this? Looked up and saw you name. I should have known. Stop blaming my MJ you big poopie head. Reza is going to be mean to her for like the whole rest of the season. She has enough meanies picking on her. :(

  11. SnookumsLynn

    I think MJ is a bigger girl, and that should be cool, but all the dumpy and she needs to lose weight comments are coming from her vapid desire to be like everyone else and stuffing herself in outfits that don’t fit.
    She’s a bigger girl, she doesn’t look to be destined to be a six 6 and she drinks ALOT, everyone is not skinny, but wearing clothing that fits appropriately will probably take about 20lbs off of her; especially on camera

  12. Sunny in The South.....

    TC is just being a “Mean Girl”, no nice way to say it.

  13. Sunny in The South.....

    Just completed the episode – was there just a total melt down between seasons? This is not a “hot mess” – it’s just a mess. GG’s little lost girl thing is not cutting it (no pun intended) and where do you do with all the “Pushing Persian” it’s like a new set of directors are getting things in play & something’s not clicking…..yet.

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