A Long Rant And a Short Glass of Tea on Kim Zolciak

There is a small faction of idiots who like to come and post here and tell me what I should and should not be blogging about. As it is happened again today, I thought I would explain to everyone once again, this is my blog, my opinions, and my research. I know many of you are used to bloggers that just copy whatever other blogs are saying, but things don’t work that way here. Try examiner.com for that they would love to have your ad revenue. They are a reblogging site. I am a blog site. 

On Wednesdays, the weekly tabloids come out. Sites affiliated with print tabloids like The National Enquirer, or In Touch immediately start running their teaser stories on sites they own, like Radar Online. Reblogger sites that don’t investigate the stories to see if there is even a shred of truth rush to copy and paste those stories into their blogs. See? They blogged! That is not how things work here. I contact sources. I scour public records. I try to find the 10% of stories that have some truth to them and ignore the 90% that don’t.

Which brings me to people like my commenter Teri. Teri thinks that selecting the more likely to be true stories makes me “biased.” Teri seems to think biased means treating Bravolebrities she doesn’t like fairly. Teri is angry with me today because I didn’t post about Kim Zolciak owing Colin Cowie a million dollars. Teri doesn’t seem to understand who is responsible for this website. I tried to explain to Teri that this week Radar Online said Kim owed Colin a million dollars. A few days ago they ran the same story with the figure being $200,000. Prior to that it was an Atlanta valet company who said Colin Cowie never paid them because Kim didn’t pay Colin. Their source was “a family member” of Kim’s? Kroy’s?  All of this made perfect sense to Teri, but it reeked of utter bullshit to me. I ignored the story.

Tonight, while I was blogging my response to RHOM and WWHL the following was posted on twitter.

Kim Zolciak-BiermannKim Zolciak-Biermann‏@Kimzolciak
Gosh I owe @colincowie a million dollars! I better get to work!! #thestoriespeoplewrite

3hColin CowieColin Cowie‏@colincowie
@Kimzolciak @colincowie I- all stories and gossip – it’s not a million, Its not 200K, its 20K.   lets settle this with the truth!   Colin

NOW we have something to work with. Kim and Colin are tweeting. It’s possible Kim owes Colin a balance of $20,000 or it’s also possible Colin was joking around with Kim because the entire thing is ridiculous. But, only now do we have something to keep an eye on. So while I keep an eye on it, prepare to see KIM OWES COLIN  $20K! All over the other blogs. I try to keep my tea as hot as possible while still being CORRECT.  That is why I chose to investigate and sort through a shit ton of gossip and post only the most accurate stuff.  I still get things wrong, but they are my mistakes, and my investigations.

Thanks for reading y’all. Sorry to go off on the usual “like it or lump it lecture”, but I wanted to address the Colin Cowie tweet tonight, and I’ve been blogging for over 15 hours today so I’m grumpier than usual. :)  P.S. I just can’t edit this one. zzzzzz


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57 responses to “A Long Rant And a Short Glass of Tea on Kim Zolciak

  1. I simply adore your blog. I’ve been a lurking fan for about a year now.

    • We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

      Right. Tamara has the true tea. People like Teri want to be insiders, but they’re not, and they want attention.

    • Buck Henry

      Tamara I have to believe that Kim owes him that crazy money and here’s my reasoning. This guy Cowell is a known entity for the rich and famous for doing weddings and what not. If it was just for 20,000 dollars or less, why wouldn’t this big name person pay the valet the 2,500 dollars that they are owed out of his own companies pocket and invoice Kim the money she owed him. In fact he could have did that for the 200,000.

      I think he is owed close to a million dollars and he didn’t want to pay anybody because in his mind and others that is alot of money and so by not paying these small bills and saying he wasn’t paid he knew that eventually this information would get out via a third or fourth party. His way of embarrassing the client without him doing it himself. Like I said before it if was just 20,000 dollars or less he would have paid for it out of his own pocket and invoiced her or write it off.

    • Is this Buck’s special needs twin brother Dumbasfuck Henry posting under Buck’s nic? Am I being punked?

    • Karma Grant

      I am laughing, really. Buck, while you’re explanation is great in theory, the fact that above in the article Tamara pasted the tweet between Kim and Colin that proves it’s only 20k kinda disproves the theory.

    • Buck Henry

      You can apologize when I’m proven right. Also why didn’t he pay the 2500 dollars valet fee if he’s such a bigshot.

    • You don’t seem to understand that most people get that the story is bullshit. You are looking for a way to make a fake story true. It doesn’t make sense. SNAP OUT OF IT! THIS IS NOT LIKE YOU! I want normal Buck Henry back!

    • I agree with clemsontigress. I think this is a great blog and I read it BECAUSE you do the research:)

  2. Katrina

    I think when Kim sent the tweet, she was expecting Colin to totally absolve her. He does seem to suggest that she owes $20k. It’s possible that the invoice is in dispute! If you get a bill and you don’t agree with the price or it’s not what was expected, then you should not pay it, until the issue is resolved. It’s also possible that she didn’t know there was an outstanding balance.

  3. Terri

    LOL @ Tamara. How old are you again? The name-calling screams pre-adolescence. But anyway, I’m proud of you and mildly shocked that you even seriously researched a topic with even a slight hint of negativity in regards to Kim Zolciak and her brokeassness.

    Now if it was Nene Leakes or Kenya Moore who were in financial trouble, I’m willing to bet your high beams would have been on full alert. Thoroughly researching leads the minute you got wind of something potentially negative to report. Broadcasting to the high heavens as if it was a sacred mission in life.

    Why? because that’s how biased people operate.

    They turn a blind eye to somethings and put laser focus on others. The viewing public is well aware of such propaganda tactics. Those of you in the media go to great lengths to hide it from yourself but it inevitably comes to light.

    Using your public platform to bash some and spotlight others is not the actions of a true reporter. You can’t hold yourself above the rest of the tabloid pack if you are going to engage in your own brand of slanted journalism.

    Again I’m pleasantly surprised that you checked yourself. Gives me hope that writers like yourself do have standards and are able to self relegate. Keep up the good work. You are indeed a work in progress with your childish self LOL.

    • CoCo

      Teri, if you have so many problems with this blog, why are you even on it making comments? Go to another blog that needs your attention!

    • Girl Plz...

      Tamara can be childish sometimes. :)
      True story.
      However, I still like her stories none-the-less.

    • Tamaratattles is not a reporting/news site. It is a gossip site written by a blogger. By definition it is like the old fashioned editorials that did not need to be unbiased. If someone does not like the point of view of the blogger, that someone should remove the blogsite from their favorites folder and stop looking up the site so often that thier search engine launches it automatically. This is not politics, religion, finance, nor education. This is gossip. Plain and simple; and a gossip has no room to ever criticize the fact-finding practices of another gossip. Now you ain’t hear that from me:)

    • Damn, @Teri I feel like I am in the twilight zone. First of all as Tamara has said it is her blog and therefore she can write whatever the hell she wants and can write it any way she wants, that’s what blog owners get to do. Second, Tamara’s style is to research and then report on stories she feels are of interest to her and or her commentors and that she feels meet her standards. Third since when does a blogger qualify automatically as a reporter and then falls under your expectation to not express her bias? Fourth anyone watching the news on TV and/or reading the newspapers will frequently see reporters express their bias when they cover a story so seems a little silly to hold Tamara to a standard that the media doesn’t hold sacred. Last and not least why can’t you respect the fact that this is Tamara’s blog and accept that if she wants to blog about Kim’s baby taking a shit in his diaper than she can do it….she can do whatever the hell she wants to….because it is HER blog. What do you not get?

      Personally this is one of my favorite blogs even if I don’t comment a lot. I happen to like her refreshing style of spilling the tea with background and a touch of sass, It keeps me entertained and most of the time (if not all of the time) I see her talk about the good and the bad as she puts her tea in context….that is what makes it so readable and so enjoyable.

  4. Karma Grant

    “Now if it was Nene Leakes or Kenya Moore who were in financial trouble, I’m willing to bet your high beams would have been on full alert”

    Terri I have to disagree simply because if what you said was true then we’d have seen a blogstory here by Tamara about NeNe and the supposed repossessed Bentley. But we didn’t, because she didn’t do one.

  5. Terri

    Karma Grant, who is to say that she didn’t research it the minute the rumor hit the internet? Perhaps she did and found nothing legit to report on Nene Leakes THIS TIME. I stand by my statement of Tamara turning a blind eye to negativity on some people while focusing seemingly tremendous effort on others. The fruits or her efforts bear witness to that fact.

    • Vito

      I’m just a bit confused why it matters what Tamara decides to write about? I mean this is her blog if she wanted it to be 100% negativity toward Nene and Kenya all the time that is her right. In the same regard you could start a blog just dedicated to Kim’s “brokeassness”. I mean people really we are all adults and it’s a reality TV show, things are not that serious.

    • Miele

      Her researching a Nene story, finding no legitimate sources of information, and refusing to blog on the unverified story is the exact same way she handled the Kim/Colin Cowie story. She refused to blog on it until there was reliable evidence/info. Unless you have information regarding every story TT researches but chooses NOT to blog on, your claim of her “focusing seemingly tremendous effort” on particular people doesn’t hold water (or tea for that matter). There’s been plenty of blogging on the negative things going on in Kim’s life too- the eviction, the grandmama drama, etc. Then again, you seem to be focusing seemingly tremendous amounts of time reading and replying on a blog that clearly doesn’t suit your “infotainment” needs, so I doubt any of what I’m saying will register…

  6. Terri

    Correction: Labor
    The fruits of her labor bears witness to that fact.

  7. Stacy

    Terri, Do not read Tamara’s blog if you don’t like it. Start your own. Simple as that.

  8. trishatroy22

    Thanks tam…. we all enjoy a hot cup of tea on a chilly morning! You heard her people, behave or take a walk…..

  9. Loucinda G

    Terri please have several seats.. reading this blog is optional just like your mother giving birth to you! Let Tamara do her job. I think your getting her confused with atlien who is biased when it comes to phaedra parks and has blatantly admitted so in her blogs and doesnt report the truth on her or Sherrie’s husband Bob because of some sort of relationship…( sips tea…munches on ginger snap and brushes peruvian sew in)

  10. Kendra

    Well as seeing this is Tamara Tattles if she wants to devote this blog to NeNe riding on unicorns while shooting laser beams at every housewife and puppy she can do that.

    Last time I check I come here every day of my own free will, my computer does not immediately go to this site and lock on the page.

    If you think she is biased there is an easy solution, stop coming here start your own non-biased blog and blog about whatever the heck you want.

    A blog is like a home, I would never walk into someone’s house and start telling them how to decorate, what colors they should use and what all they did wrong. That their taste is horrible. I have my own house to decorate as I see fit.

    You do not like what Tamara has to say on her blog, then go start your own and post whatever you want.

  11. Tshanda26

    Tamara, I am more of a lurker and this is my 1st time commenting. I found your blog via twitter, and enjoy your rants and raves. I don’t always agree with what you say but like your said above this is your Blog.

  12. Mama cita

    I appreciate your efforts in making sure the info is correct. As you point out many do not and just repeat other stories … You do a good job of checking things out and I appreciate that.

  13. Mama cita

    I appreciate the time you take to actually verify info. Many do not and just repeat what they hear or see other places…

  14. DivaDawn73

    I guess I’m in a rare category as I view this site as entertainment. Blogs, unlike interviews, are mixed with information and opinions. While I appreciate blogs, I take them with a grain of salt as most of us, including Tamera, probably don’t know Sheree, NeNe, Kim or any of the Housewives personally. The one thing I do know for sure is this blog belongs to Tamera and while Teri is free to ask her to cover certain topics, it is totally Tamera’s decision on what she blogs. Some of her stories have been “weird” a time or two, but hey, I just read it for entertainment purposes only. Does this information add any value to your life that one must complain about the topics chosen?

  15. Vp

    I smelled BS on this one too. No ones gonna let $1,000,000 just SLIDE over a year!

  16. Katrina

    I checked Colins twitter this morning and he has removed his response. Tamara got the goods, just in time. Kim will be visiting Andy on Sunday, so I’m sure she will put all rumors to rest.

  17. Katrina

    I am looking at this picture of Kim’s wedding, What is that big black thing in the middle of the guests?

  18. Barbara

    Hi Tamara,

    I just wanted to apologize for acting like an idiot on a post you had about Penn “Celebrity Apprentice” and I went off like a stupid Banshee about D. Trump. I’ve been embarrassed since and haven’t posted. I was having one of those days…And I vented (wrong place, wrong post, wrong blog).

    You are right this is your blog. And its a great place to come to read. I hope I haven’t worn out my welcome. I did a “time-out” and if I behave hopefully I can post here ( and you guys won’t think I’m a loony-tunes).

    Again, I’m sorry for acting the idiot. And I love this site, hope it never ever goes away!


    • Chile please. Have I told you about my memory? I can’t remember if I fed the dog or not. :) Reading your comment now I’m having trouble even thinking of a reason I would go off about you going off about Donald Trump. :) No worries. I’ve forgotten all about it. TRULY. I’m sure I must have been a bitch for you go be giving it a second thought. So, I’m sorry, too.

      Glad you back. BTW, looney is my favorite kind of tune! :)

      Now do you happen to know if I took my SAM-e this morning???

    • Barbara

      Thank you tamaratattles! I went back and re-read it a day later and thought I came off as an obnoxious “you-know-what”.

      I’mma pull up a chair now and make myself comfy, :)

    • YAY! You have a lot of catching up to do. Be sure to read the comments when there are a lot, that usually means death threats and drama! :)

  19. Valley Girl

    This is a BLOG, not the New York Times – the terms blogger and journalist are not synonymous. I for one appreciate the fact that Tamara actually researches what she puts out in the blogosphere.

    In the year that I have read this blog I have noticed that TT calls it like she sees it. She has made no secret that she was a Kim fan – yet if Kim does something that was not kosher she called her out on it. If NeNe or the other women did something positive she always acknowledged it and gave credit where credit was due.

    Even her opinions are based on factual information and not assumptions. She and I don’t agree on Tre from RHONJ – I liked Tre whe I did watch that show (I had to stop for my own sanity) and Tamara couldn’t stand her. But I must admit that her reasons for disliking her were plausible and they weren’t some feelings she just pulled out of her ass.

    I said all of that to say that even though I might not agree with everything she says I think that she does a wonderful job of pouring hot tea and she does it responsibly.

  20. Psst. Sometime after you stopped watching Tre, I came around on her a bit. :) I thought the finale of the last season was totally a set up by production to humiliate her.

    And I’m not so much a Kim fan, I just hate her was less than y’all do, so in comparison…lol. At the end of the day, we end up mocking nearly all of them.

  21. baytothea

    i’m glad this was posted. i also read the 1mil article then as i clicked to the next page it was 200k…i was like wtf. radar stays changing up their stories without taking accountability for any false info. that’s why i very, very rarely read them and favor blog sites like this as opposed to reblogging sites.

  22. gigi

    keep up the good work TT! :)

  23. MaggieG

    Like some others here, I don’t equate bloggers with journalists & I accept the premise that everyone is biased to some degree. My favorite bloggers are those that admit their likes/dislikes among the ladies of the various HWs franchises.

    I read here regularly & comment occasionally. It takes a special type of commitment/bravery to publicly blog like this on a pretty regular basis. I’m certainly not willing to do it so really appreciate/enjoy that Tamara & others are willing.

  24. Ash511

    I think your blog is excellent! It does seem you do your due diligence when it comes to posting and it doesn’t seem as if you’re afraid to speak your mind when you post. I hate how some bloggers post a story & just say “Discuss!” It’s like I came here to read an opinion & get another view of what I thought about this housewife or situation. That’s why I like your blog.

    NOW the one thing I dislike is how you argue with commenters it actually caused me stop coming to your blog for a while bec no one could really express themselves in the comment section. If I’m not mistaken bloggers make money by the clicks they get right? I feel like you…shoot all bloggers…depend on us to keep your online business going (If you make money from ot or do it as a hobby) and we should be entitled to our opinions just as you are. It’s like walking on eggshells here! I just feel you should lighten up & just know it’ll be disrespectful people in comments section & just try your darnedest to ignore them. I’m here to get the scoop & share an opinion just as you are…not to be attacked.

    • I wouldn’t use the word, “mistaken”, I think I’d go with stupid. You’re not “entitled” to anything here. People who think they are entitled and want to explain to me how blogging comments work will be attacked at will.

  25. gunsmoke4life

    Tamara, i know this is off the subject, but what is sheree doing i though we would at least she her at a lunch . i dont like her with all those lies
    just curious but on the other shows we offten see the last years wifes
    ive seen camile twice already

  26. Mimsy

    And just like clockwork Radar has posted on their site! lol.

  27. Ash511

    LMBOOOOO!!! You are just evil for no reason!

  28. Tiffany C

    This is my favorite blog. You are intelligent and can actually write unlike the rest. I’m a huge fan.

  29. Sunny

    I’ve been reading for a while now and I love this blog. I don’t even watch most of these shows but just by reading you, I know what’s going on. The comments are the best, ESPECIALLY when you give them a menu…hah I don’t comment because I have little to add. I enjoy all the comments, even the stupid ones. :)

  30. It’s because you know my high beams are always on, isn’t it. Anytime you see more than 50 comments here? I can assure you of comedy gold.

  31. Bella

    I love love LOVE your blog & the fact that you AREN’T like most otger blogs, and actually fact check. And if anyone doesn’t like how you blog or your opinion, there’s a wonderful little x in the top right corner :) but that would be too easy, right? I think people just love to bitch and complain about anything.

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