Was Nick Gordon Arrested? Sources Say Yes

Photo Credit: Mike Petchenik Channel 2 Action News (WSB)

Update 2: Nick’s car is home without any damage it was picked up by a friend. Krissi’s car is obviously not there. Nick is home and probably will be unless someone drives him somewhere.  Nick is already RTing “no one knows the whole story” RTs. Channel 2 WSB will have a piece on the entire situation tonight. One assumes Krissi is still there also, Nick and his car are at the apartments where both live together based on what I saw in the pictures.  I had previous thought they were a condo, but it is an apartment according to folks on the scene.

Update: Yep he was booked on a reckless driving charge. Police report says Nick was driving 82mph in a 35 zone He seems to be in a very good mood for someone being arrested. The picture above was taken during booking (mugshot).

Woke up this morning to a tip that Nick Gordon was arrested for reckless driving shortly after the incident with Bobbi Kristina getting in a accident yesterday. If anyone is counting that would be the fourth traffic violation in two months between the couple. Even though the source was a mainstream news reporter, I went to confirm the arrest and was unable to find any record even though the arrest allegedly occurred in Alpharetta.

These two have apparently been in a lovers’ spat over the past week or so. At least on twitter. Yesterday, Krissi compared herself to Jesus and bemoaned why the world is persecuting her just like they did Jesus. I’m not sure I see the “Christlike” comparison. Earlier in the week Krissi was talking about being a team of one and how she could only rely on herself.  In between the pair was talking fairly normally. Ahh the angst of young love. Oddly, Nick has not been on twitter since Monday. Is he in jail?

Story developing…. I’ll let you know what I hear. Meanwhile, here is some backstory on Krissi’s troubled few months.


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4 responses to “Was Nick Gordon Arrested? Sources Say Yes

  1. baytothea

    having a license is a privilege…i really wish it were easier to have it suspended. i work on northpoint pkwy and it’s definitely a speed demons dream. i keep wondering why they didn’t move into the city? they’re young and dumb. let them try to survive there. why terrorize the burbs?

  2. With all the money that Whitney left Bobbi Kristina (Lord I hate that name) can’t these two lovebirds afford a driver. Why is Kristina living in an apartment like mere mortals. Perhaps she should consider putting a bin in on Chateau Sheree’.

    • They both like to drive fast cars with more power they can handle. Neither have the sense to buy a house. Take a peek at Krissi’s twitter timeline, it’s incomprehensible. No education at all.

  3. soncee

    I bet Auntie Pat is in charge of her twitter account, and forced her own daughter to post tweets from B.K.’s (I agree NewJerzeyBoy, i hate that name) twitter account…Kidding.

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