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When Lea Black is on WWHL I have to recap. The bartender is Amy Phillips, the chick that does all the great housewife impressions, and she’s hilarious already. I love that someone is “having a sense of humor” with Lea in the way that she does with the other housewives. I already wanna sip my cocktail and I don’t even know the drinking word yet. I also don’t have a cocktail, what I have is a hairy tonsil and a stuffy nose. So I’m going to take a vitamin C every time they say the drinking word tonight instead. :(

Andy loves Lenny’s mom. This is unacceptable. He’s only allowed to love Mama Elsa. Now he’s running the scene that I forwarded though with Karent cleaning Rodolfo’s teeth but it’s been enhanced to make it creepier? Gild the lily much, Andrew?  By the way, Erin Andrews is the other guest. Lea’s questions, and her pathetic answers are behind the jump. Keep reading, you’ll see what I mean.

Question for Lea Black: Why in the hell are you defending Thomas Kramer? She responds, ” To set the record straight. My husband has never represented him, he has his own great lawyer, and he’s bought tickets to the Gala maybe two or three times over the years so it’s not a financial thing. I really wasn’t defending Thomas as much as I was the sanctity of his home [I assure you, there is nothing sanctified about that douchebag’s home, Lea.] and the fact that he had cooked all day [um, you had fondue, that’s a cook it yourself meal. But let’s suppose he made coq au vin and began by killing his own poultry, would that have made his behavior okay with you?] and he had everyone over there and he had asked everyone at least a dozen times in a very nice way to shush and I was really condemning the behavior of …I felt…the people that I felt wouldn’t shush and …you know… made it a big thing and embarrassed him more than I was condoning his behavior.” That may have been the most ridiculous thing any housewife has ever said. It’s dumber than Porsha not knowing how many days there are in a year, Lea. Lea was the one that flocked right to Thomas at the party on tonight’s show.  She sucks up to the sorry sack of shit.

Question for Lea: Have you made up with Marysol? Answer “Marysol and I are friendly at a distance. We just view the world differently.” So that’s a no.

Question for Lea: How in the world do you know Joe Francis? Answer: “I’ve known Joe for many years, my husband did represent him one time a while back, a long time back, and you know Joe’s behavior doesn’t always match up with his heart. He’s got one of the biggest hearts of anybody you’ll ever meet and sometimes he is misunderstood.”  Frankly, I just can’t understand why Lea defends the male scumbags and belittles women like Marysol. I’m sure there is a diagnosis in the DSM-V that will explain this condition.

Question for Lea Black: Are you blackmailing or financing Ariana? Why is she so afraid to go against you?  Answer:”I didn’t know she was afraid to go against me. Hmm Probably because she usually agrees with me, she’s a pretty smart girl.” Lea seems to be getting irked by the negative slant to all her questions and the bartender who is mocking her at every turn. The aftershow may be worth watching tomorrow.





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12 responses to “Watch What Happens Live With Lea Black

  1. lil tex

    LOL you are too funny!!! What is Thomas Kramer’s connection with Bravo? He is the same man the Kim knew in the season 3 trip to Miami.

  2. MaRiley

    Tamara, you have Lea’s numba! There are pathologies that attempt to explain attachment and verbal defense of asshats like Joe Francis. But, Lea must have been making goo-goo eyes at Roy as he defended We Know Who and Why He Was Defending.

  3. Katrina

    Tamara , I hope you feel better, soon! Lea is in charge of a real charity and she can’t afford to piss off potential donors. Lea is a politician.

  4. Jennifer Zaeh

    She’s probably buddy buddy with William Kennedy Smith also. For someone who doesn’t like stupid, she certainly surrounds herself with it. Lea your tactic of hanging with stupid felons and douchbags to make yourself look good is a big FAIL.

  5. pffft

    Why was Andy Cohen throwing out names of ballers and celebs and asking Erin Andrews if she banged them? That was a little weird. I don’t recall him ever treating a guest that way before. Especially a guest who made it clear she wasn’t going to flaunt around and name drop who she has slept with. Especially a woman in the public eye, who has had a peeping tom film her in her hotel room while she undresses. I just thought Andy was very inappropriate. I’m not the sensitive type, nor am I uptight. But it was weird.

    I could understand Andy asking thouse questions to some slutty D-list wanna be. But Erin Andrews? A professional? Come on.

  6. You are absolutely right. I think I’ve just become so used to Andy Cohen’s misogyny that don’t even notice it anymore. I should have mentioned it. It was pretty awful. I was trying to get Lea’s quotes absolutely right and her love of misogynists temporarily overshadowed the one in the room.

  7. Ms Urethra Franklin

    I also was surprised by the lack of sensitivity by Andy’s sex questions since she was a victim of that pervy peeping Tom episode a while back. Though I loves me some Andy, I felt like he was inappropriate with her.

  8. It is disturbing. But I don’t think it is because he hates women. I think that Kaiser Kramer hates women and finds them inferior. I think Andy wishes he was a woman and tries to live vicariously through them. And has trouble understanding boundaries. The boundary thing is what makes his show and the reunions so interesting. He’s not being a dick. He just doesn’t seem to know better and has no PC filter. I wish he would recognize that in others though. He tends to flip the fuck out when he thinks someone has said something anti-gay. Regardless of the person’s intent, Cohen seems to want them destroyed. Which is off because they often don’t have bad intent. They just don’t know better or have made a decision that based on their lack of anamosity, their behaviour is ok. Just like him.

  9. I love Lea Black, I think she brings a lot of levity to The RHOM. As the wife of Roy Black, I am sure Lea has to be careful not to really insult anyone in Miami. But as much as I like Lea, I still think that son of hers is possessed. He is just weird.

  10. If you remove her jewelry, what is left to like? That she hangs out with vile people? Her “friends” are Joe Francis, Thomas Kramer and Elaine Lancaster. Her charity is about helping children. How does this help her reputation? She hooked up with a lawyer defending and alledged rapist after being on the jury. What’s the good part of her again?

  11. Just Saying...

    We love us some Lea Black and Erin too… it was a great show!!! Amy Phillips does an awesome and fun impersanation of Lea… hilarious!!!

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