Stay in Your Lane Bobbi Kristina! Krissi in Another Crash

Have y’all been watching The Houstons? I’m a few episodes behind, maybe I should go catch up now. The last I saw Krissi was carted off to the hospital for a hangover dehydration.  Anyway, once again she has managed to wreck her Camaro. This is her third car accident since September. I’m not sure I even bothered blogging the last one where she hit her brother boyfriend’s car while trying to park. This morning Krissi drove her car off an embankment outside her apartment near North Pointe Mall. She’s fine, the car had damage but not much. Supposedly, she was not impaired when she wrecked she was ticketed for failure to maintain her lane. Soon her name will be Bobbi Kristina “Krash” Brown with all of these accidents.

Speaking of the brother boyfriend, Nick Gordon, supposedly the engagement is off and Krissi has been (drunk) tweeting about being all alone and trusting no one. Nick has also crashed a Camaro recently. The brother boyfriend tweeted they are not engaged or romantically involved, just close like they have already been. Oh young love, it’s often a train wreck. Or a um…a car accident.


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11 responses to “Stay in Your Lane Bobbi Kristina! Krissi in Another Crash

  1. Those Camaros are horrid cars. The back window is about 2 inches and the windshield about 3. You are sitting on the ground with your legs in front of you. Not that I don’t think she was hopped up on wacky weed. Those are some uggo condos. Are you supposed to think they are a street of rowhomes in a real city?

  2. Victoria

    Nick is gay…it’s as obvious as the blue sky on a clear day.

  3. Karma Grant

    I think it’s too much power for her. She needs something like a Chevy Sonic, not a muscle car like the Camaro.

  4. ViVaLaDiVa

    I think her family intervened and told them to cool it. I bet they said we will to court raise the age of when you can control your inheritance or you two break it off and we won’t take you to court. I can imagine Nick probably saying something like let’s play by their rules, there is no rush and later after you inherit we can do whatever we want.

    • Nah, she already got the first installment and Pat has withdrawn the request that the court push the dates back. They are both immature and young. At that age you get together and breakup a billion times. Instead of say, twice a year.. or so I’ve heard….:)

    • ViVaLaDiVa

      What is your take on Pat? I don’t know what to think about her….she talks big in her interviews on their show about how she is going to tell B.K. to straighten up, and then she admits to her brother she is not planning on confronting her bc she “doesn’t want to push her away.”. Do you think she is motivated by money?

    • Tamar voice

      I think Pat is a fraud.

  5. I think Pat wanted a reality show. (duh) But I also think she is concerned about Krissi. I don’t think anyone is concerned enough about Krissi. The outlook is bleak.

  6. I am normally suspicious. But if Pat is in it for the money or fame, she is a hell of a good actress. Now, Cissy? She’s just a mess. Reminds me of George Jefferson’s mother.

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