What’s Wrong With This Picture? Kim Kardashian in Kuwait

Um, Kim…I know you are pretending to try to learn about the Middle East on your current Millions of Milkshakes Middle Eastern Tour, but when you are told to keep your shoulders covered in public, it is presumed that you already know to keep your breasts, and private parts covered as well.

Oh Lord, just saw video of this. Click through for the video…

This makes absolutely no sense to me. I’m seriously at a loss.


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20 responses to “What’s Wrong With This Picture? Kim Kardashian in Kuwait

  1. mrswindycity

    She was dressed more appropiate at the airport….And Daily Mail was saying fans had to pay to meet her. Smh

  2. Kloey lost weight and put on a turbin.

  3. There is no one in that photo wearing a “turbin” or even a “turban.”

    • Fine! I dunno what they are called. Pizza place tablecloth with a midgit’s hula hoop?

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      They are traditional head dressing for arab men and are called “keffiyeh”

    • Um have you met TC? She’s in her let’s insult other people’s religious beliefs mood. Ignore it.

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      The “keffiyeh” is worn by both Christian & Muslim Arabs.
      It is cultural/regional dressing, not religious head dressing…
      I’m an American Arab, so that is why I am respectfully enlightening with extra detail.

    • I wasn’t insulting religion or culture! I was insulting Kloe Kardashian. But fine. Ignore me. ::flounces off::

    • I was raised in Libya. We called them Ghutras, if I recall correctly. They were worn by the Arab men. Arab men in Libya are not openly Christian. Thus, it has a religious significance in my neck of the woods. Libyans at that time traditionally wore exclusively the red/white version. Although many wore the green agal, or black. The one I have is green. /shrugs (This was before Ghadaffi changed the flag to the green one. I’m old.)

    • Ms Urethra Franklin

      Ms. Tattles, between your blog & your twitter page, I learn something new & interesting about you each week. Without sounding like a kiss ass, I still subscribe in my mind that you would be a host’s dream dinner guest.

    • Crazy folks do make the best dinner guests. :) I like a good lamb couscous. Thanks in advance.

  4. Belinda

    The only thing that should be covered is that dress……UGLY !

  5. Paula Lee

    Of course you must respect your country rules at all cost

  6. She’s so damned disrespectful in a different country. Some of these people could be blasted just for associating her in neighboring countries. She’s really not educated or something for being so worldly.

  7. Critter

    Seems her fleas are jumping ship…

  8. jenna

    Kim is beautiful, i love her dress.

  9. Who is doing all the squealing? It’s a room full of men. Clearly the World Organization of Penis Adorned Humans (WOPAH) is going to have to do some man-card revoking in Kuwait.

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