Buckle Up Atlanta, There Are More TV Cameras Coming!

What has Atlanta done to suddenly become the Reality TV City? We already have at least half a dozen shows filming here. Do we really need three more? Well two more. We already knew about Don’t Be Tardy for the Eviction. Let’s take a look at it a bit closer since Bravo officially admitted to making it today as well as the fresh hell Bravo has in store for us.


Don’t Be Tardy…(working title) Season two follows Kim and Kroy Biermann in the next phase of their marriage, which involves the demands of their ever-growing family, purchasing their dream house, and a possible adoption. The pressure is on as Kim tries to resolve extended family issues and manage the renovation of their house all while juggling being a loving mother, a caring wife and staying in the limelight.

That’s the Bravo version. The real version is the major storyline is going to be Chateau Kim. Recently, they filmed a scene with her LA/Atlanta interior designer guy going out to the “house” so I am assuming there must be at least walls at this point. By the way, the girls were pulled out of school for filming. I’m not exactly sure where this dream home is being built, but we will know soon enough.  Also, Kroy “adopted” the girls a while back. I’m not sure if it was official, but they did change their names at school. It was about that time that Brielle began being bullied at school. Ariana seems to just sail through things with no problems. I wonder if the dream house is in the same school district as the condo. I hope so, I’d hate for the girls have to readjust to a new school again. I’m expecting lots of house building drama mixed with taking Ariana to gymnastics and teaching Brielle to drive.

Married to Medicine follows a group of successful and educated women, including doctors and wives of doctors, who are connected to the world of medicine in Atlanta. Whether delivering babies in Louboutins or rushing off to galas in Buckhead, these women do everything with style, drama, and of course, southern flair.

While this could be an interesting concept, it’s being produced by Purveyors of Pop who also produce RHOM.  You know, the people who think dinner with Thomas Kramer makes for good TV. It just smells fake already.  How many doctors have time to rush off to galas and have forced dinners at each others houses? Is this supposed to be the RHOA replacement when we FINALLY end the housewives series?

Taking Atlanta (working title)  tracks the city’s next-generation movers and shakers as they make their mark in the glamorous arenas of fashion, music, hospitality and real estate while enjoying the city’s sizzling social scene and balancing the demands of their tumultuous family situations.

Is this Bravo’s answer to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta? Atlanta is not much of a fashion town in the runway shows and designer studios sense. Young people with family problems? Sizzling social scene? Is it going to be the angsty east coast version of Silicon Valley? Does anyone watch Silicon Valley? Is that even the right name?

Alright, let’s hear it. Will you be watching any of this?


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26 responses to “Buckle Up Atlanta, There Are More TV Cameras Coming!

  1. angelofdevs

    Nope. Will not be watching any of it. Kim is a hot mess who looks old enough to be Kroy’s mama. I hate RHOM so no thanks on project #2. The third sounds like the Silicon Valley twenties type crap. I think Bravo needs to cater to its base rather than going young. Andy’s empire will collapse soon enough with this kind of crap.

  2. Katrina

    Can a minor get there name legally changed without going through an adoption? I didn’t think you could arbitrarily change someones name at school without legal documentation.

    These new shows will definitely keep Atlanta in the spotlight!

  3. Schools really aren’t all that strict. The girls changed their twitter accounts. Teachers aren’t going to say anything if a kid comes in using a new last name. It would just be the ever evil PERMANENT RECORD that would stay the same. In the computer it would stay the same.

    When I taught elementary, I’d change my kids names all the time. :) I had randomly changed a second graders name once. Her mother didn’t speak English. I asked her if her mother knew I changed her name. She giggled and said, “Yeah, she calls me that at home now.” True story. :)

  4. Verna

    Hi Tamara, Hope you had a great Turkey Day!! I just need to know your opinion of Kenya telling Andy that her hair is NOT A WEAVE,. After she said that they did a flashback to her winning the pageant, and her her was not that long and she had no bootie.

    • Supposedly the hair is real. The butt and the eye color are not. So they say anyway…

    • Terri

      Good Grief. Kenya won the Crown 19 years ago. Surely that was enough time for her her to grow some more length.. Ya think??

    • I don’t like Kenya – but I have no problems believing her her and length is all hers. There are many many black women who do not have weaves – and whose hair is as long and thick as Kenya’s. There are tons of blogs and you tube channels dedicated to black women with long hair…LOL I’m black and my hair is pretty long and thick – never had a weave in my life – and don’t ever plan on getting one. It’s not hard to believe at all.

  5. beejcee

    Taking Atlanta would be perfect for Porsha. She seems too young for RHOA. Maybe not so much as young in age but in experience (maturity).

  6. We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

    (In my Mariah Carey voice) Why, why why?

    I think I could watch Taking Atlanta IF and only IF it revolved around positive young people. I don’t want to see no booty models, video vixens, or whatever they call themselves, IE, Sheneka Adams, Malia Michelle’s, etc, no photo shoots for Smooth or King, in general, I don’t want half naked women on my TV. I want some positivity, but knowing Bravo and reality TV in general, that’s too much to ask for.

    Oh, and I’m so glad that Toya’s baby daddy/woman beater, dead ass reality show didn’t get picked up. The Real Mistresses of Atlanta…or whatever it was going to be called…I blame Kim Zolciak for even the concept.

  7. Karma Grant

    I’ll be watching season 2 of Kim’s show. The 2nd show sounds like a replacement RHoA but I’m over the real RHoA so no, wont watch that. The other meh, not my thing.

  8. Nicole

    I saw Brielle back in early August, right before school started. She was having lunch at The Forum all by herself. One friend did come to meet her later. She seems like a nice and quiet, sweet girl. My daughter went through some bullying last year in 8th grade and I am glad she is not hanging out with any of those girls anymore. Good riddance!

  9. Lisa

    I have to say it…I’m loving all of Kenya’s drama. She is obviously comfortable Being the Bitch and making a fool out of herself.

    I wonder who the ATL doctors are on the new show? Tamara when you find out, please let us know. Supposedly they are in production now.

    As far as the other show, NOTHING can be more irritating than that new Silicon Valley show on Bravo. Those two British (or whatever) brats make me want to jump through the TV screen and bitch slap them whenever they open their mouths. Who in the hell wants to buy an app that reports your life expectancy? Most of America doesn’t even want to step on a scale or open their credit card statements—-why in the world would we want to buy a Death Meter?

    Also, is there some sort of issue with Phaedra’s law practice? Why is she spending time with dog funerals and booty videos? I think there must be a story there….

  10. Just read that Mona Scott Young will be producing Bravo’s newly green-lit series Taking Atlanta. She is the “producer” responsible for Love & Hip Hop,and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, two shows so fake that she had to address the issue in her first comment during the Hip Hop Atlanta reunion. I hope Bravo didn’t make a mistake choosing with this one.

  11. Hmm

    I would give some of these shows a chance, but Bravo is surely about to face some headwinds.

    Top Chef has finally cooled and the Real Housewives franchise is not what it once was. I too wonder how long they plan to produce RH: will they milk it until the bitter end or bow out gracefully?

    In particular, RHOA is becoming very shaky. Some of the casting decisions have just not been the best. It needs some major T.L.C. and Bravo is just asleep at the wheel.

    Some ideas: Why not have an episode where Nene catches up DeShawn Snow. (I.E. my good old buddy DeShawn has been through a lot and I want to chek in on her). People would tune in to see how life has changed for her, her weight loss etc – could be interesting. Instead of totally elminating Sheree, why didn’t they just give her a reduced role this season? It makes no sense to totally remove a pivotal player, just put the woman on warning. Also, stop turning the show into an infomercial. No more selling or upselling stuff. It does not make for good tv.

    Silcone Valley does not look like it will be a hit, but they may have some moderate success with Shahs of Sunset. But Shahs of Sunset does not make a network.

    And, yes, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta stole some fire right out from under Bravo. They will have to work even harder to make it happen.

    • James

      They don’t do anything on RHOA that the other shows don’t do…The Maloof Hoof, SkinnyGirl EVERYTHING, etc. It bothers me the way people seem to go out of their way to pick on things that happen on Atlanta, like the tackiness, cattiness, or whatever the issue is is exclusive to this iteration of the series. Especially when it’s the most successful of the Housewife shows.

    • Hmm

      I never said that they were doing anything that the other shows don’t do. I only watch RHOA so it is hard for me to comment on the others in the franchise; I simply don’t care.

      Relax a little. I love RHOA, which is why I want them to keep their momentum going. It is my opinion that all the product placement became too much. A small amount is fine, but too much airtime was filled with that non-sense.

      I also feel that the show needs some major tweaking and consideration as this new season feels a little flat, but it has had a few good moments.

  12. DD

    I have to agree with Hmm – RHOA is a little flat this season and I wonder what was going on in Andy’s head when it came to casting. Porsha is kinda frightening and completely out of place; Cynthia is a yawner who needs to grow a pair; Kim is confused; Kandi is also showing her youth in comparison; and Ne Ne is showing the softer side. Perhaps it’ll get a little more interesting when Kenya starts flirting with Apollo.

    BRAVO is obviously running out of ideas – how many more of these (fake) reality shows can they create? I once watched all Real Housewives – now I just can’t take all of ’em….two episodes of Miami in it’s freshman season and I was done. I can’t imagine watching Atlanta and Beverly Hills for too much longer.

  13. Ncfinedime

    Now u know black people dont mess with anything todo with ATL. I guess its jus too black. Sellouts

  14. Joan

    I will not be watching the new shows. I tried to watch LOL Work & Silicon Valley, just ick – nothing to keep it going. Now – Made In Chelsea, that’s another matter. I’ve watched 3 episodes so far……it might be scripted, but it’s still a bunch of rich 20 somethings trying to be bigger than their bitches. Social rung climbing, Who looks best at any event? The men (who claim to be straight) look like very gay Atlanta men. However, there’s lots of behind the scene stuff going on that makes it interesting. AND- we get to see a more glamourous city…..just saying.

  15. Kia

    I know these are not on Bravo but I just read about Big Rich Atlanta (Style) and Atlanta Preacher Wives (TLC) starting next month.

  16. Ms Renee

    The ZtZc how I’ll suk, r Zbravo wouldn’t hav passed on it.

  17. Ms Renee

    Oops the TLC show will suck or Bravo would not have passed on it.

  18. shellbelle

    Great Tea!! Bravo just released something today that says they will have some “scripted reality” shows coming out of Atlanta… 2 of them are remakes of some older shows, neither of which I have heard of.

  19. FLA-Beth

    How come in the Fulton County property records, that Kim’s condo is still under Zolciak and only her name? If she’s married, wouldn’t it 1)…be under Biermann, and 2) include Kroy?

  20. Marrying someone doesn’t mean the their real estate is now jointly owned. Unless Kim (or Kroy on his house) changed the deed they remain private property held before the marriage.

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