Nick Gordon Arrest Raw Footage

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Check out this Channel 2 Action News raw footage of Nick Gordon being arrested for reckless driving. The music was blaring from the car so loudly the police car dashcam picks it up. The song? Whitney Houston’s I’ll Always Love You.

The sound is hard to pick up but at one point Nick says something and the officer seems to reply, “It’s your mom’s car?”  There is also some discussion of something in the glove box.  In the last few minutes does the officer ask Nick if he has been smoking?

So when he and Krissi fight, she drives her car down an embankment and he speds down busy roads at 82mph? Soooo dramatic. Are the ratings for The Houstons this bad? Are kids today trained to turn their radio way down are off when they get pulled over?


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11 responses to “Nick Gordon Arrest Raw Footage

  1. Kemper

    Actually if you listen, he turned it to the “I will always love you” song when the officer goes to the car, it was a different song before that.. He was just using that to say, “oh Im whitney houstons son to get off .. The guys a LOSER!

  2. The first song was from the police car. Most places the cops aren’t allowed to listen to music in the car. But the music was on before the car stopped. Then the song came on when the door was opened. It seemed to like that was the middle of the song. I’ll have to listen to it again.

    I found the whole thing very odd and am lookin into to some things on my end.

  3. My question is whether it is customary in a traffic stop for speeding to put the person in handcuffs and search him? They are obviously having a pleasant conversation but usually it’s “license and registration please” before the arrest? Or is doing 50 miles over the speed limit an automatic arrest? I know that there are auto arrests for some speeding violations?

    Both these kids need some guidance and some serious help. Clearly neither got a taste of the “rod” so to speak and learned about consequences to their behavior.

  4. yeah when you are over a certain number, they cuff you automatically. It varies by precinct.

  5. Kemper

    Either way the guy is an idiot.. I watched some of the houston family reality show.. What a trainwreck that family is.. Reminds me of the jacksons right after michael died. Krissys aunt had the gall to say “she hasnt had time to grieve because shes too much in the public eye” Said on a reality show that they signed up for.. ARGHHHHHH I hate people like that! GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. lilkunta

    are the cops mic’d or is there a mic on the outside of the police car?

  7. I think they have a mike on the outside of the car that works with the dashcam.

  8. Mydylan14

    LOL…there are no mics on the outside of a police car, We carry them on us, usually in our pockets.

  9. Dear god. I’m watching the last three eps. Sofar, Krispy and nick have gone back to brother nd sister. Well, he has. She still wants him. Auntie pat has basically told her hairdresser that Whitney was a terrible mom and created this mess ( I read between the lines on that bit I’m pretty sure that’s what she was alluding to) and we’ve done this whole show as a promotion for a line of candles. All o very sad. This kid has NO chance of ever being right.

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