Nick Gordon Seems Unfazed by Arrest

Photo Credit: Mike Petchenik Channel 2 Action News (WSB)

Mike Petchenik had a great story on Channel 2 Action News tonight about the arrest of Nick Gordon.  Mike was able to catch up with Nick at his apartment today for an interview. In the interview Nick was just as smiley as he was in his mugshot when he said, “No worries, everything is good… just having a couple of rough patches.”  I suppose the “couple of rough patches”  were Krissi smashing up her car just before noon yesterday and  his arrest a few hours later for reckless driving in a completely separate incident.

Bobbi Kristina’s wrecked car (TMZ)

When asked about how Krissi was doing, Nick replied,  “She’s very thankful for her fans and their support.”  The video footage of all the trees Krissi hit was a bit startling. It’s amazing she was not hurt. With regard to his arrest, Nick told Petchenik, “I was just going down the road driving.” Nick claims he was “not going that fast” however the Alpharetta police clocked him going 82mph in a 35mph zone. The area is a 35 mph because of high pedestrian traffic in the area which is full of restaurants and a movie theater.  Nick’s demeanor during the interview was just like the reporter was asking what his thoughts were on the SEC Championship Game this Saturday. Nick is planning on attending, BTW. If he can find a ride.

Both Nick and Krissi drive Camaros. Krissi’s is (was?) a drop top. Nick wrecked his Camaro pretty badly in September and it appears that it was either recently fixed for replaced. Krissi managed to back her Camaro into Nick’s in the parking lot of their apartment just a few weeks ago before careening down an embankment yesterday.

Nick’s next court date is February 12. Will Krissi’s brother boyfriend be in the jailhouse on Valentine’s Day?


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7 responses to “Nick Gordon Seems Unfazed by Arrest

  1. mrswindycity

    Jesus needs to take the wheel for both of them. Literally

  2. Please tell me these youngsters are at least attending college?

  3. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! I doubt Krissi has a GED. Nick may have a HS diploma. Maybe.

  4. shellbelle

    He is grinning like a mule eating briars. My guess is he thinks he’s made it big time now.

  5. Ash511

    Now that they’ve “broken up” I’m wondering what Nick will do to support himself…what does he do now? Anything? How will he be able to afford his high car insurance on his own!? I need answers!

  6. They’re still together. Still living together. She’s a teenager and he’s in his early 20s they are both extremely dramatic. They will break up and get back together 50 times before it’s all over.

  7. Keep buying American Krissy and Nick! God Bless them and I agree with MrsWindyCity…Jesus needs to take the wheel, drivers license, seat belt, gas pedal, etc.

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