What’s The Real Story Between Nene and Kenya?

I had a source back when Nene was still working on Glee that told me Nene asked for Kenya to be on the show. That source has never been wrong about anything. Since filming began, Nene has spoken negatively about Kenya many times on many talk shows. The relationship between these two has always been a big question mark for me. So what do y’all think of this bit of tea?

From Kenya’s Bravo Blog:Another holiday season is amongst us and this is my first Thanksgiving as an official Atlantan.  There’s one problem…I missed the meal with my family because I was having cocktails at NeNe’s house! NeNe and her family were warm and kind and one cannot deny the fact that the girl is hilarious!  It’s good to have a genuine person open up their home to make me feel welcome. That’s what the holidays are all about and I appreciate the hospitality and thank NeNe from the bottom of my heart.”


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14 responses to “What’s The Real Story Between Nene and Kenya?

  1. Katrina

    I don’t know what happened, but for some reason Kenya does not care for Phaedra. Something about Apollo?

  2. Katrina

    Nene may have given Kenya’s name to production, but I think Nene wanted Mario. When Nene went on the WW show, it was after Kim and Wendy trashed her. Nene had no plans to give Wendy any useful information about season 5. I would think that Nene and Kenya would get along fine. Both of them say what’s on their mind.

  3. This is off topic, but Kenya’s Wiki page says she was “heavily booed” at the Miss Universe pageant after making the top ten. HA. I would love to see that blank stare. It was probably her mom in the audience inciting the crowd.

  4. Karma Grant

    I think it’s proof that alot of the whatever is put out there, negativity in this case to the media, is just to get ratings. People are more inclined to watch if they think there will be a huge fight rather than besties having a blast together.

  5. Raynia

    A storyline for the show? They probably do get along. And bet Kenya is grateful for Nene.

  6. soncee

    Sounds like Kenya, has a very bad case of the “Don-Me-Big-Boy for Phaedra’s stud-muffin Apollo..he’s really not all that good looking. Yeah right!

  7. Or “Dom me…” lol. Apollo is attractive but there is a bit of a…. well, let’s just say I prefer a more….um… rugged sort of man. :) He’s at the very least to “pretty” and at worst… well.. let me hush.

  8. joejoe_no1

    Apollo’s voice is so high from those steroids he takes. They are probably from GNC, but they still soften your voice and your penis. Makes sense e Phaedra saying that they don’t have much sex.

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