What’s Wrong With This Picture? MJ’s Kids

Um, for the clueless, From L to R Prince Michael, Bodyguard, Blanket…

I continue to be worried about Michael Jackson’s kids. Especially, Blanket.  He is perpetually sad and nervous in pictures.  In this one he looks like he has a black eye. Can no one brush his hair? Or Prince’s hair? Buy them some decent clothes? This distresses me.


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45 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture? MJ’s Kids

  1. Annoymous

    He do have a black eye and never smiles…smh #savebkanket

    • RJ

      You know what I think…It’s the fact that every single time he goes outside, there is a paparazzi person in the bushes, or behind a statue that wants to take a picture. He sees them, and gives the expression of disdain…

  2. MaryC

    The poor child is traumatized from hangin out that window. #saveblanket

  3. Paris is looking buff.

    Blanket is going to murder is all one day. I think he died as a baby and they brought him back at the Pet Semetary. He seems unworldly level evil.

  4. Critter

    Blanket always looks like a dirty, in need of a good meal & hug refugee child…

  5. Kendra

    First thought was, why does it say kids, who is the little girl…
    Did not know that was blanket.
    But seriously would you be smiling if you were called Blanket

  6. Karma Grant

    Paris has what looks like dye stain on her forehead/hairline and cheek. Her hair is definitely darker here than in appearances she’s made recently.

  7. Karma Grant

    Oh and Prince is 15, think anyone but him brushing his hair at this age would be weird. Can’t comment on Blanket as he’s not in the pic (he’s only 10 so I know he’s not that tall yet!)

  8. victori0us

    Blanket might have some psych issues. Can’t diagnose a child that young but I think he might be disturbed. I’ve seen kids like this before. Same disconnect in the eyes. Sad. Embryonic experiment gone wrong. Whadduyado?

  9. Don’t make fun of him, he’s just a kid. If I even half way mention a certain housewife’s child y’all go crazy. Be nice to Blanket. :(

    • victori0us

      I’m serious. That kid has emotional & psych issues that affected him more than his half siblings. You never know what the mom’s family has going on mentally. He’s got a different mom possibly dad. Kids that have a general look of melancholy might be dealing with the beginnings of mental illness. Even abused kids smile and look happy in some situations.

      • Jimmyjackcorn

        I thought there was something wrong with blanket the second i heard him speak. He talk’s a bit strange doesn’t he? He definitely has the look of wanting to kill someone

    • I’m not being mean to him. I fear him. Seriously.

    • ViVaLaDiVa

      blanket is the saddest looking child. i just want to hug him.

  10. Katrina

    I have never believed that these are MJ’s biological children. Blanket does look like he has a black eye. I guess Blanket is expressing himself by having long hair.

  11. Lisa

    Do you think people really call him “Blanket”?

    If so, they should let him pick another name and file the paperwork.

    Talk about feeling like an object…

  12. I follow Paris on twitter ( I know. Kill me now. But she is actually an interesting kid with good taste in music). She talks about Prince. But she NEVER mentions blanket or Prince II. He’s probably pissed because his “father” couldn’t be bothered to pick a new name for him.

  13. shellbelle

    I tried to enlarge the picture, but is Blanket wearing VELCRO shoes? My 17 month old doesn’t even wear those!

  14. Ms Urethra Franklin

    Dr. Arnie Klein is Prince Jackson’s biological father. The resemblance is the proof.

  15. sunny

    iNever understood how mj could b so “pro black” but opted to use seregate mom & dad for his kids! guess he really hated joe

  16. Katrina

    What is Blankets’ real name? Is his name Prince too?

  17. jazz lives!

    Did it ever occur to any of you people who mock a child that, I he may be perpetually sad because his FATHER IS DEAD????? The only parent he’s ever known IS DEAD? He was so young when it happened. Also has it ever occurred to you that he might possibly just maybe HATE PAPPARAZZI? They stalk him and the boy obiviously wants to be left alone. HE IS GREIVING! SHEEESH! What is wrong with people talking about the little boy scares you, because he’s mean mugging a stalker azz photographer. He’s more mature than you are.

    • jazz lives!

      **” he may be perpetually .”

      Plz excuse typo!

    • victori0us

      and that clearly shows he’s got some issues that need to be addressed. I deal with many children in dcfs placement. He’s got the look of the children with deep emotional disturbance. I don’t think it’s mocking. It’s just making a comment. I hope they get him help, because, if like you say he’s grieving, 3 years should’ve shown some marked improvement. It’s all in his disposition. Who knows what that chid has witnessed or been a victim of.

    • He looked exactly the same when “his father” was alive. So shove it.

  18. Jasmine

    Thank you Jazz lives. People are so judgmental without having any facts. Some people don’t like to smile or be bothered every time they are out in public. No matter how anyone attempts to slice it, they are Michael’s children. What does it matter anyway?

    • I agree with both of you. And obviously the death of a father with the entire world watching you greive is was too much for such a young kid. HOWEVER. That child has never been seen smiling. And he doesn’t seem like he gets much attention when it comes to hygiene and clothing. I’m just worried about him.

  19. Ash511

    What’s wrong with the picture!? They aren’t Michael’s biological children but this family swears they are!!

  20. deja moore

    I look at Paris tweets sometimes and she does mention ‘Blanket” but more herself and her friends than anything, as most teens do. In fact, she mentions “blanket” more than Prince I (older brother). Also, for those of you don’t bother to fact-check, “Blanket” is not his real name. Its a nickname–he’s used to it..move on. My sister’s nickname is “Unicorn.” she’s 26…her parents still call her “Uni” and “corn” but that doesnt mean her name on her official documents is Unicorn.
    I dont know what’s up the black eye but they do take karate or whatever classes…so that could be what that’s from. And the perpetually pissed expression is most likely from the paparazzi, which follow them everywhere. I’ve seen other celebrities children who look the same way.
    Who cares who these kids biological fathers are? On paper and in their hearts, they are Michael Jackson’s children. He raised them, he took care of them in life and is still doing so in death. that’s it.
    Finally, “blanket’s” clothing–he’s what..10..11? most kids that age dress however they want–they dont look sharp for pictures all the time..they don’t care. That does not mean they are not being take care of.

  21. Wait, you had to “fact check” to see if his real name was Blanket? Are you implying that there are abject idiots on here that I need directly inform that Blanket is not his legal name?

  22. natasha nicole

    yes they have lived an unusual life a but what if they turn out to be normal kids. yea im sure theyre sad about their dad passing but i think people subconciously assume something has to be wrong. i was one of those kids who didnt smile much but nothing was wrong i just didnt care to smie while im walking down the street or taking pictures that i dont want to take. i think theres a good chance that he is just the quiet kid.

    also i love the fact that they wear normal looking clothes, i think micheal would have wanted that.

    now i see why he shielded them, people are already playing mystery diagnosis on the poor kids

  23. Michael’s wardrobe said “normal clothes are what I believe in” to you? This picture could be on People of WalMart and fit right in. The kid has a black eye and way more than a “quiet expression” that child is tormented and disheveled.

    • I agree & I don’t. I think Blanket is the most vulnerable of MJ’s kids, mostly b/c he’s younger, but there’s something else there too. Some kids are more resilient & able to adjust better to tragic changes-not that they aren’t terribly sad. Blanket is not that kid.
      Paris & Prince seem to be self-confident, self-reliant.
      I don’t think Blanket’s necessarily emotionally disturbed, showing signs of mental illness or a budding serial killer!
      You say he always looks sad, but we *never* saw him until MJ died. If he went out unmasked before, he wasn’t recognized. He was 7 when MJ died & that’s young to lose your father plus have paparazzi & others taking pics/shouting your name/getting up close all of a sudden. Suri Cruise hates it & it’s happened her whole life.

      BUT-I hope he’s getting therapy to help him handle everything. For therapy to work, he’d have to develop a trusting relationship with a therapist. With the recent family drama/disappearing grandmother how can that poor kid trust anyone that they won’t abandon him or let him down?

      Family drama is the key thing too–someone said it’s been 3 years since his father died–but we have to remember all this trauma is happening continually-his grandmother disappeared what 2 months ago? HIs aunt/uncle, other family, & security got in a scuffle in his driveway? I think making Katherine Jackson share guardianship was a step in the right direction because her other kids have used her.
      So I’m not surprised that he still looks wounded-this crap keeps happening. He’s just been too young, 7-9, to process it. Prince said MJ made sure he & Paris understood how “certain family members” were but Blanket was too young. I think the older 2 expected it.

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